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Comment Re:THE END IS NIGH!!! (Score 1) 186

14.6M shipped is not the same as 14.6M sold at a profit. This is what matters unless they plan on using the gaming console model that relies on software sales after the initial purchase. Apple has a modified version of this with the iOS stuff. They sell their own hardware at full price and get a piece of every AppStore/iTunes sale.

Comment Re: Fine with me (Score 1) 274

You are correct.

Just analyzing profit is a myopic short term strategy. If you are losing market share and not correcting the problem you will be in for big surprise when the revenue curve drops suddenly and steeply.

You are increasing prices as your customer base drops. Eventually enough customers will catch on and leave. When the last of your customers can't afford your price increase they will be forced to leave and you will have none.

Comment Sprint is a series of failures to deliver (Score 1) 207

Why I left after my two year contact ended. I signed up 3 years ago and bought the original EVO 4G (WiMax) on a plan that allowed you to upgrade your phone every year. 11 months into my contract they take away the ability the yearly phone upgrade eligibility. Failure to deliver #1. A few months later it becomes more than clear they are abandoning WiMax. Failure to deliver #2. During my contract period the tower(s) in the area where I work were consistently going offline. This would kill your phone battery while it searched and searched for signal After many support calls and talking with the Sprint rep at my work we hope something would eventually be done. Promised tower upgrades were "in progress" etc etc. It never got better. Failure #3.

I switched back to AT&T (Samsung GS3) and on our family plan a year ago. Better service, faster speeds, and cheaper. I here good things about Verizon in my area and may try them some day.

So long Sprint. I wish we never met.

Comment Re:What has this got to do with Microsoft? (Score 1) 125

Trojans will probably keylog and steal cookies if it is worth it. Get rid of the cookie issue and that is one less thing to worry about.

It is an issue. Just because you have accept this bad security design doesn't make it acceptable to everyone. I too notice which sites do and don't log me out of all tabs I have open in a browser. I like the ones that log me out just like I expect.

This isn't an "attack" on MS alone. The OP header says "Office 365, Amazon, Others"

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