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Comment Re:Oh for crying out loud (Score 4, Insightful) 325

You beat me to it.

So I guess the question for everyone is should Google (and others) be allowed to scan communications if they state clearly in their EULA what they are doing and why? Does the answer change when the communications include a parties that didn't accept the EULA?

Comment Re:As a US-only service (Score 1) 169

I agree but I'm not sure it is Hulu that decides what you can watch content on, how long it will be available, etc. It is in Hulu's best interest to let you watch as much content as you what, when you want, and where you want. My guess is the "owners" of the content come up with wacky DRM scenarios for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and others to program around. These "owners" are just being greedy and looking for ways to charge more and/or stall while they try to figure out how to do streaming themselves.

The only reason I could think of that would cause Hulu and the others to want to make it difficult for customers to watch content is if they (Hulu et al) were paying each time we view a show/movie. Like Netflix does with but without the mail system delay to slow down our consumption.

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