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Comment Re:I'm affected by this, and... (Score 1) 274

why would it cost them anything at all? The tower is already running, the backhaul is already laid, the proxies are already up, the air is just sitting there asking for 700mhz LTE to be passed through it.

Only way it costs them is if there's someone else they can give that bandwidth to who will give them more money than you.

Comment Re:what the hell are you doing on your cellphone (Score 1) 274

You know I'd love to do that, but Google wants me to buy some Cloud storage that's only there if I'm connected to the internet, only there if I have data left this cycle, and only 5s of latency to open the file if I have a solid LTE signal in a non-downtown area. Otherwise (and believe me, there's a lot of otherwise), forget it.

So they don't put microSD slots in their phones anymore. Dummies.
Thankfully I just stopped fighting on this matter. I have one station that I like to stream if I want some background music, it's 100kbit/s streaming ogg (sounds great honestly and I'm pretty picky), and I just have gotten in the habit of deleting songs I don't want to listen to again and keep my phone simply as a "fun-music" device storing about 3GB of individual songs I actually want to hear again, which I use for playing in my car via bluetooth that auto-connects when I get in and auto-plays on auto-connect. Can't beat the convenience.

Comment Re:1 or 1 million (Score 1) 274

Comcast has already said the same thing. There are only about a 1/2 dozen vendors that could handle a surge like that at all. So let's say they push the traffic to AT&T. With AT&T getting their own Netflix's traffic plus Verizon's Netflix traffic they might complain as well.

At some point Netflix is just going to have to pay for asymmetrical traffic and create an agreement.

Ha. If it were a free market, you can bet your bits they wouldn't think of doing anything like that to Netflix. The value of my Comcast/Verizon/AT&T connection drops by about 95% if I can't get Youtube and Netflix.

Without those two, there basically wouldn't be a need for Verizon et al.

Comment Re:pfft, 3.5% overrun (Score 3, Insightful) 132

if the 400 million is really the only overrun that's an astonishing record for the federal goverment

of ALL the government programs worth blowing money on, I think NASA should be one of them. It stimulates the economy with relevant tech spending, inspires our children, and sets a rocket ahead of other nations.

NASA is of the things we can look back at over the last 50 years and be immensely proud of. Proud to a NASA supporting American.

Comment Re:I wish it had happened (Score 1) 212

Do you think the Republicans would be global warming deniers if they had gone through an event where the sun struck back at earth and nearly destroyed us?

Bro, this sort of reasoning is exactly why we have global warming deniers.
We can cut C02 emissions all we want and it's going to do nothing to stop an event like this from wiping us out:

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