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Comment Re:Sounds like IT incompetence (Score 1) 564

You probably think you want an Apple Genius bar and that isn't cheap. It isn't appropriate in a large organization either.

IT will never get the funding they need in order to staff their department to operate as you wish but they will get funds to buy tools like SCCM. SCCM is sold as a enterprise management tool to improve customer service with minimal staff.

Tools like SCCM come with great power and can do great things. Unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen. Sometimes the mistakes go unnoticed. Sometimes the mistakes are painful to everyone.

Comment Re:Sounds like IT incompetence (Score 1) 564

I don't work with SCCM directly but I'm told something like this happens to everyone eventually. Hopefully you just send something like Adobe Reader to everyone but sometimes it turns out very very bad. I can't believe there isn't a way to make it really really really hard to do something like this.

If it was an honest mistake then hopefully the person learns and moves forward. If it was part of a pattern of bad behavior then hopefully they can get rid of the person.

Comment The customer always pays (Score 5, Insightful) 248

We pay for our bandwidth and now the greedy ISPs are wanting to get paid by the content providers (Netflix, Hulu, etc). Do you really think they are going to absorb the additional costs if this continues? Of course not, they will raise their prices.

ISPs rarely deliver what you pay for so them crying that its the content providers fault is BS. The problem is lack of real competition in the ISP market. Most folks have a choice between cable and DSL. Two isn't enough to be very competitive.

Comment Skill vs sport (Score 2) 405

I consider games like golf and chess skills rather than sports. To me, sports rely more on athletic factors like speed and strength. Sports competitions are more likely to be divided by sexes (chess shouldn't be) and/or weight classes. Skills competitions shouldn't require divisions by sex or size.

It's a blurry line I have drawn for myself but, right or wrong, that is how I feel about it. I should probably duck now.

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