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Comment Re:Useful for weeding out non-programmers (Score 1) 776

Yeah, give them a simple task. Something that any reasonable programmer should be able to do in 15 minutes. Then give them a solid hour to work on it. If they can't produce something working in that time, that's a pretty informative result. The time limit isn't a speed challenge; it's meant to be very generous, and act as, "Look, we need to move on..."

Personally, I like to give a few different options from which they can choose freely. Something procedural, something OO, and maybe something in SQL or a functional language. Perhaps a couple different choices for each - around 6 to 8 total. That way you don't run the risk of excluding a worthy candidate because you happened to design some problem they aren't really specialized in, and if they can't handle any of them, that's a nice big red flag.

this is a FANTASTIC idea not sure why it hasn't come up yet.

Comment Re:No undergraduate level stuff for me (Score 1) 776

can you explain these things (algo's and data sctructures) with an example real world scenario of sufficient complexity to be a valid test of competence?
I'm an embedded developer, finding myself headed towards higher level development, and have no formal training on these "data structures" and "algorithms". Most textbooks have worthless stuff like an array list with a sort function. In C, I presume this would be an add, remove, sort function to a malloc'd structure?

Comment Re:Oh I just love (Score 1) 475

I had this problem until I started consistently going to sleep the second I got tired. My problems came because I wasn't keeping a schedule.
To get ON to the schedule, 3mg (milligram, not microgram!) sleep tablets of melatonin (completely natural, what your brain releases for sleepy time) do wonders.

Comment but the flaw is a human one (Score 1) 1576

The flaw is a human one.
*FDIC can be good thing, and it can be abused.
*Monetary policy under democratic control would definitely be abused by the people getting elected-- "sure we'll have a bit of inflation if it means the economy keeps doing well so I get re-elected...and a bit more...and a bit more..."
*Pension funds managed by boards controlled by the workers, what happens when the majority of workers are older retiring soon and pass reforms to raid the coffers leaving the youngins high and dry?

Rest of that stuff is pretty good though, specifically
-un-suspension of mark-to-market accounting ("require banks to use honest bookkeeping")
-pretty much everything else you listed

Comment Re:Anything from Packt (Score 1) 700

Everything I've read from Packt rates 8/10+ in my book.

but should I read your book?

on topic:
1984 made me paranoid as hell.
but as another /.'er pointed out, ONLY THE PARANOID SURVIVE!!!!!

This was encouragement in the wrong direction for me.
Yes they are monitoring everybody. But if you practice love, peace, patience...there is no law against these things. Therein lies true peace, because happiness doesn't come from liberty, temporary safety, Benjamin Franklin, or deserve neithers. ???

Irregardless, it's a good book and I'd still recommend reading it.

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 321

^calculating the energy required to accelerate a 2 ton object to orbital velocities in under 100 yards is left as an exercise for the reader.

it's probably on the order of the entire consumption of energy of the planet for one hour, condensed into less than 1 millisecond

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