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Comment Re:Why not just multiple monitors. (Score 1) 520

Uhm, sorry, but you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

(dude 1: [looks over at dude next to him]...what's with his attitude??? dude 2: dunno brah)

  27" @ 1920x1080 via HDMI

  24" @ 1080x1920 via Dual-Link DVI (NOT a typo, monitor has been rotated 90 degrees), and

  27" @ 2560x1440 via DisplayPort

My total horizontal resolution is 5560

When I click maximize on my rotated 24" 1080x1920 I don't have to worry about it accidentally wasting space on the ENTIRE workspace.

*dude 1*: oh, I see now. here let me push your glasses up for you.
*dude 2*: [smirking] LOSER!

Comment Re:To Big to Fail, Redux (Score 1) 351

one would be dumb to take a loan denominated in bitcoin.
Since the supply is limited, someone eventually loses (defaults) by simple math.
With inflation, this doesn't have to happen, as new money enters the system.
Which is why we have fiat.
This is also why people get so cranky about "fractional reserve lending".

Comment Re:Get rid of those things (Score 1) 944

the point is not "can", the point is "will"
as in, will anybody bother reading slashdot to find your post and visit that website?
people will still be forced to replace their incandescents in the attic, bathroom, and closets with CFLs that fail when they're not left on for 15 minutes.

Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 1) 186

Nakamoto registered the bitcoin.org domain on a somewhat obscure Japanese site. His communication in English had all kinds of clues that his native language was Japanese (sentence structure, word choice, etc.). He was active during daylight and evening hours in Japan.

I'm playing devil's advocate here, but that could be deliberate misdirection.

nah it's been verified by the blockchain

Comment your water heater uses 4800W to heat 50g water (Score 1) 223

To put that in perspective, assuming you take a 15 minute shower at 2.5gpm, that takes 37gallons of water, or 3/4 a tank of water. That's 3600W, 3.6KWH, or 36 cents per shower.

Alternatively, for every shower, you could
-run your 100w incandescant light bulb for...36 hours
-or use a wireless charger to charge your phone and waste 30% of (2500mAh * ~3.7v so 10 watts) aka 30% * $0.001
-or watch your 65" DLP TV for 18 hours (200w)
-tell a green thumb to stuff it

I honestly don't mind the SEER requirements for rental units and new constructions (except that they only measure ability to cool inside temps from 80F, with 85F ambient outside temps-- e.g. practically ideal situation that never occurs in the summer), but before they started releasing mercury into the atmosphere with the mandatory CFLs that nobody is going to bother recycling, they should have made us use heat pump water heaters (transfers the heat to surrounding environment, just like your AC works in the summer/heater in the winter [assuming you're not on gas]).

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