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Comment Re:Anything from Packt (Score 1) 700

Everything I've read from Packt rates 8/10+ in my book.

but should I read your book?

on topic:
1984 made me paranoid as hell.
but as another /.'er pointed out, ONLY THE PARANOID SURVIVE!!!!!

This was encouragement in the wrong direction for me.
Yes they are monitoring everybody. But if you practice love, peace, patience...there is no law against these things. Therein lies true peace, because happiness doesn't come from liberty, temporary safety, Benjamin Franklin, or deserve neithers. ???

Irregardless, it's a good book and I'd still recommend reading it.

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 321

^calculating the energy required to accelerate a 2 ton object to orbital velocities in under 100 yards is left as an exercise for the reader.

it's probably on the order of the entire consumption of energy of the planet for one hour, condensed into less than 1 millisecond

Comment Re:Is USB really better? (Score 1) 543

Personally I think it's more along the lines that the USB-micro connectors don't last anywhere near as long. The connector on the phone seems to be ok, it's the connector on the cable that plugs into it that keeps losing rigidity and starts wiggling out if I pick the phone up after have plugged it in for charging for the night.
I can't imagine what would happen if they put one of those on the bottom.

The EU is a bunch of clowns that couldn't figure out why a unified currency with differentiated deficit spending was a recipe for disaster. The last thing I would expect them to be an expert on is device desgin.

Comment Re:It's not iTunes or Apple, it's RIAA (Score 1) 570

It's similar to the people who really, really want to waste USD $150 on a pair of Air Jordans. Most of them aren't going to buy them for playing basketball, they buy them because of the brand name and because of the perception that it will somehow make them cooler.

Very much the same thing when it comes to Apple products. Most of the people buying them don't understand what the specs, features and limitations mean for them. The only thing they know is the brand and the belief that it will somehow make them hip.

that's no perception, that's reality. We refused to sell out (or "buy out" I suppose), so we are nerdy and uncooler.

Comment Re:Luddite (Score 1) 443

If the government decides it's not in the public interest they can stop it. At least they should tax it so as to extract the maximum revenue. E.g. 0.1% on every transaction, waived if you hold the instrument more than 10 minutes.

Bro, that's not how government works.
Government stops things that it perceives are not in THEIR interest.
As long as they keep getting bigger campaign contributions from the people making billions on HFT than from the small guy looking to be protected from HFT, it will continue to exist.

Also, a simple tax wouldn't be enough, look into the CFDs created to get around the UK's stamp tax (tax on stock transactions).
It would be passed as a gesture to the small guy while the real game is allowed to continue.
I'm not really sure why the SEC hasn't banned HFT yet.

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