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Comment Re:Nice idea, wrong problem (Score 1) 193

Tesla's fast charging is OK but not great. If you have to stop for more than one fast charge on a trip then people are not going to like it. Assuming equal costs to the customer: If a battery swap can happen in roughly the same amount of time as a gasoline tank refill and have 100% driving range then swapping is better than quick charging.

Comment Re:Hyper-V or vSphere. (Score 1) 191

Free = ESXi = HyperV
Managed = not free = vSphere = Virtual Machine Manager

Microsoft's Virtual Machine Manager is not free and has other component requirements that will significantly add to your implementation costs unless you are already running Systems Center and SQL.

The last time we tried HV & VMM was Windows 2008 R2 w/ VMM 2010. MS brought in a partner to set it up as a direct comparison to our production vSphere plant. It was a joke.

I think we had to stand up 2 or 3 extra servers (VMs) to manage VMM and it's guests. Performance was horrible for no reason. VMs would forget which disk to boot from. NIC bonding was still unsupported (it is now in 2K12). Administration was unnecessarily complex. At a minimum you need to already be a MS shop that is running Windows clustering, SQL, and SCCM.... which we are.

MS says HV 2K12 is so much better. I"m sure we will take a look at it soon enough but I would be suspicious.

Comment Re:Surcharge (Score 1, Funny) 338

Oh yeah well if that happens then I will just let them know they are receiving a demerit each time my call is transferred. If I have to issue three demerits they will receive a citation. Four of those will result in a verbal warning and if they keep it up they will be looking at a written warning. Two of those and they will be in a world of hurt in the form of a disciplinary review, written up by me, and placed on the desk of their immediate supervisor.

Comment Re:Dumbest idea, ever (Score 1) 282

It is more like

2001 - iPod
2007 - iPhone

IMHO the iMac, iTunes, and iPad were not truly innovative. They were incremental developments of existing products.

The issues Apple will face are

1. Staying ahead in areas where it is already ahead
2. Catching up fast enough in areas where it is behind
3. Jumping ahead by developing another true innovation.

These 3 things get harder to do as you grow market share and release more products. It is hard to stay on top forever. Many have tried and they have all failed so far ... or enough time hasn't passed yet. ;-)

Comment Re:Define "computing" (Score 2) 391

I agree. Computing vs consuming or creating vs consuming.

Most computer users are using them as consuming devices. Not that there is anything wrong with it but I'm pretty sure without mobile devices Apple would be right where it was 8 years ago.

I also agree that the consumer market has been Microsoft's to lose and so far they are doing a darn good job at losing it.

Comment Re:Gullible Moron! (Score 1) 166

I agree. However, I can't help but to think how digital sampling is the exact opposite problem. Taking a good quality analog source with smooth curves and then making it digital with a jagged curve. Now I understand the theory behind it all that if the sampling is done at or above a certain frequency then it will be just as good as the source. It just found the super mario example silly and humorous.

Maybe with enough the right square stretching algorithms we won't be able to notice ... or perhaps the sound will improve! ;-)

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