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Comment Re:Cash Needs To Go Away (Score 1) 753

sure lets get right on that so I can hold you personally accountable for the lives your medical devices failed to save and the engineering fault in the car that killed your brother.

There's a very good reason we have limited liability, a reason many countries haven't bothered looking at, and they hurt because of it.

Comment Re:Not in the USA (Score 1) 753

This is the country where those in charge are so terrified of any change they had TV commercials promoting $1 coins - and then gave up on them. They are also afraid of big changes to US notes (why not make them from plastic like Australia does?) in order to fight counterfeiting. In this, as in all other technology, the USA will be well behind the rest of the world.

You must be trolling, because we have all the great tech companies. Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and many other Fortune 500's.

Compared to, Lol, Great Britain, same companies they had 50 years ago dominate the market.
No thanks.

Comment Re:Options A. through D. (Score 1) 340


Let's say I do a thing some number of times a day.

I tell you I did ten of that thing just before breakfast, and that that was 10% of the number that I did all day.

How many did I do in the entire day?

so, that would be 10, divided by 10%, so 1, right??

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