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Comment your water heater uses 4800W to heat 50g water (Score 1) 223

To put that in perspective, assuming you take a 15 minute shower at 2.5gpm, that takes 37gallons of water, or 3/4 a tank of water. That's 3600W, 3.6KWH, or 36 cents per shower.

Alternatively, for every shower, you could
-run your 100w incandescant light bulb for...36 hours
-or use a wireless charger to charge your phone and waste 30% of (2500mAh * ~3.7v so 10 watts) aka 30% * $0.001
-or watch your 65" DLP TV for 18 hours (200w)
-tell a green thumb to stuff it

I honestly don't mind the SEER requirements for rental units and new constructions (except that they only measure ability to cool inside temps from 80F, with 85F ambient outside temps-- e.g. practically ideal situation that never occurs in the summer), but before they started releasing mercury into the atmosphere with the mandatory CFLs that nobody is going to bother recycling, they should have made us use heat pump water heaters (transfers the heat to surrounding environment, just like your AC works in the summer/heater in the winter [assuming you're not on gas]).

Comment Re:at some point... (Score 1) 827

that's the problem we have going forward.
A generation of students with aggregate debt > $1T, greater than the aggregate credit card debt. Note that credit card debt was lent on proof of existing revenue, the student debt was lent on "you might make money in 5 years if the economy is good and you have a good degree".

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