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Comment Re: Wonder Why It keeps Happening? (Score 1) 115

VPNs can be useful. They should be used to forcibly encrypting traffic as well as only restricting traffic to known sources, destinations, ports, etc.

Some PHBs think encryption like https is good enough and that simply isn't the case. Systems that have no business connecting to the Internet should be explicitly blocked from doing so. Systems that need to transmit data over the Internet for B2B traffic should do it over a VPN connection whenever possible with restrictions. I have seen too many systems granted open Internet access to download a single file from a business partner.

Comment Re:Wonder Why It keeps Happening? (Score 2) 115

I'll guess the reason it keeps happening is because most of these systems are not implemented securely. The POS systems themselves may have security issues but I'm guessing that the communications aren't running over VPN tunnels.

I know Target keeps getting the headlines but wasn't there at least two other major retailers hit by this? Did they all use the same POS or contractor for implementation?

Comment Re:I'm torn... (Score 1) 211

Aereo is more than fair play. They are merely providing a service for what I can already do for myself legally at home. Customers are merely paying Aereo for the equipment and service/convenience. I can't think of a single thing they are doing that isn't already legal for customers themselves or the cable/satellite industry. What it probably comes down to is that the TV industry wants to get paid even though Aereo isn't costing them any money or customers. If anything Aereo is helping keep them in business

1. Aereo provides OTA broadcasts on another medium/"network" for customers with respect to their geographical area. This is the same as cable and satellite.

2. Aereo provides a DVR service which allows customers to records shows so they can watch them at a later time. Because the DVR is in the cloud customers can watch their recordings from almost anywhere with Internet access. Customers can already do this with various cable/satellite services and home devices like Slingbox.

Aereo is not altering the public broadcast nor is it providing it to an unintended audience. At the least the TV broadcasters should be making things easier for Aereo. They really should be major investors.

What will probably happen is the TV broadcasters are going to keep using the courts to slow down or cripple Aereo while they roll out their own craptastic implementations of the same service.

Comment Re: Great (Score 5, Insightful) 339

Mistakenly use the wrong account ONE time and you probably won't be able to undo the mess it will cause. I didn't like it when my "smart" phone linked my contacts and social apps and I don't like the idea of G+,FB, etc doing things auto-magically for me either.

This crap is just chasing me away from Gmail and G+.

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