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Journal Journal: How to get FOSS boxes from Microsoft in Calif -- for FREE !! 3

It's now possible for public school districts in California (and maybe Iowa) to acquire decent Free Open Source Software computers, courtesy of Microsoft. The purpose of this article is to lay out the basic process involved, because the documentation available on the official websites is murky, at best. Hopefully this article will summarize the process a bit. Also, since Iowa just announced the conclusion of its settlement with Microsoft, it is possible that a similar process will apply there in Iowa.

I am a volunteer systems administrator for a public charter middle school in northern California. Any student in the entire state of California can attend this school, which has asked that its name not be used in connection with this article. Because it is a charter school, it qualifies under the California Microsoft Anti-Trust Settlement Agreement (CMASA) as a "school district", and so is responsible for administering its own provisioning under the CMASA. This independence from the local Unified School District (USD) was a nice bonus for a GNU Linux enthusiast such as myself, because my earlier attempts to interest the local USD in GNU Linux fell flat.

The first step to receiving your very own Microsoft-sponsored Free Software computers is to go to the relevant page on the California Department of Education website, linked below here:


That site will give you the eligibility and timelines for filing your claim, as well as links to all the forms that you need to fill out. As of October of 2007, it appears that there is still plenty of time to file for status, but please check out the timeline for yourself, as I don't want to tell what the deadline is and have it turn out that I was wrong. Let's just say that the clock is ticking, and your Free Software computers are awaiting impatiently!
There are a few forms to fill out during this process, but let me assure you that the process is well worth it. I can't say how much our school was entitled to recover under the CMASA, but let's put it this way: it probably penciled out to about $500.00 per hour if you were to divide the value of the hardware and software recovered over the staff hours spent filling out the paperwork. So don't let the paperwork deter you!

After you read basic intro on eligibility from the California Department of Education website, you will need to dive into the nitty gritty on the website of the Microsoft Settlement Administrator (MSA), which is located here:


It's important to get the big picture on this settlement agreement, because Microsoft's lawyers did a great job of muddying the water to confuse people and discourage them from filing claims. But again, let me stress that this process does work, and it will be worth your time, and it's not that hard once you grasp the basic concepts.

The big picture here is that this program is a *voucher* program. Again, Microsoft's lawyers cleverly structured this settlement so as to require the individual school districts to "buy-in" to the process by first purchasing the equipment and THEN Microsoft will remit payment in full for qualifying hardware and software.

In our case, we wanted to acquire only Free Open Source Software-powered computers, and so that was a bit confusing at first for the Microsoft Settlement Administrator (MSA), because the employees of the company that is staffing this settlement administration just were very new to Free Open Source Software. They were initially reluctant to fund the software portion of our acquisition, until we explained that our vendor, which happened to be Berkeley-based Zareason.com, was unwilling to sell us the hardware and software unless we paid for it.

It really cleared things up for the MSA staff when I explained that Free Software means free-as-in-free-speech, but NOT free-as-in-beer. I explained to the woman handling the claim (let's call her "Lisa" -- not her real name) that even the creator of the Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds, does not roll his own distro, due to the inconvenience of dependency hell and compiling from source, etc. Instead, Linus has stated publicly in a May 19, 2006 interview with The Network Administrator.com that he uses prepared distros.

I explained to her that I am a level one sys admin, and a volunteer to boot, and that I would not have the time or the skill to install all the software needed for institutional use. Sure, I have installed GNU Linux distros many times, but would I want to take the responsibility and time for making sure that an industrial-strength install was done correctly? No. Nor would the school want to pay for a distro installed by a rank volunteer. The school wanted and deserves to have a professionally installed operating system and commercial-quality applications, just as if they had chosen to purchase Apple-based software or Microsoft Windows-based software. The whole purpose of the CMASA is to redress the imbalance in the California desktop software market, and it obviously would not due to limit consumers' choice of an OS to the convicted monopolist's software or that of the lone commercial competitor (Apple).

And let me say that I did not have to use a heavy tone in discussing our situation with Lisa. She was professional and polite, and she listened carefully to all I had to say. It might sound like stating the obvious, but I would strongly encourage you to remain calm when dealing with these admins in the MSA, because they seemed to deal fairly with us, once we had explained our situation and our choices.

Now for some more nitty gritty detail. As they say, the devil is in the details, and that certainly is true of this settlement. The key concept here is that the settlement vouchers come in two flavors: hardware and software. The hardware is really a no-brainer for the most part: the settlement covers basically your garden-variety hardware, including both garden-variety servers and workstations.

The tricky part comes in the software side, and so note this very well: The settlement does NOT cover custom software!!! This is where it came in very handy to have a company like Zareason.com on the job, although I am sure that any other vendor such as System76 or EmperorLinux or TechCollective.com would do the job just as well. The crucial factor that swung Lisa over to our side is that Zareason.com didn't have to bat an eye in providing us with the Edubuntu servers and video-ready openSUSE and video-ready edubuntu shuttle boxes that they sold us. It was just another day at the shop for them. There was NO custom software involved in their sale to us. This does not mean that you can't request a special package or two here; but even a major company like Dell and Hewlett Packard will give you a choice of some basic software packages to purchase. When Lisa realized that Zareason.com was not changing their work flow for us, and that Zareason.com was doing the same dawgone thing for us that Dell would have done with installing Ubuntu, it was a no-brainer for her to approve our application. But since there is some unique language in the settlement agreement, it bears to repeat the relevant language here for emphasis:

Vouchers will be issued in two categories: 1) General Purpose Vouchers and 2) Specific Category Software Vouchers. General Purpose Vouchers may be used to purchase specific hardware (listed below), any non-custom software for that hardware, evaluation tools, information technology (IT) services, and professional development services. IT and professional development services must be obtained from approved providers. Specific Category Software Vouchers may only be utilized to purchase specific categories of software (listed below) that are published or sold by any software provider. Both the General Purpose and Specific Category Software Vouchers may be applied in an amount no greater than the standard academic price, or if an academic price is not available, in an amount not to exceed the normal or standard price established by the manufacturer or vendor for such software. The following list gives examples of eligible goods and services that may be purchased with one or the other category of the vouchers: -- snip --

Please note that you will NOT be reimbursed for any services pursuant to this settlement agreement !!!! At least not the way that we did it. So if you want to venture off into the realm of buying a support agreement with your software and hardware purchases, please note that there is a strong likelihood that you will be paying for the same out of your own pocket, and that you probably will NOT be reimbursed for a single dime of support. Your Mileage May Vary, and this is not legal advice. We were careful to negotiate with our vendor on that basis. And our caution paid off, because we were reimbursed 100% for our acquisition, hardware and software an all. Again, YMMV !

Please note also that the above-quoted language might suggest that the second bucket, called the Specific Category Software Vouchers allow you to get something other than general purpose software. Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, in case I have not made myself clear, if you ask for custom software, you are out. Here is the list of exemplary software that comes under the definition of Specific Category Software Vouchers. Why they chose to call it that is beyond me, because this is generic stuff:

Operating system
Word processing
Desktop relational database oriented towards single users and typically residing on a standard personal computer
Productivity and/or Productivity Suite
Server, including client access licenses
Eligible software bundled with a computer purchased with the General Purpose Vouchers

It is crucial to note that the real value in this deal from the perspective of a vendor is the opportunity to be paid for packaging Free Open Source Software. We did submit this proposal to a couple of hardware vendors, who backed off of the deal and would not supply us, because they thought that there was a risk that our school might not be reimbursed for Free Open Source Software, and for them to spend the time installing Free Open Source Software on a system, and then not be able to bill for that software, was a deal breaker for them. Fortunately for us, Zareason.com took the risk, and it paid off for them and for us. It was a win-win all the way around, and since Microsoft is oh so cozy with open source software these days, maybe it was even a win for them.

Do be sure to work closely with your settlement administrator, and do be sure to submit your acquisitions to them in advance, so that they will be able to approve or disapprove the acquisitions. Do not just rush out and make your purchase without checking in with them, and it also makes sense to use a vendor such as Zareason.com that has been through the process at least once already. (By the way, I have no financial relationship with Zareason.com or any other vendor mentioned in this article, and I am not recommending any particular vendor over any other).

The moral of the story is that while it might be a little bit daunting at first to make a computer hardware and software purchase for which you are paying for packages that are downloadable for free on the Internet, just remember that your time is, in fact, valuable, and the software vendors like Canonical and Novell and Red Hat provide a valuable product; namely working packages. Likewise, your hardware vendor provides a valuable service of installing those packages and providing you with a non-custom turn-key solution. Your school deserves the rock solid stability of Free Open Source Software, and the freedom to later go with another vendor, should you have an unsatisfactory experience with the first. Now, thanks to the California Microsoft Ant-Trust Settlement, you have the option of getting quality hardware and software without the lockdown. All courtesy of Microsoft.

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Journal Journal: Page 12 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 12 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court. 1416.Wathsala Vithanage - I'm using Linux since I was 19. I used it for my studies and now I develop Free Software. The university where I'm employed, pays me for doing this. My whole career is based on FOSS. I live and pay my bills because of FOSS. I write system level code in C/C++/ASM for Linux and BSD systems I know nothing about .Net (And you Microsoft don't ask me why I did not learn .Net, you have no right to ask it and no you can't force me to learn .Net). If you want to sue FOSS then SUE me first, because it is better than ruining my career. Microsoft is ruining career of people like me arround the world by ruining FOSS. This is anti social and unethical. Microsoft stay within your limits and let some unbiased firm analys your code base so world can come to know how many patents you violate.
1417.Aliham Muhamad - Brunei Darussalam - Before I have a dual-boot PC with Kubuntu, I use Windows with lots of FOSS and ever since I used Kubuntu, I feel that GNU/Linux is a very worth OS on the market and feel the freedom. In the near future I'm definitely gonna build a PC with only GNU/Linux OS but for now dual boot for me (how I wish that PC Games don't just rely on one or two OS to play)
1418.Dan Millman - Got a dual-boot laptop with Win XP and Kubuntu. My employer has also supplied me with a Fedora Core workstation.
1419.Gaurav Misra - I am using Ubuntu Feisty for my desktop, Ubuntu Dapper for server and once in a while when I have to deal with those Microsoft only shops I have to heavy-heartedly use WinXP in VirtualBox. So sue me!
1420. Rick Sheridan - I use Mac OS X and Slackware Linux- I fix Windows or convert its victims.
1421. U Das, India - I have been on one Linux desktop or the other for the past dozen years or so. I have used it for everything from waking me up with music in time for my college lectures (PostGres + mpg321 + vixie cron), email (mutt, even today), IM (GAIM), browsing (Firefox), retro gaming (xmame), word processing (OOffice) ... . I have used RH, SLES, Fedora, & Ubuntu fairly up close. I develop on RHEL & SLES as part of my profession. The one time I had to run M$ Windoze, I put it in VMWare Workstation running on a Linux host, and put cygwin on it. I let M$ run their code only when I was running a command from my cygwin bash. Then get VMWare to suspend them. The files of importance resided on my Linux host, to be accessed by M$ via samba. That way, I did not reboot M$'s OS for over a month, and still did not have my box crawling. M$, I used open source software under your OS, over your OS, outside your OS. Everywhere! I find your OS so unusable that I didnt trust it to run native on the hardware. I found it so incapable of sustained performance that I didnt let it run for 1 sec more than what was absolutely demanded by my employer. I have converted several people away from your OS, and shall continue to help people live a free, happy life where they have a safe, configurable, performant OS not tied down to one big corporation. For all this, M$, sue me.
1422.Bojan Cvetkovic, Nis, Serbia - M$ must not be allowed to spread this FUD campaign. Sue me or leave me alone!
1423.Scott Nestor, Illinois, shirowarrior@gmail.com. I use Debian Lenny on two pc's, one for general usage, the other for ripping audio cd's and dvd movies for storage on my network attached storage machine, (which is running NASLite+,) for my use on my own version of Video-On-Demand in my house, protected by SmoothWall firewall/gateway all going through a 16-port 10/100 switch. The only machine that has WinBlows on it uses FireFox, Avast!, and OpenOffice running on it. And the only reason Winblows is even on there is Wine can't run our business software...yet. Don't like it Mr. Gates? Deal with it!!
1424.Steve Reilly, configure.make@yahoo.com, 6 computers, 2 opensuse, one ubuntu feisty, 2 debian servers, and one slackware. This is a microsoft free household. My employer uses SLES 9 to operate pos terminals in our chain of 95 retail stores. Please sue me.
1425.Steven M Furyk, PhD - I switched to Ubuntu Linux because your software blows.
1426.Jordan Bettis, Chicago IL -- I use Debian GNU/Linux on two PCs (one laptop) and a SPARC. I also make money doing LAMP programming.
1427.Samuli Seppänen, Turku, Finland. Long time (9 years) Linux user. Currently working at a small OSS company. At home all (5) computers (2 laptops, server, desktop and a dvb-pvr) run on Linux (Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu). I manage or help manage 5 other Linux systems (mostly Ubuntu) for my friends and relatives.
1428. Buddhika Siddhisena (Sri Lanka) - I use Gentoo, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora on my notebook, home pc and servers. I promote FOSS in Sri Lanka and have convinced many to migrate away from Windoze or rely less on it. Sue me! Sue me! Sue me! (you can find me at [http://budlite.blogspot.com my blog]
1429. Sudheera R. Fernando (Sri Lanka) - Switched to using a real OS (GNU[http://gnu.org/]/Linux[http://kernel.org/]) in Feb. 2005, since then I have been using Gentoo[http://www.gentoo.org/], Fedora[http://fedoraproject.org/] and Ubuntu[http://www.ubuntu.com/] for my all my OS needs.. :-), and NOT going to STOP using GNU/Linux ever!!!, Therefore at this moment I would like to flip the bird (with both hands) in honor of all the d1ck scukers @ M$ who come up with these half-assed schemes to retain their fading market share. So go ahead, Sue me! (and u can contact me via email : dev.null {at} xconsole {dot} org)
1430. Shrikant Odugoudar, India - I use Fedora and Debian, been using Linux for years now, find it completely apt for my needs, wouldn't touch Windows even with a 100 meter pole, so sue me?! yeah keep reading :)
1431.Jorge Pinto aka Casainho, Portugal [http://www.Casainho.net www.Casainho.net] - Using Linux Ubuntu and not recommending M$Windows to anyone :-)
1432.René Østensen Oslo Norway. I have been using all kinds of Open Source stuff forever!! running Gentoo 1433.Aliham Muhamad - Brunei Darussalam - Before I have a dual-boot PC with Kubuntu, I use Windows with lots of FOSS and ever since I used Kubuntu, I feel that GNU/Linux is a very worth OS on the market and feel the freedom. In the near future I'm definitely gonna build a PC with only GNU/Linux OS but for now dual boot for me (how I wish that PC
1434.Pete G. Pearland, TX Thank God there is something out here besides your broken worse than awfull OS Bill. If MicroSnot ever makes something that doesn't suck it will be a Vacuum Cleaner. Used CPM, it was good, Used HPUX, it's great, Used M$, many versions, all suck. Used WFW311 with M$ DOS version 5, 6, 6.2, 6.22 it sucked. Ran WFW-311 on CPM 86... oh excuse me DRDOS version 7. Worked infinately better than DOS any version with WFW-311. We have four servers, a firewall/router and several desktops here. No MicroSnot allowed. Can't afford the BS that comes with it.
1435.Edward Jones, New Delhi, India: I am a GNU/Linux user since more than 7 years. Currently using Gentoo 2007.0 and Kubuntu 7.04. Its high time for Microsoft to either show the code and sue all of us or STFU!
1436.Linda Nilsson (Sweden) I recently discovered the benefits of using GNU/Linux and is slowly moving towards it thanks to no 101 in this list.
1437.Christer Corneliusson (Sweden) - I'm using Ubuntu at home and Red Hat at school (somtimes i use Solaris too). The reason that i use GNU/Linux is that it is a more convenient system. A more important reason to use GNU/Linux is that is a free software, you can check (and change if needed) so the program does what you think that they are doing.
1438.Marc Gale (St Helens, UK): I'm using Ubuntu Dapper and Edgy at home for pretty much everything. The only things I really use Windows for is one or two toys and games on the laptop, and most of that is being taken over by my Nintendo DS these days. IPtables is better than any Windows firewall/router I've seen so far, and my Ruby scripts have all transferred from the Windows environment quite nicely. X and KDE makes things so easy anybody could use it, and I've found that processors run cooler (and therefore, are less stressed) under Linux. Samba allows me to transfer files between the Linux desktop and the Windows laptop as easily as dragging and dropping. I didn't have to pay £200 for the privilege of keeping up with the latest Microsoft upgrade-and-obsolete cycle. My bluetooth dongle requires no extra software - it just plugs in and works. Devices like that and flash drives generally get recognised and initialised faster than under Windows. No wonder you're running scared, Microsoft. Please, attempt to sue me. I can't wait.

...Oh, I also use sudo and kdesu a lot.
1439.Antonio Medina (Spain and Uk) -I am using Ubuntu at home and at the office, I am active GNU/Linux activist since 2000, once I discovered Linux y left Windows behind and I am NEVER GOING BACK! I have seen the Linux community grow at amazing rates and I think its unstoppable. Microsoft if you try to sue Linux you will have to sue every country in this planet. Why? Because I dont know of any government that does not use Linux in some form or another. Also you can sue little me, for every attack you get a double counter-reaction.
1440.Frits Beumer (Netherlands) I am using using Ubuntu and Mandriva Linux at home since 2004. I love using Linux because it feels more like MY operating system than this pre-cooked "we'll tell you what you want and need" operating system Win****. You 're fighting a ghost you can't touch Microsoft! So bring it on Hot shot!
1441.Eric Sears (Gilbert, Arizona) I use FC7. Been running several flavors of FREE Linux OS's for years. Opensource your OS and do yourself the favor. One thing still comes to mind when I hear the words M$. Windows CE, Windows ME, Windows NT...yup CEMENT. So sue me....I will keep taking away your customers 1 by 1. The more money I can take away from you, the better off the world will be....nuff said!
1442.Eustáquio Rangel (São José do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil). I use GNU/Linux for everything I need about computers. So sue me if you have the guts to start a patent war. We'll see what cards you and the other players have.
1443.Michael S. Williamson - Corpus Christi, TX - michael (at) aggiegeeks (dot) com - I've run some Linux flavor on several machines for the better part of 10 years now, and currently not only use it at work, but at home for nearly 100% of anything I use my PC for. I say 'nearly' because I've dabbled with FreeBSD a bit. The whole idea of patenting something based on outcomes and not specific methods is stupid. It is simply too easy to patent a wide, far-reaching concept that can be achived through many different ways, while somehow claiming ownership of every potential method that could be used to achive this same outcome. This is why software patents are stupid to begin with.
1444.Franzvitor Fiorim (Espírito Santo, Brazil). I Use Debian GNU/LINUX for 4 year, somtimes i use Debian GNU HURD.
1445.Brian White (Eugene, Oregon; United States) Enjoy the high cost of petty litigation: the high price of certified class counter suits and the resulting discovery. Perhaps you can consider this as market correction for the divestment that should have been ordered in 98.
1446.Paolo Tisato (Vicenza, ITALIA) - Sono passato da Windows a Linux perchè free, perchè dispone di un'ampissima comunità a cui chiedere supporto, perchè ero stufo di reinstallare windows ogni 2 mesi e soprattutto perchè mi ero stufato delle classiche schermate blu ogni volta che installavo qualche nuovo programma. Ora utilizzo Ubuntu Feisty e devo dire di esserne pienamente soddisfatto: ho un s.o. che mi rispecchia a pieno e dispongo di tantissimi programmi che soddisfano a pieno le mie esigenze, e anche se ogni tanto mi causa dei grattacapi, non tornerei mai a Windows. Lo consiglio a tutti!
1447.Daniele Grasso - Catania,Italy;Ubuntu "easier then M$ window$" FeistyFawn user
1448.Giovanni Figliozzi - Fondi, Italy - using ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn on linux ... ah, i installed this OS also on 5-6 computers
1449.Babula Christian - Ivrea, Italy - using PC-BSD as desktop and ubuntu feisty as network server. I passed to open source oses 4 months ago because windows just couldn't make it. I have to say that I left M$ environments for ever.
1450.Luca Vinci (15 years old) - I've a PC with kubuntu 7.04, mandriva 2007 and fedora 7 installed.
1451.Angelo Farina- Minturno Italy using slakware` 1452.Alex Goodwin - San Diego, CA. I've used Red Hat, SUSE (Before Novell took over), Debian, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Gentoo, and probably quite a few more over the past 8 or 9 years.
1453.Renan "Renan_S2" Birck - Canoas, Brazil. - renan.dream at Google's mail service Linux since 2005. Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, SuSE, Conectiva (now Mandriva), Red Hat, Fedora, Arch, Knoppix. FreeBSD, Solaris on x86, might buy a Mac as well. No Windows since July 2006. No plans to go back to your "products". Using Linux for everything I can do with a PC, from office productivity to games. Also I always install, whenever I can, Open Source products on Windows. Probably have broken a lot of patents, so I am a pirate and thus I am a thief. Sue me. I dare you to. I know you want to. Talking big is easy, but doing it is hard.
1454.Kyle Rhash (kyrhash at yahoo) I personally use Ubuntu Linux for all of my needs. I converted to Linux only a few weeks ago. Already I can see that it is much more stable and beryl owns Areo. i have no need to convert back and will be encouraging others to save their money and never buy a M$ product again. If i am forced to use Windows, I will carry a USB flash stick around with OO and firefox. MSN really needs to get with the program.
1455.Angela Piñeros- (Bogota, Colombia)- I am a member of a group named binaryfreedom and we fight for digital rights. I don't agree with patents and never will. As OS I use 3 different ones, gentoo, gnewsense and kubuntu for laptop soon I will try Debian, but will never will go back to "the middle age of M$".
1456.Vincenzo Di Biaggio - San Salvo - Abruzzo - Italy
1457.Davi de Freitas - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil(16 years old) - I use Ubuntu 7.04(Feisty Fawn) and i will never use Microsoft softwares anymore. Microsoft's sotwares are not worthy to buy and i hope Microsoft crashes... 1458. Patrick Berry, Linux User #65,411, since 1997, I have been converting thousands of businesses, schools, charities, and users, to FOSS. Microsoft is a small pathetic multiple convicted felon pirate, whereas I am a voting retired disabled veteran, and I welcome the opportunity to expose more of Microsoft's greedy insanity! I am Patrick Berry, TSgt., USAF (Retired) technician, and I run ALL the FOSS at http://livecdlist.com http://distrowatch http://linux.org http://yolinux.com I am curious, do you also intend to sue your VP Hilf, who runs 200 Linux machines, in a lab, and Akamai, who run all your websites behind their 15,000 Linux servers? Don't worry, I will name them in my countersuit. Microsoft is the DOOMED multiple convicted felon pirate!
1459.Steven Dilworth (Barberton, OH USA) I use Ubuntu 7.04. Microsoft's business practices put them beyond contempt in my book. Open Source for Freedom!
1460.Eugéne Suter (Évora, Portugal) - For about a year and a half now I've been running FOSS on all my boxes, and couldn't be happier. VectorLinux, Slackware, Fedora and Debian is what I run, so what am I guilty of: freedom of choice! Up yours Microsoft, and shame on you. This is what the world thinks of you - http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20070611082734557 - disgusting...
1461.Dennis Wronka (Hong Kong) - I use Linux from Scratch (PC) and Fedora 7 (Notebook) at home and Debian 3.1 at work. I have my own project EasyLFS and actively promote the usage of Linux by spreading the word and CDs. Also I sudo frequently. Why don't you sue me for spreading patent-violating source-code and for suggesting to give up using your software?
1462.Bob Wylde (UK) The UK never has nor ever will be a state of the USA. I currently use Ubuntu (which I changed to recently) as soon as I saw the garbage you call Vista being released. I have NEVER paid for any of your products, even though I have a copy of every one of them, since I discovered that there are better, safer and freer alternatives out on the net. So Microsoft: COME AND HAVE A GO IF YOU THINK YOU'RE HARD ENOUGH!
1463.Amadeus Wittwer (Bern, Switzerland) - I use Kubuntu Linux 7.04 and OpenSlug at home... and I like it!
1464.Claude Fankhauser (Berne, Switzerland) - Using various flavours of Linux (mainly Debian, Gentoo, [K]Ubuntu amongst others) at home, at the office and at various customers places. I also frequently access the NTFS and FAT32 partitions of my office desktop under Linux - hahaaaa!! But now get ready for the real thrill: I PLAY MINESWEEPER AND SPIDER SOLITAIRE UNDER WINE, JUST TO CRACK YOU MICROSOFT DUDES UP, MUHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!!
1465.Tim Lyons (Boston, MA USA): I have been a vocal proponent both in public and corporate settings for the eradication of the M$ platform in our environments and have been happliy using BSD & Linux for longer than I care to remember today. I am working on deploying a proof of concept that will eradicate Windows desktops from our environment and move to thin-client Linux workstations which will free us from the massive licensing costs that surround the M$ environments. We're also moving to a Linux based datacenter, so Micro$oft, your days are numbered; just roll over and die peaceful-like, you cant fight the inevitability of your fate.
1466.Michel Pauli in cameroon: i make projets in africa and i use edubuntu, because the LTSP is all ready integrate in this distribution. It is here dificult to introduce open source, because microsoft is omni-present here and very few people know about open source. now have just build a Linux Users Group in Bamenda, a town north west province from cameroon.
1467.Nico Bauer (Hannover, Germany) - Using Ubuntu, OpenOffice.org and a lot more... >>> www.oshelpdesk.org 1468.Beat Schiess (Basel, Suisse) - Using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 1469.Marcos Jordão (Catanduva, SP, Brasil) - I used Conectiva, Kurumin, SuSE, Debian and now with Ubuntu. Oh Bill, sue me first!
1470.Dr.Balakrishnan Nair(India)- Very recently started using Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn. Been using Abiword and OpenOffice on Windows XP earlier. They're just as good(if not better) than anything MS makes. It's perfectly understandable why MS is worried about OSS. And if you ever try Vista (any flavor), you might just feel sorry for the poor chaps at MS. OSS is taking the bread right out of their mouths by GIVING AWAY for FREE usable LINUX distros(as opposed to the earlier 'geeky' versions); that reduces the number of suckers willing to pay for MS' overpriced bug-ridden system-resource hogging Vista. Can't people see how pretty Vista is? It's almost as secure as Linux distros, right? And to top it all off, when they say they'll sue Linux vendors if they don't sign agreements to not sue over patents, you people just laugh at them and say "Sue Me First"!!! And MS can't actually sue 'cause of the negative publicity(and maybe 'cause they don't really have a case which would stand up to scrutiny in court)... there ain't no justice! My sympathies to you MS corp. Sue me first, I promise I won't be too rude when I tell you where to put your patent.
1471.Alex (USA)- I've been using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn for a couple of months. I love it and it beats M$ Windoze in every aspect. I play Minesweeper like the guy above me HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!Billy-boy sue me first I'M A 12 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1473.Dennis Schwarze (Hannover, Germany) - Using Ubuntu, OpenOffice.org, Pidgin, xmms, GXINE and many more... >>> www.oshelpdesk.org 1474.Martin Sander (Lüdenscheid, Germany) - ms@friedensgruppe-luedenscheid.de - Im using ubuntu since version 5.04 yet on a dual boot system, also using OpenOffice on Windows and some other free software. Its better you dont pay to use Free Software, then you pay, to be a betatester for M$
1475.Siegfried-A. Gevatter (Barcelona, Catalona) - I'm using Ubuntu with Apache (and Debian on a virtual machine), OpenOffice.org, I used Audacity several months, and I've given Ubuntu CDs and also installed OpenOffice.org to many friends.
1476.Nick Norton (Harrogate, England) - Five years ago Microsoft. YOU sued a company (PlanIT-Systems) that I was employed by. Consequently the company closed an I lost my job. And the reason for this? We sold Microsoft Windows 98 and Office 2000 to clients. We purchased them from a retailer at a low price and then you screwed us! Because the retailer was selling counterfeit goods. My MD could not afford to tackle you Microsoft. But I will not forget this for as long as I live.
1477.Aiden Boal- England - wampireboal@hotmail.co.uk - Am using linux mint as I got really sick of Vista. Microsoft your OS's suck and are rip-off's of Linux and you know that, leave Linux alone and let Linux take a fair share of the market, you can afford it for god's sake......
1478.Rafael Portela de Oliveira (Espírito Santo, Brazil) - Im using Debian Etch at home and college cause my brain still does not have enough of 12GB of sickness to run a single poor OS! Im so sad about your visionary business, MS. So, sue me first if you can!!
1479.mark penney - newfoundland canada - MICROSOFT IS LIKE a giant, slow transport truck on the highway of innovation, and everyone sees the truck first and thinks its the best cause it big, but all the smaller less known but faster(more innovative) little sports cars, that require smaller engines (hardware) cant get past the fat truck to show the world how great they are!!!i use opensuse ^_^ oh yeah and sue me if you want:) but i'll still stab you (lol, cool that kids 12, im 15 :) )
1480.A. Mani - I am using Slackware-11.0, Kubuntu-7.04, Fedora Core-6.0, BSD Unix and more ... and none of the dreaded MS-Windows Oses.
1481.Will Daniels (UK & Greece) - daniels.will@gmail.com - I am using Kubuntu Fiesty on a desktop, Ubuntu Fiesty on a laptop and Ubuntu Dapper on a web server. 100% MS-free for 10 months now and happier for it!
1482.Steven Splint (Ontario Canada) - Steve_Splint@hotmail.com - I run 2 web servers, one out of my own home and one is a VPS in Dallas, both of them use red hat based linux distributions (CentOS 4.5 and 5 to be specific). I dual boot my personal computer with windows XP and the latest release of fedora. Trying to switch over to linux as my only Operating System but gaming in wine and cedega is just not quite the same.
1483.Theo Schmidt (Steffisburg, Switzerland) - I am currently using Kubuntu 6.06 on two machines (4 more thin clients run from this via LTSP), SuSE 6.4 on an ancient laptop, Puppy 2.16 on two Mini-Boards, Multibuntu 7.04 on two laptops, and a host of Live-CDs, mainly Knoppix 5.0, 5.2 and SAM Linux on various machines. Also a Linux embedded system in our KISS DVD player. My wife uses Debian Sarge. We also own a couple of Win98SE, XP (home and pro) licences and several older MacOS systems.
1484.Matthew Brothers (WV, US) - I run 5 Gentoo GNU/Linux servers and a slew of Gentoo Desktops. I have been using GNU/Linux of various flavors for 12 years and I have never looked back to the wasteland that is proprietary software with its Microsoft overlord. Please [http://www.fsf.org/register_form?referrer=5175 join the FSF] if you want to help put an end to this insanity.
1485.João Luiz Costa Lima (Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brasil) - Eu uso GNU/linux fazem 10 anos e utilizo linux em casa e na clínica de minha esposa, no total são 4 máquinas rodando GNU/linux. SUE ME FIRST, M$.
1486.Mircea Grigore(Aachen - Germany - Computer Security Adviser and Student of science(physics)). I currently using Slackware, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Windows Xp, Windows Server 2003 and all kind of free Software(openSource). I must say all free Software on the market is better than the Microsoft crap. I have never been in trouble with free Software, but when I use Microsoft immediately I get into it. In my opinion every Software and Code on this planet should be free and available for everyone. Especially when you have paid for it like for Microsoft shit. I advise my customers to use or to change on Linux/Ubuntu. I am happy to see that so much people use LINUX and free SOFTWARE. KEEP AT IT.
1487.Paul Price, Akron Ohio- Long time Windows user--Switched to Ubuntu 6.06,7.04--never looked back. Copyright infringment? Bill, seriously, as many man hours as I have wasted on your OS you should give me a free copy (not Vista though please! It really sucks too bad) Sue me.
1488.Crispin Stichart, Colville Washington, USA -- I've been using Ubuntu Edgy for a few months now, and it kicks Windows ass down the stairs. :-) I use FireFox, Gimp, Abiword, Bluefish, and Gaim on a regular basis. I wonder if they violate any of those supposed patents, eh? Oh, and Steve Ballmer, if you're reading this -- feel free to look my address up in the phone book so you can sue me personally. ^_^
1489.Tim Orbaker, Columbus, OH - Fedora, CentOS, and GenToo. Firefox, Thunderbird, NVU, Gnu Compilers and Debuggers. And while you're suing me, let's talk about that "refund of your money" nonsense in your licenses that I had to pay for to get a computer a few years ago. I'm still waiting on my refund.
1490.Michael David , India -- I have been using "illegal" Linux for over 7 years now. Red Hat, Centos, Debian, Rock, Slackware, Gentoo to name only a few - I have used dozens of distributions in these 7+ years. Right now, I am typing this from an Arch Linux PC at home. Even my router (DLink GLB-502T) runs Linux. Our company servers also run Red Hat Linux. I have converted many people over to Linux - basically PCLinuxOS and they are happy now and free from Microsoft Slavery. Billy your Microsoft is dying baby.
1491.Frank de Lange, Lödöse, Sweden -- I'm not just using GNU/etc/Linux for my own purposes... I'm actively helping other people to commit the same 'crime'... sometimes I'm even paid for this activity... I believe the legal term for this is 'aiding and abetting'? Chalk me up for a double portion!
1492.Vladimir Zlatanov, United Kingdom -- Yes, sue me please. I've been using (illegal?) patented software for the past 10(ish) years. Mainly GNU/Linux in its Debian variety, which I regularly update over the internet. I've been subverting people to use such software. I've written software which intentionally ignores your licensed wares.
1493. Shawnee Cook - Redwood City, CA, USA -- Ladies first. If you must, go ahead and sue me, Microsoft. Really. I would actually insist that you sue me first. I'm writing this here today because I would like to make the rationalization that it's utterly asinine to sue some person or some organization for making a choice to not purchase or use a company's product. Free markets like to provide alternatives whenever possible. I choose to not use Microsoft products whenever possible because (this is going to be harsh) I find Microsoft products to be boring and totalitarian, and I find its users to be brainwashed. So sad!

I know the code on my machines inside and out. So which variety of Linux am I using? Um, not Novell. Have a nice day. :) http://www.zentu.net/
1494.Timothy L Liddy - Mesa AZ I used MS products from MS-DOS - Windows XP Pro, and I finally got very tired of your products and your companies way of doing business. Sue Me First, I would be expected right along with the way you company has gone downhill.
1495.Edmund Huggett - Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. I Do not own, or use, a single copy of windows. I am using debian on my main computer, my server, my works server, my sisters computer, my parents computer, my parents laptop and have installed it over many copies of windows on friends computers. I also run Linux on my router (Linksys WRT54G), My Ipod and 5 xbox's and a few other nodes in the Beowulf cluster that I'm building. I use OpenOffice etc and can read all of your shi**y closed file formats (Including wma & wmv). I rant on about Linux whenever i can, and have converted many people. I also do everything i can to help users new to linux on forums, in person, over the phone etc. I really do try to be your worst nightmare :D
1496.Michiel Pillet - Landen, Belgium. I am using Mandriva on my computer. No need for an illegal copy of Windows! So sue me first!
1497.KIrk Eby - Toronto, Canada. I am using SuSE on my main system in house and CentOS on my in home media server, please sue me first, please.
1498.Christos Despotakis - Heraklion, Greece. I'm using Ubuntu to use all the innovations of MS free of charge... I'm a bad boy so MS you can sue me first!
1499.Juan González - Reno, NV - I began use of Linux in 1997 at the age of 26. I currently Gentoo linux for my servers and Ubuntu Linux for the desktop. I've downloaded a lot of 'patented', 'non-ubuntu-supported' software to play media such as wmv. Are you going to sue me first now?
1500.Mauricio Roman - Republic of Colombia. I run Ubuntu GNU/Linux 7.04 on my PC for work, study, entertainment, and communication with my family and friends. I use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to serve websites. I also use Knoppix GNU/Linux 5.0.1, mainly to rescue Windows systems from themselves, always taking the opportunity to encourage the unfortunate users of said Windows systems to switch to a proper operating system, such as Ubuntu or one of the several GNU/Linux distributions available, except for anything from Novell, Xandros, or Linspire. Please do sue me first MSFT, I can be reached at mauriceroman(AT)gmail(DOT COM)
1501.Here I come again, and this time I've boycotted windows-XP(SP2) from my office PC and using ubuntu7.04 instead of windows. (removed XP from homePC 3yrs back.) This saves 1 license for my employer and some MS enthu can use it. And this is a company where employees should use windows as per standard operating environment. So M$, find the company(*hint: Very close to you in IT ranks), then find me and sue me! --dinhcaraeht{"Human Knowledge Belongs to the World"}
1502.Bob Brown Mittagong New South Wales Australia,ahkaybe@bigpond.net.au. I have only been using linux for a very short time (ubuntu 7.04) and already I can see a time in the very very near future, where my xp dual boot will be history and I will become a straight Linux user. Come on M$ TAKE AWAY MY RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF CHOICE :>(

User Journal

Journal Journal: Page 11 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 11 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

1275.Pablo Valério Polônia - City: Florianópolis - Country: Brasil , Sue me microsoft, Linux is my primary operating system, and Ubuntu is my favorite distribution.
1276.Maxwell Gonçalves de Almeida - City: Florianópolis - Country: Brazil, I started with mandriva, then moving to SuSE for the laptop, now a Ubuntu Feisty fawn user to all, except Palm TX :(. I use linux because it is trustful, reliable, configurable, adaptable, we can learn more about operational system and give something back to the community that suports it.
1277.Wim Stubbe, Belgium. Slackware, Suse, and now Debian since 1997.
1278.Deepak Barua Been using redhat debian and now currently ubuntu since 2002 in india i use linux because i can get access to all development library code with any hassles , essential for driver software
1279.Maurício Silva Teixeira de Nóbrega, Brasil. Ubuntu, desde 2005. COM MUITO ORGULHO.
1280.Pertti Virtanen, Finland. Debian, since 2005 and Firefox 2004.
1281.Paul Chvostek, Toronto, Canada. Primarily using FreeBSD, though I do use Linux in work environments due to driver and software availability. I've been using X as a GUI on various platforms since 1993. The only Microsoft in my home is a presentation mouse. Perhaps MS should get out of the software business and stick to building rodents.
1282.Tom Mann, London, UK. Running Ubuntu 7.04 dual-booted with UbuntuStudio as a Digital Audio Workstation. Stability, responsiveness and the lowest latency I've ever had the fortune to encounter.
1283.Jo/rgen Elgaard Larsen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Long time sinner. I have run Linux on several servers since 1994, and on all my desk- and laptops since 1999. Microsoft should be very suspicious towrds me, since I have not registered any on the four Windows licenses that came with the PCs I bought the last couple of years. Oh, wait, you have to boot Windows to register. SIlly me. I am only booting to Debian GNU/Linux.
1284.Raymond Wright, Grand Island, Ne. Running Ubuntu Fiesty on desktop. Servers also running linux.
1285.Silas Wulff, Denmark. Running Ubuntu and Fedora. I'm lovin it. Com'on, sue me!
1286.Novachok Alexandr, Ukraine, Mariupol. I use OpenSuSE.
1287.Jones, Ralph, Toronto, Canada. I use Mepis. Please sue me.
1288.Drew Anderson (drew at divinelabs dot com) I use Slackware and Umbuntu for desktops, and Debian and FreeBSD for servers. and tho i do have to use one Windows box for work, i use openoffice, audacity, firefox and thunderbird on this work box.
1289.Bill Johnson, Jordan, Mn. Please sue me. My Redhat, slackware, and Suse linux distributions all use a color blue for the desktop that is SIMILAR to the default in Windows. Not only that, but it has a mouse pointer too....oh, wait, I guess Microsoft stole that from Xerox...nevermind. Not only that, I'm sure the 20 odd casement windows in my house offer some sort of trademark infringment as well as the rather large collection of paper clippys in my desk drawer. In addition, I have never run the "Genuine Linux" evisceration...oops evaluation utility to determine my legality. Alas, as an "X"-Windows user, I'm sure that there must be some infringment pending as the Direct"X" technology uses the same alphabetic character, sorry. Also, I'd like to file a counter-claim as I wrote the line of code "int status=0" back in 1982 and feel that MS has taken my IP without suitable compensation.
1290.Jose Caraballo - Phila. PA USA - I use Ubuntu, Knoppix and CentOS. Basically on a built system, Dell, IBM and MAC. I have either dual-booted or removed the Win32 (XP/Vista) virus from the systems. My router is fully Linux OS. Using OpenOffice, Gimp, Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox...etc. without the need of any Microsoft products. I have also fully loaded Gentoo Live CD on the XBOX 360. I have successfully, and without compensation or rewards, passed this knowledge to others for FREE as in "free beer". Use this command: Sudo apt-get remove Win32; apt-get install Feisty
1291.Scott Naef, NJ USA - MythTV user for over 4 years. Ubuntu 7.04 on the desktop. Linux is the only avenue that offers a steady worry free pipeline for the long term.
1292.Artur Fernandes de Souza Filho, Minas Gerais - Montes Claros Brazil. I use Fedora core 6 and Debian 4 amd64,Micro$hit: please attack me if you can!
1293.Dario David P, Caballito - Buenos Aires, Argentina. I use legal version of windows 2000 pro y office 2003 licensed to me, thru a former employee. I installed openoffice, because it's better anyway . I think MS also patented double-click... and I do "double-click" in several systems. Propietaries and not... may be because double-click is knowledge and not a "technich"... Don't sue me. COME AND GET ME IF YOU CAN!!!
1294.Bill Martin - Weems, Virginia. I have Debian running on a box in Mila, Virginia. Think you can find Mila? Find me in Weems - it's on the map.
1295.Frederik Hertzum, Odense, Denmark. I've been running Linux since 1999ish and have been using Free software since 1998ish. I doubt that there are anyone besides me, with my name, in the world, so if you find me, feel free to knock on my door.
1296.Richard Boulais Dallas,Texas,U.S.A. (Fedora Core 6)I have had Windows XP on my wifes computer for years because she was more comfortable. Two months ago she had another catastrophic failure.Today she is using Linux everyday with no complaint and no failures.
1297.Gutemberg Ferreira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I use Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Firefox and more. How many patents I crash? Microsoft don't fight! It can use Free Open Source Software too!
1298.Philip Lyons, McKinney, Texas. There are four computers in my household...2 Servers, 2 Desktops. Every single one of them running Slackware Linux. Why anyone would pay for your worthless, proprietary operating system is beyond me. I pity those that don't know any better, or think their is no other way. If you want to spread your FUD, and threaten litigation...please, oh pretty please, come see me first.
1299.Matthew Crisp, Palm Springs, California. Vista drove me to finally installing a linux distro. Now I've completely whiped XP from every single computer I own. I run pure Ubuntu GNU/linux, and I joined the FSF. I learned more about computers, while also having an easier time of it and a more stable experience, in the first 6 months of Using Ubuntu than the previous 11 years of using windows (starting with windows 3.1). You can pry my beautiful OS from my cold dead fingers.
1300.Ryan Brooks, I hate Microsoft because they cut corners and make my pc experience shit cause they are lazy. Wow, i got through this sentence with out the BSOD popping Up. Switch to mac, i have 4 intels and 2 PPCs, and I love them all dearly, but the blue PPC imac is getting a little buggy, but whatever, i have it loaded with like 8 years of crap, i could do some cleaning out.
1301.Alexander Todorov, Bulgaria, : Through the years I've been using every popular Linux or BSD distro. Now I am running a mixture of Ubuntu , Debian, RHEL & Fedora on several laptops and desktop PCs. Anything that MS Windows is more easy to use and I am more flexible in doing my job. Linux is more productive.
1302.Christopher Bautista, Philippines, : What i dont understand is open source software has little or no bugs and are free. WHile Microsofts "patented" technologies gets more bugs everyday
1303.Trystan Snyder, Barre VT, United States, : Ubuntu, Fedora Core, and formally a Suse user (until that ugly deal with Microempire) It always amazes me how something FREE is so maintained, stable, used, productive, unique, ground breaking, revolutionary, logical, all without a SINGLE AD ON TELEVISION. Very proud of the Ubuntu/Beryl combination, puts every other os to shame really.
1304.Andreas Wagner, Bühlertal, Germany: Ubuntu 7.04 at Desktop & Debian 4.0 at Laptop. Sue me!
1305.Sámal Rasmussen from the Faroe Islands (Denmark). Full time Ubuntu user. Please sue me.
1306.Yossefa Mekyton from Occupied Palestine (i.e. israel) - free software! (and people and animals, too)
1307.Zhang Heng, ZheJiang Province, PR China, : Debian 4.0 at Dell Latitude C610. Sue me!
1308.yogesh chavan, pune, India, : I use debian etch and gentoo 2007.0
1309.Tiago F. Aranha, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, : Ubuntustudio at HP nx9005. Sue me!
1310.Easwar Hariharan,Mumbai,India,:I use Mandriva 2007 on assembled PC at home......SUE ME TOO PLEEEEEASE!
1311.The Arachnid, India,. Linux Addict, Occasional Hacker of own machines; Currently I use mandriva{06,07},fedora{5,6},yoper,ubuntu,redhatEL,centOS,debian-sarge,minix,FreeBSD. My usage ranges from enjoying the media to writing patches, bug fixes and some minor coding. Please check the list, may be you would also love to include BSD & minix in your SO-CALLED-PATENT-VIOLATION list and feel free to sue me. Free as in Speech, Not Beer!
1312.Buzar, Danilo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, : Micro$oft, i am flattered of being sued by your incompetent company! Thanks a lot!
1313.Eric Nichols, North Pole, Alaska. I began using Slackware in 1997 after I lost 2/3 of a novel I was writing to Microsoft incompetence. I have since written three more novels using emacs. I am also on the KDE Development team (mainly documentation)
1314.Mike Cochran, North Platte, Nebraska. Email: kc0tma at gmail dot com. Currently on HDD install of Fedora 7 live cd test 4, awaiting tomorrows release of Fedora 7 full version, and have OS X Tiger laptop. Started with Fedora Core 4, also used Ubuntu and SuSE 10.1 and 10.2 (not any more, suckers!), various knoppix and slax distros. I'm just annoyed by entering 25 character long product keys and having to keep track of licenses and junk. At my work we have 6 Microsoft 2000 server/server 2003 servers and 2 red hat servers. The Red Hat machines run flawlessly, the Microsoft boxes need constant TLC. Red Hat says it best: "TRUTH HAPPENS". Why does MS not sue Apple, they use the linux kernel in OS X. Microsoft eq MegaStupid.
1315.Raffaele Cristodaro, Lugano, Switzerland sorry bill but my PC runs Mandrake/Mandriva GNU/Linux and it will do it until it will work, however if I will think to change I would never install a Microsoft software, the reason? Linux works faster and better than Windows. I'm a fun of open source; do you know what's that? i'm sure you do, because it made you lots of problems. i'm so sorry.... ahahaha
1316.Richard Martel ... go ahead Bill, Make My Day!!
1317.Piro Frost, Oklahoma, USA. My PC runs Sabayon linux, why? because Windows is an overpriced chunk of stolen data that seems to gather too many lawsuits to count. Yet Microsoft wants to turn around a be hyprocritical about Linux stealing this and that. Wheres the proof? I don't see linux paying AT&T for a lawsuit over stolen data. Linux maybe harder to using in some cases, but it is also more idiot proof than windows, doesn't get viruses and spyware all the time, doesn't need to defrag, is mostly free (unless you want to use windows apps with cedega or crossover), and can be very user friendly. I don't need to pay for an OS that doesn't even use my hardware properly, when I can get one that works great for free.
1318.Carlos Zúniga, Arequipa - Perú. Proud user of Debian GNU/Linux since 2003. Sue me as much as you can!
1319.Bruno Daenen - Belgium. Convinced user of Ubuntu.
1320.Pritam Ghanghas - India. Using fedora for the past 2 years and I love it.
1321.Larry Finger, Nevada USA. Email: Larry dot Finger at lwfinger dot net. I use openSUSE 10.2 as my primary OS. I switched away from Windows XP when it started taking over 10 minutes for my machine to boot due to all of the anti-malware needed to protect against the inherent lack of security in Windows.
1322.Peter Graham, A.K.A PhoneyWar - I use Ubuntu as a 'secure' platform for analysis of Windows Malware. I downloaded this directly from one of the Ubuntu mirrors and so have not paid for the use of the allegedly patented material. Please, Please sue me and my employer - We need the publicity.
1323.András Pelach - Hungary. I use Ubuntu 7.04 as my primary OS.
1324.Dario Spitaleri - Sicily -Italy ! I use Debian Etch 4.0 as my unique OS. Sue me Bill! I wait you!
1325.Giovanni Calmon - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - I use Ubuntu 7.04 at the home and office PCs and OpenSuse 10.2 in the office server. Bill, please visit me to see how happy we are with Linux and do not forget to sue me!!!
1326.Eduardo Chou - Brazil - I use Kurumin, and i love it. =P
1327.Sebastian Worms - Belgium - I use Kubuntu, and since then, my computer run faster and I forgot how a BSOD is made... Please, sue me, sue me harder!
1328.Jesús Torrado Cacho - Spain - I use Debian with KDE, in order to use the free LaTex distribution teTeX to write scientific papers and, well, sometimes, play go against GNUGo. I would be glad to be sued :)
1329.Justin Smith -North Carolina - I use Ubuntu 6.10 on my custom built pc and also on an old Dell laptop. The reason I run Linux/GNU on the Dell laptop is because Win2k BSOD'd and I didn't have the disks to re-install. I run Linux on my pc because I built it, and had a choice in which operating system I could use, so I went with the more stable choice. I have learned so much about computers since I began using linux...that I could never again be satisfied with a cookie cutter operating system that I can't customize to suite my needs .. such as windows. So sue me..I have a nice collection of Linux live cd's you can have....
1330.The Arachnid here again (previously at 1311), I have reverted this page to normal after some MS fan polluted this page. Please see the history versions for whatever that MSfan had written. For him and Microsoft: You both can only think of making things bad, no constructive vision, always thinking to spoil things, becase you guys donot fit for healthy and fair competition. Microsoft, go on, sue me for this now and oh even for using the new fedora 7 released yesterday.
1331.Ramy Zeyde - Israel - I use Ubuntu 6.10, MoinMoin, LaTeX and Graphviz to run my team's Wiki. It just works! And guess what, Micro$oft, it didn't cost me a buck :)
1332.Martin van Zanten - Netherlands - martinjzuatgmaildotcom - I mainly use Ubuntu, and a variety of other distros for research purposes!
1333.Cyril Gros - Switzerland - I use Debian and two others distros based on debian (Ubuntu, and am trying E-live these days, Enlightment E17 is really a funny WM!). I haven't used use MS Windows for a long time, and I bought my PC's without expensive licenses.
1334.Jacson Clemes ( SLAIDEL ) - City: Blumenau - Country: Brasil , I use Debian with Gnome.
1335.Rene Kokenberg - Winnipeg,Canada (Dutch) - Used various Linix and OSS, currently using SLED10.1 @ Work and openSuSE10.2 @ home.
1336.Julien Mazé - Brest, France - Expecting a new laptop to install Ubuntu instead of Windows.
1337.Elroy J. Lamont - Lynnwood,Washington (United States) - Using Ubuntu 6.10, OpenOffice and many other Open Source products for many years on many computers, please sue me steve ballmer you fat disgusting fascist sack of crap, sincerely, Elroy Lamont.
1338.Timothy K. Taylor - U.S. - Fedora Core, OpenSSL, Apache, OpenLDAP, etc - The only Windows I run now is 2000. The license registration at XP and beyond (as well as, the larger footprint) is not acceptable to me. Hopefully this will open the eyes of the masses to not only see that the value of an OS is not implied by its price, but also to realize that some software vendors will certainly consider litigation revenue if they do not have the perspective that THEY need to provide users (especially developers) with what they want and need rather than expect them to buy in volume whatever THEY choose sell. The MS comment shows they are drunk with the power users (and programmers) have given them. Perhaps its time to take some of it back. Sue me first Microsoft.
1339.Fazenda E. I use Backtrack 2 , Ubutnu and a Debian ... Windows vista it's a joke ?Oo
1340.Charles C. Eddy - U.S. - I use Ubuntu 7.04 for everything, from gaming to office. So sue me.
1341.Renato Carneiro Pacheco from Brazil - Goiás - Goiânia. A one year ago I've moved to Slackware and so I completely forgot Micro$hit! I can do everything! Remembering: Micro$hit copy the famous "Windows" from MAC... Poor Bill! Sue me fot that! hahaha!
1342.Cláudio Carlquist - Brazil - Lorena, Sao Paulo: Ive being running Slackware Linux since 1994; Microsoft-free since 1995, so Im challenging Microsoft just because Id love to be sued for THAT reason!
1343.Robin Martinjak - Germany: I dont want to have to install ~10 Programs just to remove the built-in spyware of my OS. I want a secure, stable, fast and customizable OS. Sue me ffs!
1344.Joe Anderson - America - Gentoo: I switched when I got a new laptop, my brother helped install so that the computer I am typing on has NEVER once booted to Windows. I take pride in Unreal Tournament being the ONLY application I've payed for on my laptop. With OLPC and vista's suckiness, now you are SCREWED gates! Sue me now!
1345.François Jacques - Québec, Canada - fjacques_at_division5_dott_com - I use, recommend and installed OpenOffice because it is as good as any major word processing software. Since I will be sued for using open source software, I would also like to be sued for promoting and installing said software on other people's computers. Thank you very much
1346.Sam Kline - Massachusetts, United States - I don't want to pay to type my english paper. Ubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice 2.2
1347.Josh Morgan, London, UK- Microsoft is just ridiculous now. Go Linux!
1348.Kilian Hagemann, Cape Town, South Africa. Technical Director of [http://redbutton.co.za RedButton]. In our company we exclusively use Ubuntu for desktops and PC's, FreeBSD for the servers. We are violating Microsoft patents? Seeing is believing...
1349.G David Mackey, Texas --- I replaced XP with PCLinuxOS 2007, dualbooting to 98-liteSE. 98-lite (got IE/OE, all the web services and unnecessary junk ripped out) is only there for the games that Linux as of yet can't run, and soon as ReactOS is ready for prime-time 98 will be gone, too. Even on XP I used a large number of OSS apps, and I got tired of constantly fighting off malware anyway. *rant* Not to mention Micro$teal Genuine Abuse. Vista convinced me to switch to Linux - pay that much for that worthless pile of DRM infested, overbloated, underperforming, malware attracting crap that comes with a licence so restrictive it makes the Third Reich look good? Fuck you, Micro$teal! Since when does a pack of convicted thieves, liars, and extortionists get off treating it's customers like criminals? And since you like accusing others of being pirates, "Yaaaar! Shiver me timbers, thar be no scurvy Vista on me deck, matey! It be walkin' th' plank, ne'r to return." I'm not installing vista or what garbage comes after, ever, and you can't make me. As for your stupid FUD campaign and threats, got proof to back up the bull? Show us the code if you got the balls. But then the only thing Micro$steal innovated in it's entire existance is a method of putting a ton of bullsh!t in a one-pound bag. Micro$teal is their own worse enemy. *endrant* Now sue away punks, but I owe you nothing. Instead, you owe me for years of fixing your defective software. OSS is superior in every way, cope with it.
1350.Mikael Jensen, Denmark, I've been on Linux since '94, always been a Redhat guy, but also had some Suse installs. (I do prefer Redhat and Suse). I use Fedora Core, 4,5 and 6 at the moment on different machines at home and OpenSolaris at work (now working for Sun), Openoffice and staroffice all around, and zattoo for TV.
1351.David Powell - davidpowell at aanet dot com dot au. I use linux everywhere and all the time - Debian on my servers, Mandriva and sometimes opensuse on my desktops. I use linux at home for personal use and to run a small business (.5 days a week) and away from home at my my day-job (the other 4.5 days a week). I use it because it works and I can share it with others.
1352.W. Flores Olea- Ubuntu 7.04 user: Sue me Microsoft, because i've convinced my employeers to NOT buy MS SQL Server, and Windows Server, instead, we got a cheap MySQL and Ubuntu 6.06 server, supported UNTIL 2011! Beat that! Yes, i've also already convinced them to not buy more Windows licenses. I'm planning to switch ALL our systems to Linux, and convince other coleages too when i show them how smooth all our systems are running.
1353.J. Janssen - Vught - The Netherlands: Sue me Microsoft, because I think you really suck. I spended thousand euro's to Linux, donated and retail versions. My desktop runs BLAG, my notebook runs MCNLive, my Xbox runs Linux, so does my ipod.
1354.Blue Cunningham. I use Ubuntu and Fedora, because I can.....
1355.Rafa Maszkowski, Poland. I run Fedora 6 usually. FTP/rsync/WWW servers, workstation at work, notebook. On the notebook I deal with some sound playing and processing, I hack sox, the interactive version.
1356.Andrew Orr - Winnipeg, Canada - I'm using Ubuntu 7.04 and loving it. I also run debin on my servers, so sue me first!
1357.Bruno R. V. Tonia, Brazil. I use Slackware Linux 11.0, BrOffice, Mozilla Firefox and many free software, so sue me if you can.
1358.Joseph A. Gumbosky - Brackenridge, PA, USA Using Fedora CORE 6 on my desktop and Mepis on my laptop. So sue me!
1359.Pedro Arthur P. Rosa Duarte - Areia Branca, RN, Brazil -> 2x Slackware 11.0 + Ubuntu 7.04 and growing
1360.Shashank Bharadwaj -Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Using Debian-Etch, Slackware 11.0. I do not think software patents are applicable in India, even if it were Sue me First!!
1361.Thiago Rodrigues - Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil. A M$ pode me processar porque eu uso o Debian Etch e Kurumin7 o Linux do Brasil. Vê lá: http://thiago.ras.googlepages.com/
1362.Bert Rapp - I've been using Linux for about 10 years now. You're just threatening to sue now?
1363.Joshua Willingham, San Diego, California, USA - Debian on the laptop, desktop, and server. Made the switch from openSUSE when they betrayed the community. Too bad, now you'll just have to sue me since I'll never buy another Windows os in my life.
1364.Al Settle, British Columbia, Canada deumDOTbakkaATgmailDOTcom - Debian on four networked computers. No Micro$hit here for five years. Please sue me first!
1365. Darren Pointer - I successfully have dual-booted vista and ubuntu with out having to rebuild the vista bootloader. (well i did it one time)
1366. Cliff Savage - I Love Linux and it's adherence to industry standards. I prefer to use software written by the same people that wrote the standard - which I realize isn't always possible. I will never use a microsoft product to provide core underlying network functionality on my network. So sue me.
1367. Lim Han, Singapore - I've been using Linux for 8 years. Mandrake, Slackware, Debian and now Ubuntu 7.04 so sue me.
1368. Dan Nelson, Perth Australia - I use Ubuntu Linux on the desktop and Debian on several servers. I believe in sharing innovation. Please sue me.
1369.Russell Johnston (patent Pending) johnston77@gmail.com I have been using Linux since Slackware 1 point something. Currently using gentoo at home for fun and profit. fav apps are rosegarden, mythtv, hydrogen and netbeans for java and ruby-rails development. I teach Diploma level programming, network and database management using suse 10 server. Areas covered are web servers, domain controllers, name servers, routers all using open source software and could not imagine using windows as a firewall:) My workstation at collage is suse 10.2 So sue me
1370.Mike Shafer, Pittsburgh, PA USA mike.shafer@its-secured.com I started using Linux via a Slackware distro in Jan 1995 and watched with wonder and joy as the F/OSS movement has exploded with innovation ever since. History shows that widely appealing ideas gain their own momentum and ultimately become a force majeure. Obnoxious actions by entities attempting to derail such trends only smear themselves with their own short sightedness and earn a well deserved contempt. Let's them them get there sooner. In my office it's RH server, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Open Office... Hey MS, sue me! :)
1371. Tony Smith, UK. Developing in Linux and have it running on all my PC's now. fflakey@yahoo.co.uk
1372. Tris Orendorff, Canada. I've been suggesting Linux to friends who have lost control of their Windows computers to viruses and ad-ware for four years now. So sue me.
1373. Madhusudan.C.S, India, I am a user of Ubuntu and sometimes Debian. I hate Winblow$ because it just sucks. I have been a promoter of Free Software around my place. I also hate Micro$hit because of the Anti-Competitive Practices they follow. I want each and everybody on this planet to abandon Micro$hits softwares and use Free Software.
1374.Richard Rasker, Enschede, The Netherlands - responsible for almost one hundred un-Microsoft-licensed Linux users (and managing easily :-), but also having a dozen desktops, laptops, servers, testing and development machines around the house (and still managing easily :-). This should make an easy target for your lawyers! You just can't miss! Just look up my name on the Internet for a proper address and the likes.
1375. Tom Frasier, Albany, NY, USA -- Two Desktops running Arch Linux at home (three as soon as the Windoz Box HD dies). Firefox, OpenOffice, Abiword and other F/OSS all around. So sue me!
1376. Danni Matzk, England. Use Kubuntu on both desktop and laptop, and have two webservers running Cent OS. When I do use Windows, I use Firefox, Open Office, Thunderbird, The GIMP and other F/OSS. Sue me :D
1377.Shane Whalen, Litchfield, NH, USA. Ubuntu and Fedora Core 5 are my distros of choice. I started using linux when i went to a linux conf called nels where they showed me the light. It is the only way to go are far as money and use.
1378.Othello Dela Cruz, Angeles City, Philippines. I use Ubuntu at home. In the office where I am '''FORCED''' to use WINDDOWN got all the portable applications from [http://portableapps.com/ portableapps.com] which doesn't need installation from gimp, Open Office, Firefox I think I've started a trend there. Are these apps I'm using violates MicroSueft?[http://higadattack.blogspot.com othello]
1379.Rosen Geogriev Zhelev, Varna, '''Bulgaria '''. Currently I use Fedora Core 6, used 4,5. Since then I have never thought about back to Windows or something connected with Microsoft. Greetz and good luck to all new Linux users.
1380.Abhijeet Hatekar ( abhi[dot]hatekar[at]gmail[dot]com ) I use Fedora 6, Solaris 10, Debian. I hate windows because it get infected and crash within a week and IE Sucks...sue me
1381.Israel Guadarrama Zarate, Guadalajara Mexico I use Ubuntu at home. In the office I'm using violates ?MicroSueft?[http://pinguinocazador.com doc|]
1382.Richard Fieldsend, Cambridge, UK. One of my work machines runs Ubuntu, and at home I run Gentoo Linux. What I love about it is that when it works it is solid, and reliable, and when it doesn't work I get an error message that I can actually use to fix the problem, not just a mysterious dialogue box that doesn't tell me anything. Gentoo takes a while to install and isn't for the beginner, but compiling your own versions of all software means that even an AMD XP 2400+ is a fast, usable machine, where as Windows XP grinds on something much faster. And I've just donated an old laptop to my brother in law, and he's now running Ubuntu for the first time and liking it. So go ahead, sue me!
1383. Elliot Dickerson (gamewiz(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk) Cheltenham, UK. i want you to sue me please! i use Ubuntu and Sabayon all the time and im always converting people from windows to linux to show them how much better opensource is. why pay when you can get so much better software for free.
1384.Hein Kruger, Utrecht, The Netherlands, heindsight[at]gmail[dot]com, At the moment I use Ubuntu. I've been using various GNU/Linux distibutions (Redhat, SuSE, Mandrake, Debian, DSL) in the last 8 years because I like to tinker with the inner workings of my machine, I like to be in control of my own computer, rather than having Redmond decide what's best for me.
1385.Kirk Johnson. I use openSUSE 10.2, Mephis 6.5, and Xubuntu 7.04 on my older machines. I can't afford the computer that would run a Vista well, nor do I ever want to have my computer screwed by a virus or worm because I can't afford a anti-virus program. I love the freedom that Linux gives me and the Beryl Eye Candy that my 3 year old machine can run because of the low system requirements. And when I did use Windoze XP, I used OpenOffice, FireFox, and iTunes because Micro$oft Office is to bloated and Expensive ($200 BUCKS???) and IE sucks and gives me viruses and SPAM, and Windoze media player just plain sucks!
1386.Andrew Jarrett - Col., GA. Microsoft, if you would like to sue me, please send a polite email to jarrett(dot)andrew(at)gmail(dot)com. I would be happy for you to legally challenge my use of free software and the particular Linux distributions that take advantage of that software. I wonder what it must feel like to work for a company whose central ideal is to ruin the amazing potential that free software offers. Maybe it could make one empty enough to want to sue the users of said free software. I am not worried, though. Your libelous and slanderous statements will come back around. Your extreme stupidity looks to me like a sign of desperation. You've reached your stop, Microsoft, and its time to say goodbye.
1387.George Zankevich: I use Linux, so sue me!
1388.Levi Campbell: I use GNU/Linux because I don't have to pay $300 for Windows, $2000 for Visual Studio 2005, and $500 for office!
1389.My name is Alex Alonso and I also have been using Linux for several years, so far I've run Linspire, Mepis, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Knoppix, Debian, among others. I'm not a geek, just a writer.
1390.Phil Hale: Corpus Christi, TX - toppenguingmailcom - I use Fedora for my Home Computers and Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS at work... Microsoft! You will have to pull GNU/Linux from my COLD DEAD HANDS!!!
1391.Greg Key: Adrian, MI. - g.key@comcast.net - Started with Slackware, now with Ubuntu. Get over yourself Microsoft!
1392.Kevin Hatfield: Oxford, MS. - Close to 7 years converting users and businesses to the Open Source/Linux communities. Microsoft continuously soaks up money from the hard work of others and I can almost guarantee Microsoft violates many patents within Windows and definitely within Vista. Stick it M$! Sue me!
1393.Andrey Vul: Thornhill, ON, Canada - `andrey@vul.gmail@com | tr [@.] [.@]` - I use Ubuntu and Gentoo. Wine does Photoshop well enough for me (to not require Windows on QEmu/Xen/VMWare/...). And Linux has a powerful CLI (Ctrl+Alt+F(1-6)). Above all else, no viruses, no piracy, and no unnecessary and/or sudden reboots. IMO, Vista infringes GPL because it uses code from Beryl . On my school computers running Windows, I installed Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice.org.
1394.Josh Whittaker: Arkansas,US: Slackware & Ubuntu: matchb00k090@gmail.com - Just go ahead and do it, sue sue sue.
1395.Iskren Chernev: Sofia, Bulgaria - iskren_chernev [at] yahoo [dot] com. I use Fedora Core 6 (3 and 4 previously) and I'm pretty happy that I have (almost) everything legal on my computer unlike anyone else I have met ;)
1396. Kiran - kiran31416 -at- yahoo -dot- com. Use Gentoo at home and work. 1397.David Hdz:TJ-MEXICO-davidhernandez1985 at gmaildotcom - I use Yellow Dog Linux and Ubuntu- PC Vendor Converting Windows users to linux an open source. for cheap and better computers. 1398.Matheus Stortz using Gimp on windows
1399.Greg Stewart, Westchester, NY: RHEL ES and Fedora: gs06897 at yahoo dot com.
1400.William Riley-Land, Columbia, MO: Virtualized Ubuntu under OS X. OpenOffice.org, GNU tools.
1401.'''William Miles Wade, Houston, TX''': I've downloaded ISO's of 50 to 70 different Linux Distros. I own licenses to lots of Windows Products, Sue me Microsoft and you sue a customer!
1402.Joseph M. Sleiman, Ottawa, Canada - Sue me first assholes! I abandonned you once Windows 98 finally killed my inner child. Piss off. I'm a proud Debian & Ubuntu user now.
1403.Brian Gilbert, McMinnville, Oregon - Go ahead and sue me Microsoft. I use Ubuntu Feisty on my home and office boxes. I've also encouraged my students to switch to free operating systems and software. Nah nah.
1404.Ryan Chewning, Cincinnati, Ohio - I use Ubuntu / Debian and have happily done so for over a year when my computer blue screened for the last time! ryan {dot} chewning [at] gmail (dot) com
1405.Raimundo Magalhães, Natal, Brasil - I use Kurumin, Ubuntu, Big Linux, Mandriva, Dreamlinux and all that let me learn free and free teach people. Sue me Microsoft if you can, but...not before you pay royalties about knowledge of all those that had hard worked before Gates taking possetion of them. Or it will be that Gates was born with all this knowledge? Speaks IBM! Speaks SUN!
1406.Neil Grogan, Ireland - I use only Linux (Ubuntu 7.04 as of this writing) and Mac OS X, surely you smart lads can find some pantents on that???? No, didn't think so!
1407.Kalpik Nigam, India: I use Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. Either sue all these people or stop spreading FUD and STFU
1408.Victor Khaze, Rhode Island: I use exclusively open source software on my Windows XP box. Bite Me.
1409.Mehul Ved, Mumbai, India: I use linux on my PC. I never paid and will never pay a penny to MS. MS come and sue us or show the code that is violating your IP.
1410.Rob Van Dyck, Belgium: I use Ubuntu Linux. Please stop insinuating that I'm somehow doing something illegal, if so: I ask you to proove your statements or loose any right if you choose not to
1411.Hari Purnama, Jakarta, Indonesia: I use kubuntu edgy for my laptop, ubuntu dapper for my workstation, and debian sarge for my home pc. Still on progress with LinuxFromScratch. Bite me Micros*** !
1412.Nicola Giacobbe, torino, italy, EU: both myself and my wife using Linux only with openoffice
1413.Fran Garcia, Malaga, Spain, EU: Show us the patents, sue us or shut up, please
1414.Eduardo Dahlem, Canoas,RS, Brasil: I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my PC
1415.Alekos Dordas, Greece: My distro is Kubuntu 7.04. Kde is my favorite enviroment. Sue me!!!
User Journal

Journal Journal: Page 10 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 10 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

1159.Anthony Bradley, United Kingdom. GNU/Linux user since 2000. I use the Debian distro on my desktop computer. The primary reason for my moving to Linux was cost. Without huge amounts of money, you are very limited with what you can do using Wankows. As I learnt more, I've come to realise just how restricted you are if you have the Microshaft money grabbing system on your computer. Linux means freedom!
1160.Troels Just, Denmark, GNU/Linux and BSD user since 2004. I use GNU/Linux on my main workstation and my laptop, both run the KDE desktop. Among many KDE applications such as Konqueror, Kontact, Amarok, Kopete and Konversation I also use OpenOffice.org, Firefox and Thunderbird. I also run several servers at home, using GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD, among which I use Apache, MySQL, PHP, Samba, OpenSSH and lots of other stuff. I use all of this because I require freedom in computing.
1161.Hendrikus Godvliet, The Netherlands. GNU/Linux Pardus user since 2007. I use GNU/Linux on my main workstation,s and my laptop, both run the KDE desktop. Among many KDE applications such as Konqueror, Kontact, Amarok, Kopete and Konversation. I also use OpenOffice.org, Firefox and Thunderbird. I also run a server at home, using GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. I use all of this because I require freedom in computing.
1162.Adamkovi Rudolf, Slovakia. Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 - All inclusive. Sue me.
1163.Terence Namusonge, Founder 6lines , Cape Town, SouthAfrica, We use Ubuntu Feisty exclusively on our desktop and servers. Please MS sue us first
1164.Willem Gielen, the Netherlands. Pardus GNU/Linux since 2006. I use Pardus on both my desktop and laptop. I can finally use my computer in a way which was unthinkable in the old Windows days. Don't sue people because they choose for freedom.
1165.Romana Branden, Australia. GNU/Linux user for over 11 years, current distro, Kubuntu Feisty. Two of my daughters run Kubuntu Feisty also. I support, indeed, am a passionate advocate, of the principles of FLOSS, and the freedom (and superiority, imho), of Linux, and Microsoft is very welcome to sue me as a test case.
1166.Mike Johnson, Camp Pendleton, CA. Linux user and Open Source developer since 2000. I've installed tens of servers most of which replaced one or more Windows installations. Linux has been my primary OS and development target since 2000. When I joined the Marine Corps in 2005, I continued giving out distribution CDs to any and all. Go ahead Microsoft, sue this grunt.
1167.Grant Leonard. Linux user. I use Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat, Knoppix and SuSe. Much thanks to the Open Source community, with a special kudos to the Nagios developer!
1168.Libo lakke, the netherlands. Linux user, I use ubuntu now for 2 years. I love al the open source projects, best you can get!!
1169.Johnathan from pennsylvania... "i am a pclinux OS" and i love the system.. i use it for most of my stuff such as instant messaging, web, email, papers, and basically all the other good stuff. I switched to linux because its more stable and its free and you cannot get viruses on it unlike windows which needs an antivirus program not to mention that linux is a lot faster since there arent so many processes running in the background.. i think microsoft is filing patent violations against linux because of the competition that linux is offering lol.. this is to m.s: since your filing these claims against us, why dont you post them on your site for all of us to see.. i think it is complete b.s to make us cough up money just so we can be free and use software that is 5 times better than yours :) ... GO LINUX!!!!!!
1170.Hajo Harts, the Netherlands. Fedora, Suse, Debian and DSL GNU/Linux since 2006.
1171.Jeff Rollin, North-east England, United Kingdom. Microsoft: If you want our (alleged) patents, come and take them.
1172.Olexandr Kravchuk, Rivne, Ukraine. I use Debian GNU/Linux and Arch Linux. And I'm happy! If I'm guilty, give court claim on me.
1173.Frederick G. Burkley, Newport, RI, USA. I am a Java evangelist developing on CentOS 5. I use Apache Tomcat, MySQL 5, and OpenOffice 2.0. Email is last name at gmail dot com.
1174. Richard W. Jackson, Lewiston, ME, USA. Slackware 4 life!!
1175.Tom Thekathyil - Lottah, Australia; Debian Etch. Winner: Red Hat Linux Under the Brim Contest 16, Category 3 - 'Most Obscure Place in the World' :(
1176.Gomer Hauler - Chicago, IL, USA IT consultant, Ubuntu Linux user, and FOSS cheerleader
1177.Christopher Phillips - England, UK, student & programmer - desktop system. Ubuntu Linux, Apache, MySQL, OpenOffice, GAIM, Gimp, Beryl, Amarok, OpenOffice, Firefox, Samba, Eclipse, Python... much more.
1178.John Berger - Westport, TN, USA; SuSE 9.3, OpenOffice 2.1, a linux user for 7 years now. I quit using M$ because I had no control, had to always worry (crashes, viruses, ad nauseum), and saw it as what it really was/is...nothing but a useless pyramid scheme to scam money from people! Come sue me M$, you worthless scumbags!
1179.Zahir Ali (Muslim :O), UK; Ubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice 2.2, been using linux since i found out it was better than windows (8 years). suk my balls microdik.
1180.Alfred Thomas Cherokee, North Carolina, USA. PCLinuxOS 2007
1181.David Andersen, La Crosse WI, USA. Linux/GNU user since 2005. I have been loving every second of it!!
1182.Dylan Scott, Sydney, Australia. Guilty of running Debian GNU/Linux.
1183.John P., Loomis CA, USA. Using Ubuntu for several months. Beats all versions of Windows in speed, efficiency, applications, stability, and guess what, LOOKS too! (Beryl runs on my computer flawlessly with 512mb of 333mhz RAM, a Pentium 4, and a 64mb Integrated Intel Graphics Card!) Sue me for all I've got! I'll represent myself in Court and bring it as high in the legal system as I possibly could!!
1184.PC-Lost, UK. PCLinuxOS2007, beats (no view)vista hands down, hey bill you remind me of m,jackson and bubbles,hows monkey-boy doing? still jumping on your back,-o. sue me,i've only got fluff in my pockets,you f*ck-face piece of shit,come on bring it on,'''I OWN MY COMPUTER,PENGUINS FOR EVER,LINUS IS GOD'''
1185.Kyle Lysek, Loveland, Colorado, USA. I've been running Slackware since 2006.
1186.Bernardo Innocenti, Boston, Massachussets, USA (formerly Firenze, Italia) - I've been using Linux since 1995 and today I'm actively contributing to the OLPC project for a better, Microsoft free, world!
1187.Marc Nadeau, La Pagerie, Québec, QC, Canada - I use Bluefish on Ubuntu Feisty Linux to edit web pages, the pages are served by apache on Redhat using PHP and Perl as programming languages and most of the data comes from mysql databases. I'll represent myself in Court and bring it as high in the canadian legal system as I possibly could!!
1188.Víctor Leonel Orozco López, Guatemala, Guatemala - I am a university student, I've been using linux sice 2000, now I'm a linux fanatic, I don't need winsucks, I'm proud to say that I use gentoo and sabayon exclusively in my computers and I'm a programer in the real C++ and Java, C# also sucks
1189.Kevin Hill, Sacramento, CA, USA - I admit to running windows xp, but only because I grew up on it, and I cant figure out linux systems. But I am adding my name to this list because I only run open source software: OpenOffice, Firefox, Apache, PHP, MySQL and all the likes. Linux is great, I have tried it before, and maybe someday I will make the full switch. MS sucks
1190.Ivanov Alexandr, Moscow, Russia. Well, sue me first, Microsoft :P P.s linux rule the world (I use it since 2001)
1191.Paul Tsupikoff, Riga, Latvia. I use Ubuntu at my home PC, laptop and at work. I don't use proprietary software fr om Microsoft. Sue me first
1192.Alessio Pollo, Savona, Italy. I use Mandriva Linux at my home PC, i don't use Microsoft software because is a closed tecnology, and because Linux is Better!!!
1193.Tjavdar Ivanov, Jönköping. Sweden. Using Linux since 1995 (first Slackware,then Debian, RedHat, Mandrake and now Ubuntu) at my home PC, laptop and at work. Sue me first
1194.Peter Oby, Adelaide, Australia. I've been using all free applications on Windows including video, audio and picture editing, too many to list individually. I'm currently building my knowledge base in GNU/Linux so that all my servers and desktops will be FOSS. I have tested UBUNTU, KUBUNTU, FREESPIRE. I actively promote FOSS to anyone who will listen. PUT-UP OR SHUT-UP M$, WE ARE SICK OF YOUR FUD PROPAGANDA!
1195.Ruy Krause, RS, Brazil. Sue me first, Microsoft! I still waiting.
1196.Aleksey Shipilev, SPb Russia. I'm using Gentoo Linux on 3 of my computers, and encourage others to use Linux for their regular works. If you will be so grateful to show me what patents I infringe by using free software, please contact me, just Google for contacts.
1197.Onno Hardebol, The Netherlands. Personally I use Mandriva on my server, workstations and laptop. In my work as a teacher I let my students use several different distros like fedora, debian, suse, mandriva and others. Sue me too! I can't wait!
1198.Keith G. Robertson-Turner, Sunny Cruden Bay - Scotland. Fedora user and occasional maintainer. I have contributed FOSS packages to the Fedora project in the past, and will continue to do so. I'm an avid supporter of Open Source, Open Standards, and the inalienable principles of Freedom. I support the widespread adoption of the GPL3, and an end to all proprietary software and patents. Microsoft ... you talk the talk, now let's see you walk the walk - if you have the balls. Put up or shut up. Your patent infringement claims are nothing but FUD designed to create a protection racket. GNU/Linux and its users owe you nothing. Sue me first - I dare you. [sue.me.first.microsoft[AT]genesis-x.nildram.co.uk]
1199.Sean Campbell- Muskegon Michigan USA, I started out with Red Hat9. At that time I found it amazing that someone would write a free OS. One of the best things about GNU+Linux is constantly rediscovering its freeDOM. One thing I always wondered about MS operating systems is how so much third party software was actually more stable than their own apps or the operating system its self. I had XP natively installed for a long time after my RH9 days but thanks to Firefox I learned more of not just free as in cost but also contributing back to the community. Now I use pcLINUXos on one hard drive, Fedora Core on another and soon to be Arch on a third. pcLINUXos is my main if not only "desktop" In a patent war I fear or perhaps I should say am a close friend of IBM, SUN and Novell. Yes I said Novell as we are mostly talking about Unix patents. GNU is not Unix everyone knows that. Even SCO. I do long for a patent war. The IP of any of these companies listed above is much more impressive than that of Micro$loth. Even that is pointless as there is not anything to litigate.
1200.Lukas Klingsbo, Sweden - Sigtuna. I am using Ubuntu 7.04 because I like freedom.
1201.Quentin Stievenart, I'm using Debian Unstable, and I've used too Ubuntu 5.10, 6.06, 6.10, 7.04, Debian Etch, and Gentoo 2006.1. I developped a free software ... maybe i break the law ... I don't know.
1202. Adrian Widjaja, 20, Kupang - Indonesia, Sydney.. I have been using Ubuntu for a while now, It's been really interesting to use Ubuntu. I have learned a lot of stuff than I was when using Microsoft. thanks for the people who are willing to share knowledge and information for free and I will definitely share it with others. Also, for those who said Vista is better in performance and looks are lies! My ubuntu desktop looks much interesting and (I am free to change it the way I like it all the time). It's also faster, doesn't take a lot of memories. Good bye to Micro$oft. I used to use windows (eventhough I never install a genuine version), and it crashes all the time, worthless, insecure and expensive stupid Operating System! Microsoft are welcome to sue me for using Ubuntu free software.
1203.Denis Nikitin, 21, Russia - Saint-Petersburg. (ambience8 @ gmail.com) I am using Ubuntu & OpenOffice at home. I deleted many MS Offices on my friends comps and install OpenOffice instead.
1204.Paul Ward, 54, Indiana - USA. I run PCLinuxOS on three systems at home. Dropped XP following system failure due to lightning strike and was told that the only way to have XP work again was to purchase a new copy. I said no way, and had the great luck of finding PCLOS as my first distro. I also use other distros in vmware. My wife dual-boots her system with win98/pclinuxos. We will never again buy a system with MS on it, I build my own systems now when needed. I haven't had this much fun with a PC since my Atari 800 days.
1205.Matthias Abegglen, 21, Switzerland. I use Kubuntu on my main computer and on my laptop. They are both used for office work and for educational purposes. I have also installed linux on several embedded devices. Additional to linux I use many programmes of the GNU project (e.g. GCC, emacs...), the K Desktop Environment and OpenOffice.org.
1206.Afroz Nissar, China (at the moment). I'm a patient guy... but enough is enough. Just recently I decided to finally get rid of all M$ crapware from all my systems after getting sick and tired of their attitude. From now on, I'm on a strict diet of open source. So sue me.
1207.Thomas Sapp, Phoenix, AZ, USA - I am using Ubuntu 7.04 ever since trying out the Windows Vista Beta and then finding out that none of my hardware is supported! I've used other versions of linux in the past and am now staying with it.
1208.James Preston, Cambridge, UK - I wanted a system that worked with me, not against me. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Debian, Slackware, SUsE, Redhat. Give it a rest, Bill.
1209.Shishir Verma, Bangalore, India - I knocked WinXP off my brand new laptop, and have been using openSuSE ever since then. No other OS does it for me. I use it for all things that one wants to use a computer for. M$oft, feel free to sue me for feeling free.
1210. Steve Oatway, Owston Ferry, UK - I use Ubuntu and open SuSe, I run my own open source consultancy (Series 3 Consulting Ltd) and wouldn't have Windows on any machine I own - so sue me.
1211.Jack Beasley, Vermont, USA - I have been using the current flavor of Mandrake/Mandriva since it was introduced. Although I still dual-boot with WinXP because I am very fond of some of the third-party applications I run, by the time support is phased out for the OS I will be M$ free! So sue me and everyone else on this list until your shareholders kick your sorry butts out in the street.
1212.Malcolm Wright, Wolverhampton, UK- I got into using Linux when the number of times my legitimate copy of WindowsXP required re-installing due to software/ Microsoft update crashes, got so high that I was resigned to telephoning Microsoft to explain that yet again their operating system had bit the dust, just to get it activated. Thanks to the familiarity that such re-installations of WindowsXP on the one machine gave me I started experimenting with Linux, I've installed in excess of 20 different distributions, so I'm sure to have infringed some so called patents at some time, Currently using Kubuntu and PCLinuxOS. Please sue me and the 'Fortune 500 companies' whilst you're at it, may be then you can explain to Congress why the U.S. of A is being overtaken, by other Countries Software industries.
1213.Giulio Cocco, Sinnai (Ca),Sardegna, Italia. Utente linux perchè stanco di formattare e soprattutto perchè M$ non si merita i miei soldi (almeno non nella quantità in cui li richiede)
1214.Ryan Clough - Newton, KS. I have been dual boot (XP / Linux) for the last two years. I'm in the process of going Windows-free, so as to avoid those nasty little EULAs that are floating around. Go ahead and sue me, I'll just kick Windows out of Boot Camp!
1215.Bjørn Steensrud, Oslo, Norway. Linux user since kernel 0.99.13 (was it 1994? :-) ) and since then only using MS software when I'm paid to do so. Currently Kubuntu and CentOS, 4 more Kubuntu users in my family. My company is still under the MS thumb but allows me to use Linux on my desktop.
1216.denis canaya,,mahe ,seychelles. linux user since 2001,,,used couple of distros,,,have settled down on ubuntu/kubuntu........best O.S there is and always will be. we dare u to sue us micro$oft.show us ur source code and well then talk about patent infringements,,,,else just shut the hell up.
1217.Dwight Brown, Livonia, Michigan, USA. I realise that microsoft has its place...as a second rate manufacturer of gaming consoles!. I've been using SuSE and Debian since 2001 and ...have had far less computer crashes. Thanks Microsoft for not only helping me make a wise choice but for continuing to make a sub-par OS. I only use Microsoft because they (my company) make me use it at work. Oh and By the way, Microsoft, you can sue me for sh%ts and giggles too!
1218.Ell4iot James Borer, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. (Slackware/openSuSe) First switched to Linux in 2004 after being locked out of my laptop by windoze xp. I was furious that microsuck would have the audacity (nice program btw) to lock me out of my own computer and not give me any options other than to call their hotline to get a code so I could access my own f*cking computer again. A friend of mine helped to set me up with Linux and I have loved it ever since. So Microsuck, if you think you have the right to keep me from what is rightfully mine you can come right on down and sue me.
1219.Han Brinkman, Ermelo, The Netherlands.
1220.Oliver Rymon, Saxony, Germany. I have been using ubuntu for merely 1 year now. However, I am still a dual-boot user since I fancy some applications which cannot be run smoothly in a vmware or whatsoever environment. At the beginning I felt a bit put off by the Microsoft bashing many Linux users are used to, but I have come to the point where I began to ask myself "Why would one ever prefer Windows to do everyday's work?".
1221.Ben Wilber, Seattle, WA. I have been a Debian GNU/Linux user for three years. I have completed my first two years of university entirely with FOSS. That includes OpenOffice.org, Epiphany, and Evolution all on the GNOME desktop. I have no interest in MS Windows and have recently purchased two Ubuntu machines from Dell, one for my brother and one for my mother. They will soon be MS-free too.
1222.Francesco Peeters, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. I have been using GNU/Linux for many years now and have recently begun standardizing everything on Ubuntu (All Edgy Eft right now, but Feisty Fawn will emerge soon here too!) Much more stable than Windows. Also it gives me more control over my system, rather than less, which is the theme of choice by MicroSoft... Every new version of Windows gives one less control over their own PC! Add in DRM and you're truly screwed without getting kissed!
1223. Oswaldo Caballero, Medellin, Colombia, oswcabyahoo.com, Using OpenSUSE 10.2, PCLinuxOS 2007.
1224.Markus Bergelin, Sweden. Using Linux since a few years from now. I'm very happy with my current dist, Gentoo. Hate MS with all my heart..
1225.Ian Burgess, proudly using Ubuntu 7.04 for....everything. You know what the best part is, Redmond? Its all for free. You can't bully us into following in line. We know this is all in response to Dells deal with Ubuntu.
1226.Gökhan Remzi Yavuz, istanbul, Turkey. Using GNU/Linux, whenever and wherever possible. I have Gentoo, Ubuntu, Fedora installed on several machines.
1227. Eduar Arley Cardona, Medellin, Colombia, eduararleyyahoo.com.mx, Using OpenSUSE 10.2 + GNOME. I'm very happy with Linux. M$, sue me first
1228.B. Ross Ashley, Toronto, Ontario, running XandrOS 4.1. Also running some Windows apps under Crossover. There's only a few Windows apps tht don't have equivalents under Linux, and most of 'em will run under WINE or its variants, such as Crossover and Cedega. Microsoft can sit on it and spin.
1229.Jim Miller, San Angelo, Texas. Using Linux wherever I can because I'm sick and tired of paying the Micro$oft Tax. Bring it on, Bill. Sue me first!
1230. Grigor Gatchev, Sofia, Bulgaria. Former Windows user. Now using Debian GNU/Linux, and happy with it. Please, Microsoft, put up, or shut up. The more FUD you generate now, the less the people will believe you when you say a truth.
1231. William Owen, England, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn user
1232. Daniel Harborne, New Zealand, New Ubuntu Feisty Fawn user and former MS Windows user.
1233. Corintho Fernandes, Manaus - AM - Brazil, running Open SuSE 10.2. I use Linux since 2000. I AM web developer and the only thing that I have to say is... Micro$oft is desesperate!!!!
1234. Simon Ruggier, Canada, Debian and Ubuntu user, because Linux based operating systems are more elegantly designed, don't come with any crippled features or misfeatures, and host a huge ecosystem of free software as well.
1235. Daniel Podgurski, Cranston, Rhode Island. Dual boot Linux and OS/2 user in 94. Never saw a point to Windows 95, but ran it anyway for "compatibility" reasons until it horked on the long filenames kludge. Went to Caldera Linux (oh the irony) then to SuSE, then to Ubuntu. There can't be Microsoft "IP" in Linux because unlike Microsoft products, Linux actually does what it says on the tin.
1236.Leonardo Couto Chueri, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Hey Microsoft, I am using Debian GNU/Linux with OpenOffice plus many others Free Software from GNU and others, so I am supposed to be sued.
1237.Frank Brickle, North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Your software is pretty poor. Your activities are harmful. Free Software is better technically, economically, and ethically. I could go on, but that about sums it up.
1238.Alex Bardos, United States. Ubuntu Linux. WINE. Former Windows user. I think it's pretty obvious that linux is DEFINITELY a ripoff of windows. I mean, after all, they both have a bar with a clock in it, AND a desktop!
1239.Diogo Del Gaudio, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, Ubuntu feisty Fawn rlz! ms sux! linux is all about freedom, custom and to be different of all the 'closed-source' people. thats all... its linux, its powerfull!
1240.Agus Hartawan, Sidoarjo - Indonesia, I used to run 8 machine of Windows, and guess what? I have to reinstall Windows at least once every other week, or the viruses and trojans and malware and spyware and crapware not to mention missbehaving windows component would caught up with me and truly destroys the productivity of my co-worker. Since I switch to Feisty Fawn & OpenOffice, the time I spent on system management & administration drop almost to zero after all the configuration part was completed. I don't dish out Windows because I hate it, it just that when it comes to productivity, TCO, and system administration, Feisty beats Linux hands down, at least in my particular environment. So if Mr. Balmer wants to go with this IP litigation, then I suggest he gets on with it and start bring out real facts (infringing source code) since I simply cannot waste my time on a childlike behavior and must get going with my real work
1241.David Pardo, Bologna - Italy. I use Linux since 1999 therefore I am currently using software that violates 238 Microsoft patents. Right now I own 2 computers; on my desktop I run Ubuntu while on my laptop I run Gentoo. I don't really mind if Linux is or is not better than Windows. I like freedom, and I want to be free to choose my own OS.
1242.Tim Slade, London, UK. I have been using Linux since 2001. Starting with Mandrake, then moving to SuSE, then to Ubuntu when Novell signed up with Microsoft. I use linux because it is a superior product (read: more stable, more configurable), with the added benefit that I can use it for free, or give something back to the great community that surrounds and suports it.
1243.Kevin Koch, Southaven, Mississippi. I own a Dell Notebook and a desktop a friend built me. On my notebook I am using Windows XP SP2, with WMP9, I use Audacity, Zinf, and Video Lan Client as my media player. Other GNU software I use is Open Office which is quite nice and stable, Ubuntu 7.04 with W.I.N.E. installed, along with other free, open source software. By the way, Steve Balmer, I was not impressed with Vista when I saw how lame the interface is. So sue me Microsoft, so I can have some entertainment with a lawsuit threat since your claims are totally invalid.
1244.Gabriella Wingård, Alvhem, Sweden. Linux user since 1996. I have been using distros like Debian, Redhat, Slackware, Fedora, Suse, Mandrake/Mandriva, Knoppix and many more. Currently I have Mandriva, Kubuntu and Debian installed. Linux is my choice of OS, both for private and proffessional use.
1245. Gabriele Brunotti, Rome - Italy. I use Ubuntu 7.04 because my Desktop was getting bored of running on that "thing" which Microsoft calls OS...
1246.Frank Oswalt, Hamburg, Germany. Microsoft: I'm in ur inztalled base, steeling ur cuztomers.
1247.Emil Rakhimov, Russia. I use SUSE and Ubuntu at home coz they are stable and secure. Gonna sue me?
1248.Greg Flint, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. LPCOS, Knoppix, Fedora C5. Just seeing which I prefer. I needed to get my second-hand computer working, and didn't have time to play with MS Windows to get sound, video etc working properly. I hope I don't have to go to jail.
1249. Colin McEwan, Scotland. Here we are used to big brother control freaks. Smoking bans, speed cameras, CCTV and the rest. Microsoft can sod off. I use Ubuntu Feisty and never want anything to do with crap software again.
1250.Steen Jensen, Frederiksberg, Denmark, member Dansk IT - Danish IT Society, running Xubuntu 6.10 and OpenSuse 10.2
1251.José Filipe, Santo Tirso, Porto, Portugal. I'm using Linux since 1995. My first installation is in the 60 disquetes with slackware. Later i've installed redhat and now, in the last 5 years, i use fedora. The last version i use is Fedora 6. I live very, very mutch fedora !! I use a lot of players in linux: mplayer, vlc, xmms, ... very fine !! And now Microsoft and the RPM's is too bad !! I hate microft because rpm's and recent patents ... !!
1252.Antoine Rose , France (Poitiers, 86). I'm using Linux since... 6 months =p and Gnu/Linux rocks. Microsoft's not bad, but this list proves it does not equal Linux :) (To José, n1251, I hope you mean DRM and not RPM ?)
1253.Stevens Farai, Geneva, Switzerland, IT professionnal. I used Debian Woody, Sarge and now Etch for private and professionnal use. I never had problem: security, computer stop responding, reboot after each update or application install with this exellent OS. So open source software= very good work ! Microsoft= propaganda ! If they spend more time and money to quality check instead of marketting...
1254.Lucas Galton , France (Mont-dol, 35). I'm using Linux since 1999 (debian + mandriva)
1255.Gajendran, Chennai, India. Linux always. Mr Microsoft you have proven money is power, Linux is uncovering the source for your money is people and those people surely, may be slowly, lining up behind Linux.
1256.dominic winer \o/ for linux i am using suse 10.1 10.2 debian Since i brought my vista version back to the store and got my money back since this "fine" piece of $oftware is nothing more then expen$ive garbage i even use suse 10.2 on my main machine to play games i don t like microsoft nor do i like their software that is sold totally overpriced (you can actually send your windows vista back to microsoft and get your money back ) anyways microsoft can sue me all day how they want for using downloaded open source operating systems the bill can t stop me and i will continue to use em how i like i will install them on many machines and give burned copys of it to friends (_|_) Open Source The Planet
1257.Javier Soques, Venezuela. I use CRUX Linux as my router/gateway/firewall (iptables probably with code from Windows Firewall) and Debian Etch for the desktop dual booting WindowsXP sometimes and hopefully getting rid of it in the near future. Vista for sure is not for me.
1258.John Giesler, Texas. I use red-hat and fedoras on all my computers, personal and business. I keep windows around to play games on, yah its good for something. It's truly amazing how an operating system thats good only for games stirs up such a fuss. Oh I forgot, Windows is necessary if you want to run Norton Antivirus. Come get me Dude, I'm Ready!!
1259.Jason Gotsch, St. Louis, MO. I use Ubuntu 7.04. I think the open source community is amazing. Great software!
1260.Sheridan Hutchinson, Brighton, England. I'm using Debian (lenny) and after Microsoft's recent patent posturing, I hereby personally commit to never purchasing another Microsoft product again.. not even one of your nice natural keyboards; I'll see what Logitech can sell me next time.
1261.Piotr Kowalski (Poland, EU) I was using unfortunatelly M$ Windows but when I've heard about Bill's company project to sue Linux users I've switched back to KateOs. I also wanna be sued ;-)
1262.Bart van der Velden (The Netherlands). I use Gentoo Linux at home on two systems. I do dual boot Windows 2000 to be able to use Photoshop.
1263.Chris F.A. Johnson, Toronto, Canada. I have been using GNU/Linux exclusively on my desktop for 7 years. Currently running Mandriva, I have used Storm Linux and Linux From Scratch in the past.
1264.Abdellatif El Qochairi, Rabat, Morocco. I have been using Windows for 13 years, at the begining of this year 2007 I migrated to Linux using Ubuntu distribution, I'm using now their latest release 7.04, I regret the years that I did not know Linux, but now I'm a happy user and supporter of Open Source software.
1265.[28-05-2007 23:19] Alphonse Ogulla, Nairobi, Kenya (aogulla at yahoo dot com). I decided to use Debian GNU/Linux not because its easy, but because its hard! Been using Linux for the last 10 years for practically everything that one can do in front of a desktop PC.
1266.Catalin Bostan (Romania, EU).Proud *nix user since 1997.zillions of distro tried but gentoo and debian stable fan.Every 'puter and appliances under my supervision run *nixes and derivatives -Linux/OpenSolaris/FreeBSD/OpenWRT.No trace of MS shitware.I want to be sued by MS. 1267. Kevin Channon, England. I have used Linux for the last three years, and am in the process of completely converting my computer usage to Ubuntu 7.04. I also almost exclusively use open source software, mostly mentioned above: Firefox, Thunderbird, Songbird, OpenOffice, Gimp, Inkscape, Rythmbox, Mplayer, Scribus, Gnumeric and a bunch more. Why not try and sue me first...
1268.Jon Lowe (Texas, United States) I am a RHCE holder and a big supporter of the open source *nix project. I use Red Hat Enterprise, Gentoo, Slackware, and Fedora on my machines. As a founder of EpicIRC.net I am proud to say we use only *nix for our servers/network. I am registered linux user #394751. MS please sue me first. Viva La Revolucion!
1269.Andrew Rowe, Pennsylvania, United States. (anrowe at gmail) Dual booting crappy products from a software giant and good software publicly available legally for free. It's a great illustration to show others the benefits of Open Source. Bring it on, MS.
1270.Nelson Snow, Brooksville, FL. (flrd_snwmn at yahoo dot com) I stopped using Windows at home about 2 years ago. I've settled on using Sabayon Linux on my desktop, PCLinuxOS on my older laptop. As a system administrator I've been slowly switching all the computers in my company to FOSS alternatives. I've had lots of people telling me they like the alternatives better and started using them at home. Sorry MS but you'll never get me back as a customer.
1271.Pablo Mouzo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my Desktop PC every day. Free and Open Software is the future, and no patent can stop that.
1272.Salvador Banuelos (Stamford, CT. USA) Ubuntu 7.04 on my Desktop, Mandriva ONE on my Laptop hate windows and everything related to it. Open source software and Linux are the best alternatives to expensive and unstable counterparts.
1273.Jim Morehead (Florida, USA) Debian 4.0 and FreeBSD on desktop; Xubuntu 7.04 and FreeBSD on laptop. Linux & BSD user since 2002.
1274.Dan Reidy (Syracuse, New York) Gentoo Linux on 2 laptops, an NFS File Server, and my 64bit Desktop, and OpenWRT Linux on my Linksys Router. Registered Linux User #362971. I use Mplayer, Xine, MPD/MPC, Amarok, KDE, Enlightenment E17, Firefox, Vim, and many many other FOSS. I have also contributed to such Open Projects: ircd-ratbox, Irssi, QuoteEngine, and Eggdrop. I love teaching people I know/meet about the benefits of Linux and Open Source software. I see penguins in your future Bill, bring it on!
User Journal

Journal Journal: Page 09 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 09 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

1002.Jacob Williams - Posting from inside Akregator inside OpenSUSE 10.2. At first I moved to Linux because I was tired of the instability and insecurity of Windows. Since then I have grown to love the community, flexibility, and overall power of Linux's open design. If something goes wrong it's my fault, not just random errors in the underlying OS. It's lean, fast, and lets me truly make my desktop my own. I love living on the bleeding edge, and that means Linux! I've been using Gentoo and SUSE since 2003.
1003.Tom Berben - Posting this using Firefox on Kubuntu 7.04. I use Linux because I want an OS that doesn't have the latest DRM-frills and Trusted Computing crap in its core. So if you want to sue me because I escaped your control, please feel free to do so
1004.Kevin Clarke - bring it on - Bounce-O-Matic is onboard against MoronCentral, oops, I mean MicroSoft. ;-) Been using Slackware for 8 years now and I just can't see any reason to go back. So whip out that source code Bill and let's see your line by line comparison. :-)
1005.Arijit Sarkar, Kolkata, India - I was using Windows XP but recently I switched to Debian Etch. I am really happy with Linux. I don't want to go back to windows. Bye bye Microsoft. I am free now and flying high with Linux.
1006.Juergen Mischke, Germany. Working with Linux for years.
1007.Francesco Paolo Lovergine, Italy. I'm a Debian Developer since 7 years and use free software since 1993. Last Windows I used not occasionally was Windows 95 first edition, I think.
1008.Simon Hürlimann, Switzerland . I'm using lots of OpenSource software, mainly Kubuntu 7.04 and Debian systems. Moving family and friends from Windows to Kubuntu...
1009.Geoff Jacobsen, New Zealand. GNU/Linux user for 14 years.
1010.Claude Tamplenizza, Australia. I use Windows XP when necessary but I prefer Slackware Linux, which I have been using since 10.0 came out. I would be interested to know which patents I am infringing, so please let me know, Microsoft. Scare tactics won't work, put up or shut up!
1011. Richard Kay, UK. I almost never use Windows at home now that Linux does everything I generally need. I'm forced to use Windows at work and it keeps breaking and crashing. Windows is little use for software engineering education as we need source code visibility and modifiability, so we have to run Linux virtual machines under a much less reliable Windows platform. Dell sold my 87 year old Dad a perfectly good computer recently, but with a Vista license that would not install. It went into an infinite loop he could not get out of. He now runs Ubuntu on it, and wants his money back for the Windows Vista software that is not of merchantable quality.
1012.Chrissie Brown, Germany. I use Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo GNU/Linux, FreeBSD at home for all my stuff like Web Developing, Software Developing, ... I especially like the vim text editor. I only sometimes use Windows for example for testing a samba server and Windows generally makes me laugh each time...
1013.Rodrigo Alonso, España (Spain). GNU/Linux user for 4 years.
1014.Jan Komzak, Czech Republic. Gentoo Linux user for 2 years. I often use MSWXP, but only for projects for school.
1015.Mikkel Hansen, Denmark. I've been a Gentoo Linux user for about 3½ years. I'm using Linux mainly because i refuse to pay for an OS as crappy as MS Win. Most of the software i have on my computer is open-source. The only commercial software i own is Transgaming's Cedega. Well go ahead MS and sue me if you want, because id rather not own a computer at all than be forced to use your OS.
1016.Eric Fithian, Denver, Colorado, USA SuSE Linux user since late 2001. Also user of Linspire, Damn Small Linux, and eLive. Enthusiastic proponent of Linux, as it is far safer, much more reliable, and very much cheaper than M$ offerings! Bring it on, Bill and Steve!!
1017.Juan Manuel Cabello, Malaga, Spain. GNU/Linux user since 2000 and Mac user too since 2006. It's over Bill!
1018.Sharath C, India . Debian GNU/Linux user since 6 years. Microsoft® put up or f**k off !!
1019.Benoit Rousseau, Belgium. Using an Ubuntu 7.04 because I like the logo better ! Ho ! And I've been using Linux since 2000 ! I'm Evil !
1020.Julien Adolphe, France. Happy Mandrake/Mandriva user for 4~5 years. Powerfull, safe, reliable, cheaper/free, open source, Windows makes me laugh. Moving family and friends from Windows to GNU/Linux... F**ck DRM & Tru$ted Computing. I m not afraid, I am free now & for almost 5 years. Oh yeahhh... Spank me with a shovel Kro$oft :)
1021.Jos Poortvliet - Netherlands - show us the patents! Been using linux for over 5 years, so if you had patents, you should've sued me years ago.
1022.Carlos Olmedo Escobar, España (Spain). GNU/Linux user for 5 years. Please, sue me too!!! (if you dare, hehehe)
1023.Peter Dyunin, Russia. Mandriva Linux Free. Linux is freedom and independence.
1024.Luis Pabón, España (Spain). Linux user for 10 years. I like to be in control of my computing.
1025.Owain Clarke, Hants, UK. 18 months with Debian. I stopped using Windows because it's so frustrating and technically incompetent. Maybe if you had a decent product and were happy with 95% of the market then you could make your legal dept redundant.
1026.Adolfo Llopis, España (Spain). Linux begginer. OpenOffice.org user. I think free software works better.
1027.Albert PHELIPOT, France. Team leader Alien Linux, engineer, gnu/linux user since 2001. Near FSF, April and AFUL. "In what world would you live tomorrow?"
1028.Balazs Forgacs, Hungary. Ubuntu, Debian. I want to face the facts! Sue me please! :)
1029.Alexandre González, Spain. Ubuntu, Debian. I use GNU/Linux since 1999. Sue me!
1030.Christian Zanata, Italy. Ubuntu, Debian (but also Red Hat and Fedora). GNU/Linux user since 1999. Sue me too!
1031.Stig B. Dørmænen, Norway. Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo.
1032.Diego Cristina, Spain. Ubuntu user. Also trying to make as many people as possible switch from XP to GNU/Linux.
1033.Julio Quílez.Canary Islands, Afrika. x-evian user. Sue me please! :~j
1034.Oscar Gálvez, España (Spain). I use Ubuntu since one month ago but I was using OpenOffice and Firefox in Windows. So... sue me.
1035. Tony Wolfs, Thailand . I use PCLOS for one year and have been using Mandriva for 3 years. Please come and get me.
1036.James Moore, Greensboro NC, USA. Using Firefox on PCLinuxOS 2007 (Kudos to Tex and the gang!). I use Free Software wherever possible, and I have even tossed great non-libre software out the "windows" (such as Lightwave 3D) because I refuse to use MS products to run my world...because they really do want to run the world.
1037.Dario Curvino, Italy. Debian User. Bill, sue me first!
1038.Carsten S.P.Spanheimer, Tübingen, Germany. I'm a software developer using Linux since ten years for everything serious.
1039. Mischa Sumrall, Phoenix, Arizona, USA- I still use windows as my UI on several desktops and laptops around the house, but my network is managed by Gentoo Linux. I experiment with Apache and PHP. I keep most of my digital media on the linux box, allowing me access (through Samba) from any of the windows boxes- Sure I could do the same with a 2k or xp pro server, but I like to be able to ignore my server for long periods of time. So, M$, I am in a way your customer- though I have never bought (and will never buy) a copy of windows by itself, I do have a couple legit copies that came with various computers. And I still have a working DOS 6.22/Win3.1 installation for hysterical value. My dad gave me the original floppies, I did not buy them, does that make them bootleg? Anywho, sue me, you will get nothing, for I have nothing. Like most middle class Americans, I am in debt for everything I own. Sue others like me, who will be the most hurt? Free software will live on, because it works.
1040.Raúl Carmona, España (Spain). Debian, Ubuntu and Guadalinex user. Microsoft lies and is the least company that should talk about patents, you know why.
1041.Arto Keiski, Finland. Debian user for many years. My quality of life just has been better after swithing to Linux.
1042.Tracyanne Barlow, Australia. Mandriva Linux, started using Mandrake 8.2 in 2000 after experimenting with various Linuxes. Got rid of Windows on my computers in 2002 and haven't looked back - best thing I ever did. I regularly install and configure Linux for casual and non technical computer users, often replacing Windows, because they have become severely disenchanted with the Viruses, and other malware, and being treated like a criminal.
1043.Aleksandr Gidenko, US, Computer Programmer, Slackware user. I've been using Linux for several years now... and I have no regrets for making the switch from Windows. Not one crash since the switch, not one error that I couldn't fix. I'm a big supportor of Linux and as big a supportor of OpenGL. OpenOffice was hopefully the first step to gain more Linux support, Death to DirectX will hopefully be the next. I do my part, I don't send a single cent to Microsoft, I buy computers with no os preinstalled and I choose Playstation over XBox. Now that Dell has showed it's support for Linux, I will show my support by buying a Dell with Ubuntu preinstalled. It's time for the Microsoft monopoly to fall...
1044.Pawel Kleczek, Poland. Ubuntu and Open Source Software User
1045.matt vickers, Australia, raving mad Linux user for at least a decade.
1046.Lucas Fernando Amorim, São Paulo, Brazil, I use Linux and Open Source for about 3 years. Nobody escape from Justice.
1047.Daniel Paul Eggleston, Massachusetts, US. I've used.. .mmm.. I lost count... Debian Ubuntu Mepis Suse Fedora RedHat Slackware Gentoo Arch Yoper (hold on I have to take off my shoes) DamnSmallLinux Slax E-Live LFS Morphix Knoppix... The list goes on... does this open me up for 16 different infringement lawsuits? Does each computer running linux (or, more particularly, *not* running windows) get steve ballmer's panties even further in a bunch?
1048.Jennifer Blakley - Dallas, Texas. I have been using Linux for 5 years - gave up on Microsoft products back then. Why? Because Linux can do things Windows can't. The only way you're ever going to take Linux away from me is to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.
1049.Per Hedetun, Sweden. Started with Slackware in 1996, and currently running Arch Linux (yay, pacman!). Purpose? World domination, of course. Patents schmatents.
1050.Efrain Gutierrez, México. Kubuntu 2007 @ Work , what a sin..!!
1051.Gildas Cotomale, Paris, France. Slackware addict, Linuser since 1996.
1052.Cai Qian, China, uses Debian since 2000, and I am a proud Debian developer. My Chinese ID card number is: 510212198104140853. Don't forget it if you need to sue me.
1053.Dario Freddi, Italy. I use Linux on Servers, Home PC, and for my Home Recording Studio. Why? Because Windows can't. Don't try to steal us something that is not yours, we use free software as we are free people.
1054.Ana Pelegrina, Spain. I use openSuse.
1055.Antonio Gázquez Megías, Spain. Gentoozo (Gentoo user)
1056.Claudiu Covaci, a Romanian studying IT in Germany. Using Kubuntu 6.10 on my desktop and Kubuntu 7.04 on my notebook. Switched completely to linux since Oct. 2006 or so. Want to know already if I'm using softare which infringes Microsoft patents, and if that's true, I'll switch back to Windows. *cough* ;)
1057.Mike Schwager, Oak Park, Illinois, USA. mschwage@gmail.com. I use Kubuntu. I watch (purchased or rented) DVD's and don't care what region it was made for. I regularly rip CD's to Ogg Vorbis format. Then I convert whatever music I'm interested in to mp4a for my iPod Nano. I do all these things because I am free. So sue me. Sue me first! Please, sue me, sue me, sue me! I've got a wife and baby to support- it'll make great press! Sue me!
1058.David Santiago, Portugal. I use arch linux in my laptop and in my desktop. Linux user from 2001.
1059.Karsten Haut, Germany. Not only I've been using various Linux and BSD distibutions for many years both in business and private, I also use ports of OpenSource projects on Windows O/Ss. I respect intellectual property and will, after receiving a detailed list of my copyright infringements, do what I can to stop using mathematical formulas that have been discovered by somebody else immediately. Have you paid Mr. Pythagoras recently for using his intellectual property? Or do you assume he published them under GPL?
1060.Rob Welsh, (UK), testing Ubuntu Studio in an education network environment hoping to rid the school of a ridiculous annual £10,000 software license bill. If you listened to the people that matter, Microsoft.... let the games commence....
1061.Rémi Letot, Belgium. I have used linux since 1.2.13, when distros came on floppies and hard drives capacities were listed in megabytes (I know, early criminal...). Today I use linux (Debian) on my computer at home and my company (Lybrafox) only uses linux both on server and desktop systems. We also extensively use other free software tools, even to automatically install MS Windows on client's computers, with a whole bunch of free software for Windows (Firefox, Thunderbird, PDFCreator, pidgin, OOo, vlc,...). To add to that already awfull list, we of course use p2p networks to download those tools (I know, it's bad). So not only do we use free software, but we also actually *spread* them, which makes us very big pirates I guess, and the worst, we really couldn't care less. please Please PLEASE *PLEASE* sue us so we can amend, get better, and stop being such criminals. Thank you MS for giving us that opportunity
1062.Stefano Zanobi, (IT) I use Openoffice 2.2, Gimp, and I have Mandriva Linux installed on my home PC.
1063.Pierre-Yves Gibello (Grenoble, France). My company (ExperLog) uses Ubuntu Linux, FireFox/Thunderbird, OpenOffice..., and deploys Apache + Tomcat + MySQL webapps for customers hosted on Debian or Ubuntu. We also contribute to the ow2.org consortium, that develops and distributes open-source middleware. I am also a University teacher, and my students works are based on open source platforms.
1064.Bruno Fernando Espinoza Amaya (PE). I use Debian 4.0, and Abiword. I also tried Mandriva, Gentoo and Ubuntu... I'm tired of the security leaks of Windows... Sue me if you can!. I'm proud of using GNU/Linux. Freedom Now!
1065.John Orr, City and County of Denver. We use Redhat AS, JBoss, Eclipse, Ubuntu, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, JUnit, Ant, MySQL, Postgres, Subversion, OpenOffice, FireFox, JasperReports and many other projects in our operation.
1066.Will Racsek, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. I use various distros of Linux on all of my workstations and servers. I will never go back to Windows; I love having total control over MY systems.
1067.Jeff Groetsema, Sacramento CA, USA. I've been using Open Suse for several years on my personal system. Current version is 10.1. I have used Mandrake, Red Hat, Knoppix, Puppy, DSL, and have been very happy with all. I also use OOo, Apache, and Tomcat. My computer barely ran XP and now it runs an OS more advanced than Vista and much faster. I am tired of the M$ Mafia tactics. As long as I have a choice, I will never use M$ products.
1068.Maarten Lippmann, Chapel Hill, NC, USA m.w.lippmann@gmail.com, Using Debian Etch/SLES 9. Been using linux since 1998. At the time for it's ipchains free powerful firewall capabilities. Now for other server functionality, from LAMP to vmware to clearcase. And of course as my workstation with a superior free movie/dvd player with dvdcss (how terribly illegal is that!) and better eye candy than vista (beryl!) Sue me, if not for infringing on patent law, then for breaking the DMCA with libdvdcss. Please. I have a wife and a dog, get me in jail and make me famous!
1069.Pascal Gauthier, Debian user, and Unix/Linux administrator at canoe.ca
1070.Thomas Thorun, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. GNU/Linux user since 2006, with ubuntu, Gentoo and Debian distros. I also use OpenOffice, Email softwares, KDE and GNOME. Sue me first! microsoft!! I never turn to use windows again.
1071.Fabrizzio Giuseppe Casillo Casamento, (Brazil/SP)Ubuntu 7.04, OpenSuse 10.2 and Slackware 11 user. X window manager Gnome and Enlightenment
1072.Paul Lawley-Jones, currently Seoul, South Korea, paullawleyjones@yahoo.com, I use Mandriva 2007.1 at home and I have installed Ubuntu 7.04 on my work laptop. I encourage all my friends to use open source software, especially Open Office and Firefox.
1073.Pablo Pinés, Galicia, España (Spain) Mandrake and Suse user in the past, now proudly using Ubuntu 7.04. And I will surely use Haiku too, when it's final release (1.0) becames available. Microsoft, sue me!
1074.Gökhan Bag, I recently detected Linux. At the moment, I use Linux and Windows, however, I only use open source software and all my friends use Firefox (it's hardly believable that Firefox shares 15% and IE 78%)
1075.Austin Petersen, Utah - I use Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, PfSense, Endian Firewall, Firefox, Opera, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Pidgin, Apache, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, VLC, Gimp, and many other FOSS programs. Heck, I even use Azureus to download and share them with others!
1076.Hugo Molenaar,Shenzhen,China. Ubuntu user. Tried Puppy Linux but didn't inhale. Gave up on Windo$e last year in a malware and virus fueled fit of frustration... *UCK!, I should sue you for wasting my precious time struggling with your stupid,failed operating system! (PS Can I get my money back if I can find your crappy disk and mail it back to you?)
1077.Paul Dale, UK, Got sick of winblows. Too many crashes, spyware. Use ubuntu feisty now. Not crashed, just a different computing experience altogether. Never going back to winblows. Too much hassle. Sue me too!
1078.Bryan Baraoidan, US, All distro user and BSD user. I suffered a bad case of paranoia due to MANY failed attempts to secure my windows box. A friend introduced me to *nix with a copy ubuntu hoary hedgehog. From then on I have been a proponent to open source software. As a programmer *nix has the upper hand in my book allowing me to participate in the software making process. With windows I was strapped to what I had.
1079.Riaan Jonker, South Africa - Kempton Park, being a programmer I use www.sourceforge.net almost everyday. Having worked for more than 10 companies in 8 year's here is the catch. Microsoft please sue me for any and all use of Open Source software, Operating Systems, Databases and any thing else that is Open Source related. I've downloaded many of them via free and open sites that do not charge a cent. I'll even gladly give any and all information about software installed and developed for the 10 companies I've worked for and also about 1000 odd clients who now run GNU Linux on their servers and desktops, use Open Source Software and rely on the open source communities and software to perform their daily bussiness tasks. So when can I await the Sherrif of the court to show up at my door? I'll even make sure I have coffee and cake ready. Please inform me of a conveniant date that I can expect him, via e-mail "riaanj@discovery.co.za", and I'll send you my address that you can forward to him. PS:. I presume X=X+1 should be somewhere in your code and thus I have violated your patents and copied your sourcecode.
1080.Jacob Padilla, US, Debian 4.0 / Gnome user. I mostly use my computer at home for web surfing, communicating with friends and family, personal finance stuff, and entertaining myself with media files (listening to music, managing my photos, etc.). I have to say, your products really don't bring anything to the table when it comes to these markets so why should I pay for them? IE (7 and it's subsequent versions) is slow and crappy. Gmail is much better than Hotmail, or even Outlook Express / ISP POP3 combo, because it's 2.8 GB of space I don't have to back up. My finances are fairly simple as I'm in my late 20s, so I may be off base here, but at least I feel moderately secure with any finance data on my system. As far as my music goes, I'm mostly old fashioned in that I go to the store, buy it, rip it, and listen to it on my iPod. Windows Media Player is just way too bloated for me to even consider using it for this. I guess you can sue me if that's your thing, but you could at least offer me a solution to my concerns first. BTW you're much closer to getting things right with Xbox 360 (I own one of those).
1081.Dimitri Torterat, FR, Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu user. I removed Microsoft Windows 2 months ago because of lot of viruses. I download legaly and using absolutely free software. I'm a hacker.
1082.Diego Luis Moreno da Rocha, BR, Slackware 11, KDE user, I removed Microsoft Windows 4 months ago because of lot of viruses. I love the legaly and Free Software, Slakware for the sub-genius
1083.Natacha Menjibar, Ubuntu User, I removed microsoft 5 months ago because i didn't use it. I have created the "No more gratuitous support to microsoft users" Platform.
1084.Nicholas Wheeler (Spec), DC, USA - Debian/Gentoo/Ubuntu, 7 years. M$ is doom, and has no patents in which to sue us with.
1085.Tae Sandoval Murgan, Kubuntu user, KDE lover, architecture student.
1086.Yannick Méheut, french Ubuntu user. I moved to Linux because I wanted to try something new. I love GNU/Linux for the philosophy, the security, free softwares and the community. I dislike Microsoft for the monopoly, the lack of security, owner softwares and the closed circle of Windows user. Please Microsoft, stop your unjustified FUD and sue me first.
1087.Brion Swanson, New York, USA - SimplyMEPIS/Ubuntu/rPath(RedHat)/Knoppix/openSuSE - have been using Linux for about 9 years and using desktop Linux as my only desktop for 2 years. My wife uses OS X and Linux and we don't run Windows anymore (too many problems with forced updates, instability, and general customer abuse). Have fun!
1088.Lucas Sifoni,france.J'utilise Ubuntu depuis un an,j'utilise aussi debian,Mandriva,Knoppix,alors,combien de procès je vais avoir? Franchement,je préfère linux que windows,c'est plus simple,plus puissant,plus beau.Alors abandonnez,microsoft! Au fait,le brevet sur le Blue Screen Of Death(windows,quoi)je ne pense pas que linux l'ait violé!En plus,je crois que c'est IBM qui a inventé le FUD,vous n'auriez pas violé un brevet pour ca par hasard?
1089.Pophillat Arthur, france. I use linux (and other OS), and i prefer it and i asume it. pleaze hang high me.
1090.Robert Keizer, Winnipeg Canada. I use FreeBSD, Fedora Core series as well as many other linux distros as my main operating system. Mostly to get away from Microsofts prying eyes. I use it to create/host my own websites and to hack things. Have fun sueing me, I am looking forward to recieving your letter.
1091. Pierre Paysant-Le Roux, french, student in training period. I use GNU/Linux as a personal user and I say to others that free software are good for them. I also use (only) Ubuntu in my job although I had a frech MS Windows installation on my workstation : i'm one of the two guys that test the use of GNU/Linux for developers in my company.
1092. Félix Robles Elvira, Spain. I use Ubuntu Feisty. Please, i do ask you to sue me!
1093.Alex Smit, The Netherlands. Using ArchLinux. Why..? Try it!
1094.Adam Godfrey, Minehead, England. I used to use Acorns, and when it came to getting an x86 machine I looked at my friends using windows, and used Linux from the start instead. If they stop me using Linux, I'll throw my computer on the bonfire.
1095.Bertret Paul-Louis FR, debian. Who are the thieves?
1096.Dave Whittler, WI USA. Debian, Mepis, Slackware, Wolvix. Threw M$ out the door a couple of years ago and have been making Linux converts ever since. Bring it on Microsoft!
1097.Taliento Luca,Mandriva spring,GE Italy,come on little man!
1098.Tom Potts, Holsworthy UK, Several different Linuxes. And an M$ machine cos I like blue!
1099.James M. Susanka, Saint Louis Missouri, Several distributions. no windows machines - life is too short to fix their problems!
1100.JeanHuguesRobert, software developer, Corti, Corsica, France. If you dare...
1101.Cinzia Berretti, homemaker and mother, Genova, Italy. I use Mandriva Spring because to learn to use linux I understood much more things about pc than I learned in 15 years using Windows at work. I did it for my Son, he'll must be a free man
1102.Mike Wolden South ST. Paul, MN, USA Did this with Firefox, and ONLY use Open Office for word processing. It does all and more that MSOffice can, so stick that in your hard drive and process it. I only use XP operating system as I am yet too lazy to learn Linux, and for the gaming features. Only ever get viruses when running WinIE. So there.
1103.Peter Toft, Denmark, Linux user since 1994. I confess - I have a webserver, and use most features of a modern GNU/Linux system. I also make some CVS support-programs. Keep it coming. BTW; software-patents in Europe are "as such" against the law.
1104.Lantos Ádám - Budapest, Hungary. Using Gentoo GNU/Linux for desktop and server environment.
1105.Carsten Agger, Denmark - using Xubuntu 7.04, OpenSUSE and dyne:bolic. Microsoft's operating systems are liabilities, not assets.
1106.Luca Marchesi, Switzerland, I've got a CentOS GNU/Liunx server @home, a Mac-Mini and oh.. what a strange my own computer is running Mandrake/Mandriva GNU/Linux since ver. 9.1, and.. ops I'm going to do it again: I'm waiting for a notebook with Linux pre-installed.
1107.Jiminald Varney, UK Running 2 debian boxes for a small college network. Running the domain, file server, proxy, mail, web, ftp and linking other smaller networks on the college site to the internet.
1108.Adam Lawman UK, Running three PC's No.1 PCLinuxOS 2007 kicks Vistas ass, No.2 Ubuntu 7.04 also kicking Vistas ass, N0.3 Damn Small Linux (old PC) kicking Windows 95/98 and XPs ass as well. Put your money where your mouth is come to the UK an sue me.
1109.Anders Ossowicki, Denmark, Using Gentoo, as well as Ubuntu at work. Why? Because it works - that's why! Come one Microsoft... you know you want to sue me... just a little bit?
1110.Scott Ruecker US, Linux and Debian user since 2002 and Senior Editor for LXer.com - I am a writer and Editor for an Open Source News site and I am an IT Manager for a private corporation. Basically, I openly dare Microsoft to sue me for using Linux. Being sued by Microsoft would be one of the true highlights of my life. :-)
1111.Sami Helen, FI, a satisfied user of Ubuntu Studio 7.04 since nearly a full week ago. I threw my WinXP away after it complained that my registration key was used too many times (after switching my motherboard to a new one). I promise to work with open source (and promoting it) as a hobby from now on, it's gotten me impressed enough. Microsoft better sue me now for using Linux before it gets too bad - nip it in the bud, so to say.
1112.Marcello Milhomem, BR, I'm a happy with linux, so im "willing to pay" for my mistake using your patterns... or maybe i will just buy windows vista , after all, if linux stuff is really copied that much, vista must be much better right? linux has so many errors and viruses, i don't know why i just quit using windows like that... it's so "good" and "professional", not to mention its freedom of course!
1113.Benjamin Goodger, UK ~ Using Debian GNU/Linux and waiting for more hilarious news from the software marketing company that thinks it's a country.
1114.John Chrisoulakis, Hobart, Tasmania, Using Ubuntu and Knoppix - Linux user since last century! Reveal your trade secret - the list of allegedly "infringing" patents and watch them evaporate right before your eyes!
1115.Tomasz Nowak, Polish from UK. ~ Using Ubuntu 7.04, and looking for more better news about Open Source application and systems, which kills Microshit monopoly
1116.James Colgan, US. Make sure to sue me a few times...I have several computers.
1117.Felipe A, Brampton, Ontario, Canada -- I use opensuse on my desktop and laptop. My desktop serves HTTP, NTP, FTP, SSH, and others. I have dabbled in Debian, Ubuntu, SmoothWall, KNOPPIX, Parted Magic, and many many others. Long live free software.
1118.Proud Fedora User and Software Dev ~ Matt Underwood
1119.Jose Lorenzo, Miami, FL. Microsoft is toast. Of course I use FLOSS. Add me to all your lists. [BTW, when someone adds no. 936, remove the bracketed portion of this comment.]
1120.Justin M. Nelson -- Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04, Gentoo, currently building a Damn Small remaster for my ham radio club. Server running Debian, smartphone running familiar, iPod running Linux, router running Linux, cable box running Linux, Mac Mini running OS X (for the wife, I swear!). In the words of a certain politician, bring it on. plattypus1 (at) gmail (dot) com
1121.Stephen V. Gazzo -- Ubuntu Feisty, FedoraCore Zod. Windows blew up, and instead of reinstalling (as had become my habit), I decided to break the cycle. And two days after installing, I managed to get Apache, PHP and MySQL to work together, something I couldn't do after a week of effort under WinXP. Also, I'm using Ubuntu on one machine and Fedora on another. That's two seperate infringements, so make sure to ask for twice what you deserve when you sue me. 2 * 0 = 0 !
1122.Ian P. Beilman--Sawtooth Designs-- I use Gimp 2.04 to edit drawings and to convert said drawings into stencils for hand-screened clothing designs. I also use Audacity to edit music i make as a hobby.
1123.Daniel Standley -- Ubuntu. Love Linux will never use windows again. standleydj(at)gmail(dot)com
1124.W.R. James Barber A+ Network + MCNA CCNA Ubuntu 7.04, Edubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice (several versions currently) Firefox, Damn Small Linux (can't recall version, system offline pending power supply) Solaris 10, messed around with several versions of Apache, my Linksys router firmware is Linux, I recently discovered the cheap DVD player in my son's room runs a stripped down Linux kernel. If you count virtual machines, then I also have : CentOS, ReactOS, Syllable, OpenBSD, an open source terminal emulator or three, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Archer, Debian, Redhat, Slackware, Xandros and Yarrow available any time I want.
1125.Peter Wilson, NY - I just made the switch to Linux a few months ago. At first I wasn't sure if I would switch or not, but now I'm completely sold! Since switching, my system has never crashed, and the programs work smoothly - no surprises. I have XP on another drive which I boot to only when I have to. It's so slow, clunky and wonky compared to Linux. I've played with Fedora, Open Suse, Simply Mepis, and knoppix. I'm now working in Feisty Fawn and think this is where I'll stay. I used to love Windows. now I think Windows bites.
1126. Frank Klevenhaus, DK Kastrup: Firefox, VLC, codecs, Gimp. Mandriva, Ubuntu and PClinuxOS..
1127.Vlastimil Labsky (CZ) - I use fedora and debian.I've never bought any proprietaly software .I use open alternatives.I like to edit source code.If there is not open alternatives , I don't like to use it.But i use many proprietary codecs .
1128.David Faulkner NZ - I use a Fedora based server and DSL Linux, as well as browse with firefox and code in python. I work at an IT distributor and am proud to say that we distribute redhat for NZ and I have helped many companys purchase it
1129.Scott Paulissen Nevada(USA) - I use firefox, Ubuntu, Gentoo and OpenOffice in order to avoid using Windows Vista at all costs. No OS is worth $300, none. So please, try to take my sub-$1000 grad student bank account. I hope your lawyers don't charge much.
1130.Peter Thomsen (Denmark) - I develop and build software packages for high-end home theatre use. I can do everything with Linux, including real-time applications, things that are impossible to make with Microsoft software. My wife and my two kits use Linux too. Today, we have 5 PC's in the house. Not a single one is running with Microsoft software, but only Linux (Ubuntu Feisty and Debian Etch).
1131.Andrea Martinotti, Savona SV, Italy, amartaino at hotmail dot com - I am using Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn. From March 2005 until April 2007 I ran Fedora Core. I also installed Xubuntu 6.06 LTS on a PC at a real estate agency office in Savona few weeks ago. I use Linux because I want to have full control over my computer and I believe that this goal can be achieved only through open source software. Also, I do not want to give my money to Microsoft because I think Microsoft is a monopoly and could use its power to do bad things.
1132.Maciej Szeliga, Denmark - Dumped Windows four years ago and installed SuSE. I use Linux on laptops, desktops, servers, mediacenters and palmtops. Both at work and for fun (wich is the same in my case).
1133.Rick Montgomery --- Well I'm using SLED/SLES10, SuSe 10.2, Ubuntu 7.04, Xandros Server / Business Desktop and CentOS. I am actively involved in converting 5 companies comprising 37 servers and 700 desktops from all windows software to all Linux and they are happy...so am I, they run faster less problems and can concentrate on their work furthering their business since they do not pay for the "ABSURD SOFTWARE ADVANTAGE" and associated bloatware. They do pay for support and actually buy / donate for their distros... C YA "Monkey Boy"
1134.Thomas F. Williams --- I use SLED 10, Linux Mint, Xandros Professional and will not pay a tax of any type to a company I want nothing to do with. Thomas F. Williams
1135.Melvin Laplanche, FR. I'm using (K/X)ubuntu since one year ago and i removed Windows 'cause it's too expensive and not safe. By the way, now i don't use proprietary software except if there is not open alternatives
1136. Gilles Leger, Delson, Quebec, Cabada. I am using Mepis, a distribution like Ubuntu. I used to dual boot Windows and Linux and less and less I went to the Windows partition, so I just deleted it. I have been Windows free at home since 2005. I also run various servers for various free online games using Centos.
1137.Grant Powell, USA. I'm a PC tech at the university that I attend, and I see the nasty side of Windows every day. I'm proud to say that I've been a Linux user for about four months now, and I'm finally free of worrying about anything except hardware issues.
1138.Kevin Power --- Ontario, Canada . I have been using Linux since Yggdrasil, and use it everyday. I currently use Mandriva 's latest version and teach students to try linux by using Knoppix. I see M$ used in the education system and how it prevents students and staff from completing even the most simplest of task due to security issue and safe guards that have to be used. On another note , has anyone seen the movie 'Pirates of Silicon Valley", talk about calling the kettle black.
1139.Rodolfo D. Arce S. - Universitario de Paraguay - Tengo 2 maquina corriendo: Slackware 11 y Ubuntu 7.04.. Tambien tengo 4 Live CDs en mi caja de kit de primeros auxilios para computdoras (jaja).. Demandame a mi primero Microsoft
1140.Gabin Barboteau - 25 rue de l'ecureuil 33320 Taillan medoc FRANCE EUROPE Ces affreux se que vous faites pourriture... Je tien sapreciser que ce n'est as vous que je n'aime pas mais votre politique ces honteux... VIVE LINUX POWWWAAA HAVE FUN
1141.Barna Hajzer (Hungary) using Ubuntu on laptop and Debian on server set up with other free softwares. Completely satisfied without MS. Please sue me for freedom of choice!
1142.Our company Nematix Technology have made a practical decision by migrating to Linux and we are doing great in Linux from graphic editing, managing information to developing application. We are curently to run a campaign 'We do it Linux way !' so why dont you?
1143. Patrick Berry, USAF Ret. has been converting schools, businesses, charities, users, since 1997, so sue this disabled Veteran! I could use the money to further the advocacy of Open Source, which is what the multiple convicted pirate felon Microsoft really wants to kill! Over 300 million happy hackers, and counting! Welcome, Moscow, India, China, Indiana, Minnesota, Peru, California, and Maine's, School Systems! Viva la Open Source!
1144.Christopher T. Skelton - ©Sketec (President/CEO) - I have been exclusively a Linux user since 2002 and have not turned back. Starting with Red Hat 9 and currently running Ubuntu 7.04. Linux is growing and I look forward to the day when (thanks to Dell, here in the USA) Ubuntu is at least as widely known to exist as Windows. Being a small tech business owner I have converted many people to use Ubuntu, about 70% of them didn't even know Linux existed before. Please sue me for my use of Linux; for sharing it with my customers/family/friends/co-workers. Your an EVIL empire and I hope for your fall.
1145.Soehartono Hadibowo (Student - Bandung/ID) - archlinux, *buntu, abiword, firefox, enlightenment, openbsd, pcbsd, etc. C'mon microsoft just sue us all, i beg you please please please make our dream come true !! don't be afraid we will make sure you die in peace...
1146.Iván F. Villanueva B. (author of the project http://www.artificialidea.com) I'm using exclusively Debian Etch, which is a much better operating system than any Windows.
1147. André Drumond, Brazil. I use Ubuntu edgy and also DSL. Abiword, OpenOffice, Firefox, and dozens of opensource applications.
1148. Enrico Benedetti, Italy. I use Ubuntu feisty. OpenOffice, Firefox, Gimp, And all sort of opensource software. I think it's easier than windows for a basic user, and excellent for an administrator.
1149. Dema Kourinski, I'm writing this from Ubuntu Feisty while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd.
1150. Mike Peoples, Louisa, Virginia - Owner of BeetleSpace.com which is hosted on Linux servers and uses open source CMS software. My business uses Kubuntu PCs as it's main operating structure. Do I get cable in prison?
1151. Bob Orrison, Montgomery, AL bob_orrison@bellsouth.net We've been using Linux at work since 1999 (Red Hat and CentOS) and currently use Kubuntu 7.04 at home. Why must interoperating with Microsoft products really be so hard? What an immense gift OSS developers have given the good people on the world!
1152.Stephen Brown: Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS user - 6yrs now (what's that in back payments?).
1153.Nicolas Valcarcel: Gentoo, Ubuntu and debian user - 4 years now.
1154.Oskar Hansen (DK), Ubuntu user Since jan. 2006. Linux user since 2004. I use opensource software only.
1155.Rufus Kenagy, I use Sabayon Linux and Wine to play games built to run under Windows.
1156.Ingo Wagener (Germany), I have not touched anything but open source software for my business (www.german-connection.org). My last windows experience was WIN 98...
1157.Ron Bakker (Netherlands), I'm using Ubuntu because I need freedom in working, using and thinking.
1158.Tommy Duchesne (Canada, Québec), I'm using and sharing Ubuntu 7.04 since two months and even if I can choose MS Windows when I boot I always choose Ubunto because it is faster and safer then Windows XP. So, sue me.
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Journal Journal: Page 08 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 08 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

937.Marek Haliniak, Poland: I playing with Linux since 1996, now i have: 4 Debian Etch servers, Kubunty Feisty Fawn x 2, Knoppix x 4, Ubuntu x 2. Why Linux? Because i have what i've get... no more no less... This is freedom of choice... NO SOFTWARE PATENTS IN EU!!
938.ChandraSekhar Guntupalli: I playing with Linux since 1998. Later years came a stable linux since then LINUX became my primary DESKTOP. I tried with many distributions, currently using Fedora Core 6.0 32bit. If M$ succeeds it proves America is NOT-A-world for FREEDOM of thought. This kind of monopoly behaviour of corporations would eventually kill invention and creativity. I wish M$ never succeeds in its silly thoughts.I would suggest not to patent software coding, if they want to patent software coding, why not the idea of "software coding" itself be patented. Eventually M$ will pay for it too. I can foresee the downfall of M$ in its future versions. After looking at vista it is a broken implementation of translucency under kde. When will it reach to a quality desktop implementation like Beryl may be in another 30 years or so? Vista it self revels the poor quality of programming crashing as frequently as it can.
939.Alex Ndobe, Cameroon I've been using Linux for 8 years. I run Ubuntu Feisty and Fedora core 6.0.
940. Matt Boehm, Mission KS, USA. Happily running MEPIS 6.5, (K)Ubuntu Feisty. Bring it on.
941. Andrew Burgess, Deerfield NH. openSuSE 10.2, I guess that would mean I'm covered, but I'm thinking about running some other flavors on some other machines.
942. Christopher Glass (Geneva, Switzerland). Been using linux for a while, converted many people to FOSS. Ah, don't forget to sue my grandma too (84 yo.), she likes her custom xubuntu install so much better than Windows. And she can "pay" support in cookies and hugs...
943.Edmundo Carmona (Venezuelan, but in Colombia). Make sure to include the round-trip tickets in the file so I can make it to court, Microsoft.
944.Kevin Fishburne, Atlanta, GA, USA. Ubuntu 7.04 is rocking out with it's wok out on on my desktop and newly-acquired laptop PC. I'm also about to go into business with a local high-volume refurb retailer putting Linux on about 150 PCs a month destined for homes throughout North America, and will provide pay-as-you-play technical support. Imagine all those users who otherwise would have had to pay $200 for Vista after receiving their new PC with no OS finding a beautifully configured Ubuntu Feisty configuration awaiting their exploration. Times are changing Mr. Ballmer, and all the sweating in the world won't stop it.
945. Mike Cahill, Malvern, PA USA - I've been using Linux since 1998. I use Linux as my desktop OS, as well as to handle the variety of servers that I have, since it can be very lightweight and run fine on older hardware. Distributions I currently use: Kubuntu, Gentoo, DamnSmall, CentOS.
946. Callea Gaetano Andrea aka cga; I use GNU/Linux since 2003 and I completely agree "You are just crap with not much else but FUD, money and EEE"
947. Adrian Baker, Hertfordshire, England. I'm an addict and I need help.... please sue me Micro$oft and stop me from my dreadful behaviour. I have downloaded Linux operating systems from the 'net, WITHOUT PAYING, and have installed them on various computers. I have even wiped Windows systems from hard discs. I haven't paid for any licenses, and use nothing but downloaded software from the internet. But, I must confess, it gets worse.... I'm a Physics teacher who has been passing OpenSource software to the pupils in my charge!! Don't judge me too harshly - it started as a laugh when I installed a Linux computer for the pupils to play games on... They liked it and asked for more. At first I just gave them copies of OpenOffice, but then I helped them install and configure Firefox on the school network. Some wanted more and eventually I handed out CDs with whole Operating Systems on. It was just something light at first - Ubuntu - but it has all got out of hand and I found out recently that one of my pupils has moved onto the hard stuff - Slackware on a home built server! I didn't think it would lead to this. OpenSource is all around me, pupils fire up OOo and Firefox on their laptops, some have started to use a terminal... why oh why did I start this? Please sue me Micro$oft - I'm totally guilty of the cardinal sin of educating our nations youngsters. I fear that some of them will turn out to be serial refusers of paying the Micro$oft tax that you so kindly add to our computers for us. Goodbye cruel world.. it has all become too much.....
948.Ridge Kuhn; Detroit, MI. - Hey Microsoft, I'm your worst enemy! I'm use Linux, but I'm also a...MAC USER! I've wiped Windows right off of my PC in favor of Linux, an operating system that understands my needs, instead of an operating system that forces me to understand it's needs. I also love OpenOffice, Firefox, Apache. Did I mention I hate your dynamic web/database languages and instead use PHP/MySQL for my sites? I imagine that every open source user on the planet will end up signing this. Millions of lawsuits. That's a lot of lawyer fees. You know, maybe you wouldn't have to sue people based on outlandish statements and force people back to your OS using strongarm techniques if your OS was something that people like me would want to use in the first place. Wow. Creating a product based on customer needs instead of corporate needs? What a concept! Jerks.
949. Dan O'Brien, NY, NY - When will you learn M$? Every time you open your mouth about anything open source related the only thing that comes out is FUD. You claim that (as a whole) Linux and the other OSS projects infringe on no less than 235 of your patents, but in the same breath you say "You're too busy to put out the specific details"!!! BS! (As much as I hate this phrase) Put up or shut up! If you can't come up with any proof then I don't believe that there is any infringment. But I guess coming from you, this is just a case of "The pot calling the kettle black". Especially after you made the comment "we spend $100m a year defending ourselves against patent lawsuits" to the OSBC. The only reason you even made the claims that you did was because it's easier to put the fear into the mix and strongarm companies into paying you. There's a term for this, and it's against the law; it's called extortion. The mob did it heavily back in the 50s and now you're doing it.
950. Leon Mintz, Israel. I use sabayon-linux. M$, you're desperate... and pathetic.
951.Michael Woolsey, 1328 angelview circle. salida, colorado usa 81201 kubuntu Gnu/Linux 7.04, 2 year span, ut *yawn* im untouchable. because you have no arms.
952.James Grabham, (UK)
953. Isaac Queiroz, from Sao Carlos, Brazil. I use Kubuntu 7.1. Hei Microsoft, here in USP we have the right to have a CD-Key from Windows Vista Busness for free, but everybody prefer to use Kubuntu intead. I gues why... Maybe because it don't uses 1GB of RAM... Maybe because in FireFox we have the "tabs" since ever (what a great inovation in IE 7!! XD). Oh, and of cource, we don't need a anti-virus paid software to keep us safe! Try to sue me, let's see how much I care!
954.Chiara Marie Landsiedel, 27367 Sottrum, Germany. I love theses pengiun games. And these great education programs that came with my ubuntu. So you sue me, Bill?
955.Roman Festl (Münsing, Germany). Im using SUSE 10.0. It came - with Office-Suite and some Multimedia stuff - for € 9.90. Can you beat this, Bill?
956. G. M. Sprang, Dellroy, Ohio, USA. I've been using Redhat and Fedora Core Linux to develop a small security system. In all the C programming I have done, and all of the stupid blunders I have made, NEVER ONCE did the OS crash. In the face of wild pointers, mis-allocated memory, and messed-up threads, I may have had to go to the console, and shut the user session down, but the rest of the system never noticed. Now THAT is a solid system! Fooey to you, M$!!
957. Paolo Larcheri; Trento, ITALY. I have been using GNU/Linux since 2000. Just a question M$: do I commit a crime everyday when booting GNU/Linux or just when installing it?
958. Daniel Kinane; Wicklow, Ireland. So what if we are infringing on patents. If you would just put some effort into your software so it actually WORKS, we wouldnt have to use open source 3rd party software that is PERFECTLY LEGAL by the way! 959. Vincent-Xavier JUMEL, France, I'm using either different flavors of Linux and even some BSD. Do you think BSD would distribute their software for so many years if it was law patent inifrigent. By the way, you may also sue the french Parliement because they are going to use Ubuntu ! 960. Marcel Partap, Germany: using Gent0o LinuX since more than two years almost exclusively, finally I have control over my hardware. Working with linux is more fun, more efficient, more satisfying and has a bigger wow factor. Besides, stuff actually works (mostly *g) .. and it ~always exceeds my expectations - if not, I can fix it or kindly tell the developers about my problem. Screw badly implemented propietary software stitched together from last-century APIs, workarounds and patches. And by the way: screw intellectual property claims aimed at stopping a better product from succeeding.. 961. Adam Carrion, Albuquerque, NM, USA. Converted to (X)Ubuntu 7.04, used Debian previously. Windows is just too expensive and time-consuming to maintain as my primary desktop system. Linux just works, and on the rare occasions that something doesn't, I can fix the code myself instead of waiting for M$ (or whoever) to "fix" it. If Linux goes down, then I'll use BSD, or Haiku. Of course, if Linux goes down, everything else goes with it... Power to the Penguin!
962. Matt Crandall, Puyallup, WA. Hey Microsoft, I live about 30 miles from your HQ (and work significantly closer!). I've been using Linux as my primary OS since 1998, and my only OS since you tried to foist off Windows ME on the world. I'd LOVE to see the court summons (and remember, I'm local, I can actually make my court date too!). I currently use Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 on my laptop, Maemo Linux on my Nokia Internet Tablet, and do all of my recovery work with Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux. I'm also selling a bunch of old laptops ... you know, the ones that are too sluggish with their Windows 2000 installs, but became nice and snappy with fresh Vector Linux installs? Oh, and my mom can be on the list too, as she's much happier with her Kubuntu install (brings out the 60's Hippy in her, you know, freedom and whatnot).
963.Sander Marechal, The Netherlands. I use Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. I have [http://www.jejik.com my own company] that uses Linux, OpenOffice.org and many other Free Software products. Software patents are still illegal here in Europe, so just try and sue me!
964. Thomas Fischer - Whiting, IN USA (aka 2pixel) - Proudly Using PCLinuxOS and Windoze free at last!
965.Georges Toth, Luxembourg. I've been a GNU/Linux user for over 7 years. But if that wasn't enough already, I also introduced other people to Linux... please sue me !
966.Seth de l'Isle, szoth@ubertechnique.com, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. I use Ubuntu Linux and Red Hat Linux almost exclusively at home and at work as a server OS and on my desktop and have done so since the late 90's. You say I'm violating your patents, so sue me!
967.Jonathan Landrum, Jackson, MS, USA. openSUSE 10.2, among many, many free open source programs. And like Matt, my parents can join the list, too.
968.Dexter Landrum
969.Leah Landrum
970.Emeric Letavernier, France. I'm a Linux user since more than one year ago now... this is simply... FREEDOM. I'm still waiting to see any patents i violated... i do not even remember how M$ software look like, how could i violate them?
971.John Holbrook, Penticton BC Canada. Using Linux for almost 8 years. Dumped Windows well over 5 years ago. Even started a local LUG. Come on Microsoft! Put up or SHUT UP! If Linux is infringing on your patents then show us proof. 972.Scott Bronson, San Francisco, CA. Dear Microsoft, Linux developers tend to take intellectual property very seriously. If you'd like to solve this with very little time and effort, please just release a small document outlining the infringements you found. The community will work night and day to ensure that they are fixed. Since you already know the infringements, solving this should be very easy, shouldn't it?
973.Don Parris - Editor-in-Chief, LXer - Linux News (don@lxer.com), Charlotte, NC USA - I've used GNU/Linux exclusively since 2004. Currently using Debian, Ubuntu, PCLOS, & Vector Linux on 10 computers.
974.Dave Thacker, Omaha, Nebraska. Running a windows free household since 2002. Now running ubuntu/kubuntu. I'll be intereseted in hearing what patents I've violated.
975.Ed Schofield, London, UK. I use Linux at home and at [http://cancerresearchuk.org work] for protein design and structure prediction. I believe the software industry would be far more innovative and dynamic without Microsoft. Keep up your appalling record of anticompetitive behaviour -- sue me first!
976.John Stevenson - Ben Wheeler, Texas - Linux user since Slackware 1 (lots of floppies!), currently use Debian (testing) most of the time. I try not to use anything but open-source software and encourage others to do the same which is why I helped start a Linux users group to spread the word and rescue people from a horrible M$ fate!
977.Paulo Parada, Covilhã, Portugal. I have a dual boot desktop: I use Debian Linux and FreeBSD. I erased XP from my hard drive. Tell me truthfully what crime is this? The truth will set us free.
978.Brian Bowhan, San Diego, USA. I have been running various Linux distributions since 1998, and am completely Windows free. I will not return "to the land of Redmond, where the Shadows lie"[http://www.interesting-people.org/archives/interesting-people/200201/msg00072.html].
979.Richard & Karen Clark, Warren, MI, USA. I've been using Linux regularly since 1999 for all my PCs and laptops, most loaded with Mandriva. If Linux violates Microsoft patents, I wish they would either put up or shut up.
980.Robert Pogson, Winnipeg, Canada - Linux user since 2000 (Caldera eDesktop) when your product was crashing hourly. I use Debian GNU/Linux now and have introduced hundreds of students and teachers to Linux. Identify the patents with specificity!
981.John Wohn, Austin, TX, USA. Linux (Ubuntu) noob. But if I have anything to say about it, Microsoft will never EVER get one more penny from me.
982.Leonardo Fedalto, Curitiba, Brazil. I use Linux at home and at work. I'm a Slackware user.
983.Henrique Alves, São Paulo, SP, Brasil. Microsoft, go Ubuntu Linux too! Forget the patents, because you will never want to switch back! No need to sue me...
984.Nikhil Marathe, Mumbai, India. I use Arch Linux. I am a budding open source programmer, relying completely on open source software, and I look forward to the day of Microsoft's demise. Show Us The Code.
985.Rafael Gaspar, Curitiba, PR, Brazil. I use Linux at work and school and I want M$ to Sue me and my university.
986.William Johnson, Carneys Point,New Jersey,USA. I use PCLinuxOS 2007 on two computers at home.My browser never gets hijacked, unlike your IE crap. Sue me you CLUELESS LIBERAL.
987.Larry Stamm, McBride, BC, Canada. Using Slackware Linux on a workstation, laptop, and two servers since 1998. Show Us the Code!
988.Vagner Leandro Nazário, Rio Branco do Sul, PR, Brazil. Using Linux since 2005 when I knew it. It was love at the first login :) and every time I can, I encourage someone to know and use Linux. This is why I want M$ to sue me...
989.Nailson Martins Dantas Landim, Palmas,TO,Brazil. Using Linux since 2003, actually i use Ubuntu Linux in 15 computers at my company and 1 running Slackware as a Firewall,FTP,HTTP and Storage server. Microsoft, just sue me!!! (i love mac`s too)
990.Caleb Walker, Fresno, CA, USA. Started with FreeBSD but moved to debian about 5 years ago. Now using OpenSUSE and Ubuntu and Debian. Sue me M$.
991.Aleks Rudzitis, Seattle, WA, USA. Running Xubuntu and OpenOffice! Bring it on M$.
992.David Eldridge, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Ooooo I'm being very bad for a home user here, two servers, two laptops and a desktop, all various flavors of Linux., Personally great for programming and music, and best of all free to especially since I'm a uni student. Only one M$ computer had to be cause of brothers games and other crap, so 5 out of six machines on Linux ain't bad at all, so M$ come and get me!!!.
993.Fabiano Engler Neto, Curitiba, Brazil. I tryed it before, but replaced Windows completely just in 2004. Now, I use Gentoo Linux on my desktop and on my laptop. I am very happy with Gentoo, it has everything I need, and runs perfectly all compiled in 64 bits. I used Slackware as my previous distro for desktop, and, mainly for servers. And now I am trying Gentoo for servers too. Linux pay my bills, and I don't pay nothing, but, i try to contribute as can, and I really expect and plan to contribute a lot more in the future.
994.Bob Dagit, LBTS, FL, USA. I just want to know where to get a "Microsoft, sue me first" tee shirt. It should look at first glance like a corporate placement advert, ripping the Microsoft trademark logo.
995.Hendric Minassian Tustin CA, USA. Using Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and OpenSUSE at home. I have been working with Linux since 1996 and have completely switched my home systems to it since 2002. I am teaching my children about Linux and Open source and what they represent (Freedom).
996.Andrew Dight, Adelaide, SA, Australia: I have used Linux for my home network (server and desktops) exclusively for 4 years. I am also teaching my kids about Linux for the same reasons as Bob Dagit (above). I currently use OpenSUSE 10.2 (both 32bit and 64bit) I am currently working towards a Novell CLP accreditation as well so am using SLED and SLES 10.
997.Kiran Patil, Bangalore, India: I am using CENTOS-5 for my home work (Server and desktops). I am also teaching administration to my collegue on AMD-Athlon-64bit. I am also using it to test storage protocols as a lab.
998.Larry Cafiero, editor/publisher, Open Source Reporter, Santa Cruz Mountains, California Republic: Using Xubuntu 6.10 on two Indigo iMacs and Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 on a Power Macintosh minitower, all Microsoft free. Show us the patents! 999.Gary Edwards, Redwood City, California USA: You know where to find me! The OpenDocument Foundation
1000.Wow, the 1000th one! Anyway, my name is Jeroen Baten and I have sofar written 7 books about Linux and Open Source. Yes, I am a proud user of the Linux OS, both personnal and commercial. Microsoft, sue me! 1001.Ajay Pal Singh Atwal, Patiala, Punjab, INDIA. Hmmm.. I knew it it was going to happen sooner or later. They told me GNU/ Linux is bad and now I face the MS Truth 2007. I will be sued and prosecuted and put before a firing squad of virri/ worms and buggy software on a Windoze Box. I am dead.
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Journal Journal: Page 07 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 07 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

770.Stephane Zachariasen, Paris, France, Using Ubunty for 2 years now. Linux rulz!
771.Joao Rei, Lisbon, Portugal (now in Estonia), I've used Fedora for 2 years, very happy with it, i've tried Ubuntu and installed Suse for some friends, all happy users. I also use Firefox (even when i'm not using Linux) and Thunderbird, as well as GIMP and Openoffice.
772.Arthur Nascimento, São Carlos, SP, Brasil. I have used these distros proudly: Conectiva, Fedora, DSL, LFS, SourceMage, Kurumin and the best by far, Gentoo. Also, I am adept of all Linux-bred tools like Firefox, OpenOffice, rtbt, Gimp, parted, vim, gcc etc. I have been using Linux since around 1997 and I am MS-free since 2003!
773.Alex Villacís Lasso. Guayaquil, Ecuador. I use GNU/Linux since 2001 when it was presented to me at work. Mostly RedHat Linux 6-9 and then all the Fedora Series (currently at 6), but also have experienced Knoppix and Ubuntu. Since I began using GNU/Linux, I have never had the need to use my Windows partitions at home, except when I want to write code to LIBERATE programs and devices formerly tied to Windows. That's right, I not only use [http://www.winehq.org Wine] to run Windows programs under GNU/Linux, I also [http://www.google.com.ec/search?q=Alex+Villac%C3%ADs+Lasso+wine&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:es-ES:official give back to it]! Imagine all those programs that have been freed from the need to be run under Windows! The horror! And now [http://www.palosanto.com/~a_villacis/ two devices] too! I am sooooo guilty... And I also run around with an [http://www.ubuntu.com/products/GetUbuntu/download Ubuntu 7.04 live CD] to tempt all laptop owners I meet into the light side of the Force! So now I also make others violate your oh-so-sacred-they-can't-even-be-named patents...
774.Maxime Raynal 15 years old Ste Radegonde France. I use Linux for not a lot of time and i like that.
775.Bertrand LAMBERT, Sarlat (Fr) using Mac OS X since 1984. Computer reseller in Dordogny (Fr)
776.Thomas Calvet, Los Angeles, Ca USA I've evaluated many Linux distros over the last couple of years, and I'm now running Ubuntu. I'm a Windows professional and manage a small network for a living.
777.Laurent STELLA, France, student, uses Windows and Linux
778.Raphaël CAYEUX, France, using Ubuntu, Free Open Source Softwares PoWeR!!!
779.Juan Lobos, Chile, using OpenSuSe & Debian, Atrevete Microsoft! using knoopix live y ubuntu live too, let`s free from microsoft, join the light side of the force! Sue Me Billy Gay!
780.Mark R. Watson, 35, Aurora, IL, USA: I have been using some version of linux or GNU\Linux since 1999 when I had the extreme idea of not paying for a web server OS package, when I could download apache for free and install it on my own white box servers. Since then I have never looked back, and for the past 6 years I have been running linux on desktop (Slackware, Fedora, and now Ubuntu 6.10). I especially like sending and receiving .doc and .xls files back and forth between clients, fellow employees, and friends using OpenOffice.org, some who know, and some who don't know- that I don't use Windows. It takes less than 6 months to convert a windows user- which I often do- by showing them Firefox and OpenOffice on their windows box. I can save anyone about $700 by not paying for Windows or Office and instead opting for a larger display, larger hard drive, or more ram- and office to boot!
781.Matthew Scott Caltagerone; Shabbona, Illinois, USA; Ubuntu Feisty Fawn; For the past six months I have been slowly, but surely, working to rid my computer of unstable Microsoft software. The process is going well, but I am loath to give up the $100s of dollars worth of Microsoft software I purchased when I custom built my pc. I will not be making such a grievous mistake again.
782.Steven Le Roux, France, I use many Debian distros with Linux kernel, and some X server, I have to be punished, So Sue Me...
783.Micha Sonina, Poland, programmer/student, software patents hinder innovation as there is a patent mine field awaiting every independent developer, current state of affairs is simply unacceptable. Sue me first if it helps to widen peoples awareness.
784.José Ruiz, France. I use ubuntu with an "old" pentium III and I don't have any problem. I'm waiting my sentence...
785.Omer Kahani, Isreal, student, Ubuntu 6.10 . life is free, and freedom is all.
786.Julien Nicolas, France, student, i use Ubuntu and Debian distros 2 years ago, I love GNU/Linux and open-sources software. I have to be punished...
787. Matthew Jones, Hereford UK. I am using Ubuntu on all of my computers, and will continue doing so. In our business all our PCs run Gnu/Linux software, Mainly Ubuntu. So sue us Microsoft, we will never use Microsoft products again, and I have no Plans to anyway. For My own small Design setup I also use Ubuntu, More specifically Ubuntu studio. Microsoft is not getting any more of our cash, when dell bring out Ubuntu PC's in the UK we will be buying them.
788.Attila Horváth, from Hungary. I'm currently using Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty Fawn" and I'm able to do all the thing I want to do with my computer - with completly free programs (I really like Firefox, XMMS, OpenOffice.org, GIMP, K3b, MPlayer etc, more than loosy Explorer, Media Player, Paint ;)) I also have Beryl installed, which gives me the most exciting desktop experience I ever had - for free. Although I have a dual-boot system, I use these free programs on Windows, too (except of Beryl, of course ;)). So, I didn't pay for anything, but I can do everything I really need and without the Blue Screen Of Death or fancy error messages, random reboots? I see, that must be wrong, I need to be punished. So, Microsoft, go on! Let's sue me! I will go to jail because I don't use your software? Well, OK, I think I prepared. I'm sure you can find me easily, my IP is available for you, doesn't it? I will wait for you, I promise!
789.ukasz Bartnik, Poland, student and software engineer, Debian; Linux is easy to use, has the power in need in my studies and work - I've been using it for the last 5 years. I can't imagine working with anything different. All this patents madness has to end!
790.Ryan Null (USA): Debian(Fedora Core 6 and Kubuntu) - Effecient, Free, and Powerful, what else does one need, or want? Plus I've been a BAD BAD Boy. So Sue me.
791.Lukasz Kozlowski (Poland): Slackware 10.2, Slackware 11, Gentoo: I`m using GNU/Linux on all of my boxes and laptops, i`m creating software for GNU/Linux. Yes, i`m sooooo bad, i`m an Open Source terrorist even! Sue me now
792.Yotam Benshalom, Coventry, UK. I use Ubuntu for over 2 years now, and the weight of sin is becoming unbearable. But what can I do? I am of mortal flesh, and Linux is so damn good. Please, Microsoft, come and cleanse my dark soul with your holy fire.
793.Emeric Lesage, Isère, FR. System and Network Administrator, GNU Linux since 2002, Debian
794.Paul Morin, Lyon, FR. Personal use of Linux for two years, Kubuntu.
795.Jorge Cisneros, Cipolletti, Argentina. It's been a year since I started using GNU/LINUX OS, I've tried X/K/Ubuntu and OpenSuse, please Microsoft, Sue ME!
796.Przemek Swierczek (Poland) Ubuntu, Debina - Free, robust, easy to fall in love with.
797.Robert Stern (Hungary) Ubuntu. Hit me baby one more time :)
798.Mateusz Kubica (Poland) Debian 3.1 Maybe I'm blind but can show my any pros of using Windows?
799.Thomas Battermann (Germany) PCLinuxOS2007. I use only Linux an I don't miss Windows®, which I used before
800.James Neubaur (USA) I use PCLinuxOS, and It '''must''' be using windows code, because it just works... Oh wait never mind windows never just works. I guess PCLinuxOS isn't using windows code. :)
801.Josh Rickmar (USA) I use Kubuntu and have gotten over five of my friends to make the (very easy) switch to Linux. I just can't wait for you to come and sue me and my friends. Bring it.
802.Angel Cruz (Spain) I'm using OpenSuSE at least for one year and this is the best decision i've ever made. Sue me, Microsoft !!! 803.Hristo Bogdanov (Bulgaria) I'm using Slackware and Debian on about 10 computers for the last 10 years. Sue me, Microsoft !!! 804.Jean POTTAM (Guadeloupe, French West Indies) : I use only GNU/Linux on all my computers. No Windows now. OpenSuse on my workstations. I want Micro$oft sue me now ! 805.Eric Went, Pullman, WA, USA; various computers running PCLinuxOS, Debian, openSUSE. I use Linux now because I prefer it to Windows, but I moved to Linux because I can't afford Windows for my several computers and didn't want to steal from Microsoft. It would be hilarious irony if you sued me for this, and I have nothing to lose, so go ahead. Sue my ass off -- it's all you'll get! 806.Eric Teepell (Canada) Family of 4 using FreeBSD 6.0 built using whatever bits and pieces we can afford at any given time. Constantly making wee little upgrades, even the whole base system will be upgraded soon from P133 to a PIII! Do that with windows without triggering deactivation! Sue me now Micro$oft!!! 807.Zachary Waldowski, Surfside Beach, SC, USA: running two laptops and one desktop on Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty Fawn. API Restrictions made using Ubuntu on my (originally) Windows laptop a pain in the ass. I'm a middle-schooler who administers a website and constantly works on homework, so sue me first. I dare 'ya. 808.Gabriel PIOT, france : I'm a ubuntu user because windows fail under my hand when I've wroted a text for my school. Thank for my work that I've lost ! 809.Robert Bernard, USA : Using two laptops with Ubuntu installed on both. Microsoft made me wonder if their developers are on crack. Please Sue me. =D 810.Carlo Brualdi - Computer Science student, Bologna, ITA - I use GNU/Linux since 1998, Ubuntu at home and Debian to work. Sue me Microsoft®!! Nobody should use your products! You lead on your users, and now you want lead on us! Sue me! 811.Stefano Arena, Italy : With Linux and with an "old pc" with 256 mb ram i can do many thinks that with windows vista or xp i can't do. Stability, speed, a unit and a friendly comunity that works for the free spirit of software. This is linux! bye bill! 812.Pontus Andersson (Sweden): I've been using GNU/Linux of various distributions since 2001. At first I used it mostly as a server operating system, but since two years back I've been using the GNU/Linux at the desktop (mostly ubuntu) as well. And I'm very happy and comfortable with it, and I'll never go back.
813.Pierre-Luc Daoust, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Proud to use and promote free software! Microsoft, you can then sue me twice!
814.Fabio "ILLuSioN" Lo Brutto (Italy): Linux.Linux.Linux. Forever Linux. Since I use linux, my life is better :-) Bye Bye Micro$oft!
815.Luca Brivio (student, Milano, Italy): Using Debian GNU/Linux and lots of free software on notebooks, desktops and servers
816.Massimo "unwiredbrain" Lombardo, Italy. Proud GNU/Linux user #437712
817.Marco Trevisan (aka Treviño/ 3v1n0), Firenze, Italy. Ubuntu user and Free Software fan, promoter, developer...
818.Andy Bach, Madison, WI USA. I've used and use many different distros and we live on OS stuff at work. So, what Pierre-Luc says above - goes double for me! ;->
819.Yann Aunimes (Bretagne, France) Just try to sue us all, looser..
820.Rafael Nery Brito (Varginha, Brazil) Try to stay at least at the foots of GNU/Linux to say that it's worse than the s**t that you make, with all that hard-coded "wonders"... Linux will make the you scream... Sue me first, dammit...
821.Marcel Henrique Bertonzzin (Jaú, Brazil) Using Slackware and Ubuntu for more than 6 years. Sue me, if you really can..
822.Scott McAuley, SC, USA. Please sue me first. I use Ubuntu 7.0.4 and stopped using Micro$oft products with the release of XP. The eula for windows is so restrictive that you never really own the software. You just lease it from micro$oft. My wife likes it so much she stopped using her mac. Does anyone out there miss that great user experience of getting out your credit card for another micro$oft upgrade or release? Naa, I didn't think so! 823.Andy Weber, Luxembourg, eBusiness, networking, consulting. Using Debian, RedHat and many others since 9 years on workstations, servers, embedded hardware, old hardware, specialized hardware, and guess what, it also quite often repairs our contaminated Microsoft-hardware! [Editor's note: Andy Weber posted a long letter to this page, which we have moved to the discussion section of this page for the purposes of preserving the list nature of this page].
824.Peter Bustraan, Charleston South Carolina; i have been using linux ever since i tried to upgrade from XP to Vixta. I never really had an easy time with windows and wasn't expecting everything in vista to be great. Course i never expected a simple driver AUTOMATIC UPGRADE to render my system unusable.In fact there was nothing holding me to windows except for the fear of having to manually configure wine which hey turns out not to be valid. You assholes need to find a better way to spend your time developing cause gues what the only diference between ubuntu 7.04 and xp/vista is ubuntu does not break stuff, can be easilly repared, looks better and runs faster. so suck it!
825.'''James Valentine, Marlow, Bucks. England'''. I started with Linux in 2001, ended up back on Windows a few years later and in 2005 went back to Linux. What I found was nothing like the Linux I had known. All the hours of setup and tweaking I used to do seemed like it had been done for me. I run Linux on laptops, and only have Windows on one machine that I literally only use for testing and following through when helping Windows users on the phone. On the occasion that I turn back to Windows for a while, I experience all the things that drove me away: crashes, downtime, that kooky GUI with only one desktop and third party apps all scribbling their settings and files wherever they want. Without Linux and the open source movement there is no way that I could have afforded to become the full-time technology consultant I am today. Microsoft, go ahead and sue me. My customers and I need your products less every year. I for one will never build another Windows server. Tomorrow I'm off to warn a client away from Sharepoint and IIS. Oh, and show us the code...
826.LUCAS TEIXEIRA ROCHA, Morro do Chapéu - BA, Brazil.. I started to use Linux in 2004, I use Ubuntu 7.04, Big Linux 3, Madriva Linux 2007, Kurumin Linux 7, PCLinuxOS, Slax Linux and Famelix Linux 1.2. And I use all and support a lot of Linux free open source programs!!!
827.Rodolfo Lopes Castanheira, São Paulo, SP, Brazil. I use Linux since 2002
828.Andy Moscardino, Columbus, Ohio. I've used many distros (Ubuntu being the current) on an old machine that used to run Windows ME. If Microsoft thinks they can put Windows back on here, I encourage them. BRING IT ON!!!!
829.My name is '''Tony Davenport''', I'm from '''Berkeley, California USA''' and I use Open Office and other open source software because it pleases me to do so. Recently we have heard from some Microsoft spokespeople that there are a large number of Microsoft patents violated by Linux and other open source programs. I'm curious; would we do well to gather from this that there is now no new operating system possible on this particular planet in the conceivable future? Is it the case that the company Microsoft has over the years developed such a thicket of operating system patents that the creation of a computer operating system of any usefulness is commercially impossible and legally off limits for the rest of the human race on planet Earth: galaxy Milky Way? Is this it then, 2007, the laying aside of the tools, the final powering down of the development machines, ideas, and dreams around the globe, the queing in the long line to buy/lease/rent Microsoft software, the end of the future of computer technology for the rest of us? If so, I find it very obvious that this doesn't please most of us, and given the fact that we live in a mostly civilized world where the desires of the people form the basis for law and legislation it's very unlikely we will allow this to come to pass.
830.Mathieu d'Acremont, Geneva, Switzerland. * '''SCIENCE NEEDS OPENSOURCE because SCIENCE RELIES ON ACCESSIBLE METHODS.''' * '''RESEARCH NEEDS GPL because RESEARCH NEEDS FREEDOM.''' * Tell me Microsoft, have you developed R Statistical Project, Emacs, ESS, Latex, gcc, GSL, SPM ?! No! Are you ready to sue for no reason all researchers using these great pieces of code? Good luck. Before you are finished, Fedora Core 9000 will be released and Vista service pack 508 will still suck!
831.'''Vítor Baptista, João Pessoa - PB, Brazil.''' I use Linux since 2006. Have used Fedora 5 and 6, Ubuntu 5.10, 6.06, 6.10, 7.04 and now Gentoo 2006.2 AMD64. I was really bad, so, I gotta be punished. Come on, Microsoft. Ah, btw, I never paid for Windows or MS Office.
832. Radoslaw Kostrzewa, Germany, Debian user. Sue me :P
833. Daniel McQuay, Pennsylvania, User of many flavors for more than 6 years and in need of a good sueing. \m/(-_-)\m/
834. Ryan Duff, also in Pennsylvania, using CentOS on multiple boxes. Microsoft: come and get me!!!
835. Peter Bustraan, South Carolina, I have been a gentoo user though now I use ubuntu 7.04 which is still better than windows. oh and before you say that im just saying that out of spite I actually have had windows since 3.1 and have been a staunch supporter. I really only lost heart when XP became a burden to use from time to time. What really sent me over the edge was bad driver support from MICROSOFT and the fact that they had no way to save me. While a month latter my computer may have been compatible with the driver I still am staying with linux because I would have never had the problem inthe first place thanks to a little thing called dpkg reconfigure.
836.My name is Jean Ferri from Brasília-DF, Brazil. I'm a Linux user since 1997. I used many Linux distros and also BSDs. Today I use Ubuntu GNU/Linux at home and at work and Debian at school. I'm really a too bad guy, do it, sue me!
837.Joildo Foguinho, São Paulo, Brazil. Ubuntu (desde o 5.04, mais de 100 CD's distribuídos),BrOffice.org (desde o OpenOffice), Firefox (desde as versões 0.x alguma coisa e evangelizei milhares de pessoas a mudar de sistema), Pidgin, Apache, MySQL, torrent, Thunderbird e outros mais
838.Paulo de Souza Lima, Curitiba, Brazil. Linux user (432358) since 1998. Debian 4.0 (Etch). All Right ! I admit it! I like to be an outlaw. I'm using a stolen copy of GNU/Linux. I don't use Windows because it would be too obvious. Just one more thing: If you are about to sue me, you better kill me or put me in jail, because I have no money to pay for MSLinux, ok?
839.P.Durairaj, India. I use linux for the past 6 years, because I love linux. Sue me if you can
840. Anurag, India, Using Ubuntu 7.04, have been using GNU/Linux for more than seven years. How do we know how many patents MS has violated. Let them release all the MS source code under GPL and let community inspect it for patent violations. Let it be a level playing field.
841. Floraipuyal. I use Debian/ Ubuntu / Damn small. I intend to spread linux as much as possible. Sue me as I hate Microsuck to the core. Long live Tux !
842.Laudelino Amaral de Oliveira Lima - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - '''Im use linux since 1996''' (InfoMagic) and now Im use Ubuntu. My company have hundreds of machines with mandriva and ubuntu. Im dream with the day when the people who install pirate software, they are punished, they will have to pay for softwares, they will go to install linux and, '''they will take the red pill'''.
843.Alexander H Drachmann - Esbjerg - Denmark - I have been using Linux the last 4 years, I hate using microsoft, Linux is the only real choice. The graphics, special effects, user interface, etc,,, everything is better on the linux side.
844.Serge Leduc, Longueuil, Quebec, am Fedora Core 6 user and soon Fedora 7, i think Microsoft hurt the software industries by imposing their monopol.
845.Douglas Hassell, Denver-CO, United States of America -- (SuSE 10, Ubuntu Edgy, now Kubuntu Feisty) Yes, that's right, America. We're the same bunch of people that started a bloody revolution to earn the freedom to choose. We did it then with the Church of England, we'll do it again with the Church of Windows. Who's got some stones?
846.Koen Bokern, The Hague Netherland, I use Ubuntu 7.04 for a few month and I like it. I've no problems with drivers, only drivers for my wireless internet, but that is fixed. I can't use Firefox on Windows because it crashed after 10 minutes.
847.Stefan Lorenzkowski, Germany and Russia. I have been using Netscape, Firefox and Thunderbird for years now, especially the nice tabbing helps browsing. I also use OpenOffice, Scribus, Linscape and other nice OpenSource things on XP. After discovering Kubuntu some weeks ago, that even works on a laptop without bigger troubles, I consider switching finally to get rid of W(indows)orries, the constant trouble with crashing OSs, stupid authentification, unexpected problems with programs ...
848.Michele Renda, Italy and Romania. XUbuntu User. I use Linux because it give me the power and facilities that windows can not to give. I use it because is property of the world and I don't want to steal something to a firm. Thanks linux
849.Thierry Lepoint, Elouges, Belgium, using GNU/Linux since 2000. Now on Gentoo or Kubuntu.
850.Pawe Kuniar (Poland) Ubuntu - free, stable, safe, easy, fast and nice :).
851. Alessandro Zollia, Pordednone, Italy, i'm using free software since 2003 because i'm free!.... Ubuntu.
852. Pavel Vavilin, Rome, Italy, Debian, Postgres, python - server side. Ubuntu - workstation and laptop. Use linux since 1997.
853. Giuseppe Sorrentino, Torino, Italy. I use Linux sice 2003, particulary debian and ubuntu.
854. Eric Chapman, Kent, UK. I've been using Linux for ten years. I completely stopped using Windows 6 years ago.
855. Romain Magny, Paris, France. Ubuntu because it's easy, reliable and free!
856. Alfredo Villarreal, Pasto Colombia. Desde que conosco el software libre no tengo problemas con mi computador me gusta la filosfia y el modo de vida son mas de 16 a~os evolucionando no copiando, por favor muestren el codigo
857. Alan Hill, Indianapolis, US - Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and a number of applications that far exceeds the 200-odd patents you claim I'm infringing, but I'm not going to publicize which applications; I just want you to know I'm doing it. I also routinely and intentionally copy said software and distribute it to over a hundred friends, neighbors, former collegues, perfect strangers and little old ladies which should, I suspect, make me at least a very minor pirate of sorts, if not a corrupter of octogenarians. I'll also point out I'm profoundly disabled, poor, unable to afford your commercial software and the hundreds of dollars of supplementary software necessary to keep MS Windows and MS Office from keeling over like a deflating hot air balloon. Open source, as has been said before, allows me to stay in contact with friends and loved ones. I would really love to be sued, actually, just for the bragging rights of being the cripple MS tried to come down on. I'm sure suing the nine retired widows I've given software to would gladly invite a lawsuit as well; they're quite spunky and some get rather bored at times.
858. Angelo Lisco, Italy, Milan. I use ubuntu linux in my dual-amd pc and my ibm laptop since Warty Warthog (2004). I helped migrating some people to linux so...sue me first, bill!
859.Antoine Marceau, France - Bretagne, Using Linux and Free Open Source Softwares. Bill Whip me ! :)
860.Etienne Lesaffre, Lille (France). I use and abuse of open source softwares and i hope that it will be for a long long time. Sue me !
861.Yosi Yarchi, Israel. FC4, great for education purposes! When must use windows (work, etc): openoffice/gimp/cygwin/firefox/thunderbird
862. Paul Moore - '''Cope57''', U.S.A., Currently a Debian GNU/Linux lenny/sid user, and test other Linux distributions regularly. I have been using open source software since 2002, and have switched to using Linux in 2003. "I would rather pay for Linux, than to use Microsoft products for free..."
863. Samuel Daroussin, France - Paris, Using currently a Unbuntu GNU/Linux and using regularly Free Open Source Softwares under Linux AND Windows since 2000, because I pay Microsoft with each new PC, that is not my choice ! I have switched to Linux in 2005. Microsoft pray for his future..."
864. Renaud Millet, France - Paris, It's a shame for me that I work for a partner of M$. But I save my soul using Unbuntu and several programs. I also developp some small plugins for those tools. I really want to see when/where Opensource community decided to steal technology of the "Bug Factory". please Sue Me and show the proof.
865.Thomas DAGET, France - Nice, I started to use Linux in 1997, if it is illegal I wants to be well punishes but while waiting for this day do not break me the testicles
866.Ivan Iraci, Italy, Giarre - I confess I am a Free Software pusher. I my self am Gentoo addicted, but I also traffic in Ubuntu, Debian and in any kind of free software.
867.Gerald Yuen, London, UK. I've been using Linux since 1998, currently use Fedora Core 5 and Ubuntu installed on two different machines.
868.Francois Roux, Pretoria South Africa. I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my laptop at home. Unfortunately I'm forced to tolerate your crappy unstable OS at work, which doesn't allow me to think for myself. I might one day be famous for naming the [http://www.freedomtoaster.org/ FreedomToaster] and coining it's catch phrase. Ah yes, that's the one, the one that's used to distribute FREE COPIES of just about every Linux distro and other FOSS packages that's requested on it. Please sue me, I might be for ever in your debt, but I'll probably have to use FOSS to generate income to pay it back...
869. Sebastien Defrance, France - Paris, I'm a open office user OMG! I also use The Gimp, and FileZilla! And... I write these with Firefox ;) Oh yes Sue me plz
870. Nicolas Hubert, France - Nantes, using GNU/Linux since 2000. Now on Ubuntu.
871.D. Stern, Paris, FR. I use linux for the past 7 months, because I love linux and i hate you, Microsoft :P. Sue me if you want, and if you can :D.
872.Dominic Morin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Kubuntu Edgy on the laptop, MythTV for the HTPC and OpenOffice everywhere I can. Bullsh*t claims = bullsh*t lawsuits.
873.Alexey Lekatorchuk (Russia, Ufa). Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, AltLinux. Since 2000 GNU/Linux or BSD runs on all servers (because stability and performance) and for now on near all workstations (because M$ appetite). Software patents must die.
874.James Archibald, Joburg, South Africa. I'm happily using Ubuntu, Firefox, Thundebird, Inkscape and a bunch of others. Bring it on Bill! Luckily SA doesn't allow software patents, but oddly that hasn't stopped you from ignoring our country's law and filing them anyway. Come and get me!
875.Ian MacGregor - [http://www.imacgregor.com/ imacgregor.com] - I have been using Linux since 2001 and currently use Kubuntu (main desktop), CentOS (server), MEPIS (livecd/travelcd), SystemRescueCD (admin tasks, backups), and Ubuntu on 6 other machines in my home.
876.Benjamin RETHYMNIS - Strasbourg, FRANCE - Open source Rocks !
877.Dominique Lebrun, Belgium. Linux user since 2004. Accidentally erased my Windows partition two years ago (dual boot machine), never installed it back. Currently use Kubuntu 7.04.
878.Jonathan A. Griffioen, The Netherlands - I use Fedora/CentOS. I'm totally Windows free sinds 2004 and use Linux sinds 1999. I do all my multimedia stuff, office, gaming, hosting(home server/colocated) with linux, even at the office. In my oppinion Microsoft kills creativity with his pattenting/OS dictatorship, and people should fight for freedom!.
879.Roberto Della Ragione, Naples, Italy. I've used GNU/Linux since 2002. Currently I use Ubuntu 7.04. I used Slackware, Red Hat, Debian, Frugalware, Arch Linux. Come on Microsoft SUE ME FIRST, I'm not afraid, we are not afraid.
880.Paul RIVIER, France - Dear Brad, I would really love to be the first to be sued because it would be such an opportunity for me to show how usable Free Software has became, and how little use Microsoft expensive products have nowadays. MS is not really a software company anymore, as there is more room for lawyers, FUDers and other whiners than there is for software inovation. 881.rickshill@gmail.com, uses Ubuntu,To Shove In In Microsoft's Monopolistic Face/
882.Jonathan DRUART, France. I am so sorry, I really have to be pushined for not using MS Windows
883.Derek Dickerson, Springfield, OR. I use All Types of GNU/Linux since 1999, Gentoo mostly hope you find what your looking for M$!
884.Alexis Toyane, French Polynesia. Oops. My Windows partition sank into the swimming pool.
885.CAUMONT Guillaume Toulouse, France I'm using Ubuntu for one year, I don't use Microsoft products anymore and I install Ubuntu to all my friends.
886.Dominguez Aurélien, Toulouse/France. I'm a really bad guy for using free software for 3 years, and converting all my friends to go the free way... Please, sue me so I could get back in the right closed, expensive, buggy software way :)
887.Joshua Radley, Australia. Dear Microsoft, you finally learnt there are other places on earth apart from America. You can now learn that there are alternatives to your flawed, expensive, comparably unsupported operating system. And i hope with this list you will get the idea that what you have been working so hard to achieve is slowly but surely being stricken away from you, from teenagers in their garage, from men after work, from women after work, from everyone with an interest in developing a product that will support a growing industry and encourage everyone to come together and pool resources.
888.Amaya Rodrigo Sastre, Madrid/Spain. System Administrator, BOFH, IBM Certified Linux Trainer, Debian GNU/Linux user since 1998, and Debian Developer since 2001. Sue me first! I am guilty and would do it again, all over.
889.Torrelles Marc Muhlouse, France I'm using Suse for one year, I don't use Suse products anymore and I install Suse to all my friends.
890.Arnaud Jordan, Tahiti. Linux activist since 2003 with http://www.lolita.pf. Done dozen of happy linux users. me first, please
891.Ákos Szederjei, Hungary. Linux user since 2003.
892.Sainjeon Florian, France. I'm a bad boy, I'm actually running OpenOffice, I have installed Ubuntu 6.06 last month on my computer and I give Ubuntu CDs to my friends. Oh, and I'm actually downloading FreeDos, I MUST be punished !
893.Felipe Lalli, São Paulo, Brazil, since jan/2007. Ubuntu 6.10 and now 7.04. Free forever.
894.Jean-Baptiste Maneyrol, Grenoble, France. I'm using Linux and plenty of free software since 1997.
895.Norbert Grabowski, Poland, Warsaw / Midzyrzec Podlaski user SUSE Linux, open office, Gimp, and many more. 896.Jim Moore, Worthington, Pennsylvania, USA. I have been Microsoft-free at home since 1996. Started with Slackware. Now running Fedora and loving it.
897.Edmond Sebetseba, Gauteng, South Africa. I am using Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu and Elive... far better than the self crashing OS... Sue me and see if i care.
898.Valery Miloslavsky,Israel. I am using Fedora Core 6 for self-studing.
899.Sean Venter,South Africa.I am using Ubuntu 7.04. Fairly new to linux and already contemplating to toss windows. Eat my shorts Microsoft.
900.Francesco Raffaele Pastore, Potenza, Italy. I'm using Opensuse and Sabayon. It's better then Windows
901.Manuel Mendez Miami,Florida,U.S.A., As a Cuban American whose parents risked their life on a homemade boat to navigate their way here in order to escape a regime whose sole intent was to receive pleasure from inhibiting freedom, innovation, assemblies, and free thought, I have an idea of what Microsoft truly is. After migrating completely away from Windows, I saw the light, I saw what true innovation, and progress is. And this is the main reason why I use it... It is just plain awesome and way ahead than Microsoft. I have been Microsoft free for a year now and have tried SuSe 10.2, and now use Ubuntu since 6.06! PLEASESEE sue me!!!
902.Loïc Corbasson, Troyes, France, long-time Linux user (Debian and Ubuntu at home)
903.Michael Berger, PEI, Canada, Ubuntu Dapper Drake
904.David Doster, Cartersville, GA, USA. CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu. Windows is dead! Long Live Tux!!!
905.Keith Fretz Reading PA, Fedora core user!
906.Michael Martin Thoulakith, Germany, Goslar; I'm using a lot of Open Source apps nearly all the day in my job and at home. And I'm very happy about the things people created over time with the opputunity of OpenSource. Good dispos like Gentoo, Ubuntu or Fedora which in many situation are more stable then Windows. Just because of the monopolism which M$ is running these free Linux dispos can't evolve and now they're trying to "kill" them by publishing senseless issues. I have to say I'm using Windows myself but it's just because it's difficult to do my job just by Linux dispos and OpenSource apps, but if they could someday evolve to a "everything-compatible" dispo like Windows (nearly) is, then I would only use Linux. P.S.: Linux is like a Wigwam: no Windows, no Gates and Apache inside. (I could say that all the day ;D) (sorry if there are any mistakes)
907. Stefano Caccavari. San Floro,Catanzaro, Italy, -Italian Linux User- Gnu/Linux lover ,-)
908. Ben | Adelaide, Australia | Using Ubuntu on Laptop, and loving it.
909. Divad | Lorient, France | Using Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Blender, and a lot of other OpenSource apps !
910. Sergio Barbosa Villas-Boas ([http://www.sbvb.com.br sbVB]) | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Microsoft, this is not a request; this is a demand! I use Linux since long, I teach many to use it, I installed it in many profit-seeking firms. There's no question, I must be sued. My favorite Linux is Fedora 6.
911. Bertrand COUROT, France, I use Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo so i must be sued
912. Mark Lamers. The Netherlands, I not only use Debian @ home, Centos @ work, but I'm also proud to tell I make a living with deleting M$ products and installing OS software in production environments. So they who ripped of Apple in the first place, make my day and sue me!
913. Martin Harvan Slovakia, I use Ubuntu with OpenOffice! (and dont forget to sue me for playing xmoto!)
914.Paul W. Frields | stickster@gmail.com - Virginia, USA | I've been using Linux and allegedly violating patents since 1997, and over the years I've taught well over a thousand other people in professional law enforcement to allegedly violate patents using Linux too. I work with the [http://fedoraproject.org/ Fedora Project], and advocate that others innovate in the computer operating system field, which I suppose potentially could allegedly violate patents Microsoft claims to hold. The United States Patent and Trademark Office is well aware that the patent system in our country is out of hand, especially as it applies to computer software, and the courts have agreed. If they are unable to stop Microsoft and other companies from strangling progress, we will stop them ourselves. Even if it means getting sued. So please, sue away -- I use Fedora and everything on it, including OpenOffice, Inkscape, Firefox, the GIMP, Rhythmbox, Totem, Glade, Python -- oh, and occasionally tsclient to remotely log in to my mother's Windows system to fix the many problems that occur constantly.
915. Philippe CHARTIER, France, I use Mandriva, Kubuntu and Debian on a total of 4 hosts plus 3 virtual machines, and I use it on the mobile phone platforms I'm working on, part of my job' scope - M$, it's now too late for you guys so sue me but it won't make any difference, '''the penguin rules the world yet !!'''
916.PC-LOST, UK.I use PCLinuxOS 2007, stable,no virii,trojans,spyware or bloat,just a nice clean machine. So mr gates, give me one good reason why i should use your crap,don't bother!!!. So sue me bitch-face, you can't take from a empty pocket. Hahahahahahaha . '''pengiun friendly'''
917.Joop van Mechelen, Netherlands. Ubuntu 6.10/7.04 why sue me while you are violating many patents in Windows?
918.from México, Marcos Marin. I use Ubuntu 7.04 and I would really like to know the number to Those-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named patents. Pretty please?
919.Clint Fleming | Open Source since 1996 | Gentoo Linux on everything! I've flashed my router with open source firmware. I have Gentoo on my Sun box, Alpha box and my Mac. Don't fear the penguin!
920.David L. Craig | Gaithersburg, MD, USA | GNU/Linux since 1993 | Running Debian/Sid because it works and it's community-developed
921.Julien Van der Linden, Caen, France. Mandriva 2006. Penguin breeder
922.Stefano Pellegrini, Florence, Italy. Gentoo.
923.[http://www.t94xr.net.nz/ t94xr] - I use Linux on my Laptop and [http://t94xr.ath.cx/ server]. I'm still a windows whore, but I love linux in a reborn old P.O.S. computer way and server way (LAMP and SAMBA server style) so im not all bad lawl - I think it's a joke. Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop (Debian ftw!)
924.E Durbin, Des Moines, IA. Ubuntu
925.Kozell József, Debrecen, Hungary, 3*235 patent violation because of two home computers and a server, all with Debian sid. Micro$oft is a joke!
926. J McDonough, Pittsburgh PA USA. Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04 on multiple machines. I love not having to worry as much about viruses and junk slowing down my computer. I LOVE having more control over my machine as well!
927.Patred TheKnight, Gujarat, India: been using linux for years. I got fed up with providing service and re-installations for everybody I know: all those pirated versions, all those slower than slugs PCs packed with bloat ware (yes you too Adobe!) virii, worms, horses and other zoo creatures. Now I distribute PCLinuxOs to all of them and tell them I will ONLY support and reinstall Linux. If they want to keep windows they can find some other guy, pay 500 buck to wipe their drives, destroy all their data and reinstall an illegal version again. And now? Now I am looking for a new job. In the mean time I keep on searching google for software like this: "[search term] +Software + GPL -XP -Vista" and adding TBs of fun software. - The sleep of reason breeds monsters! - GOYA
928.Julien Odent, Belgium. Debian. [http://www.patapizza.be Patapizza] 929.Kenneth TSE, Hong Kong. I am using tons of FOSS on you patented evil Windows. Well, sue me and others like me, your "valuable" customers, and see if this encourages us to switch to the damn IP rights infringer OS.
930.Mou, A Coruña (Spain). I use Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn
931.Massimo Maiurana, Ragusa Italy. MS-free since 2002, now I'm using slackware Linux... but I would use any non-MS OS ;)
932. Jonathan H Pienaar (Johannesburg, South Africa), running Kubuntu Linux since it came out. My whole office runs on OpenOffice.org, Firefox and Thunderbird. Eat me, M$!
933.Arthur Gerbaud, France. I have used Ubuntu Linux for 4years, and I will go on in Freedom !
934.[http://www.gfdsa.org/ Michael Tabolsky], Linux user since 1998, Israel, now Italy
935.Costantino Carugno, Italy. Using Debian Unstable since november 2006. I hope that Microsoft will sue me :D Debian Rulz!!
User Journal

Journal Journal: Page 06 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 06 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

576.Harold Vance. Houston, Texas. Ubuntu Feisty, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Google Apps, Gimp, etc., etc. I'm inviting Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold and likeminded patent/personal enrichment schemers to sue me. Hope to see you soon!
577.aL. Sacramento, CA. Ubuntu 7.04 & PCLinuxOS2007 - OpenOffice, Gimp etc.
578.Michael Keller, Christchurch, New Zealand. Debian etch (server), Ubuntu feisty (desktop). I use open source software as much as I can because it gives me the best control over what it does.
579.Sivaram Kannan, sivaram_sk@yahoo.com,I am linux user since 1998, Debian, Fedora. Though yet to completely dump windows due to a wireless card problem in Linux, I will soon dump it and Windows free. I truly belive this patent talk is gonna be the Microsoft's waterloo.
580.Leonardo Ribeiro Rodrigues da Rocha, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil. Linux Linux Linux Linux!!!! Conectiva in my K6-III, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn in my Notebook, Also Kurumin and Debian, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Gaim (Pidgim), Gimp, Sylpheed, Dillo, Links, vim, Fluxbox, WindowMaker, Enlightenment 16 and 17, Openbox, Gnome, KDE, XFCE etc. Free Software user with all my pride! Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer! You dont have the guts to sue us! you cant do anything! We all now that Free Software scares the hell out of Micro$oft! You cant do nothing to stop us! you cant stop LIBERTY! We're not afraid of your fake promises nor of your FUDs!!!! So sue me if you can!! aehauehaeuhau! http://terramel.wordpress.com
581.Jeff Mackler, I use open source whenever and where ever I can. I certainly miss spending thousands for crappy software that make Gates rich....pause....NOT!
582.Charles Lohr - University of Maryland, Baltimore County - lohr1_at_ umbc.edu. If you say I should be paying someone a license for something, I'll pay it, but you'll have to tell me what it's for. I stopped pirating stuff a long time ago. Gentoo, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, various assorted KDE apps. I think that hits most of those 235.
583.arif Sacramento, California using Ubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice, Firefox, XMMS, MPlayer and many more.
584.Allan Registos, Davao City Philippines, User of Fedora for mail server, Ubuntu desktop user, Using Firefox, mail client Thunderbird and OpenOffice on top of Windows.
585.Tomas Janecek, Klatovy, Czech republic. Gentoo; Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Gimp, mplayer etc.
586.Nick Meijer, Alberta, Canada. Don't use open-source. Have no patented software to cross-licence. Have no assets worth seizing. Never checked if anything I use violated patents--so I don't use open-source and I don't have that problem. Can't play in the enterprise software sandbox, so I am unlikely to be sued--same as the 564 people before me
587.Jessica Winstead, Nevada, USA. jessica_winsteadATyahooDOTcom . Using Slackware, Debian, Freespire, Solaris, Ubuntu on my home computers, as well as Firefox, GIMP, mplayer, pidgin (formerly gaim), OpenOffice.org, fluxbox, and wine (so that I can play my Windows games without the Windows). I also wiped Windows XP from a customer's computer and installed Ubuntu 6.06 on it to fix their (many) problems, and he was very happy with it. I made $100 USD off the whole service. Because of my great experiences with linux, I'll never buy Microsoft software again!
588.Mark C. Mason, Portland, Oregon USA. BSD, TCP/IP, GCC, Minux, X-Windows, World Wide Web, Linux, Firefox, Thunderbird. All the stuff you ripped for your supposedly proprietary product line.
589.Henrique de Castro Silva Junior, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. henriquejuniorufrrj[at]gmail.com . Using Fedora as my personel desktop and Slackware as my work server. Firefox, Openoffice, Inkscape, GIMP, Amarok, all for free (and open) and all the best!
590.[http://jessezilstorff.dk/ Jesse Zilstorff], Copenhagen, Denmark - I've been using Ubuntu as my main OS for some months now and I have absolutely no regreats about leaving the unstable, proprietary piece of shit that the M$ shitheads dummies have the nerve to call an OS. I'm currently using [http://ubuntu.com/ Ubuntu] 7.04 along with these FOSS applications/programs: [http://openoffice.org/ OpenOffice.org], [http://www.gnome.org/projects/rhythmbox/ Rhythmbox], [http://deluge-torrent.org/ Deluge], [http://www.pidgin.im/ Pidgin], [http://getfirefox.com/ Firefox], [http://www.inkscape.org/ Inkscape], [http://www.gnome.org/projects/totem/ Totem], [http://www.beryl-project.org/ Beryl], [http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ Audacity] and many more! Please sue me, then everyone else on these pages, you worthless bunch of douchebags, that can't do anything exept take the original ideas of others, make your own screwed up implementaions, and then patent them and claim it was your ideas from the beginning. 591.I'm [http://linuxren.org/ Tristan] from China, and i'm using Ubuntu7.04 as my primary desktop environment. My email address is LinuxRen at gmail.com.
592.i'm monish from the bay area in california,united states. i am using ubuntu 7.0.4 on PC.i also use mozilla firefox ,git and all kinds of please sue me first.
593. Satyanarayana Kakollu, Santa Fe, USA. Using Redhat Linux and Kernel source since 1998
594.Peter Ellis, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. I use a nice old box with an 850MHz processor running SuSE 10.2 KDE, that also sings along with Kubuntu 7.04 live CD when asked. I offer copies of Ubuntu / Kubuntu 7.04 to friends. I'm really bad!
595.Roy Britten, New Zealand, roy.britten[at]gmail.com. Using various flavours of Ubuntu with Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org, vim, totem, mplayer, and the list goes on. When I need Windows at work there's vmware.
596.Phang, Malaysia. I used pirated software my whole life... What can you do, Microsoft? Now I'm using Redhat Linux... Sue me if you want... Shame on you, big bully...
597.Twomol, China. I use Fedora for both at work and home, I build site use php, mysql and apache, I develop software with gtk and gcc etc ...
598.Stan Wong, Yew Tuck, Malaysia, I started using Linux 9 years ago and happily freed myself from bloat OS/ the OS bloat. I have now moved up to be a Linux Administrator, using Centos 4-5, Fedora Core 3-6 and Ubuntu 6.06. I have also successfully converted a NT4 doman to a Samba 3 domain. All Linux servers, File servers, print servers, firewalls/routers and web servers are all free! The most irritating issue has got to be having to restart the Windows server every month for security patches. I will surely be termed "Lazy Employee" if the systems using Linux runs perfectly and my hands are free... Please sue me~
599.Clifton Hyatt, Missouri USA. Missouri's state motto is "The Show Me State", and thats what Microsoft should do, "Show Me!". I have used GNU/Linux for years (currently Kubuntu 7.04, I used to administer Windows networks and now all I do is switch individuals and organizations. I refuse to support Windows now, it's like banging your head against a brick wall. Microsoft should start suing everyone, it will shorten their death throws, 'cause GNU/Linux is going to clear their clock. This stuff is so diverse and open and stable and flexible, Ms is hopelessly outmatched, and it shows. Come and get me, cause I am switching folks right and left.
600.Juan Garcia, California, United States. I'm using SUSE Linux 10.1, GIMP, OPENOFFICE, UNBUTU, DSL, THUNDERBIRD, etc., as a technician and resolving others people problems with their systems, I use "a lot" of open source tools, as well as a couple from microsoft, it's funny but I use KNOPPIX to fix computers with windows installed, for security reasons I have installed over a hundred of FIREFOX browsers removing completely IEXPLORER on the last year only, countless versions of OPENOFFICE and other several others programs always focus on security, stability, price, where open source are leading the evolution on technology even forcing the big corporation to make changes to try to keep their user base, thanks to all on the OPEN-SOURCE community. I'm with You, shoulder to shoulder.
601.Dennis Schafroth, Copenhagen, Denmark. Have been using linux since slackware pre-1.0 and is now using Ubuntu for Desktop (along with OS X), and fedora Core on servers. Been ever so happy since I have dropped my last Windows partition, even at work. RIP, Windows... and please sue me first!
602.L.O.Quioco, Cebu, Republic of the Philippines. I was introduced to Linux in 2002 by a colleague who used Trustix as our proxy server. Since then I've used Mandrake for desktop and Fedora as workstation, Censornet as firewall, OpenOffice, Gimp, Gaim, Jabber for my office instant messaging, OpenVPN for my boss, mySQL, PostgreSQL, LTSP, etc. Our gov't has developed a custom Filipino distro calle Bayanihan Linux and can be found at http://www.bayanihan.gov.ph
603.web4you gmbh rombach switzerland. Auch wir wollen verklagt werden. Bitte M$. Wir haben Linux als Server und auf 2 Arbeitsstationen sowie auf einem DELL Latitude D820 im Einsatz. Juerg Schwarz http://www.web4you-gmbh.ch 604.Tim Vonderwall, Adelaide Australia. I use Ubuntu, Gimp, NVU, OppenOffice etc etc etc. Slowly implementing Linux into a corporate environment. Dual boot, but my Windows OS is growing cobwebs!! tjvon@adam.com.au
605.Mark Pipkin AKA Mouseclone, Atlanta, GA, USA. I use Ubuntu 7.04, Cedega and trying out Crossover6 for gaming. I also use blender to play around. I have enjoyed using Ubuntu for a little less than a year now. I love the fact that packages check themselves for conflicts before being installed. I have had several problems with MS because of their auto updates. I have started running an Open Source Software blog at [http://19incheswide.com 19incheswide.com] and hope to contribute more time to the community. I have even installed Scalix Email server at work and have enjoyed it since running the installer. Long live OpenSource! Down with paying $200+ for a beta OS that has been that was since Windows95.
606.CompUnite.co.za, Johannesburg, South Africa. Please sue us if you dare! We run our organisation entirely on Linux and OpenSource software. In fact the sole purpose of CompUnite South Africa is to help Microsoft victims to cross over to OpenSource software. I'll be forwarding this link to all our happy, satisfied and productive customers as they too would be interested in being sued. Furthermore your idol threats may be damaging to our cause and we are considering taking singlular or combined legal action to counter this mafia behaviour. All intersested in combined legal action mail me on so-sue-me@compunite.co.za. I'm quite serious, do it now!
607.Giorgio Beltrammi from Riccione, Italy. Linux lover since november 2005. My two laptop with Ubuntu 6.06/DreamLinux 2.0 and Puppy Linux 2.15 CE non Windows inside. My preferred tools are BlueFish, Opera browser, Totem, Rhythmbox, XMMS, The GIMP, SongBird. My websites are [http://tuxmillennium.blogspot.com TuxMillennium], [http://ubuntu-inside.blogspot.com Ubuntu-Inside], [http://it.linux.wikia.com Linux Wiki]. Dear Micro$oft, Linux IS the Operating System of the future with or without you!
608.Cody Lee, Texas USA. I mainly use Ubuntu 6.10, and Arch 0.8. I continually test out and play with several other distros using all the facilities availiable to me for free http://www.platinummonkey.com PUT UP OR SHUT UP! .!. o_0 .!.
609.Dario Zanzico from Roma, Italy. I use linux everywhere, and I hope to see free software everywhere. Microsoft can't go on with all this FUD, we must do whatever we can for having it to do only is (in my opinion, bad) work. I don't trust them and as long as I can't see the code i can't trust them.
610.Kirislav Zakov. Bulgaria. I use Linux, NetBSD, OpenSolaris in my desktop at home. I use so many "bad" open source applications. GNOME, Galeon, Thunderbird ... so many. There is a sentence in my country, "the dog is barking but the caravan is going". Linux is the caravan now. So, you can not change anything.... dear M$.
611. Michael Szyndel. Poland. I've used plenty of distros in the past. At the moment I have installed Ubuntu 7 on my server, open Solaris on laptop and also OpenOffice under WINDOWS (oh my God!). I can't wait to meet you in a court!
612. Jan Niemiec. Wroclaw, Poland. Ubuntu 7.04. Look better, tastes better, uses less resources (money, time, laptop battery). Why bother with other?
613.Alan Lord, United Kingdom. GO ON M$oft! I haven't got any money but it would be fun watching you try to get some of mine! I have been using Linux for years: I roll my own distros based on Linux From Scratch and use Ubuntu 7.04 on the desktop. [http://www.theopensourcerer.com The Open Sourcerer]
614.Gavin Brady Lynch, Naperville, IL, USA. I use FreeBSD and Ubuntu for open-source development and desktop applications.
615.Cosmin Neagu, Romania, I use Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora and LFS and will do so long after Microsoft is dead. If you need some protection money just say so ... I'll save us allot of bullshit!
616.Edgar Costanzo from Catania (Italy)
I have Linux in my heart and my PCs since 2000. I've been using Suse Linux 10.2 in the last 5 months. Before that, Kubuntu and Mandrake/Mandriva were my "preferred" distros. Actually I like to change every now and then, so I'll probably switch to some other distro before the end of the year (could I do something like this with Micro$oft product$?).
What I do with Linux? EVERYTHING!!! Developing (NetBeans, KDevelop, PHP), gaming, emailing, writing documents (openOffice), chatting (Kopete), surfing internet, 3D designing (Blender), Image editing (Gimp), listening music (Amarok ...WOW!!!), p2p file sharing (Ktorrent ... :) ), burning CDs and DVDs, etc etc etc etc etc etc ...
Let us live, Bill! Let us choose what is better for ourselves!... Or sue all of us!
617. Alex Brick, Melbourne, Australia. Ubuntu, Debian adjusted by computerbank victoria on office network. I got sick and tired of the lovely message, "your copy of windows / office is not legal, please give us even more money so we can afford to send you this message in another 6 months" so am quite happy to say fuck you microsoft again.
618.Antonio Lorusso, Altamura, Italy. I'm a linux user and I'm spreading the word around my world.. Hit Me Microsoft before it's too late :D
619.David Legg, Middlesex, United Kingdom. I use UK Linux to host my web site and use Fedora Core 5. [http://www.legg.uklinux.net/ http://www.legg.uklinux.net/]
620.Bernardo Kuri, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Ubuntu Feisty x64. Loving every minute of it.
621.Alan Bell, Surrey, UK. I use Ubuntu Edgy on two laptops (and I didn't pay for it twice) and Fedora on a server, Debian on another server, and loads and loads of virtual machines (didn't pay for them either) I also run Linux on my Fonera FON router and I run an ISP that positively encourages users to have Linux based Fonera routers.[http://www.fondoo.net Fondoo.net]
622.Juha K. Siltala, Helsinki, Finland. Not only do I use several GNU/Linux systems, I even use the Internet which uses Free Software extensively.
623.Rossano Gobbi, Tegna, Switzerland. I Use Ubuntu Feisty on both my laptop and my home pc. I started to use linux because I felt cooler than my friends. I still use it today because I feel cooler than any windows user in the world. I love living on the edge and violating every (supposed) M$ copyright thanks to my linux boxes.
624.S.K.Saghir, Cork, Ireland. I am a postgrad student, my research can't move ahead without Linux. I am using Red Hat!
625.Knut Petter Meen, Oslo, Norway. Using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on my laptop. I'm a Java developer and dedicated user of Open Source
626.Marco BOnfatti, Formigine (MO), Italy. Linux user, Linux IT manager and OpenSource developer.
627. Wang Yibin, Beijing, china. I us Linux on my laptops/destops for the past three years. Windows is a 'no no' to me.
628.Kamil "shela" Szelezin, Szczecin, Poland. Why I use Open Source software? Simple. It's free often more reliable than commercial, I can easy make some changes, I can rely on people who develops it and I know they at least try to solve my problem if it exist. Now i'm going to move to Linux (or Linux + FreeBSD + maybe Solaris). Why? Because Windows is annoying, slow, annoying and I don't need it at all. Did I mentioned Windows is annoying? So Sue Me First Microsoft! Save me this bullshit about your "The greatest OS Ever". Linux looks nice, uses less resources, works stable and i don't have tons of useless windows poping up with some warnings/errors. So: "Do widzenia, kup se trbke do pierdzenia" (hire someone from polish microsoft to translate it mr. Brad Smith)
629.Oscar Pingarron, España. I'm Debian and Xubuntu user. I was a fanatic user for many years of Suse, but, I don't need any protection against Microsoft, and I don't need any compatibility with Windows OS; If I may need it, I only have to buy a Windows license. I'm not yet user of Suse. Thanks Novell, you have aid me to discover Debian.
630.Micha Lech, Warsaw, Poland :: Fedora, Slack, Gnome, Enlightenment, GIMP, xmms, Firefox and lotsa more.
631.Ryan McLean, UK: I use kbuntu and have ubuntu running on virtual machines.. ahwell what can you do? NOTHING!
632.Jose Nuno Neto, Lisboa,Portugal :: RedHat Fedora, KDE, Kontact,Firefox,OpenOffice,GIMP .
633.João Batista Aguiar da Silva, Portugal(From Brazil). I detached from Micro$oft with the Win98. I even try OS/2!!! I've used RedHat, SuSe and now i use Ubuntu in my Desktop. My wife use SuSe, The boys use SuSe & Win2K. As a profissional of IT since 1982, I have some experience in maiframes and PCs and i like it. And a lot of people come to me with the usual cycles of install/reinstall win(wathever flavour), viruses and worms and hates. And i install linux for them. And everything goes well. So i deserve to be punished. I use and spread Linux and the opensource programs in my family, comunity and if you don't stop me, around the world. In our history a lot of people where punished, even dead, for believe in freedom. So, I am in good company. And I couldn't ask for beter than this. Linux, OPenOffice, Gimp, Thunder & Firefox, oh so many. YOU name it!!!
634.Johan Pretorius, Johannesburg, South Africa :: I use Linux for most of my computing needs. Specifics:- SuSE 10.x, FireFox, OpenOffice, Apache, mySQL, PHP to name but a few. To make things worse, I use FireFox and OpenOffice on Linux, Sun Solaris AND Windows! Please, Microsoft, sue me! Be grateful that we don't sue *you* for loss of income due to Internet Explorer and Windows security issues.
635. Stephan Rath, 17 years old, from Austria. Using Firefox, GIMP, OOo on a SuSE linux with kde (and windoze cause the accounting software we use at school will not work with wine :(, derive 6 does :D), gaming only on windoze, all other things on my suse. So sue me, micro$oft, i am using your products! ;D
636.Sunny Yiu, Australia. sunnzy at g mail .com. Started with Windows XP when I was 15. Slowly moved to dual boot with Fedora, then single booting Ubuntu with XP inside a VM. As of Vista I have even got rid of Windows in virtual environments, now proud to say 100% Microsoft Free!!! Now I use Gentoo on the Desktop, Mac/Kubuntu on the laptop, Red Hat on my web site's server, and Kubuntu again at computer labs at school - that's a lot of shit for you to sue, good luck!
637.Mexx Chan, from Hong Kong. Using Fedora linux for years -- Apache with PHP and MySQL, Samba for file sharing, and Openoffice on Linux. If any one of you guys in microsoft can prove that we have used anything which are owned by you illegally, please take legal actions.
638. Oliver Schmidt - Olinet Informatik in Switzerland. No Microsoft products are in use. All Servers and PC's based on Gentoo Linux. We use OpenOffice, Firefox and XFCE4 for the Desktop. Where VERY happy with our setup :-)
639.Amos Shapira, amos.shapira at gmail.com. Using Debian for over ten years. Both as servers running ISP's and other software and as a desktop at home and at work. I make a living from maintaining servers using well known FOSS software such as Apache, MySQL, PostgresQL, Perl and hundreds of other FOSS packages as well contributing bits and pieces of code to various FOSS projects.
640.Hadrian Wgrzynowski, Pozna, Poland, queight at g mail dot com :: Linux 2.6.21-gentoo, X.Org 7.2, Xfce 4.4.1, Firefox, OpenOffice 2.2.0, Eclipse 3.2.1, MPlayer 1.0.20070427, GIMP 2.3.16, Inkscape 0.45.1, Blender 2.44, sudo 1.6.8_p12-r1 and that's only the begining! Sue us all! Show us the code! I use my Gentoo, because it's mine. I want to use only innovative software. I want to have control over my computer, not give it to someone that don't know my needs.
641. Joachim Landsiedel, Germany. I use Ubuntu, Firefox, OpenOffice.org, pandora, joomla, thunderbird, mySQL, GNOME, gizmo, gimp, evolution, python, blender, sword, evince, xsane, k3b, NVu, wine, jAlbum, TVBrowser, audacity, serpentine, streamtuner, Rhythmbox, XMMS, Rosegarden, Flock, opera, AbiWord, PDF Editor, cups-pdf, warsow, ActionCube, Nexuiz, Tremulous, Sound Juicer. Please, Bill, I would like to be SUED FIRST
642.Jonás Andradas Arias, Madrid, Spain. I use Debian every day, both at home, in my laptop and at work. Maybe I should be sued... oh, I double-click really, really often...
I'm inviting Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold and likeminded patent/personal enrichment schemers to sue me. Hope to see you soon!
643. Terry (Terence John) Coles, UK. I too use Ubuntu, Firefox, OpenOffice.org. So sue me. In fact, if I need an application, and there is an open source app that will do what I want I'll use it. Not because it comes without cost, but because it is free. When you understand the difference, you'll realise that you can't beat us, so why not join us?
644. Petra Blom, Nederland. Ubuntu, OpenOffice.org, Thunderbird, Firefox. Sue me.
645. Issamo Kisaka, Brazil. Debian GNU/Linux, BrOffice.org. Sue me Microshit.
646.Connor Oliver, Nova Scotia Canada. Firefox, Thunderbird, Audacity And to many to name. I Use alot of Open Source programs, None of witch run on a MS System.
647.Gergely Csonka, Hungary. Using Ubuntu since 5.04. Not because it's free, but because it's superior. Actually, it's quite easy for me to convert other people to Linux, every time someone complains about his computer, I just show him my laptop with Linux, and his first question is "Where can I get it?". Then I suggest (even help, if needed) to set up dual boot for a smoother change, but soon he realizes that he doesn't really boot into windows any more, and start thinking of the windows partition as a waste of disk space... Come on, sue me Microsoft, I'm so evil that I'm using Linux, Firefox and Amarok even right now as I'm writing this!
648. Mark Lennox, Dublin, Ireland - Ubuntu 6.10, 7.04, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird etc. While I am a .NET developer all my Microsoft installations are virtual machines - my laptop never crashes or gets infected now as it runs Debian. My Linux server is safe and secure (but still accessible) behind a router running Linux. If FOSS has stolen so much from you then why doesn't it crash and exhibit bit-rot like Microsoft's OSes? hmm? Put up or shut up - show the world what these patents are and watch the FOSS world reroute around them leaving you with your pants down AGAIN!
649. Alfredo Moretta, Bologna-Italy.Using Linux distro's and their awesome applications for over 7 years...i dont know what is "The Blue Screen" Micro$oft please tell us.
650. John Derrick, Australia. BackTrack2 pen testa, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, DSL Linux. Sue me and you'll have to reimburse me for your idiocy. Kinda makes me sick that the MS parasite bleeds lamers of money like they do. How many vulnerabilities is it now Microtheft? Oh you say you've changed your evil ways with MS Vista (that's Windows XP SP 42) lmfao!! Patch them holes baby!! rofl!! Yeah Baby Yeah!! And Joost is coming to Linux brethren!! Woot Woot!! Way to go small lil flightless bird!!! Woot Woot!!! Gotta get me that latest Windblowz Vista so some script kiddy can can jam it with spam bots and rootkits er just another plain vanilla Microshit Hack-In-A-Box!!
651. Jacson Querubin, Brazil. Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. just sue me. rofl! 652. Leonardo Damasceno, Uberlandia-Brazil. I'm free: Ubuntu+OpenOffice+Inkscape+Gimp+Evolution+Firefox for years...Bad Vista? Micro$oft? argh! Sue me!!!
653.Ivan Kuiava, Cascavel/Pr/Brasil. I am a bad guy. I use diverse distributions (ubuntu, debian, suse e fedora) and several free softwares (quanta, gimp, firefox, thunderbird....). Please, arrest me, punish me. :)
654. Ronaldo Silva, São Paulo-Brazil. Free for all: Mandriva + Ubuntu = Endless Happy! Micro$soft, bahhh!
655. Wesley da Silva, Goiânia-Brazil. Slackware forever!!!
656. Marcantoni Francesco, Using GNU/Linux for 6 years.
657.Andrea Condoluci, Feltre/Italy. Ubuntu feisty+Epiphany+Evolution+OO.o+Inkscape+Gimp+Pidgin+etc... Don't just stand there... Sue me! We don't need you! :D
658.Maurizio Lombardi, ITA Omegna (VB). I use Debian and Zenwalk.
659.Bernardo Costa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Linux user since 2000, with debian etch at home. As once said by ramones: the punishment fits the crime. Guilty as charge.
660.Francesc Vila, Lloret de Mar, Catalonia. I mainly use gentoo linux and arch linux
661.Arne Janbu, Germany. Gentoo Linux, Openoffice, Mozilla Firefox+Thunderbird, Xorg and a lot more :) Feel free to do something against me :)
662.Rafael de Andrade Sousa, Curitiba, Brasil. Debian Lenny at home and Debian Etch at my work. I use it for everything. I'm free. I've broken the chains first, and I'll tell everyone I know that there's a way out... a better! Linux forever!
663. John Kemp. Recently converted to Linux after having to use it for something and realising what a breath of fresh air it was. Ubuntu Feisty is my distro of choice along with all the usual software, plus when I do use Windoze I have switched away from a lot of paid software and now use OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and GIMP for example. Just for fun I also have several games that have been released to the public domain. They're classics and they're now free and (in a way) open source, so why not? :-) My computers see a lot of general use (browsing, email, games, etc) as well as work related things (software development, etc). Most of the people I know are also either using Linux or thinking of using Linux. Bring it on Microsoft. You can't stop the signal. 664. Mazza Gianluca, Brescia/Italy GNU/Linux user (4 years). I don't want to go back.
665. Brian Auger, Howard County, Maryland, USA. I use Kubuntu 7.04. All 270 of our public access PCs use Groovix, an adaptation of Ubuntu. This fall, all our staff PCs will be running Ubuntu. Pretty much all our servers run Red Hat; by this time next year, it'll be 100%. Take a look: http://liboss.westlib.asu.edu/howard_county_library_to_deploy_ubuntu_linux_on_all_customer_computers
666. Good Heavens! It's number 666! The NUMBER OF THE BEAST! Sue yourself, Microsoft!
667. Marijan Kelava [http://marijan-kelava.com], Purkersdorf, Austria. Ubuntu and SuSe Linux User. Fu you M$
668. Luca Noale, Firenze/Italy. I use Ubuntu Feysty both at home and in my laptop I'm an Java developer
669. Yevgen Yashchenko, Ukraine. Ubuntu Fiesty rocks! M$ go to hell or suit us if you are not afraid!
670. Jon Swift, Westlake Village California, USA. WEB developer, using open source for 5 years.
671.José Ramalho Júnior, São Bernardo do Campo, Brasil. [http://ramalhojr.googlepages.com] Escreverei em Português do Brasil porque devemos valorizar a liberdade e a autonomia dos povos. Microsoft, não tenho nada contra vocês, porque vocês não têm NADA! Afinal quem tem um RWindows fica só com os vírus!!! O FUD não vai funcionar, cada vez mais pessoas são informadas e o conhecimento as liberta do julgo da escravidão. Sou usuário Linux, sim Senhor! Nem mesmo seu governo usa seu sistema falido. Querem provar que estamos quebrando patentes, ABRAM SEU CÓDIGO(Talk is cheap! Show me the code!) e mostraremos que vocês deliberadamente utilizam-se de nosso código para implementações melhores de seus softwares sem futuro! Usuários de RWindows, a mensagem que lhes deixo é: EXPERIMENTA! Experimenta Linux e você nunca mais voltará a passar vergonha! VIVA A LIBERDADE! VIDA LONGA AO LINUX! OBRIGADO LINUS TORVALDS! OBRIGADO COMUNIDADE LIVRE! VIVA O BRASIL!
672. Guilherme Machado, Curitiba/Paraná/Brazil. Ubuntu, Dawn Small Linux, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, Inkscape and much more. Open you mind!!!
673. Luiz Spies, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, system administratror using ubuntu 7.04 on my home for desktop and on my job for desktop, i using openoffice, evolution, xmms, banshee, amsn, firefox, and on my servers debian linux 3.1 rc4 and ubuntu server 6.06 LTS with apache, qmail, postgres, bind9, courrier imap, squirell webmail, spamassassin, maildrop, simscam, clamav, qmailadmin, vpopmail, php4 and php5, so if you want to sue me, sue me, better use a free software that work's, i don't want to use you expensive system with all bug's spywares, virus, crash's and blue screen. Prove it first and talk later, you steal from apple and unix, all the world know that, we are free, we can choose.
674. Everton Godoi, Londrina - Paraná - Brazil. Debian, utilizo Linux em casa(home - Debian), escritorio(office - Ubuntu), sou também administrador de servidores(servers) de email(postfix,courier,spamassassin,amavis), banco de dados(mysql), mensagens(jabber), Firewall(iptables), IDS(snort), Proxy(squid), Web(apache), Programação(php), autenticação(openldap), etc. E em meu Desktop sou 100% software livre, I live open source. My email: everton.godoi@gmail.com
675.Eugenio Carlos Gallicchio Hansen, Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil, Kubantu.
676. Dana Morehouse, Ontario Canada. Mandriva 2007, Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, PC-BSD, Smoothwall, Open Office, GAIM, the list goes on and on. GNU/Linux user for 6 years, 5 desktops and a laptop. 100% Microshaft free!
677.Martín Lamas Díaz (mircho84@gmail.com), Spain - I'm using Slackware GNU/Linux 11.0 on my desktop PC and Ubuntu GNU/Linux 7.04 on my secondary PC. Also, I'm using OpenOffice, Firefox, VLC... on my Windows.
678.Giovanni "nanomad" Condello, Italy - Currently official Ubuntu GNU/Linux translator. I use every kind of FOSS that suits my needs (yeah, linux too ;) )
679.Jen Smith from Columbus, Ohio. Running PCLinuxOS 2007 final on my desktops, Ubuntu Server on a couple servers. Come get me. Bring your RIAA/MPAA buddies too. Viva la revolucion!
680.Emerson Esteves (Brasília, Brazil) I am using Debian GNU/Linux at home and work, with Openoffice, Iceweasel, Wine and more... no crash, no reboot, no Window$... so no M$ patent$ !! :)
681.Rajbir Bhattacharjee (India). I've used Redhat Linux, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Suse for years in addition to SCO unix, AIX, Solaris. Microsoft is modern day SCO it seems. Open office serves me great... And so do gimp, pidgin.... I've watched a lot of movies using Xine. I really loved Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2, Kill Bill 3. I've also read a pdf using gpdf and also on wikipedia using firefox and mozilla that the first M$ operating system, MS-Dos was based on Seattle Computer's QDOS (Quick and Dirty operating systems). Microsoft's pedagogy, family tree, and history are all so dirty. Its so dirty that sometimes I feel like opening the microsoft logo in gimp and cleaning up the dirt by using the erase tool. I've also read on the internet a joke about how microsoft was named. We have all heard about it, so I'll skip mentioning it here (Oh no Bill, I don't want you sueing me on personal grounds. Sue me if you want for using OSS, but please please please don't sue me for slandering your personal life.. please please... HEE HEE HEE HEE....You seriously didn't think I'm serious, did you? Poor you. ) 682.Benedykt "Silmethule" Jaworski, Poland. Using: Linux, OO.o, Mozilla Firefox, Krusader, Kadu, nano, GIMP, GwenView, Krita, Audacity, Audacious, Thunderbird, g++, Screem, KDE... and many, many more FOS Software... Where I have to use Windows(TM? :P) - if I can - I use FOSS on it too... And I want to know what are the patents my software breaks...
683.Giorgio Consorti, Rome, Italy. Using GNU/Linux in a lots of distros since almost 12 years. Now definitively running Kubuntu. Why I use it? 'Cuz IT WORKS!
684.Joao Emanuel (Brasilia, Brasil) I use Debian and Gentoo, Firefox, Gnome and others softwares. Bye Microsoft :-P
685.John Breo (USA) I use Microsoft Windows Vista and I love it! I also use Firefox, Opera and Winamp.
686. do all the alarms in your house go off at around 12 o'clock??
687.Giovanni "nanomad" Condello, Italy - Currently official Ubuntu GNU/Linux translator. I use every kind of FOSS that suits my needs (yeah, linux too ;) )
688.Ryan Hoffman, Portland, Oregon, USA. I use Debian Linux on my home PC and a modified version of Debian on my Nokia N800. I love Debian for many reasons but some of the most important ones are Debian's social contract and APT. If Micro$oft wants a piece, they can try and take it.
689.Tomás A. Rossi, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Kubuntu Feisty (7.04) (Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird ...). Microsoft: you were the first company that became successful because of stealing from others. Now this is another sample of your dirty ways, you know nothing about fairplay don't you? Make good products or just SUE MY ASS!
690.Micha Rudowicz, Olenica, Poland - Ubuntu 7.04 - Beryl, AIGLX, Opera, Lame, OpenOffice, Wine and all stuff like that. If you want to, i can invite you to a cup of tea, microsoft ;)
691.Allen Sanford (USA) I am a user of Ubuntu, Fedora, Dreamlinux, and Gentoo, (also M$ Windows but don't tell anyone). I have also helped develop a few open source projects, my role mostly has been testing and debugging, I use what ever Technology is best and available. I am waiting for the day when M$ quits bulling hardware companies and making them sign contracts preventing them from developing open source drivers for their hardware. Anyway Sue Me I use OSS!
692.Aaron M. Feldman, Esq. (United States) I have used Debian and Fedora, Firefox, OpenOffice, Gnome, KDE and other Free Software. I was chased away from Microsoft when my job was made impossible by twice weekly security updates, unstable registry problems with no solutions, and Windows Update mandatory upgrades that broke the ability of the server to receive updates. Plus-- they murdered GeoWorks Ensemble by penalizing those who wrote for the environment. Plus, the Gates Foundation gives money to University projects that have "professors" who then go out and write FUD. AND, the Gates Foundation is not supporting the One Laptop per Child project. Sounds like the Gates Foundation is not really not for profit to me. Oh yeah, Alberto Gonzales, we should call him to prosecute this. Mr. Gates, Please sue me for using Free Software, it would give me no end of pleasure to respond.
693.Thiago Diogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - I use Ubuntu in all of my things: work, learn, development and for fun. :D . Its the freedom. DIE MICROSOFT! SCARED? DAMIT. No more.
694.Gualtiero (Ulir), Sassari, Italia. -I'm an UBUNTU 7.04 user. I've also been using PcLinuxOS and Suse 9.2 Linux Pro in the past years. I also appreciate so much liveCDs, always useful. Dear Microsoft, I must admit that I am "also" a Windows Vista Home Premium user. You have always taken whatever you wanted to take from us; but we all know that if we want innovation things must go this way: ideas come one from another. You don't need too much to show us what you're able to do: just grab some of Linux's intellectual philosophy. You will grow up and Windows users will love you, in the same way they love Linux. Nowadays you are too far from this goal. Best Wishes and...If you are in a trouble LEARN FROM LINUX! Don't worry: HE won't regret. Bye!
695.Carlos Juan Martín Pérez. El Salvador (Central América). - Debian user. Proudly guilty of pushing every day a governamental and educative subversive transformation to Free and Libre Software
696. Marco Renoldi - Saronno Italy. Debian and Ubuntu user
697. Wiesaw Puszczyski - Warsaw Poland. Ubuntu 7.04 user
698. Narayan Bujnowicz - Lodz, Poland, Kubuntu 7.04, Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Amarok, K3b, Beryl, Synaptic.
699. Heder Dorneles - Tocantins Brasil, Slackware 10.2, Firefox, BrOffice, Xine, XMMS entre outros. hehehe
700. Cor Metselaar - Leiden, the Netherlands. Using Slackware, OpenSuse, Firefox, Thunderbird, Audacity, xmms, MythTV, Nessus, nmap, wireshark etc.
701. Daniel Baeza - Torrevieja,Alicante,España, Debian, Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird.
702.Jeremiah Bess - Fountain, CO, USA. Mandriva 2007 on three machines (desktop, laptop and a server). The server is used for filesharing with samba. The desktop is for websurfing and experimenting (Firefox, OpenOffice, Azeurus, Wine). The laptop is for roaming. Bring it on M$!
703. Akin Fernandez, Irdialani Limited, London, United Kingdom. We run Red Hat for our webserver and Ubuntu for our desktops. We have run Linux since 1995 (Starting with Red Hat 'Picasso') an have run Suse, Mandrake, Gentoo, Fedora, Korora. We will accept service at our registered offices. You dimwits.
704. Alex de Best - Leeuwarden Netherlands, Fedora Core 6 and Beta 7 test 4, i just used the liveCD, made it load inside my memory and it was already faster and more stable then windows with more options and things to do then the standard windows package. also something to mention, Fedora and linux in general give HELPFULL errormessages!!! i f***ed something up (and i do love to tweak =) ) then it tells me what i did wrong and how i can fix it and how it will even help me do that! eat your heart out MS
705. Eduardo Silva - Ribeirao Preto/ Brasil, OpenSuse 10.2 ... Usando Firefox, Thunderbird, Beryl, Xgl, tudo pirata... Please, processe-me M$.
706. Cyrille, France - I use Debian to develop websites that aren't even compatible with the widest spread browser. Feel free to sue me !
707. Matteo "Gama" Galli - Novara, Italy: Gentoo 2007.0 and a lot of GNU stuff. Also have a Kubuntu 7.04 with Beryl, Openoffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Quanta + and anything can be usefull for my job.
708. Adonis Ayoub - Zagreb/Croatia, Pclinuxos 2007 with KDE of course. i have installed many programs from their repository like, openoffice, koffice, blender, qcad, scribus, inkscape, audacity, ktorrent, amule, frostwire, kaffeine, ftp programs, burning software, firefox and thunderbird, evolution...most of those i don't use but they are here to show other what open source programs can do. however i have them installed, so i hope i broke all your so called "patent rights". i will never use windows at home, and i'm working on switching my company to linux. send to your monkeys from Microsoft Croatian office this: "tuzite me, korporacijske sluge. ajde me tuzite da vas vidim. daj ajde nemojte biti papci. tuzite me! ajde kaj je to tebi jednoj firmu poput vas, jedna tuzba. nemojte da vas brine nekakav publicitet i sline gluposti. firma poput vase si moze priustiti da tuzi jednog linux korisnika. mislim ono, pa to je jedan linux korisnik. kaj je to za korporacijskog giganta poput vas. zeljno isekujem vasu tuzbu" 709.José Luis Ricón(Spain) I use Ubuntu 7.04 to chat, surf the internet and play games with wine. I dont have any copies of Windows in my PC.
710. Cyrille, France - I use Debian to develop websites that aren't even compatible with the widest spread browser. Feel free to sue me !
711. Arnaud Bichet, France - I use Debian, Kubuntu 7.04, Firefox, Openoffice, and many more to work.
712. Ruben Roelofs, only 15 years old. I love using my Ubuntu 7.04, Zenwalk 4.1 and Foresight Linux 1.2. I use OpenOffice and I'm pro-opensource. Windows is totally out of the house sinds a few months. Long live Linux!
713. Sten Turpin, running Debian Etch everywhere. I can do things with 256MB RAM that would make a Windows admin eat his own face off.
714. Charles Taylor, UK - I use Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty, Firefox, Thunderbird, Openoffice, GAIM and many others that seem to have MS patent infingements. I also use Ubuntu Dapper on several production servers. Better sue me too MS...
715. José Augusto da Costa Carvalho, Campo Grande/MS, Brasil - I use Debian Etch 4.0, Ubuntu 7.04, Gnome, KDE, Firefox, Openoffice, BrOffice, Inkscape, Gimp, Gaim, Kopete, Xchat, Azureus, Gftp, Cinelerra, Blender, Gnucash, Scribus, Evolution, OpenSSH, QCAD, Grip, Hydrogen, K3b, Amarok, Kino, Audacity, Jack, Mplayer, Kaffeine, VLC and many more to work or for fun. Please sue me.
716. Arthur Souza Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - I use Ubuntu, OpenOffice and many others, gonna be a pleasure receive a beautiful letter from any company wanting to sue me! 717. Carroll Vance, Austin, Texas - I use Ubuntu, Firefox, Thunderbird, Openoffice, GIMP, GNU GCC. I send best wishes and sue me greetings to units "billgate" and "bradsmit" (8 character name limit imposed).
718. Xavier Gourio, Paris, France. I'm using Ubuntu 6.10, with Open Office, Fire Fox, Thunderbird, aMSN, easy HTML, Gimp, ogg codec for my music, VLC media player, Wine for games. But - shame on me - i'm also using winxp for games that don't work on ubuntu, with the same softwares. So please master MS, sue me, I've been a naughty boy. Yes, I've have to be punished. Pleeeeeease !!!
719. Larry Athey - Minatare, Nebraska, USA - I have one lonely Windows system in my house for the sole purpose of testing web pages with IE7. Other than that, every other computer in my house (with the exception of one Mac Mini) runs Kubuntu Linux. Even on the Windows and Mac Mini, the majority of the software I use is open source. Face it, M$, I don't need your virus and spyware magnets running in my house and I get along just fine. I have yet to find any M$ (or otherwise Windows specific) program that does anything that I can't do with an equivalent open source program. Oh, wait...You're gonna ask me about games...Screw games, I have no use for them. But if I did, I'd just get a PS3 or a Wii. I see no reason to waste a desktop or laptop computer on games. So, please, come sue me ASAP!
720. David Mulder, Baarn, Netherlands. I was ANTI-microsoft, now I am only pro-OpenSource. Still need to use Windows sometimes because of compatibility reasons ;( CRY CRY CRY. Well the point is that I hate organizations using this type of "marketing" tricks.
721. Santiago Crespo - Madrid, Spain - I'm using Ubuntu 6.10, 7.04, Debian, and a LOT of free/open source (libre) software. This is the way. JID:kresp0@jabberes.org
722. Gino Renardus, Netherlands - I use many open source programs, so you'd have sue me too. Geez, like you guys don't have enough money already.
723. Mauro Quercia, Italy - I'm using Ubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice.org e many many other Free Software both at home and in my office. I forced my wife to use Linux, too... now she don't want to come back.
724.C Douglas - I use Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Filezilla, Pidgin, and dual-boot Ubuntu 7.04 and XP; with XP there simply for the few games I have that don't run under Wine. =)
725. Simone Malacarne - Pisa, Italia - I use Ubuntu7.04 and it's really great... Compiz Pwr ;)
726. Roberto Soares - Brasília-DF, Brazil - I use linux since 1996, I am a Linux Instructor/Consultant and also work migrating Windows Servers and Desktops to Linux. I saved a lot of money from my clients, who migrated to Linux. Btw, they're very happy with their Linux systems! I really think you should sue me...
727. Stephen Constable, Canada - I use Gentoo Linux as a desktop machine for all my web browsing, office, e-mail, and multimedia needs. I decided to switch from windows after being introduced to linux through work, and have never looked back.
728.Oh yeah, that reminds me - my Netgear router also run linux! [[http://www.leggweb.e7even.com/ http://www.leggweb.e7even.com/]]
729. JincS, Inc. - Mead, WA, USA - Though we run Windows on our computers, we use open-source software exclusively. OpenOffice, FireFox, The GiMP, Ogg codec, Audacity, GNU GCC, etc. We don't even develop for your platform! If it actually worked as it should, we would consider it. So sue us :)
730. Lauri Kasanen - Finland - I got to know Linux in 2006. Never looked back and proud of it. Come on Bill, try kick us all in the butt, only to bounce back by the energy field of Freedom! 731.Andrew albert england dear MS i use so many Linux ditsros`s and GNU software every day,hour & minute, maan ,i owe you so much money, don`t let me get away!!! sue me and get all the money i owe you,what kind of lame corparation are you!!!
732. Rafael Recalde Caceres, Brasil - Im using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, OpenOffice, Firefox and many others free/open source softwares!
733. Gaëtan Petit - France - Ubuntu contributor [[https://launchpad.net/~tenshu]] you can sue me i'm waiting for you! NO TO E-PATENT !!!
734. Romain BOULANGER - France - Simple user of Ubuntu
735.Christopher Mead - I use Fedora Core 6 and Ubuntu Linux. I'm growing increasingly tired of the attempts by Microsoft to scare users of competing operating systems into using Windows. It's not going to work!!
736.Swann Ledu - I use all what can escape for microsoft corporation, in one side we have to thanks microsoft, without this society, I won t be able to see what crap means! thank you ... not for that! Regards un francais enervé!
737.Robert Petersen - Germany - Ubuntu 7.04 - Micosoft's behavior in one word: SILLY
738.James Reynolds - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - Open Source Enthusiast - My service provider uses Linux. I use them because they are running Linux. Linux is educational and allows people to learn and get things done. UNIX has a history that is rich. MS don't try to rewrite history! Sue me because I stand alone (or together)
739.Czeslaw Henryk Jan Porowski - Poland. Slackware >=8.0, Debian.
740. Girard Aquino - Philippines - Ubuntu and OpenSuse, OpenOffice, Keepass, Truecrypt, Gimp, Pain.net. Only have a copy of XP because it came with my notebook. But all the other PC's I have use either free or opensource applications. Why? Because the hardware itself it expensive in itself and is useless without software. without free and opensource applications, how can people afford to use computers? Plus i don't want to be a victim of commercialism gone overboard
741.Jerome Olivaux - France. Because once again the evil is behind the corner, we have a pro software patent president now.
742.Juliano Bento, (Brasília, Brazil) I use GNU/Linux professionally since 1997. I use a variety of distros: Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slack, SuSE and RH . Free Software and Open Source forever! So sue me M$! juliano dot bento at gmail dot com
743.Clément VERMOT-DESROCHES - France. ver.des.roches@gmail.com. I using SuSE Linux and LFS every day. Linux allows me to be totaly Free and independant from any editor
744.Georges DICK - Monaco. I'm using Linux since 1994, I even downloaded copies using Bit Torrent.... And even worse : I'm writing tools, and distribute them ... in GPL ! How bad I am ! >:-> 745.Jean-Marc Vaillancourt - Canada. Using Gentoo on the desktop, on the web, mail, ftp server and as a MythTV box. Dear Bill, your crappy $software$ pushed me to Linux years ago. I discovered what real software is and that, when it goes wrong, you can find the source of the problem and fix it. And now you want to sue me because I switched to another OS by your own fault? OK then, but please, sue me first!
746.Mathieu CLAVEAU - France. mattdpt44@gmail.com. I am a professionnal and I use both Microsoft and Linux. I also install a lot of OpenSource software onto the PC i a delivering. OpenOffice.org, Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox, 7zip, PDFCreator... It's of a great use in my job. As a solo user, I have a OpenSuse Linux 10.2 installed on my notebook. It comes with KDE and OOo and the most known of the opensource current software.
747.Please Microsoft, lt us live free, or sue me first if you think the entire world is yours. And as a personnal wish : Mr Ballmer, stop dancing. Your Monkeudance is nothing but ridiculous fat boy.
748.Dennis Lenaerts (Belgium); happy user of Ubuntu 7.04.
749.Grzegorz Papaj - Warsaw, Poland. Arch, OpenOffice, Gimp, Blender, Inkscape, Mplayer and many others. I don't need to pay for software if I have much better, safer and stable alternative for free. I couldn't pay a company which do not respect it's consumers. And which I do not respect.So sue me Bill!
750.Ricardo Sanz Ante, Madrid, Spain. I use GNU/Linux Debian Lenny. I don't need and I don't use Windows since 2004. I use GNU/Linux at home and at work.
751.Flávio Ribeiro Nogueira Barbosa, Paraíba, Brasil.
752.Andrew Greene - Ubuntu 7.04 at home and work.
753.Vincent Gay from Annecy, France (vgay at salug-fr dot org). Debian GNU/Linux is my OS and I'm a Free Software user (and militant) since 1998. 754.Marty Grogan - Seattle, WA. Many years ago, I used an Intel 310 Multibus system that ran on Xenix. I thought (mistakenly?) that my use was legal. Perhaps Intel really did not own its own Xenix (predated SCO). Tandy also provided Xenix on its early TRS machines which I also owned and operated. Maybe after all these years, I owe Microsoft a duty. Since I really can't determine how much without a court order, I probably will have to be sued. Go ahead Microsoft--let's get this behind us.
755.Bernardo Vasconcelos de Carvalho, Brasil. SlackWare user since 2004, and software developer.
756.J. de Mooij, The Netherlands - I use Ubuntu 7.04, Gnome, OpenOffice.org, Apache, GIMP, Python, PostgreSQL and other free software for personal use and software development. Please sue us and stop spreading FUD.
757.Grzegorz Baaga, Krakow, Poland. I use Ubuntu and Gentoo, many open source projects such as OpenOffice, GIMP, GNOME, Firefox, XChat, Azureus, Nicotine, MPlayer, XMMS, Blender and many others. You say I'm a criminal. '''Proove it and sue me!'''
758.Luis Alberto D'Ardis - Argentina Buenos Aires Capital Federal - LFS & Mandriva 2006 , Firefox OpenOffice and all free AND openware i can find in my way- Tired of white house spys and controls, tired of virus adware malware zombie computers trojans badware AND TIRED OF TRASH!!! tired of An unoperative system in contraposition to what an operative system controls itself , tired of hangs, tired of... a new thing that are lies cos is the same than ever but with a new nose plus DRM INSIDE and needing more and more resources!!!! that M$ and his friends WANTS YOU TO BUY, tired of Micosoft's behavior " abusive, decadent, disgusting, etc" and Tired of " ballmer fat ass " laughing as a sick man of his own works of ignorance and malignant unsightliness. Tired of that they want to liberate the people in exchange for oil tired of the lack of market freedom and expression, Tired and thirsty of studying and knowing, and also the others could be capable of doing the same , if this way they wish, GOD SAVE GNU LINUX, TRON, OUR SAVIOR!!!
759.Patrick Blanchard ([http://www.doczayus.com DocZayus.com]) Québec, Canada. I use KUbuntu and am testing Gentoo. I have been a Linux user since 1999.
760.Jordache Dailey - Washington, Usa - i currently run a freebsd server for web development and welcome microsoft to do their worst
761. Bill Weinman -- Phoenix, AZ -- I've been running some form of Linux since 1995 and continue to run two Linux servers today. I'm also an author of open source software ([http://bw.org/ bw.org]) -- So sue me first Microsoft!
762.Steven Osborne - Kotzebue, Alaska - Ubuntu: Edgy Eft, Feisty Fawn; FreeBSD; OpenOffice; AbiWord; Firefox; Planner; GnuCash & more! I'm sick & tired of the outdated business models to which MS & other companies so desperately cling. Get in line with the times or become the footnote in history you are destined to become. I've been involved with FreeBSD & Linux since the mid 1990's & have loved it ever since.
763.Cole Thompson, Sonora, California - Fedora Core 6 user, for personal use and professional development (sharpen programming skills).
764.Steven Scott -- Waterloo, Ontario, Canada -- I've run linux all over the place. I particularly enjoy using it for penetration testing windows machines, which have consistently proven more holey then the pope. They remind me of a cheap cross-dressing prostitute; dressed to draw attention, their skirt only barely covering their more sensitive areas, always ready to be exploited and receive a package. P13@$3 |\/|1cr0$0f7, su3 m3!!! -- not interested in posting my e-mail, but if a request is left on the page for my info I'll be happy to forward it.
765.Eric Angel -- Woodland Hills, California -- Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, Debian, at home and at work. I stopped using MS in 1999 and never looked back.
766.Michael Stilson Jr <sunoterra at gmail dot com> -- Kalamazoo, MI, Divided States of Bush & Sons Inc (formerly the United States of America) -- my flavor be gentoo linux, brothers and sisters... WHAT!? -- sue me micro$0ft -- "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - mahatma gandhi
767.Ethan Mateja - Hampton, VA - Running hosting company using LAMP on Centos/Bluequartz and Desktops using Ubuntu Linux 7.04. Kudos to all who contribute to the GNU Community!Sue me first Microsoft or I will spread the good news!
768.Durk Hijma - Holland - Pardus 2007 for everything (why use MS) 769.Diabolic Preacher -- India . have worked on Red Hat 9, Fedora Core 1, Fedora Core 3, Mandrake 10.1, Puppy Linux, Vector Linux, LiMP...how many versions does Windows have? Vista...that's it!
User Journal

Journal Journal: Page 05 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 05 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

522. Sergio Cava. Americana - SP, Brazil. Use use GNU/Linux since 1998. I have used red hat, conectiva, debian, kurumin, kalango and ubuntu. Nowadays, I use archlinux.
523. Josh Dustin. Ca, USA. SuSE, SLES, fedora, Knoppix. Didn't realize it was illegal. Sorry. :)
524. Ormin L. - I use RH,Knoppix,Slax, and OMG... NetBSD!!!
525. Andre Luis Martines, Sao Paulo - Brazil - I use OpenSuSE and Fedora, please make my day...
526. John Williams - Lakeland,FL- Ubuntu. I have been using it for years. I often post anti Microsoft comments on websites using my version of Ubuntu.
527. Oscar Malgiaritta - Cuenca, Ecuador - Ubuntu 7.04 - Linux Rocks!!!
528. Ed Kideys, East Brunswick, NJ USA - We call your bluff Microsoft, you can sue me and all my current and former students (around 2000 people) that have downloaded and installed Linux instead of Windows. I thought Microsoft strategy was to hire programmers and engineers instead of lawyers. At least that is how they successfully defeated the Apple Computer and Lotus Software lawsuits in the past. It is unfortunate that Microsoft is now resorting to corporate welfare through the government's outdated patent system instead of competing in the free market. Everyone should write to their legislators and demand immediate reform of the IP (Intellectual Property) laws. We cannot let rapacious companies use the patent system that is funded mostly by our tax dollars to the detriment of consumers.
529. Pedro Gabriel de Figueiredo Rosa - Joinville-SC, Brazil. I use Ubuntu Linux. I only use Ubuntu. I need no more.
530. Celso Araujo - Campinas - SP - Brazil. Arch Linux is what I use at home, plus Fedora at work. Free software flows into my blood. If you, Microsoft, don't want to sue me, SHOW US THE CODE!
531. Estanislao Tiscornia - Montevideo - Uruguay. I use Ubuntu Linux at home
532. Eden Focante Teles - SP - Brazil. Sue me too. Microsoft is the first company that hack anothers company and broken a lots of patent. Simple to understand watch Pirates of Silicon Valley.
533. André Kaminski, Curitiba, Brazil. Debian GNU/Linux... BrOffice.org... Firefox... Pirates!! I just have downloaded it and installed it... M$ please don't forget me... Ah!! I use Kernel Linux 2.6.18... Pirate too...
534. Raquel A. Silva - São Paulo Brazil. Microsoft Sux! Not enough make things pretty! You got make things RIGHT!
535. Edmilson Feltrim - Santa Fé do Sul - SP. Uso o Linux há 4 anos, desde que me cansei dos problemas que sempre tive com o Windows!!! Uso Kurumin Linux / Ubuntu Linux / Connectiva Linux e algumas distro com funções mais específicas... E por todas essas e algumas mais, Micro$oft, pode me processar!!! Yes FREE SOFTWARE!!!! Vamos disseminar o conhecimento e acabar com o monopólio da Micro$oft!!!! VIVA AO CÓDIGO ABERTO!!! VIVA AO LINUX!!! 536. André Kenji Horie - São Paulo, Brazil. Ubuntu Feisty, but willing to get to know other distos. In favor of free knowledge!
537. Daniel Smith - South Africa. I think that the USA patent laws are a tragedy of all their peoples so called constitutional rights that we all are constantly bombarded with through the Hollywood channels, Where is the american freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom from harm (the amount of damage caused by viruses and the like harms millions daily), etc... If M$ where to go to court and win the patent cases, i think that would be the end of the so-called American democracy.
539. William Roddy - Quincy CA USA I am a completely disabled veteran, shut-in, 65 years old. If someone hadn't helped me with Linux, I wouldn't be able to afford to stay in touch with my children, grandchildren, and family, and do many other important things online. Purchasing software is impossible for many of us who have fought for freedom and now live on fixed incomes. I have spent my life disabled because I fought for freedom. Linux represents that freedom to me. It is a metaphor for that freedom. I believe Mr. Gates should be free to make money. But I also believe we should be free to use software that incredible, generous, talented people allow us to use for free. To all of you, all over the world, who make Linux possible, I believe YOU should win the Nobel Peace Prize, because more than any other place, you are demonstrating what working together is possible, and that something very important and complex can be done by a world community. God bless you all. And thank you for sharing your talents and Linux with me, even though Microsoft now feels people like me are a threat by using it.
540. Claiton José Santos - Caldas Novas - Goiás - Brasil - Utilizo o Slackware 11 e o Debian 4.0 a mais de 2 anos juntamente com firefox (pirata), OpenOffice (pirata), Pidgin (pirata), Mplayer (pirata). Utilizo programas desktop feitos em Python, Java e etc.. Em dois anos meu linux nunca travou e ficou com a tela toda azul dizendo: "Erro fatal, o windows deve ser reiniciado". Falem a verdade, vocês têm inveja disso, não têm? Microsoft processe-me por utilizar software de código aberto!!! Estou na minha casa é só vir me buscar. Ah! só irei preso se for em avião com passagem de primeira classe, ok? Estou esperando ;-)
541. Ricardo Chaves - Belo Horizonte - MG BRAZIL - Ubuntu Linux
542. Rodrigo Z. Armond - I have been using GNU/Linux since 1993. Sue me first or Suck me first!
543. Jean Felliph Seren Franco - Brazil, São Paulo - SP, Used: Ubuntu Linux 7.04, Kurumin Linux 7, Fedora Core Linux 6, CentOS Linux, Dream Linux 2.2, Damm Small Linux, Debian Linux 4.0, with, Gnome, KDE, Fluxbox, Openbox, XFCE, Sue me Microsoft, please ?
544. Robert Price, Bloomington, Indiana, USA - Ubuntu Feisty - A plaintiff may abandon any rights to enforce a valid patent by permitting, without protest, a large scale infringement by the industry generally. Eastman Kodak Co. v. McAuley, 41 F.Supp. 873, 874 (D.C.N.Y. 1941). This is exactly what you have done, MS. If you ever had any patents they are no longer worth the paper they were printed on. You can't sit silently while entire industries all over the whole planet, involving millions of people, are built up over years and years and then claim, "SURPRISE, you been working for MS all these years!" So sue me, dorkwads.
545. ccssnet.org - i beleive in freedom. rights. and comunity. you microsoft, beleive in power, greed. and control. you manipulate everything and anything you feel you can make money from and shame on you and shame on the us gov for your existance. also i beleive in my right to anoymousity. notice no name just my website. . . i research everything and anything that interested me. and trust me. linux is my major focal point. you claim it iligal? i claim your a monopoletic giant with no care for what people want. just how to make money. so f u microsoft and all that represent it. and shame on the governments of the world for letting this happen. europe. fight for us youve tried but dont back down. linux is freedom microsoft is communism. end of story
546. Jack Dausman, Washington, DC. Built a computer lab for an HIV+ children's residence in Nairobi, Kenya. Installed Edubuntu on a series of aging Dell Optiplexes that would not have been capable of running any current MS OS. The Nyumbani Computer Learning Center was such a success, that they now have 24 laptops and the original Dells are going to a remote village. There is such limited Internet access, that I've burned all the Ubuntu repositories onto DVD so they can do whatever they need. FOSS is fostering the growth of intellectual property in developing economies. http://www.friendsofnyumbani.org I'd be proud to be sued by Microsoft.
547. Thomas G. Fortes - Slackware Linux - Brazil
548. Ramiro Cano - Debian sid GNU/Linux - Spain
549. Khan Md Ashraf Chennai, India I use GNU/Linux and been doing so since 2000. It has empowered me. And I am grateful to all those who have made that possible. Microsoft Corp. too. But that by no means leads to the theory that software patents are right. I love it in the Brave GNU world. RedHat Mandrake/Mandriva Vector Ubuntu/Kubuntu PCLinuxOS to name a few.
550. Mike Carrington, Berowra, NSW Australia. Using Ubuntu Feisty.
551. Alex Tercete Matos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I use Ubuntu Linux and a hole bunch of other open source softwares. I really think you should sue me instead of suing people that use illegal copies of Windows and other Microsoft's products.
552. Yury Markovsky, San Jose, CA -- Fedora 6 Linux -- Microsoft is behaving like a spoiled, stubborn child. There is no more money in the software, it's time for MS to learn to compete with Google and others.
553. Antonio H. Torre - São Paulo Brazil - Mandrake & SUSE -- I use and really enjoy the open source !
554. Virgil H. Castleberry - I use Madriva now, along with SuSE Servers. Started with Red Hat 6 years ago. Go ahead and sue me; it will look so cool when we talk about your DNS running on Linux! You do remember running your DNS at Akamai, right?
555. Chris Tusa, San Antonio, TX -- SharkOS, ArchLinux, Ubuntu Linux, RedHat Linux, OpenSuSE, Debian GNU Linux, Slackware, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD. I have been using OpenSource software since 1997 and have built my career around these systems. I am a developer of several opensource projects and contribute to many others in various ways. This is an attempt by Microsoft to scare businesses (remember SCO?) and try to indirectly profit from the hard work of the world community. What they should do is redirect funding of their precious patent attorneys and other legal teams, and actually make a better product. Even better, donate their code to opensource so we can fix it. Products like Hotmail wouldnt even exist today if it wasnt for the OpenSource software which was the grassroots of that service. Tell us what patents we violated, we'll re-write it in 2 days or we can just drop support compatability for your Document format, Network File Sharing, Authentication, and whatever else that only adds value to your customers who want multi-platform. So sue us all and have a blast while you do, Microsoft. You are only hurting yourself in the long run. Open Source is here to stay whether you like it or not and we will not be silenced or stopped.
556. Thomas Shanks - Atlanta, GA - I use Linux for research at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
557. Ben Pendygraft - Louisville, Kentucky, USA Ubuntu 7.04. The Only Operating System allowed in my Linux Enforced House! I am teh Enforcer! majinebrain@gmail.com
558. Janine Starykowicz, Chicago - Seamonkey, OpenOffice, Linux web host, many PHP
559. Gabriel Duarte - Brasil - RJ - Debian Etch and FreeBSD - I want that the Micro$oft sue me, just becouse I use Linux and BSD. Just it... OBS: Open Source is the free way to all the peaple!!!
560. Robert Martines, Texas - Mandrake, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Openoffice, Firefox, Linux Web hosting and several PHP Web based Apps.
561. Joel Webb - President and CEO of [http://www.propbot.com PropBot.com] and [http://www.thecreativeinvestor.com TheCreativeInvestor.com]. We are using 6 Fedora Core Servers and all our desktops are OpenSuSE 10.2 We didn't pay for Fedora, but we pay each year to Novell for one copy of OpenSuSE, in which we upgrade each of our machines.
562. Dave Muller - Milwaukee, WI USA Gentoo OS Mozilla-Firefox, Mozilla-Thunderbird, Open Office and all the OSS I can get. So come on Microsoft, pick me, pick me!!!!!!! 563. Brad Nelson - Manitoba, Canada - exclusively use at home and at my church: OpenOffice, Firefox, OpenSong (For Projecting lyrics for worship services) Ubuntu 6.06 and 7.04 on my laptops (with wireless)
564. Puru Panchalingam - Toronto, Ontario. Ubuntu/Redhat. Why the delay MS?, forgot this?: "Though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays. - Sun Tzu, the Art of War"
565. Nate Walker - Christchurch, New Zealand - I exclusively use Ubuntu 7.04 for my home desktop and server. I have been recommending it to all my friends and family as it is free and comes with practically all the functionality of Windows. nate@pc.geek.nz
566. Christopher Tucker - Pasco, WA - United States - Ubuntu Feisty and too many others to name...
567. Parin Dalal - San Diego, CA - United States - Redhat and Fedora 6. The idea that a company build on patent infringement makes such claims in insane.
568. Carlos Filipe Lombizani De Bernardis - São Paulo, SP - Brasil - I have been using Debian GNU/Linux, KDE, BrOffice.org (the brasilian edition of OpenOffice.org) and KMail. I am sure Microsoft really deserves a payment for all the great ideas they came up with for us, so please Microsoft sue me!
569. Michael Sena - Hong Kong, China - I have been using Linux for the past year and a half. I use openoffice for office, gimp for images and firefox as my browser. Tell me the illegal software and I'll be amazed.
570. Carlos Rivera - Puerto Rico - I have used several Open Source Apps during my life, so for sure i must have used one of the programs that "violates" your patents, OpenOffice.org firefox, ubuntu 5.04, 5.10, 6.06, 6.10, 7.04, Open SuSE, Debian, Fedora Core 6, PcLinuxOs, Mandriva, knoppix, the gimp, F-spot, Amsn, Gaim, liferea, evolution, gnome baker, Mplayer, Rhythmbox, VLC and much more, so look on your list of over 248 patents you claim OSS violates, and let me know how many I infrige and tell your lawyers to contact me.! Show us the code, and let us see your code to see if yours is patent infringement free!!!!!!!!! PD: send one of your lawyers to Michael Dell office (DELL CEO) he is also a linux user(Ubuntu 7.04) and to the Pope because "We don't know the OS that God uses, but the Vatican uses Linux"
571. Benjamin West, St. Louis, MO - Casting Ubuntu-based boxes to the four winds here STL (stlcamp.org/computer), so I'm even recruiting *more* pirates.
572. John A. Wolmer, Jr. - Boulder PC...I do it all. Build Ubuntu Ready Computers, use Dells running Ubuntu, Kubuntu 6.10 - 7.04. My company ( http://boulderpc.com ) fully supports Ubuntu and Free BSD and actively push Ubuntu as "Windows perfect replacement." I'll still support Microsoft's products by repairing and optimizing Windows for my customers that are forced to use it, but pretty much everyone I talk to in my community is so over the whole Microcrap drama. Peace - JW
573. Daniel Loureiro, Rio Grande, RS, Brasil - Kurumin 7 (crakeado) - eu confesso que uso o duplo clique sem pagar os devidos royalties. Eu sei que deveria ressarcir a Microsoft por esta pesquisa de inovação, mas por algum motivo eu vou continuar não pagando. Então, me processe..
574. Kim Meyrick, New York, Fedora Core 4, LAMP.
575. Helio "Doc Brown" Neto - Curitiba, Brasil - BIGLINUX GNU/Linux, running everything I need, completely illegal. And all my family and friends are going the same way... frightening, isn't it?! I can't control myself, please make me stop! Sue me!
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Journal Journal: Page 04 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 04 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

453.André Kaminski, Curitiba, Brazil. Debian GNU/Linux... BrOffice.org... Firefox... Tudo piratão. Baixei da Internet e instalei...M$ Não esqueça de mim... Ah!! Geralmente utilizo o Kernel Linux 2.6.18... Pirata também...
454.Radek Trnka, Budweis, The Czech Republic, Europe: I use Fedora as my desktop system with OpenOffice, ThuderBird, centerICQ and others.
455. Sebastian Muñiz, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been working on Debian/Ubuntu the last 5 years! I indeed downloaded, burn, installed and copyed a helluva quantities of MS software. In any case, I can use FreeBSD too... It works too! not like that stuff M$ tries to sell... This is unstopable guys, try to keep peace.
456.Sanjaya Yogi, the world. Been using computers for over thirty five years. Unix and alot of other OSs. These guys from Redmond are like the original copycats. Never seen anything original. Spreading fear is the same tactic Hitler tried in WWII. Did not work then, peace and truth are stronger than fear and lies. Bill Gates probably uses Linux, he is in the closet, just not out yet...Yea, sue us and my mother, who uses Linux too!
We need a Boston Tea Party for Windows, it would kill the fish and clog up the harbor, in fact it would be unthinkably undrinkable, in fact what can you do with Windows besides lose productivity from all the crashes, and security holes?
457.René Pfeiffer, Vienna, Austria. I first got involved with IP piracy in 1997 when I installed Red Hat Linux on my development server. I now live almost exclusively by selling my pirate skills to customers who need system administration. During the years I have also started to teach my Linux pirate skills to students of computer science and media design. I even write articles for the Linuxgazette, a magazine speaking of great pirate deeds. It seems whole universities and even branches of the entertainment industry (who pursues and kills pirates, too) need pirates to get their work done. Amazing. Anyway, just sue me so that we can get over this. SCO did the same.
458.Darrin Auxier of Omaha, NE U.S.A. - I've been a linux desktop user for 4 years now (Ubuntu since Hoary Hedgehog). Please, Microsoft, please do me a favor and sue me first. Please take Linux and FOSS away from me... I've developed an unhealthy addiction to security/stability and I am enslaved to the concept of software that does not bind me. Just last week, I found a great deal on new memory so I bought it (even though my linux PC doesn't really need it); however, I found myself unable to bring myself to shut it down and throw away all that uptime for a mere 1GB boost in memory. Another thing - Back when I was on windows, I spent my time eradicating viruses and spyware... now I just sit and stare at the wall most of the time because I have nothing to do. I know that Microsoft is forward-thinking enough not to allow me to get into these kinds of predicaments. This is a cry for help, Microsoft... please sue me first! Free me from the chains that don't bind!
459.Basilio Rosa, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Labour Consultant. I use Linux since 1997, Mandriva, Kurumin, Resulinux, OpenOffice, BROffice. Please, Microsoft, remember me!
460.Luis Flavio Rocha, Brasília, Brasil. Debian user since 2001. I gave about 100 Ubuntu CDs to friends. Microsoft, me first please!
461.Juan Matias Granda, Santiago del Estero, Argentina. I use Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Slax, and many others GNU/Linux Sistems since 1999 at work and personal use. Microsoft Sue me!!!!
462. Gianfranco loreto, Düsseldorf, Germany. I'm using Debian Lenny on my Laptop.
463. Wout Perquin, Mechelen, Belgium. RedHat Linux. See also http://microdollarvictim.blogspot.com
464. Alessandro Roberto Malerba, Milan, Italy. I've been a linux desktop user for 3 years now.
465. Michele Corazza. Kubuntu. Bologna, Italy
466. Thomas Macdonald, Nantes, France. I use Gentoo on my desktop, and Ubuntu on my laptop, until it died. My parents use Ubuntu too. They're both over 65. They asked me for Linux when they got an internet connection. It seem they were scared of things called "virus" and "spyware". Strange, that... 65 year-old pirates, how far does the corruption spread?
467. Raymond Koekemoer, Johannesburg South Africa. Microsoft-free for 4 years. 1 PC openSUSE 10.2, 2 Mandriva 2007 PCs
468. Luca Venturini, Kubuntu, Padova, Italy. Sue me Microsoft if you can - your patents are not even allowed here in our continent!
469.Laurence Carneiro, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. I use many GNU/Linux distros since 1997. Slackware, Ubuntu, Kurumin, Kalango, Debian, Fedora... Microsoft, sue me!
470. Ramona Loose, Geilenkirchen, Germany
471. Rocco FOTI. Ubuntu ubuntu, ubuntu always ubuntu: I have 4 pcs. Turin, Italy
472. Carlo Mangani, Rome, Italy. I've been using OpenSource software for 6 years on every computers i own. Debian, Knoppix, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Slackware, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DamnSmallLinux. Sue me first M$, and please "Join us now and share the software..."
473. Elias K Gardner, Ubuntu Feisty 7.04, I use this in Vermont and Montreal. I got sick of reinstalling windows every 6 months and needing to redo everything. Now I am free, so sue me.
474. Federico Simonetti, Nola, Italy. I used Suse, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Sabayon, Mandrake (then Mandriva) and I've installed Edubuntu on hundreds of PC's. I will use and install GNU/Linux OS until I die, and no one will stop me. Neither you, mr. Gate$.
475. César Henrique Kallas, Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil. I have 10 servers, 3 notebooks and 4 desktop with linux, GCC compiler, KDE, OpenOffice, Python, and others. I use linux since 1998. Please!
476.Lucas "Agostinho" Bracher, Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil. Sue me! I`ll sell my taxi if anything goes wrong, but by all means, sue me!
477.My name is Bruno Rafael Cardoso and i develop the Famelix GNU/Linux www.famelix.com.br and the look and feel of Famelix are very similar to windows XP and want to discuss every point of software patents here in Brazil
478.Lorenzo Gaborini - Legnano (Milan), Italy. Kubuntu/Xubuntu user.
479. Antony Pena dos Santos, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Since 1998 using your code, and only now you care about "your" intelectual property? Very convenient. Sue me
480. Martino G. Ferrari, Gnu/Linux Desktop User, Free and open mind.. gate$ sue me!
481.Alexandre F. U., Gnu/Linux Desktop User, Linux user since 1996. Gate$ seu paga lasca.
482.Riccardo, Benito Desantis - Milan, Italy. I've been using GNU/Linux since when I was 14: I'veused Slackware, Suse, Mandrake, Fedora, Debian and now Ubuntu... Will you sue me? OK...
483.Michael de Lang. Been using LFS for a while now, and use it for all purposes. No proprietary sources compiled at all! (unless the codec packages count)
484. Albert Vaka - Barcelona, Spain. I have 2 PCs with Ubuntu, 1 with OpenSUSE and 1 more with Debian. I wanna be the first, please sue me!
485. Ranga Vasudevan - CA, USA - my ex- was various flavours of Red Hat, current is Gentoo, future would be ... but never M$!
486.Jon Burger, Florida. MCSE - You can no longer sue me - I have updated my OS to remove all 253 microsoft patented features such as the blue screen of death, the simple buffer overflow feature, the root kit vunerability service, the DCOM hole including the "blaster feature", the zero day vulnerabilty service and of course the innovative zombie feature . Thank you - My linux workstations are now "Microsoft Patent Free"
487.Miguel Guerrero "Ghanda" Ohio, U.S.A
488. Benson Miller- WA, USA - I have been running GNU/Linux for ten years. I do this for fun and profit, in small environments and large. I help big telecom and financial companies design and deploy reliable, scalable, and mission critical systems on free software. My desktop background is usually gray and has no start bar. My operating system does not try to be smarter than I am. It just listens attentively and does exactly what I ask. And it runs xeyes. In X, no less.
489.Bruno Augusto Mühlenhoff - Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil - - Ubutnu 7.04
490.Charles "BloodWraith" Webb TX, U.S.A - RHES3 - I host MANY MANY websites on this server with full intention on making money and providing a service to the community. Lord knows how many MS patents I have infringed upon in doing this but all I have to say is.... Bring it
491.Joe Olstad, Solid Computing Corp, Canada. My company uses several different types of Linux, Slackware, Debian, Knoppix, DSL, Ubuntu. Please sue me Microsoft. Your lawyers and judges can contact me at 1-780-701-2823. PLEASE Sue me and make sure you mention which patents you're suing about, starting with the newest patent. You're suing your former customers, it's one more step to the end. DO it NOW Microsoft, just DO IT!
492.Joshua Lückers - The Netherlands. I have 1 pc running Ubuntu 7.04 because i hate Windows.. i hate to pay for my software, and best of all: Its the best software arround, so please sue me Microsoft! I can't wait..
493.Fernando Scandolo, Rosario, Argentina. Debian etch on my notebook, sid on my home PC and sarge in many servers scattered around the city. Do you offer volume discounts ?
494.Tim Johnson, Little Rock, AR. I run a small company that does website design and application development. I have two employees and have positive cash flow. We develop with LAMP and gnu tools. Sue me Microsoft, I'm clearly doing too well without your software.
495.Stephen Cano, Dallas, TX. I work for a company that provides IT support for companies that can't afford an IT department. I have been with this company for 1 month and have already replaced 15 windows servers with various linux servers. Tipping the balance of power toward linux one box at a time. I use Debian, Slackware, and Ubuntu.
496.João Melo - São Paulo - Brasil. Uso UBUNTU 7.04 em meu notebook e desktop com todos os aplicativos livres da distro.
497.Michael Lazic, Toronto, Canada. Fedora Core, Ubuntu, and other great open source software. I am Root!...So sue me!
498.Cristiano Casella, Florence, Italy, with linux I recovery also your OS dear M$, sue me!!!!!
499.Piotr Kamierczak, Warsaw, Poland. Ubuntu Feisty/Gentoo 2007.0. i'm forced to use windows xp at work, but i try to convince my boss everyday, that opensource is better. bow before me, for I AM ROOT.
500.Thiago Vinhas - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. I currently use Gentoo Linux on my home desktop, my workstation, and on 3 personal servers where I run my blog and professional projects. I would really love to be sued by Microsoft. Please, Sue me first!
501.Ricardo Romão - Santo André - SP - Brasil. I use Ubuntu at my home, work and everywheare. I use into my notebook and desktop, if the MS want sue the open source, Sue me first!
502.Vaskó Péter, Hungary, I have been running open source softwares for twenty years. Maxima mea culpa! MS, sue me! Tomorrow I won't miss you!
503.Gordon Dunlop - Dundee - Scotland. I use Fedora Core 6 as my default OS. I also use Linux Mint, SuSe 10.2, Xandros 4 & Mandriva in a multi-boot environment. I have just finished my MSc. in IT and I am a member of the University of Abertay Dundee Linux Society. I say long live the freedom of choice.
504.Loye Young, Laredo, Texas -- My business site is [http://www.iycc.biz]. I am mirroring Ubuntu and other open source repositories. See [http://mirror.iycc.biz/]. Of note, I am distributing software that allows persons to play their legally obtained DRM-encrypted media on their own Linux devices. You can reach me at P.O. Box 451088, Laredo, Texas 78045.
505.Sergio Cava. Americana -- SP, Brazil. Use use GNU/Linux since 1998. I have used red hat, conectiva, debian, kurumin, kalango and ubuntu. Nowadays, I use archlinux.
506.Steven Eddy - Fort Worth, Texas -- I use Ubuntu Feisty and PC Linux OS in my home. I have legal copies of windows in the house but who really cares about MS anymore? We have no windows in the house and run a LAMP server for personal service while at home and away. Bill Gates and Ballmer can eat my ball sack. Microsoft sucks and is the same as a schoolyard bully with the tactics it is using. Sue me, if you have the balls, no balls Ballmer. Old English definition of the name Ballmer: One who eats balls.
507.Christian Petersen, Kaltenkirchen - Germany - OpenSuse on Desktop PC and Kubuntu 7.04 on Laptop, soon a Home-Server with Ubuntu 6.06
508.Joe Schaefer, Sydney, Australia. I am an open-source software consultant and I am using daily: Java, J2ee, GNU/Linux, C, Jboss, Tomcat, samba, kde, firefox, and others, all of which, dear Micro$oft, you claim to own part of . Can't wait for you to call, Mr Ballmer (chair-man) and Mr Gates (greedy sucker).
509. Dario Pedicini - Rome, Italy -- I use Ubuntu 7.04, but I've used almost every main (and several secondary) illegal distributions. Sue me Microsoft, I use the same computer since 2001 that every year goes faster, I am a real danger for non-innovative, parassitical software producer like you. I've bought a lot of hardware without having ever paid for one single windows licence!
510.Marc Bachman, El Dorado KS: I'm usually not one to invite someone like you to assault me, but I think it's time someone like me, not someone else, told you how you repress on an ongoing basis those who would advance science worldwide. My rap sheet starts with paying $200 for Corel's Linux distro in 2000 and goes on from there. I'm sure I have either paid or donated $500 to various Linux distributors and support personnel in total, which is quite a whopping total for me and I think it qualifies me for membership in this august body. What's more I have used this intellectual property in ways that have positively influenced or exposed others to the reality of a brighter and freer software world. Oh, and I always look for solutions at Sourceforge first. Long Live Linus!
511. Dario Pedicini - Rome, Italy -- I use Ubuntu 7.04, but I've used almost every main (and several secondary) illegal distributions. Sue me Microsoft, I use the same computer since 2001 that every year goes faster, I am a real danger for non-innovative, parassitical software producer like you. I've bought a lot of hardware without having ever paid for one single windows licence!
512. Ryan King - Oregon, US - I use linux daily for everything from word processing, to browsing the internet, listening to and editing my own music, and for the occasional forays into software development. I've been using linux for over 10 years now. I would like to be sued so that perhaps Microsoft can finally explain to my grandmother exactly why it is that she has to call Microsoft and explain to a representative why she needs to reinstall. The invasion of personal privacy for this software that is legally purchased from a company is above and beyond fair use policies. If it weren't for free software, well over half the internet would not be in existence; if for no reason other than having to call up some unhappy Microsoft rep to ask for permission to reinstall the operating system you paid in excess of 400$(us) for.
513.Josef upa - Brno, Czech Republic. I use only Linux (Kubuntu 7.04) on my laptop. I am IT student at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology. E-mail: xtupaj00@stud.fit.vutbr.cz
514. Andreas Shepard - Deridder LA - 10 years Microsoft free and proud of it. Have used SUSE,Debian and currently using Fedora 3,4,5 on various pc's. So go ahead and sue me too, Oh by the way, I never got my money back for Windows95 CD that I returned to the store, when I did not accept the EULA on the pc I bought.
515.André Schneider Santos Piomte Kowisky Pio - Espírito Santo, Brazil - Linux User (Slackware and Ubuntu), Br office, firefox.
516.Júlio Santos Monteiro - Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil - User of: Ubuntu, OpenOffice.org, Mozilla Firefox, Inkscape, Pidgin, SMB server.
517.Aline Cristina Pêgas - Curitiba/PR - Brazil - I use linux for everything, everywhere. I wanna be the first, please sue me! User of: openSuse, Slackware, Debian, OpenOffice, Firefox, and other great open source softwares. I love linux.
518.Ernesto Alvarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I use openSUSE 10 on my workstation and Debian Sarge on my server. I'm also singlehandedly responsible for switching the last company I worked for to linux. Go ahead, sue me if you dare.
519.Sergio "Semanet" Dias, Vitória-ES, Brazil - I use GNU/Linux BIGLINUX (Debian based) on my workstation. I neeeeed be the first...please, help me and sue me everytime, everyday...please, don't forget me! My friends tell me I have broken some patents around the world...
520.Albert "Zorro" Brown of Westwood, NJ - I use Gentoo gnu/linux and I compiled all of those juicy IP infringing video and audio codecs. I also use Mozilla and OpenOffice. Come get me.
521.David Johnson of Wellington, New Zealand - I use Ubuntu, Firefox, Open Office, and Google's Docs and Spreadsheets (which of course run on Linux, like all of Google does). I believe that Windows is a rip off and most of what I want to do can be done using Web Apps and Open Source software. I love the fact that I can export to .doc and .xls files for the gullible people out there, but store my stuff in Open Document formats.
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Journal Journal: Page 03 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 03 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

342.Rick Stanley, RSI (http://www.rsiny.com) I run a Linux and Open Source Consulting firm and install Debian Linux, among other distros. I am proud to be a "Man of independent mind", and NOT a Mickey$oft sheep! My clients use Linux and Open Source where they can and M$ products only where they need to. I welcome a lawsuit from M$ as it will eliminate many of the so-called "Patents" they currently own, and are using to threaten my company as well as my Clients. Please support Groklaw (http://www.groklaw.net) and the Open Source Community!
343.Anil Kumar, Houston, TX, U.S.A. I use LAMP server with Ubuntu Breezy at my home (http://stooge.myftp.org). I also use Ubuntu Dapper with OpenOffice.org at my office via Vmware, and a bunch of other FOSS tools. I always use Firefox, and have blocked iexplore.exe from accessing internet. www.microsoft.com is also blocked permanently via hosts file. Microsoft is the mother of all Evils.
344.Giannis Tsagatakis, Greece, Crete, Heraclion. I was a legal SuSE linux user for years. I'am now running Debian Etch becouse i don't need any protection from Microsoft. Sue me.
345. Marty Hillman, MCSE ID #2144333 & Microsoft Certified Partner. I use FreeBSD, Knoppix, Helix, Mandriva, Debian, OSX. Though I use OpenOffice.Org on the MacBookPro, I use hacking tools on all 6 of my systems to continually search for bugs in my Microsoft Network and to test password strength. I break LM hashes to reverse engineer passwords to educate users and customers alike on the need for better security than Microsoft offers. Oh my God! I resell these services while letting my customers know that I am a Microsoft Partner and certified technician! Please sue me to make this behavior stop. I don't think I can do it on my own. There is simply too much money in pointing out security holes in Windows. Greed motivates me.
346.Jeffrey Chimene, Sonoita, Arizona, U.S.A., jeffchimene at yahoo, "Microsoft free since two thousand three". Now on Debian Etch. I wrote a letter a few days ago to the N.P.R Show "All Things Considered" expressing disgust over a story on this issue. The story was a biased, unprofessional, duplicitous regurgitation of the MS press release: they presented no counter arguments; they assumed that the MS/Novell deal was all about supposed Linux infringment; they made no attempt to find out which patents supposedly infringe.
347.Tony Griffen, San Jose, USA. I am an unrepentant sinner. I've been using Linux since rev 0.99 pl 7, and FreeBSD since rev. 1.x. Currently I run Knoppix servers at work (and distribute them to others - oh, horror), and run FreeBSD, and Linux RedHat at home. In addition, I run numerous Open Source apps on Windows (quick look shows 50+ apps and utilities that make the experience a little more bearable). If Adobe one day decides to port Frame Maker, Photoshop and Illustrator to Linux or FreeBSD, I will become Windows-free. I would love to be sued by Microsoft.
348.Fran Parker, Dendron, VA. I use Ubuntu 5.10 Edgy with KDE/Gnome on my desktop. I will soon be migrating to Ubuntu 7.04. I started using GNU/Linux with RedHat 6.0 and Mandrake (now Mandriva) 7.1. I have used RedHat 7.x/9, Fedora Core 3 and 5, VectorSOHO, Knoppix, and many others via LiveCDs. I also use any open source programs such as OpenOffice.org, The Gimp, Audacity, Firefox, GFTP, as well as many other Gnome and KDE apps. I use Open Source programs on my Mac OS X including SeaShore, Firefox, Thunderbird, and many others. I use many of the same Open Source programs on my Windows 2000 computers. This keeps my experience consistent across platforms and I know what I am running because I have the right to see the code and can change it at will if I so desire. That is freedom in every sense. Price is not the issue. I have purchased Windows and Mac programs that I like, but if I find an Open Source program that does as well or better, so much the better.
349.Marcio Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Sao Paulo, Brazil. I use Debian Sarge. I like to share this software to my friends and my family. I copy GNU/linux in some CD and share it, so I deserve to be in this list. Sue me =)
350.Anderson Carubelli, São José dos Campos, Brazil. one server with Slackware 11 and one Kubuntu 7.04 to Java programming, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. Talk is cheap!Show me the code! Micro$fot Sue me!!!!
351.Stuart Martin, Springfield, Oregon, U.S.A. I haven't had a windows box at home now since 2005. Running Fedora mainly but also playing with any new distro that looks cool from Distrowatch.
352.Sanjar Jalilov, Bishkek, Kzrgzy Republic. On Linux distros from 2002. "Illegal" Debian-Gentoo-Ubuntu user. Have a software\hardware firm aimed to distribute Linux pre-installed PCs/Laptops/Servers with sourceforge free software and have a plan to maintain a high-speed file server to keep tons of "illegal" image disks with various Linux distributions and application archive for Ubuntu to local users in Kyrgyzstan. I just adore Linux!!!
353.Jan Van den Wyngaert, Ghent, Belgium, Europe. Linux Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04. Just for personal use.
354.Arno Igné, Grimbergen, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium. Using Ubuntu 7.04 I rarely have any malware problems. The only problem is when hardware isn't supported. Furthermore I use DSL and occasionally Fedora Core.I rarely use winblows
355.Steve Olivieri (Rhode Island, USA). I use Gentoo Linux and have encouraged others to do the same.
356.Milan Vít, Orlová, Czech republic; Gentoo GNU/Linux 2007.0 with Linux 2.6.21; KDE, Firefox, OpenOffice.org, Win32codecs, Wine and others; Thanks 357. Dafydd Rhys-Jones, Seattle, Washington. On linux since 1995. Started with Slackware, moved my way to Redhat, and am now sitting on Debian Etch, and CentOS. I use linux on all of my testbeds to ensure proper functionality, and adherence to RFC's which MS still doesn't like to do. (Cough Cough, IE7!! Cough cough!!). I also run a complete linux environment at home which my children have been steadily learning, and appreciating more than windows, as it doesn't crash when they are in the middle of having fun with games, or research. 358.Matt Oquist (NH, USA). I have used Red Hat, Mandrake, Gentoo, Debian, and Ubuntu GNU/Linux and widely encourage others to do the same. I use OpenOffice on Windows when, for whatever reason, I am forced to use Windows. I have used mutt for email, and pine before that, since 1997. I am currently responsible for approximately 1500 desktop machines running either GNU/Linux or OpenOffice in Windows.
359.Werner Dahn, Hong Kong. Using Linux for fun and profit since 2000; currently openSuSE 10.2 and Kubuntu Edgy Eft. Show us your list, Microsoft.
360.Laura Paulin, Argentina. I use Kubuntu 7.04 at home and I'm talking my boss into installing it at work. I just love it! I've been a Linux user for nearly 10 years now, and with wine for gaming and Origin, bye-bye microsucks!!
361.Marcos Astorgano González. Irun, Guipuzcoa, Spain. Using GNU/Linux, firefox, openOffice.org since 2001 for personal use.
362.Daniel Scheiner (Germany): Gentoo on my Laptop and Ubuntu on my "Gaming"-PC (only thing Windows seems good for). Microsoft is illegally damaging the Linux- and FOSS-Image! Let's sue them!
363.Richard Thomas, England. I use Fedora Core 5 on my desktop at home and at work and Ubuntu 6.10 on my web server. I'm a techie at a hosting company and i'm response for over 1000 Ubuntu and FreeBSD servers. I do everything i can (within reason) to encourage people, mainly customers to use free software alternatives. I've converted my partner, a teacher to use Ubuntu on her laptop, and while she's been unable so far to install any Linux desktops in her school, the children are currently happily using Firefox and Tuxpaint on a regular basis.
364. Luiz Henrique Farcic Mineo (luiz_dot_mineo_at_gmail_dot_com), Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brasil. Started with Kurumin in 2004 and using Ubuntu 7.04 now. I don't use Windows in my pc, and use Wine and Cedega everyday. PLEASE sue me! =] 365.Ane Jauregi, Spain. OpenOffice user for a couple of years, Linux (Kubuntu) user since April 2007. Just a newbie, but l 366.Ilya Volovnik (USA):Ubuntu 7.04 on my laptop and on desktop. I am also running Unbuntu Server 6.10 on G3. I am a Linux Admin supporting about 100 + CentOS servers. Used to be MSCE, but I am no longer work with MS software since it provides more problems than solutions. I been in IT for 14 years and I saw what Microsoft did with competitors, it is an evil corporation and we have stop it.
367.Jeff England, Millersville, MD, USA - I've used Open Office for all my school projects in the last few years. In all my computer science courses, I've always heard the teachers tell us to "buy this" or "buy that", and in every case I've pointed to a better Open Source program. The only reason I still have Windows installed is for gaming, for everything else, I use Fedora or SkyOS. Come on Microsoft, let's see just how tough you are. There may be thousands of you, but there are millions of us.
368.Ivan Vaklinov (Bulgaria): Working in the field of software development (Java enterprise stuff) I use a variety of machines for testing/development purposes. OSes: CentOS, Debian, (K)Ubuntu, SuSE, FreeBSD. I have also infringed upon Microsoft's "intellectual property" by distributing free software among my friends/colleagues/neighbors and teaching them to use it... Let us not be scared by the threats of the evil empire! The reason why they are threatening us is that... they are scared ;-) by the growing ranks of the "Penguin Front for the Liberation of Software"... venceremos
369. Andras Borek - Hungary. RedHat 8 on residential server, Fedora 5 on desktop pc, Ubuntu on media pc, RHEL on laptop.
370.Steve Brown, New York, USA: I use Fedora Core both at work (against boss's wishes) and at home (since half of my dual-boot hard drive was destroyed by a virus -- care to guess which half?). 371.Eduardo Miranda - São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brasil. Ubuntu user since 5.10, at home and now at University (Unifesp). Also user of OpenOffice (pt-br) and some other Free Software projects.
372.Donald Fox (PA/US): I shied away from Windows 95, last use of M$ software was OS/2 v2.11. I have never found a compelling need to run software so constrained by a single entity. My time working for M$ led me to the inevitable use of RedHat, which in turn led me to the undeniable conclusion, that more is better. More security, more choice, more say in what happens and how I use it. I openly develop for *nix. Please come and try an take my sudo away from me. How ever, how will you contact me, when attempts are made to wrench tcp/ip stacks from my distro? Current usages are Unbutu for the laptops, and Debian on my workstations and servers. I also have a child who has NEVER seen the BSOD. Please sue him as well for no being privy to windoze.
373.Joe Sloan, Torrance, Ca, USA: I use opensuse 10.2 on my main desktop at work, where I am a unix sa, and opensuse 10.1 and 10.2 on my desktop and server machines at home. I do consulting work on the side as well, helping people migrate from microsoft to linux. I've been using linux as my main desktop and as a server OS since 1993.
374.Luis Alberto Pérez García - Madrid/Ponferrada, Spain. Linux user for some years. Started with RedHat on a Pentium100Mhz machine, another couple of years as an Slackware user, some Debian attemps and finally switched to Ubuntu since that distribution was started :D Also Ubuntu Server at the server at home. So if I'm stealing money from you Microsoft, please sue me!
375.Elister M. Ellis, Diamond Bar, CA, USA: Debian etch, Fedora, RedHat 7.3, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu. All of my consulting is for Linux/BSD installs exclusively. Only fix Windows for money, and to be honest, I hate wasting the time even though I am paid to do it. MS products are not worth the money people pay for them. MS has UNACCEPTABLE QUALITY.
376.David Spudich, RHCE - Liberec, The Czech Republic. Red Hat user since 7.1, Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo, OpenBSD for servers. I use RHEL5 on my desktop PC along with OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox and other open-source software.
377.Yoann Archambault - Montreal, Quebec, Canada: I tried linux (Ubuntu) for the first time about 5 months ago. I fell in love with everything related and am now using Gentoo at home and kubuntu at work. As a software dev, this solution is perfect for me; i dont have to deal with liscences and i never search too long when i want to find a program or util to do a specific task.
378. Jader Rodrigues Simões - São Paulo - Brazil ------------I use Debian at home, in my office desktop and in my servers. ------------------- please, sue me Mr. Gates -------------------------- MCP ID# 3103375
379.Jan Btík, Znojmo, The Czech Republic, Europe: I use FreeBSD as my desktop system with OpenOffice, ThuderBird, centerICQ and others
380. Lee Man Tat - Jundiaí - SP - Brazil: I use Ubuntu 7.04. I used OpenSUSE 10.2 until Novell signed the deal with Micro$oft. I also use OpenOffice.org and Firefox under Windows XP at work.
381.David Herrera - Canberra, Australia. I've been using Linux--read: potentially infringing on Microsoft patents--for over 8 years. I do not hesitate to use--without paying--any piece of software which is distributed under a license one would not (upon reading it) believe one has to pay to use. This includes mysql, apache, the gimp, vim, openoffice, firefox, bash, ls, df, du, cp, grep, tar (bla bla bla) among many others.
382.André Luiz de Castilho Fonseca - Campinas - Brazil. I use Kurumin, a Knoppix based distro, and Ubuntu at home, and Fedora at office. I'm waiting for you, Mr. Gates!
383.Isadora Zuza da Fonseca - São Paulo - Brazil. I'm André's daughter and I use Kurumim too. Please, Microsoft, sue us!
384.Derek Hoying (D.A.Hoying@gmail.com)- Poor highschool student, I am running Kubuntu 7.04 on my laptop, along with Open Office, WINE, Swiftfox, and I am running a ReactOS alpha on my desktop, and am encouraging my friends to drop Windows. Bill Gates, I'm ready to help you destroy your image when you sue a poor 15 year old kid for not using your product.
385.Evan Frey - NY, NY - Running (mainly) Ubuntu 7.04 for workstations and Gentoo for servers. Engineer for securities firm running RHEL4 and RHAS3.
386.Santiago Suarez Ordoñez - Rosario - Argentina. I am using Ubuntu 7.04 and PCLINUXOS 2007. I'm waiting for you Bill
387.Nick Yeates - I use Redhat Fedora at home to serve out my terrabyte of diskspace; try software raid with multiple device types on windows. You either pay massive amounts of money or you cant. I still use windows in my workspace becauase everyone else does, but I have moved my personal work computer to other operating systems. Sue me microsoft, so you can continue your closed minded operations on the general public.
388.Vivek Gite, Pune, India, Linux user/admin and blogger - I run all my sites using Redhat enterprise Linux 4 & Debian Linux. I'm using Debian since 1996 and Ubuntu on my Laptop since last 4+ years. Oh yes I run all multimedia stuff. We are proudly powered by open source software which offers: 1. Reliability
2. Ease of use
3. Stability
4. Power
5. Security
6. Freedom
7. Cost
8. Community support
9. Flexibility
Please sue us!
389.Jorge E. Perez Cubas - Lima - Peru. Using Kubuntu 7.04
390.Juan Silva - New York, NY, USA. I've been using Linux for 2 years now, starting slow with SUSE Linux, but picking up the pace with Xubuntu (an Ubuntu xfce variant). Now, aside from Xubuntu, I use PCLinuxOS, MEPIS and PuppyLinux. My old preinstalled Windows MCE is still around on a partition, but I've already had to rescue it with Linux a few times. This has saved me the hours/days of grief back when all I knew was Windows and its rescue tools were poor beyond belief. I appreciate the philosophy of choice that Linux instills, and while I will occasionally offer LiveCDs to my friends and coworkers, I respect their decision to use Windows (respect them more if they use Mac). But if you stay on this belligerent path, I will never again offer you either my sympathy or support, or perhaps more importantly to you, my money. And if you opt to attack our community, or the businesses that support our community, I and millions of others will respond in kind. Underestimate us, and the day will come when you'll have no choice but to Open Source your software just to stay in business.
391.Patricio Moracho - Bs.As. Argentina - I use Suse and Ubuntu at home. Im a regular linux user since 1994. On your SO Ive usually work with tools like: Gimp, Vim, Firefox, etc. Long life to free software (usually better)
392.Karen Hayes - UK; I currently use Ubuntu, and have in the past used PCLinuxOS, Mandriva (commercial and free versions), Open SuSe, Damn Small Linux and Mepis. I use Linux because of all the years of grief Windows gave me through bugginess, user-unfriendliness and vulnerability; and also because I can see little difference between Microsofts business practices and those of the Mafia. Linux is a joy to use and has never lost me any data, unlike Windows! Please, Microsoft, sue me for daring to use something not created by yourselves and for daring to stand up for the truth against the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt you use to try to frighten people into buying your shoddy and overpriced products.
393.Patrik Wenger, Switzerland: I'm running Debian GNU/Linux with a recent kernel, Xorg, OpenOffice, Firefox and so on. BTW: I'm encouraging my windoze friends to use open source and get rid of your criminal junk.
394.Tomasz Kak - Poland. Using Debian and Ubuntu.
395.Daniel Fiser,Prague,Czech Republic - I use Linux, Vim, Firefox, MPlayer and more and more free software. I double-click everytime I can (is it M$'s patent too, isn't it?). Bill, I am waiting for you.
396.Viktor Engelmann - Geilenkirchen - Germany. Using Mandriva Linux 2007 spring. Put up or shut up, liars!
397.Felipe Ribeiro - Brazil. Using Gentoo to get rid of that slow and crappy software made by Microsoft, that is the one who should be sued by Apple for copying their ideas, but with an inferior quality
398.Roger L. Dixon - Evansville, IN, USA. I have been using Linux in one way or another since 1999. Currently, I am running Ubuntu 7.04 with Beryl 3D effects! I am very pleased, however I am conncerned that I may have violated MS patents by ripping off Vista's very cool 3D interface! Well, it's too late to turn back now because I just love Beryl! Sue me if you can!
399.Luiz Amaral - Brazil's Linux heavy user and enthusiast: Wanna sue me for not running your software? OK, I'll sue you for not getting married with my mom and for not making me a billionaire heir. Gotcha, Bill!
400.Nathan Powell, Kentucky, USA - Sabayon User and Public Beta Tester. Openoffice User and Gentoo Addict. Personal Note: Dear Microsoft, You shall be happy to know that I use Sabayon Linux on my Dell Inspiron E1505. I have even gone so far as to pull the "Designed for Windows(R) XP" Sticker off of my laptop. Email: Element.Kaiser@Gmail.com
401.Paulo Magalhães Marciano da Rocha - Brasília - Brasil. Using Mandriva 2007.0. I have already installed this distro from the same disc on over 10 machines, I burn it to friends and other people and I have (Bad me) completely removed my windows partition, meaning my computer does not run windows.
402.Vinicius Gama Pinheiro - São Paulo - Brazil. I use Debian in a ibook G4 ppc. It doesn't fit for Windows, anyway, and even if it would fit, I'll never put a virus like Windows on it. So, I guess I deserve to be sued! I can't wait for it! Come on, Mr. Gates!
403.Jerry Jackson, Wakefield, UK. Serious Linux Mint user, all m/c's. Windows, piss poor excuse for an OS.
404.Robert Stalnaker, Orlando Florida, anchorsaweigh dot navy at gmail dot com. I switched to Linux last year after many years of Windoze induced headaches. I was a MS product user since the first MS-DOS came out; over the years, the O/S's that MS produced were continually of sub-standard security and performance which were the main reason for the switch. I explain the pro's and con's of Windont VS. Linux to everyone I meet and let them make an educated decision for themselves. The last time I checked, this was still a free country and I am still free to use whatever means I choose to correspond via email, process information, conduct transactions, create works of intellectual property, and surf the 'net with any means I choose to! I refuse to be told that I cannot use Linux as I did not vote for any decision which had that effect, nor do I recognize MS patent lawsuits as legitimate. Try to sue me, MS, I would be more than willing to volunteer my time and money to drag your company through the mud and expose it for what it really is and how it really treats it's customers.
405.Andrea Sterbini, Italy - Fedora user, Kubuntu user, (ex) core developer of the TWiki CMS. Computer Science researcher. Personal note: Microsoft is dead ... but they don't know it yet
406.Stephane Rufer, Zürich, Switzerland (Comupter Science Student)- I use Firefox and all the good stuff (open source^^). I'm migrating all my pc's to Linux (Ubuntu or openSUSE) since Vista, excuse my language, sucks. 5 Billion in research and such minimal progress? What can I say? Bill, you used to be great...but it's time to let the others play. Open source is the future.
407.Ryan Harron,Northern Ireland - Debian/Ubuntu user on desktops and server(s)
408.Dave Brockman, Chattanooga, TN - Proud owner and contributor to GNU/Linux and *BSD (you remember, that OS that W2K was identical to when comparing TCP/IP packets). at home, at work, and I encourage everyone I can to give it a whirl.
409.Levi Neely - Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States - Linux user since I learned how to use it in middle school. Vista EULA was the last straw; and, I now refuse to use Microsoft operating systems altogether. Will NOT spend money on RIAA / MPAA crippleware.
410.Mike - California, USA- I use Ubuntu and Slax, I replaced MS Office with Open Office, and I use Mozilla over IE. 80% of my software is open source. I was part of the Vista beta test, it sucked so I threw the disc away. Open Source all the way!
411.Eric Brunson - Westminster, Colorado, United States - Linux user since 1993, Micro$oft free since 1994, active open source contributer, software developer.
412.Remo Wenger, Switzerland - I'm using Gentoo, Ubuntu and Debian with a lot of free software. I want to migrate all my friends and family members to free software and Linux. Please sue an upstanding free software advocate and gentoo user, who attempts to migrate all the people he knows to free software.
413.Felipe Salvini - Brasil - I use debian for LAMP servers. Have a lot of UBUNTU CDs and every one that talks bad about Micro$oft (happens all the time)... I just handle a CD with the SOLUTION! Sue me!
414.Timothy J. Bruce (KB0ODU). I use Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, and SuSE Linux distributions, as well as 3 licenses for Windows XP (2 in use) and 1 license for Windows 2003 (also in use).
415.Frank Willems, Nederland - I'm using Kubuntu. DSL, Knoppix and so - all with tons of free software. When speaking about computers I advise everybody I meet to dump Microsoft's expensive unsafe products. I should be sued!
416.Kyle Martin, USA - contributer to PCLinuxOS, On WinXP: Pidgin (formerly GAIM), OpenOffice 2.2.0, Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird 0.3 and VLC Player 0.8.6b. The only reason I keep a Windows partition on my computer is due to hardware incompatibility issues, I personally believe in and support the Open Source philosophy and advocate FOSS software to friends, family, and professionally.
417.Henrique dos Reis Pimenta - Uberlandia/Brasil. I use Ubuntu,Debian, Kurumim and SuSE Linux distributions.
418.Josep Florit, Spain - Propagando GNU/Linux desde 1998 :).
419.John Ward - UK - I use Debian on a home server and I am currently using Sabayon on my laptop. I make regular use of Knoppix and other related tools. I have finally abandoned all microsoft products the final straws being DRM and Genuine Advantage. The restrictive EULA of vista means I will probably never ever use it. C'mon microsoft you are all bark and no bite.
420.Kamran Riaz Khan - Islamabad, Pakistan. I use Linux From Scratch, Fedora Core and Gentoo on my machines. I play DVDs on all of them, rip their content in XviD and use ODF for my office documents. I believe that Microsoft is spreading baseless FUD with their patent claims, and as such deserve to be exposed.
421.Chris - Chatsworth, California: Open source developer, i also run Debian on over 30 workstations and servers, as well as Ubuntu on 5 servers.
422.Vern Martin, Ohio, USA. I use SUSE Linux and Mandriva. I chose SUSE Linux over Windows Vista for my laptop. Small wonder why. 423.R Matthew Songer, Atlanta, Georgia, United States--I have used SuSE since 1999 on every piece of hardware that I could possibly install it on. I do use Windows, though XP will be the last version. Personally I use Linux for 95% of my computing, and as soon as I can get PhotoShop out of my wife's grasp, I'll move her to Linux as well. If she won't turn loose, MacWorld here we come! I am migrating my employer's infrastructure to Linux, the desktops do not have blue e's on them, OpenOffice is on 80% percent of the desktops, and the Visual FoxPro app I am writing now will be the last Windows business application. At the end of it's five year cycle, we will be Linux or Mac

424.Arnoldo Schiphorst - Balneário Camboriú / SC - Brazil: 2 years using only Linux at home. No dual boot! At work i have to use this crap called windows because i have no choice!
425.Antony Jones, London, England. I use Ubuntu on all my home machines, and am converting my company to a mix of Ubuntu, Fedora, and CentOS Machines. (around 30% Complete in 2 months) I converted my best friend, and he isn't complaining! Sue me all you like, it'll just make me convert people faster.
426.Jan Dula, Slovakia. Ubuntu user.
427.Carlos Cruz, Perú. My company uses Debian.
428.Thiago Comicio, Itajubá, Brazil. Ubuntu 7.04 and OpenOffice 2.2 user.
429.Ezequiel Martín Cámara, Urbana, IL, USA. I have Ubuntu in all my home machines. My wife still suffers from [https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 Bug #1], as she needs a Windows only program. But I installed [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guadalinex Guadalinex] in my mother in law's machine! They use it in her school. Go código libre go!
430.Dear Microsoft, I'm Michel Eyckmans, known as MCE, and I really think you should sue me, for I must be one of your worst enemies. My Slashdot signature reads "Linux user since early January 1992" and is factually correct. The first Linux kernel I installed at home was 0.12, which was released on January 6, 1992. I'm sure I was one of the very first, if not the first, Linux users in Belgium. But wait, it gets worse: back in about 1999, I introduced the first Linux server in the company that I worked for and 2001 I was instrumental in getting Linux to be an officially supported desktop platform there. I left them in 2006, but my Linux legacy still is there. Linux now is one of their strategic platforms. This company has a solid worldwide reputation in the high-tech domain, so lots of people from all over come and work there for temporary projects. When they go back home, they carry with them the knowledge that Linux on the desktop does indeed work. I guess that must somehow also be my fault. Besides, I've also been developing graphical user interface libraries on real multitasking systems as early as 1988 (where exactly was Windows, back then?). And just if that is not enough, I have in the past contributed patches to the Linux kernel and many other open source packages. And I even released a complete program under GPL myself. But wait, just when you think you've seen it all, it gets even worse: that program was released back in 1990 under a license that gave full access to the source code but prevented commercial use. When companies contacted me stating that they wanted to use it but could not, I saw what I thought to be the error of my ways and undermined your business by relicensing my program under the GPL. A long time ago, Suse even rewarded me with a free copy of their Linux CDs because I allowed them to include my program, making their distribution a better competitor to your products. Yes I'm guilty. Let me know what you think! But if you sue me, at least have the decency to refund the Windows license that I was forced to buy with the machine that I'm typing this on. I never used it, you know, nor did I ever intend to. 431.Luis Diaz, Argentina. Gentoo use from years, and i can see the source :P. i have open office gimp KDE, Firefox mplayer, xine...oh, and BTW i also use both, single a double click.
432.Attila Michalik, Hungary. Customized server environments based on Redhat and Fedora. 433.DaveL, London, UK, using whatever software it takes to get the job done, which usually means OSS.
434.Microsoft can kisssue my scrawny ass 'till they're blue in the face.
435.Jose Ricardo Cardozo, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina - Brazil. Gentoo Linux user, linux user since 2000. Try me Steve >=)
436.Herberth Amaral Silva,Minas Gerais - Brazil. I use Debian,OO and WINE for some apps since 2006 and I am feeling very happy to use it. I am posting here because I don't want to lose these softwares.See ya!
437.Travis Campbell USA, Prince of Wales Media Group
438.Michael Williams, Enterprise, Oregon.
Use Ubuntu at home.
Use FC5 and FC6 at work for server/web/db tasks.
It would be nice to be reimbursed for licenses not ever used...
439. ~*ThE jEsTeR oF dArKnEsS*~. Gentoo 2005.1, Ubuntu 7.04, Slackware 3.1. To show those douchebags at Micro$oft that lawyers can't silence everyone, and that money will not stop the open source revolution
440.Kajetan Wandowicz, Wroclaw, Poland (to M$: that's in Europe, I know you [http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/2006/10/27/880411.aspx suck at geography]), using FreeBSD 6.2 for two years and various Linux distributions for ten years. Just because of what I call "the suck criterion": all the Windows versions I've seen have sucked while neither Linux nor FreeBSD does. All the software I use is free as well. And it can in most cases do much more than the corresponding Window$ software, being far more stable, consuming far less system resources, having updates released far more often and having all the reported bugs repaired in no time. Not to mention the web browser I use only allows me to browse the Internet, in opposition to Internet Explorer, which allows the Internet to explore your computer just as well. So, sue me first!
441. Luiz Amaral, Brasil - Unfortunately I am unable to use Linux at work, but I use at home! :) Sue me, Bill! 442. Frederick Noronha, 784, Saligao 403511 Bardez Goa India fredericknoronha at gmail.com -- desktop and laptop using Ubuntu... might shift to Debian... but that doesn't matter... just sue me Mr Gates. 443.Nathan Powell, America - Sabayon Linux User and Public Beta Tester. Personal Note: Mr. Gates spend more time fixing the bugs in your software rather then bothering us because you don't like us. Kthx. Email: Element.Kaiser@Gmail.com 444.Fernando/Brazil, GNU/Linux, Sue me Bill! Sue me Bill! Sue me Bill! Much times u want to.
445.Arlindo Pereira aka. Nighto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - nighto at nighto dot net - got my desktop and laptop running GNU/Linux... hack, i mean, sue me Mr. Gates! :)
446.Normando Neto de Carvalho - Jacobina(BA) - Brasil - I've been using Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper at home desktop, exclusively, since august 2006. Before I have used frequentely brazilian Kurumin Linux (Debian/Knoppix based) and Debian BR-CDD, since 2004. And also use Conectiva Linux ocasionally at work. Oh, yes, I use sudo a lot... Sue me!
447.Brian Donohue, Brooklyn, NY. Editor and principal writer for the Daily rEvolution Weblog. Ubuntu user since Hoary, currently favors MEPIS Linux (based on Dapper) in the practice of the binary arts. You may sue me, Uncle Bill, as long as you answer this one question: is Ballmer really an IT executive, or just a reject from the MTV Jackass program?
448.Juan Pablo Salazar Bertín, Chile. Using Ubuntu at my laptop and CentOS at work.
449.Brad Scalio. Say Hi to BKY for me Vista, may the march be a long slow painful one...been a Gnu/Liux user for about 7 years, so figure what I owe about 2.3 mil, give or take?? Uses FC6 on laptop, and work dual head, RHEL5 on desktop at home, and Slackware on my ppc .... 1.30.07 the epoch of the new millenium, DAYS SINCE VISTA
450.Daniel Borges (RJ/Brasil). Uses Slackware Linux in the notebook and desktop. Sue me please, Bill!
451.[http://hackfleischvogel.de.vu Georges Schott], Mannheim, Germany. Well I'm a 100% satisfied [http://www.ubuntustudio.org Ubuntu Studio] user and I don't feel guilty about using a non-Microsoft operating system. If you feel like I should, go on and sue me!
452.Jamyl Guimaraes, Aracaju-SE,Brazil. Gentoo user and Debian GNU/linux since 1998, And also use Debian Gnu/linux at work in brazilian federal governament, micro$$oft Sue me!!!!
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Journal Journal: Page 02 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 02 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

177.Mark Ibbotson, (Ibbo) Leeds UK. Fedora/Slackware user. I hope MS get put in a position where the IP stuff must be addressed without cloak and dagger tactics like they are using.
178.Lance Miller - USA.. I use Edubuntu & Ubuntu on all of my home pc's.. After 12 yrs. as a M$ tech I got fed up with paying good money for a worthless OS.. Now that I've seen what Vista has to offer I'm so glad I moved back to open source, so sue me..Also, Open Office is on these same machines as well. Its a fine product that works perfectly & doesn't cost $300 - You too can own these fine products & all you need is a pc & an internet connection.. No Credit Card required.. 179.David Alan Dyball - Brisbane, Australia. I use Slackware 11.0, Ubuntu (6.10,7.04,Desktop/Server,Xubuntu) I use Linux exclusively because I need to have complete control of my computer, something a closed-source product would never allow.
180.Scott Mortimer in Belgium. Come and get me suckers!!! : Kubuntu 7.07/Debian 4.0/openSUSE 10.2
181.Arun - Bhiwani, India. I use openSUSE 10.2 /CentOS 4.4-5.0/FC4. Windows sucks...
182.Brady Merriweather - Richwood, Ohio. brady@adminremote.com- I use Clark connect to manage my network, and all 5 of my family members use Ubuntu 7.04 at home. I own a computer store, and sell legitimate copies of MS Windows to customers who were taken advantage of by some wannabe redneck who sold pirated copy to them. I've always addressed their interests by informing my customers, but I also understand my demographic. Not many people can afford to legitimize, so I offer Ubuntu for free at my register. (Stacks and STACKS of CD's) This helps both my customers stay legitimate and free from troubles, and keeps Microsoft happy, well at least I thought.... 65+ happy customers, only 2-3 calls since asking general questions with Ubuntu. (IE how to change a screensaver or add a printer) All and all, you'd have to take the town. I'm sure our "boss hog" mayor would like to differ.
183.Micha?, Andrzej Wo?niak - Warsaw, Poland. Using Ubuntu 7.04, Debian 4.0 on several machines; spreading the word and turning my friends to fellow pirates, yarr!!
184.Edward Tjnhammar, Sweden. Gentoo/Archlinux GNU/Linux 2.6.21. [http://badvista.fsf.org/ Bad Vista]
185.Gautam Singh - India. I use Centos, Open Suse and Open Solaris - I like the freedom that comes with it. http://ga.ut.am g@ut.am
186.Kevin Campeau - Canada. FreeBSD/Xfce. 187.Andre Robatino - Brookline, MA. Fedora Core 6
188. [Editor's note: This number was garbled in the original list due to a strange error in the mediawiki software] 189.David Moss, Switzerland, Ubuntu Feisty and Cygwin when I can't get a real OS
190.Kristian Lund - Denmark. Used Kubuntu, going back soon. I use OpenOffice for everything I can (that's a lot). Please sue me and get my name in the papers so I can use the publicity to tell people about your business practises and shit-poor products.
191.Christopher Brown, Huddersfield, England. snecklifter at hotmail dot com. I have been using FLOSS since Windows failed on me during my final year project. I now use Fedora at home and Ubuntu in my workplace. Plus the countless websites running all that lovely LAMP tech. I look forward to hearing from you.
192.Elouise, UK. Ubuntu Feisty, Gentoo, Slackware and whatever other pirated distro of this virus called Linux that I happen to be checking out at the time. Anyway, since I live in the EU, where software patents are non-binding, I'm more than happy for MS to sue me. With a bit of luck they'll have to extradite me and I'll get a free holiday to the US!
193.Joshua White - USA. Your not the only ones with money, lawyers, and time.
194.Jeremy Hammond - USA. Dig that grave deeper M$!
195.Justin McManus (Berkeley Vale NSW Australia) - Have used Mandrake 7 (I think,) Red Hat 5.0, openSUSE 10.1, Ubuntu 6.0 and currently 7.04. Only reason I use MS is because game programmers are lazy and don't like making games for *nix flvours.
196.Dionysis Kalofonos - Spain. I use Debian Etch. In the university that i work we use Debian and Ubuntu.
197.Chris North- Auckland, New Zealand Ditched Windows years ago, Using Kubuntu 7.07 and Ubuntu Microsoft lawyers: sue me first 5u(| 198.Gan Andersson - Sweden. I use Fedora at home and RHEL at work.
199.Jason Clark - China - I use Ubuntu Feisty because I choose to. I will never go back to the bloat-ridden OS that is Windows. I don't worry about crashes anymore. Linux does what I want when I want, quickly. So, yeah... Please sue me too, Microsoft.
200.Mateusz Radwan - Warszawa, Poland. Slackware 8.1 on a server and Mandriva 2007 on a desktop, both at home. SMFM.
201.Idar Wilsgd, Troms, Norway - Gentoo on several computers.
202.Piotr Biernat, Krak, Poland. I use Linux since 1995, starting with Red Hat 4.0 and I am using Debian since early 2000. Can't wait to see you suing yourself into nonexistence, Microsoft. I'm dying from curiosity how you plan to enforce your "patents" in the EU...
203.Viktor Hauk, Brussels, Belgium - Using Ubuntu 7.04 - It's fun, different and pisses off people trying to use MY computer :)
204.Adam John Miller, US - Texas. I've been a GNU/Linux user since late 1999, debian user tried and true. Come and get me, I'm not worth much anyways. 205.Mike Harrison, aka meuon, Chattanooga TN USA. Mostly Microsoft Free since 1994. Build several technology businesses using it, current fav distro is Ubuntu. - Oh, it's not about cost, it's about quality, power, flexibility, stability and choices.
206.Arvid Picciani | DE | archlinux , freewrt, debian | Free Software Developer | Please sue me for using your great inventions like the double click, or like a computer. Maybe you could also sue me for the usage of your patented air.
207.Joe Willis - Texan living in Birmingham, UK - Debian 4.0, Ubuntu 6.06, FC6 - I use open source because I have several home computers on a home network. If I were to use those "other" products I would have to pay for a new OS for each system and license. That is absurd. I have no virus or malware problems, I don't have to load apps that constantly run in the background absorbing my systems resources, and as log as I use Debian, I don't have to play upgrade the hardware.
208.Randy LeJeune, United States - Slackware user.
209.Marek Vician - Bratislava, Slovakia - Archlinux 0.8, XFCE 4 - please sue me for not using your OS.
210.Roland Bouman, Leiden, The Netherlands. Have been a long time window user (since 1993) but happily switched to Ubuntu a year ago. Would not want to switch back.
211.Paul Garrett, Australia - Using Ubuntu 7.04 on four home computers. Initially driven to it by viruses and slow Windows apps. Am so happy with Linux, I'll never go back. Converted five others too.
212.Ben Lampard, New Zealand - Ubuntu and Mandriva.
213.Cheta Nwanze, 1 Olu Ginuwa Road, Benin City, Nigeria and 315 Green Lane, SW16 3LU, London England. Switched from Window$ 3 years ago and I would like to know what laws broke in doing that. Ubuntu Linux
214.Dirsehan Tunl, Ankara/Trkiye. Pardus and Windows XP are installed on my PC. I am using Thunderbird as mail client and I can access the same stored mailbox from both OS's. I am also using Firefox the same way, all my bookmarks and extensions are there when I switch the OS, and no problem. I like this flexibility.
215.Kern Dixon, United Kingdom - kern dot uk at gmail dot com. Archlinux, pekwm. swapped to Linux yrs ago for all the usual reasons, choice, power, flexibility. It pains me when i'm forced to use Windows elsewhere and confirms for me, everytime, that swapping to Linux was the right choice.
216.Vytautas Jancauskas, Vilnius, Lithuania. I am using OpenSUSE 10.2 because it's stable and has more power and flexibility then any MS OS will ever have + it's open source and that makes me feel cleaner and more confident with what i have installed on my pc. I use it mostly for programming and music production. One other point is that microsoft with it's more and more resource hungry OS's makes people throw out their old PC's and is adding to the worlds technological waste which is also a bad thing.
217.Kofi Adusei Koduah-Sarpong, London, United Kingdom - Been using linux since 2001. I use Debian GNU/Linux on my main laptop. I run FreeBSD 6.2 on one of my servers and I run Debian on my Sun Netra T1 Server. I initially started using OSS becuase i wanted t know what it was all about. I'm happy with the way linux runs now. I had been a long time windows user since 1993. Now i preach OSS to anyone who will listen.
218.Andrea Blankenstijn, BE/Switzerland - Using Gentoo, OpenSuSE and OpenWRT. I like his flexibility
219. Jamie Terran - Bali, Indoesia - linux and open source user, not cos its free cos it rocks ! I wouldn't pay for microsofts poor implentation !
220.Hans Poppe, Oslo, Norway Using Debian 4.0 and Kubuntu 7.04 because it is NOT propritary
221.Chris Rowson, East Riding, United Kingdom - Ubuntu 6.06 x 3 servers Ubuntu 6.10 x 1 server Ubuntu 7.04 x 2 laptops and have installed Ubuntu 7.04 on a further 5 friends PCs and counting. Dear Microsoft, please sue me as I've been a very naughty boy. I really should have used Windows for my servers, even though I'd have spent more time upgrading and restarting them than I would 'serving things' from them. I also deserve to be sued as I'm running linux as a desktop OS too. In fact after you've sued me, you should then kick the living daylights out of me for having the audacity to dare to try and use a stable operating system. I'm sorry :-(
222.Werner Egloff - TG/Switzerland - using SuSE & Gentoo. Can do VERY WELL without MS software & associated hassles !
223.Vatra BogDan, Romania Debian GNU/Linux >50 computers. Fuck Micro$oft and fuck patents.
224.Vijay RadhaKrishnan , Germany - I have installed Ubuntu after seeing Stupid Microsoft Infringement claims. hell with US patent laws , one day People will patent Natural breathing so that one has to pay royalty for Natural things. Freedom is the highest Objective ...
225.Juan Reyes, Spain. Using GNU/Linux for (almost) 10 years. Gentoo Linux installed in both laptop and desktop.
226.Hatem Zidi, Tunis- Tunisia. using linux since 2001. i used redhat on almost all my servers. i developped many tools using open source stuff, and got no problem with them. i don't blame microsft, but, sue me for doing that!
227.Rami Taibah - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Gave up MS 2 years ago and never looked back again. Currently using Ubuntu, I am a baddy and communist, please Microsoft come and put me in my place, I have been naughty
228.Justyn Butler, Southampton, UK. I have used Fedora and Ubuntu for two years. It gives me a much more pleasant desktop to use than Windows can.
229.Johan Steurs, Belgium. I use Ubuntu for some time now. Gentoo too. Bitchin'stuff.
230.Paul Cobbaut, Belgium. Formatted my last Windows partition in April 2004, have been using Red Hat, Debian and now Ubuntu on all my desktops and laptops. Doing the same since a couple of years with family and friends. I like stuff that just works, so i use linux!
231.Omar Hermannsson - Reykjav, Iceland. I'm using Ubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice and only open source, free software on my own computer and it suits my needs perfectly. At work we use various Linux distros (Ubuntu, Gentoo, RedHat, Suse) and other open source software as well. If there is a viable open source alternative for anything we're doing we tend to choose that.
232.Andrew Brown - Bracknell, Berkshire, England. I am guilty of using Linux in an Ubuntu distribution on my laptop of all things. I feel ashamed that I have no need whatsoever for Microsoft in any part of my computing life. Please Microsoft come and sue me to make me feel better. By the way, I actually did read the whole of your EULA, thats why I no longer use you
233.Matt Woodward - Bristol, UK. I use Ubuntu on my desktop and laptop, Gentoo on a media centre, and have two other machines that run a variety of free software usually used for development and testing. Please Microsoft, come and show everybody what an evil person I am
234.Alessandro Lensi, Pisa, Italy - I cutted off windows from my pc (home, work, friends and girlfriend too) except where I cannot do so (matlab and autocad) just because i don't like how it works.I use gentoo on mine, and install ubuntu on the rest (ubuntu is easier to maintain). Linux JUST ROCKS, show us what patent we are infringing, and please explain why linux which you, microsoft, assume as a clone of windows works better than the original product.
235.Chris Parr - London, England I use Gentoo linux on my computer, and I love the way I can have it do anything I want it to. Free software has changed my life, and inspired me to become the best programmer I can be...
236.Jg Luther, Munich, Germany. As editor of an [http://www.linux-user.de computer magazine] I use a bunch of different Linux distributions at work every day, be it on my production system (Debian "Woody") or on testing machines. Privately, I use Ubuntu "Dapper", Fedora Core 6 and Damn Small Linux. C'mon MS - sue me!
237.David Tremblay, Canadian, in Vietnam, very happy with GNU/linux, try me !!!!
238.Richard J. Stelling - Bristol, England; Red Hat, OpenOffice, Apache etc.
239.Sergey Kostov, Razgrad, Bulgaria. I have 5 PCs all of them running some kind of open source os. I have two Debian GNU/Linux, one Monkey linux runnung on an old 486SX/33 with 4MB ram, one Knoppix and one FreeBSD 5.1. I hate to say it but i do have a windows installation on my laptop. Do you know what i use it for? Playing quake (i have a crappy video card with no opengl driver under linux).
240.Ido Perelmutter - Rishon Lezion, Israel. I use Debian GNU/Linux on my home computer, with which I illegally use my illegal right to program software; maintain software; use software; enjoy multimedia; interact with my cell phone, PDA, MP3 players, etc.; surf the internet; bash Microsoft on websites and forums; use my mouse; tap on my keyboard; pump up the volume on the speakers; and worst of all, breath air!!! And I do so because I don't give a rat's ass about law! Don't care about it I tell you, and I will continue to break it until Microsoft steps up and sues me to my last coin of Shekel. I'm a monster I tell you, a monster, and I just gots to be stopped!! Muhahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
241.Damjan Cvetko - Maribor, Slovenia. I use many distros and Ubuntu 7.04 is my main deskotp distro. People over profit - freedom to all - especially to Microschnulz employees :D "Just how many centurys have we been waiting for someone else to make us free?" ''Faithless''
242.Stefanos Klironomos - Greece. Gentoo on one machine, Debian on two others. Easy with the sueing microsoft, I'm saving money to get a Mac (will use linux on it too!) so I can't afford a lawyer!
243.Simon Lang - South Australia, I use Mepis (dapper), kubuntu (feisty) and xubuntu (edgy), I have totally abandoned running windows. The reason I refuse to use Microsoft products is because of what they are trying (and failing) to do right now. Intimidation, FUD, and strangulation of ideas through patents is greedy and idiotic and now that linux is really starting to show it's true colors, they are going to try to put the kibosh it. I will not be told by a company which software is blessed and which is not by them, I will not be labeled a criminal because I run a piece of software that they have never set a finger on and then have them turn around saying it belongs to them. Sue me, I dare you, sue this poor struggling uni student, its worked so well for the RIAA and MPAA. No, really sue someone, anyone, lets see this hoarde of patents that no-one can see. You sound more and more like SCO with it's, "you're infringing! now show me what you're infringing on! NO! I will not tell you what you are infringing on! You show me what you THINK you are infringing on first!" kind of talk, hell, you paid them to do exactly the same thing, Microsoft should've of learn't their lesson the first time, idiots.
244.vind A. Holm <sunny@sunbase.org>, N-5042 Bergen, Norway.
245.Andrew Jewett, Santa Barbara, California, USA. xubuntu 6.10 (On my Mac which is not running linux, I also use: firefox, latex, inkscape, gimp, x11, neo office, audacity, VLC, aquamacs, xmgrace, gcc, make, rcs, cvs)
246.Christophe Monniez - Belgium - I use Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora. I abandoned completly the use of windows at work and at home because it's only good for viruses and games. If Microsoft sue me for using linux, I will ask them to give me my money back for the number of hours that I have worked to fix the Windows machine of all my familly, my colleagues and my friends.
247.Jarmo Lundgren, Metsola, Vantaa, Finland. Ubuntu 7.04. I installed it because it was there and nobody stopped me.
248.John P Foster, Gold Coast Australia. I've used Linux since December 1994. I've used Slackware, TurboLinux, Caldera, Red Hat, Corel Linux and Debian GNU/Linux. I've installed Debian in particular on hundreds of peoples (and businesses) computers, and have been a contributor to the GNU Documentation Project. Most of these people have been more than happy to leave the Microsoft environments alone, and the few who have needed to run software built for Win32 platforms have been very happy to run it under wine and winelib. I've also helped 3 ISPs migrate from a Windows based environment to pure Linux/BSD systems, which would equate to many thousands of people using GNU Linux and FreeBSD due to my efforts.
249.Folkert van Heusden, Gouda/Netherlands. Linux user (first slackware then debian) since around 93-94 or so. Active open source developer ([http://www.vanheusden.com/Linux/ check my webpage]) so maybe I abused some of microsoft patents.
250.Nils Ivanson, Geborg Sweden, I've used Linux since 2004. I've used Debian GNU/Linux. I've installed Debian in particular on dussins of computers.
251.Steve Woods - Bristol, United Kingdom - I'm acting secretary of [http://www.bristolwireless.net Bristol Wireless], a community co-operative, where we use Debian for running LTSP thin client suites and our servers. Home machines: Mepis.
252.Hamid Ohadi, London, UK. Gentoo on my laptop and Ubuntu on a desktop. I also use LaTex, Inkscape, XFCE, Mutt, Firefox, Gimp, OpenOffice, Gnumeric, Gnuplot, Octave, Mplayer. Good opportunity to sue me. No Money No Lawyer. Iranian as well!
253.Ugra Diel (daniel.ugraATgmail), Hungary. I use Kubuntu 7.04 at home (with all my family) and Gentoo at school. Please sue me first!
254.Dan Rosen - PA, USA. Debian 4.0 on two computers. One runs MRTG and the other runs Apache. Come and get me!
255.Robert Wormleck (wostram@grepthat.ga), Georgia. I am a long term user of Linux, currently I use Ubuntu at home and work. Please sue me first!
256.rsteinn Sveinsson - Iceland, Debian or derivative on all my computers.
257.Dave Jones, Muizenberg, Cape Town. I use Ubuntu Feisty. Cedega from http://www.transgaming.com is Linux based emulation software for gaming which I happily PAY FOR for years now - it runs Oblivion and NFS Carbon in Linux beautifully, many other games too - so I can play my "paid for games" in Linux - Microsoft is irrelevant here.
258.Julian Pettersen, Norway - OpenOffice user
259.Phil Carmody ("FatPhil"), pc+suemefirst/at/asdf.org, Finland. Linux user since 1993, pretty much exclusively since 1999. Mostly Debian on x86, Alpha, and PowerPC, but I have copies of evil RedHat, Fedora, SuSE, Ubuntu. and Gentoo.
260.Kevin Huysmans, Mechelen, Belgium. Debian is my preferred linux flavor. Linux rocks my world because stuff just works!
261.Mirsal ENNAIME, Lyon, France. I'm using Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo (And a LFS for fun) Why ? Freedom, of course !
262.Marcel Buchholz, Germany. I use Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, Mandriva and Fedora - Because it works.
263.Steve Baker (Austin, Texas). I use a variety of distro's at home and at work. In my last job I caused thousands of PC's to be equipped with Gentoo Linux and sold at a vast profit to the US government where they do sterling service as flight simulator graphics systems. If you are attacking us on a Linux-systems-per-capita basic then you definitely need to sue me first...oh - and the US airforce, marines and army too - they have more money than I do.
264.Tim Eggleston (Aberdeen, UK). Gentoo Linux. Gentoo because of Portage, Linux in general because it gives me complete control to do whatever, whenever I want, and is stable as a rock (unless, and only unless, I mess it up) while doing so.
265.Raj Kiran Talusani. Use Ubuntu, RedHat because Linux is awesome
266.Durval Menezes (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): I'm a computer consultant and aficionado, and a Linux user since 1993 (kernel 1.0.23 on the SLS distribution); I use regularly Redhat (both the original and CentOS, in many versions from 3.03 to EL4) on clients' servers and my own servers, desktops and laptops, Ubuntu (6.06 and 7.04) on my family's desktops, Gentoo (mainly their excellent "minimal" bootable ISO for recovery and installation tasks), OpenWRT (White Russian) on my Asus WL500 wireless access point; I'm migrating away from a Palm PDA (running PalmOS) to an HP iPaq 2215 running Familiar Linux; I run Linux almost 100% of the time, and I only use Windows very infrequently inside VMs (under both VMWare and Xen, and on a dual-boot partition in my home desktop) for those odd tasks that still requires it, or that I didn't yet find the time to learn how to do properly under Linux (like some games and video decoding/encoding apps)
267.Seba Vanhuffel uses Gentoo & Suse because XP is scratching my balls while running ./gates_who.sh
268.Ross Goble, Adelaide Australia. I use Debian on a variety of machines and I find it to be a great operating system. If I am using some one's patented software then thanks for the work but if you want some $ you are going to have to throw lawyers at me! Have a nice day @-|
269.Alexander Blomen, ubuntu#ablomen.nl, The Netherlands, using Ubuntu, Xubuntu, ubuntu server, debian for everything i do (work and leisure time)
270.Paul van Genderen, Netherlands. I use Ubuntu and Debian on 3 PC's, FreeDOS on 1 PC. GNU/Linux allows me to do what I want, unlike [http://badvista.fsf.org/ Vista].
271.Bat' Simo, from Kamakura, Japan. Been using Linux at home since kernel 1.0 or thereabouts, and at work for about half a decade now. Sue me first, please.
272.Montxi, Asturias (Spain). I use Ubuntu (7.04), Debian, openSUSE, and Mandrivaand. Newest Computer from 2002. AND IT WORKS.PUXA
273.Gareth Williams, United Kingdom. I am using Kubuntu 7.04. Every so often I try and use Linux instead of Windows to see if I can. This time I can! If games developers put the effort into making Linux versions of their games I would wipe Windows all together.
274.Ian Theofilos, Atlanta, GA. Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora. Working in WinBlows makes me feel crippled.
275.Hiran (hiranjyotiATgmail.com), India, Using different Linux distributions for more than 10 years because there is no match!
276.Andy Loughran, Birmingham, UK. I have been using solely Linux for the past two years, listening to my music collection, using OOo, and contributing time to the Open Source Movement. Anyone have a spare SuSe voucher?
277.Pedro Ferreira, jose DOT pedro DOT ferreira AT cern DOT ch, Geneva, Switzerland. I use Gentoo Linux at home, and Scientific Linux at work. I find it a shame what some people at Microsoft are trying to do with FLOSS.
278.Robin French, Manchester, UK. I use Windows XP and SuSE 10.2 in a dual boot configuration on my machine. I also use OpenOffice on Windows because my pirated Office 2003 sucked balls
279.Kyle Brooks, cmpfixer AT hotmail DOT com, Peterborough, Ontario. Windows sucks (not Microsoft, but they need to fix their business practices!).
280.Flavio Volpi - Turin, Italy. I have been using Linux(*) and FreeBSD mainly for 3 reasons: ''curiosity'' Italian University is great for what concerns theory and I have never been meaning that IT technoloies rely upon some image mouse clicking: I wandered what an icon click meant or ..should have meant; ''budget'' because a student budget falls short and piracy is rightly illegal; ''reliability/laziness'' maybe I haven' t been much lucky but my father' s Windows operated computer dispensed too many blue screens, email viruses.. and required too much weekend support. ((*)Debian, well in this very moment Slackware 11)
281.Greg Hill, Key Largo, Florida, USA. Linux user since 1998, Windows and Virus free since 2000. I ditched SuSE after the patent deal and pitched my boxed sets. Way to go, Novell! Now a happy paying customer of Mandriva. Mr. Balmer, you sound more like Darl McBride every day. May you be equally as successful.
282.Dave Merriman, Billings, MT - Running SuSE, Fedora Core, and Kubuntu. Told MS to get stuffed several years ago, and been perfectly happy with Linux since then. C'mon, Microsoft! I dare ya!
283.Juraj Hlinicky, Vienna, Austria. Dear Microsoft, you'll be undoubtedly happy to hear that I'm using Ubuntu 7.04 on my DIY RAID5 NAS, as this adds another Linux user you can sue. Go ahead, knock yourself out!
284.Fabio Rosati, Milan, Italy. I use Gentoo on AMD64 at work, OpenSUSE on the company server since 2004 with NO PROBLEMS at all, Ubuntu/Gentoo on the notebook at home. We also use OpenSUSE on the help desk workstations and now we know.... we don't need Microsoft anymore!
285.Alex Hardman, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Our entire business model uses FOSS to deliver managed services. We use a variety of Linux distros such as fedora, gentoo, and when the customer has wasted their money (in our opinion) SuSE. Which then run a couple of FOSS projects such as XEN, Nagios, CACTI all on top of Apache, Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Oh yeah, and we tried vista on a customer request, but promptly ditched it from all server work after the 12th, yes that does say twelfth, crash the same weekend as installing it. So, yeah, sue me for all that infringement.
286. Mark Jose, Cornwall, UK - Running various distros, main distro currently Kubuntu 7.04. I don't use Microsoft products, full stop. Sorry Bill and Steve, but your OS sucks. Feel free to sue me - I have no money, but there you go! Other "crimes" - I have worked on development of a Linux distro, expose others to free and open source software, I have installed Linux on many machines which came with Microsoft Windows! What a real crook I must be! Forgive me - NOT!
287.AndrFischer, Switzerland, Europe. Running and maintaining various Linux boxes (both servers and desktops) using a mix of SuSE and Ubuntu/Kubuntu. In there, there's also the usual suspects: Apache (also on Windows), OpenOffice, GIMP... Oh and I'm also using a Macintosh - isn't the underlying kernel of that something based off of BSD or am I mistaken? Can Microsoft please sue me especially for that last point? It would make my day. If not, go ahead and sue me for the rest. Also, have fun getting the locations of the offending machines subpoenaed out of me. /grin
288. Sjohn Wolfe, Canada - Running Ubuntu and Redhat hosting vent/website servers and running more open source then paid programs - Making your millions every day... cant even share with people who need it, means you deserve to be downsized.
289.Attila Fazekas, Hungary , Europe . Running Gentoo Linux.
290.Dotan Cohen, Haifa, Israel. I flop flop between Fedora and the *buntus. I currently have Fedora on the Desktop and Ubuntu on the laptop. All my desktops are KDE. I'd like Microsoft to sue me because I've made mistakes and done wrongs in the past, but I've always paid the punishment. I'm an honest guy. If I'm infringing on Microsoft's patents by using open source software, then I _want_ to be held responsible. Note that I don't believe that I'm infringing, otherwise I would stop. But if someone is accusing me, then let them prove it and I'll pay damages and change my ways.
291. Michael LaBont NH, USA. I use Slackware & SME 7.1 on my servers. Ubuntu 7.04 on my machine, which I distributed freely to my family and is on my younger sister's machine also. I use m0n0wall as a firewall and I use a variant of ThinStation for thin clients at work.
292.Mike Pinto, W-S, NC, USA - Currently running SimplyMepis, but have dabbled with many other distros starting with SLS, then Slackware and finally RedHat 5.x - 9.x before moving to Mepis. Open Source allows me to decide how my machine will be used, not some faceless monopoly run by meglomaniacs bent on controlling the world's computers.
293.Brian Kemp, Maryland, USA. I use gNewSense deltad, a FSF-sponsored fork of Ubuntu 6.06. I'm very concerned about having a completely free software stack, free from all sorts of infringements and black-box code. No security vulnerabilities or crippled hardware for me, please. This patent silliness must stop, and I'll take it head on. I hope to be using LinuxBIOS soon (once I find the time).
294.Faisal Puthuparackat, Pune, India. Running and maintaining multiple Linux boxes. Distros used include Ubunutu and Gentoo. Ditched windows in late 1995. Haven't looked back since.
295.Brad Krumme, Cincinnati, OH, USA - I use Gentoo Linux, simply because it's better than Windows.
296.Federico Almada, Cdoba, Argentina. I have Linux on both, desktop and notebook PCs, and since I have left Windows I've got no more BSOD, no more virus, no more spyware... and i just love it! If I am doing something wrong, just sue me...
297.Michael Lam, Ontario, Canada - Ubuntu, Slackware, OpenOffice.org, Wine
298.Filip Kr?ka, T?eb, Czech Republic. I use Fedora, CentOS, Pidgin, Firefox, GNOME Desktop, Liferea, MPlayer, Rhythmbox, OpenOffice, Gnumeric, AbiWord, GNU utilities and hundreds of other
299.Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman, Buenos Aires, Argentina - I became who I am today because of what the FLOSS Community gave me. I've been using, contributing, securing and developing for GNU/Linux since late 1994.
300.Aximon, Arnhem, Netherlands. Happy PHP-programmer Using Ubuntu on notebook ,mediacentre and servers, works for me..
301.Samuel Leathers, Howard, Pennsylvania - Ubuntu, Debian, I run Linux on all my computers. I have never owned a copy of Microsoft Windows; however, sadly I have to admit family members have. I run Ubuntu on all my desktops/media computers/recording computers and run Debian on my servers at multiple houses scattered across Centre County.
302.Ken Johnson, Charlotte, North Carolina, running various flavors of Red Hat 7.3 thru Fedora Core 5 in a Microsoft-free zone. You can do anything with Linux. With Microsoft products, you only do what Microsoft lets you do. 303.Va?ek Stod?lka, Zl, Czech Republic. Fedora 6 / kernel 2.6.20. Firefox, OpenOffice, mplayer with (among others) WMA support - so you can sue me for your priprietary codecs too.
304.Mary Richert, Maryland, USA - Debian. We run Linux on multiple systems at home. I use it because I like to learn stuff, fancy that! And I can do everything I need to do without Windows.
305.S. Kellar, S.E. Michigan - Hey Microsoft! I have been using SUSE Linux since release 6. After release 7 I have installed not only this fine OS one one computer, not two, and not even three, but four. With release 9, I reduced the space occupied by Windows XP and put in SuSE Linux so now I can boot either SuSE Linux or Windows XP (which is hardly used any more). I have even downloaded Fedora Core 6 to try that out as well. You know what really will make you sick Microsicky? Using the CDs I made after downloading SuSE Linux 10.2, is that I upgraded all my machines using that one set of CDs! Oh but you will love this - I also upgraded several machines, that were running Windows, that I do not own to others using that same set of CDs! You know there is one problem though - I can't reproduce the 200 page manual I got when I bought a boxed version of SuSE Linux. I got the boxed version just to get the printed manual. People were shocked that an OS had such a large manual when purchased. They all wondered why Microsoft couldn't come up with something like this? Now I looking to download other Linux distributions to try them out. Since you (MickySoft and Novell) are in cahoots with each other, I'm looking to see which other Linux distribution is as good if not better than SuSE. And one who won't deal with the devil.
306.Irene "fog" Grammatika, Greece. Using linux for 7 years. Ubuntu, Gnome, firefox and many many more. Safe, stable, open and free.
307.Erika Nilsson, UK/Sweden - I had Gentoo running parallell with Windows XP on my desktop computer until XP made it crash. Atm, I'm running OpenOffice and various other open-source programs on XP - that is, until I have a free weekend to install Gentoo on my laptop. There's no forgiveness for me.
308.Mark A Fonnemann, Rhode Island, USA - Fedora, RHEL - I use Fedora at home and RHEL at work. GNU/Linux user since '99. 309.Guruh Irianto, Papua, Indonesia. I have been using Linux, on and off, since 1996 and it just couple months ago I switched to Ubuntu and never look back. Microsoft and their cronies are welcome to sue me for using a free and open source alternative of their system.
310.Jonathan Cunningham, San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. I have used Ubuntu Linux since 2004. Put those deep pockets to work Microsoft. Sue me.
311.Clay Ashby, Holland, Michigan, I use mostly Ubuntu 7.04. It was easier to get Microsoft Codec's on Ubuntu than it was on my Windows XP box(used only for games). If the gaming companies would also include more regularly Linux based games Microsoft would die. The game market is a HUGE share of the $$.
312.Timo Hovens, The netherlands, running Debian Etch for my 64 bit game server, because Microsoft really doesn't give me everything need for free, and let's admit it, 64 bit under windows is just plain bad.
313.Ronnie Redd, California, USA. I use Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Redhat, MySQL, Postgres,PHP, Gnome, KDE, TheGimp and OpenOffice.org, for work & play. I am an MSP (x4), MCDBA, CIWP (x3), CIWMD, etc. I have been the Windows computer expert everywhere I've worked. I now have personally converted 10 people to Ubuntu, Debian and FreeBSD for Servers, Workstations and Laptops in the last year. Hell hath no fury like an MCP scorned! I am working on a web site for Linux (mainly Ubuntu) http://www.cruzit.com and it is running on an Ubuntu Server. If you visit it, you will pass through a FreeBSD firewall on your way. So, M$, maybe you should sue me first, before I start the class action lawsuit against you first, for slanderous statements that cause a potential loss of wages and earnings.
314.Ond?ej Koz, Plze?, Czech Republic. openSuSE 10.2, KDE, OpenOffice.org, Mplayer, Amarok, K3b, Krusader and so...
315.Stian Rdven Eide, Trondheim, Norway. I use Free Software, mostly Ubuntu. Feel free to sue me for doing so.
316.Justin Parrott, Cincinnati OH, USA. I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my work laptop and my personal laptop and I have been using Linux for 7 years. I also use Open Office instead of Microsoft office for all of my word processing / spreadsheet needs. I can connect wirelessly, connect to a cisco vpn network, and enjoy multimedia and games all on my open source operating system which according to Microsoft I am using illegally. SUE ME!
317.Javier Maestre, Madrid, Spain. Gentoo linux desktop, and Kubuntu on the laptop.
318.Robert C. McGhee Jr. - Asheville, NC - I have systems running Kubuntu & Slax, because Linux is the international all you can eat buffet of operating systems, while M$ Windoze is more like McD's. Adapt or Die Microsoft!
319.Nicol Alvargonzez, Cdoba, Argentina. Suck me Microsoft... er, I mean sue me Microsoft
320.Attila Szasz, Budapest, Hungary. undernetangel [at] gmail [dot] com. I use Fedora Core 6 with GNOME, OpenOffice.org and so.
321.Miroslav Cika, Hamilton, Canada. Debian GNU/Linux on 4 computers. One of them P1-233 running my homemade CNC machine. True advance in future lies in free exchange of information. Therefore, go GNU/Linux/BSD/freedom! Plus, I'm Serbian. It would be good to destroy those pesky Serbs once and for all by suing them...Not to mention getting free beaver skins from True North :)
322.David Friedrich, Eppelheimerstrasse 52A, Heidelberg, Deutschland. Microsoft sues against honesty and freedom, eh
323.Andrew Simkovsky, Miami, FL. Primary Workstation: Fedora Core 6, contains several virtual machines with Damn Small Linux, CentOS, Knoppix, and others. Use FOSS for just about everything, including: standard desktop usage (email, web surfing), video editing, music library, television DVR, picture editing, work remotely for my job, etc, etc. The only machine in my house with Windows is a laptop given to me by my company. It's in the case sitting under my desk at home being used as a foot rest. Please sue me for stepping on Microsoft! For those who don't get it, we're not the ones with the bluff. We are calling Microsoft's bluff! http://www.google.com/patents?as_pasgnee=microsoft
324.Brian King, St Louis, MO. LAMP, OpenOffice, Firefox. Windows what???
325.Szabolcs Parragh, Budapest, Hungary. parszab [attt] dayka [dottt] hu -- Fedora/Ubuntu/OpenOffice.org etc.
326.Celis Vincent, Belgium, Europe - Gentoo Linux user
327.Machado, Rodrigo da Costa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. OMG! I use Slackware, Ubuntu and Kurumin. I also use OpenOffice, Firefox and Thunderbid. I also encourage other people to do the same. Please Microsoft, sue me!
328.Alessandro Proscia, Domodossola (Vb), Italy. Debian GNU/Linux, Openoffice.org, etc.. If you want to sue too me...
329.Thiago Cangussu, S Paulo, Brazil. Debian 4, Slackware 10.2, openSUSE 10.1, Slax 6.0rc3 on 1 computer, Damn Small Linux on another. Debian user since 2002. GNU/Linux user since 2000. Running Xfce 4.4, OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Thunderbird and other free GTK based softwares. I am a volunteer to be sueed by Microsoft, however, I need to know what patents ara involved in my infrigement. If you (Microsoft) can say it for us, sue me.
330.Petr Medonos, Prague, Czech Republic, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS
331.Marcelo Penna Guerra, Brasia, DF, Brazil. Gentoo Linux.
332.Kenny Deeg, Phoenix AZ. Ubuntu Feisty Suck it, MS.
333.Robert van Reems, Holland, Europe - Ubuntu Linux, firefox, OpenOffice user
334.K.V. Krishnamurthy, Mumbai, India. I use Ubuntu 5.10 and Xubuntu 6.10 on my desktop. Soon gonna migrate to Ubuntu 7.04. Started using linux with RedHat 9.0 and Fedora Core-1 onwards. I challenge Microsoft's claim. Show us the code.
335.Martin Fejt, Czech republic - Prague. I use open SUSE, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office.org. This software I download for 0$. And software from Microsoft?
336.John Scott, Northern Ireland. I initially got fed up with being treated like a criminal every time I wanted to reinstall my (legal) copy of windows. Then came the added Dgital Restrictions Management of Vista, and I decided I was done with Microsoft forever. I now use Ubuntu Linux on all my computers - they perform far better, AND I get a warm fuzzy feeling because I'm no longer supporting the Evil Empire.
337.Lawrence Anderson, Vancouver WA, USA. Ubuntu Dapper - I am immensely pleased and I do not regret leaving Windows behind. I left the Microsoft COA on the back of my machine after I upgraded to Ubuntu just as a cruel irony.
338.Gervasio Pez, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kubuntu 7.04, Great desktop environment! And about gaming... Now I can WINE Oblivion! Eat that, Winsucks! No more dual boots for me!
339.Jose M. Gomez, Spain. Proudly using Arch Linux and even encouraging more people to do the same.
340.Andrew Call,California. I started using Ubuntu Edgy Eft about 6 months ago.I started using Ubuntu and dropped Windows because I got tired of the annoying Microsoft security alerts, the ads,the spyware,etc--"help make office better!"--and I'm glad I changed, because things are much easier for me now to work.Show us the code Microsoft.
341.Brian C. Dilley, Canoga Park CA. Ubuntu and Debian. I've got 4 co-located servers, and two servers in my home, both running versions of debian that i've hax0red in a way that better suits me (oh, and I illegally downloaded this patented software from the internet). Along with the Debian machines, I've got 2 Ubuntu based workstations that i have pirated opensource software installed on to listen to MP3s, watch XviD, play America's Army, write and compile C/C++ code, etc. All of these are probably extremely illegal activities I'm sure, please sue ME first as I'm so obviously a huge pirate/hax0r/patent infringer
User Journal

Journal Journal: Page 01 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 01 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

1. Christian Einfeldt, einfeldt at digitaltippingpoint.com . I am using Edgy Ubuntu and SuSE 10.0 to capture, compress, and upload the footage for the Digital Tipping Point film to the Internet Archive. I also use SuSE 10.2 and Mepis 6.5 in my law practice.
2. Graham Houston, I am using Gentoo and RedHat Linux to create applications for Linux only, the OS of today! I spend my free time converting Windows users to alternate enviroments. zipie.net
3. Mathew Enders I use Kubuntu 7.04, Debian (testing), DSL the first one as my desktop environment and the other 2 for network and PC troudle shooting.
4. SZERVÁC Attila - hungarian [http://debian.org Debian ] l10n coordinator
5. Dave, from New Zealand. I use Ubuntu 7.04. I am doing my anual 'Linux-challenge' to see if I can do without Windows. And the answer is: Yes, I can. All the 'linux problems' are actually problems with restricted APIs etc. For example Direct3D. Without silly rocks in the road like Microsoft, computers could really develop much faster and be free and intuitive for everyone. Remember, poor people have good ideas too!
6. Tim Small tim@buttersideup.com - I use Debian 4.0 (Etch), and various other Linux distributions, Samba, OpenOffice, MySQL, DSPAM, postfix and hundreds of other FLOSS programs, both at home, and as part of my business - http://www.seoss.co.uk
7. Jonathan Woffenden. I use Ubuntu (6.10 and 7.04) for desktops and FreeBSD for servers for independent software development. I use OSS because it gets the job done better than competing products once you get to know it. I first started using it because I refuse to support corporations with corrupt business practices by furthering their market share.. 8. Simon Leonard. Northcote, Victoria Australia. My Wife and I use Ubuntu 7.04 at home for study, work, email, web browsing and audio production. I welcome any attempt by Microsoft to sue me for patent infingement. I use sudo frequently. 9. Kiran Kuppa ( India ). I use Linspire on my notebook, which came with XP Home edition pre installed. Never looked back since then.
10. Paul Cooke (England). I use Ubuntu on all my machines for web browsing, music creation/recording (play Bass Guitar), playing DVDs with (sue me RIAA for using DECss)
11. Joe Nayares (Modesto,CA)I use KateOS a Slackware offshoot and PCLinuxOS a Red Hat variant for my personal use and enjoyment, also to further my education. I also at one time used MS products.y the convicted monopolist; There are far better computing platforms than the ones offered by them.I also challenge Microsoft to show whatever evidence they have, in a court of law just like their crony SCO is trying to do, maybe they will fare better.
12. Chris Puttick (UK) I use Ubuntu on all my home machines, SuSE and Ubuntu on machines at work, install Ubuntu and SuSE on machines for friends and relatives and am migrating the company to open source including OpenOffice. I also sudo a lot...
13. Jean Hollis Weber (Queensland, Australia). I use Ubuntu on two computers in my home office, as well as using OpenOffice.org and many other FOSS programs. I also sudo a lot...
14. Ian Lynch (UK) I use Ubuntu personally and we run our business website on a LAMP stack provided by a service provider (not sure which distro). We are a UK government accredited awarding body specialising in qualifications that support learning how to become self-sufficient in IT using freely available tools and internet based social communities. Freedom goes hand in hand with education. www.theINGOTs.org
15. Mikhail Gusarov (RU). Debian. http://dottedmag.net/ for contacts.
16. Lewis Mettler (US, Calif) I use Linux exclusively since 1995 or so when Microsoft began to violate the federal antitrust laws. Best move I ever made. Distributions used: Xandros 1.0, xandros 3, Xandros 4 and others. Also developing an investment analysis application that will be available exclusively on Linux. I also have copies of Mandrake, Red Hat and Ubuntu as well as SuSE(no longer used) lamlaw.com
17. Jenda Vanura (CZ) jenda at ubuntu dot com - I use Ubuntu on all the machines available to me and strongly prefer to use Free and Open Source Software over Proprietary alternatives. I happen to use sudo frequently, too. I believe I've been using it even before it was patented.
18. Jonathan Kaye (Girona, Spain). I use Debian Lenny (testing) on two machines: 1 desktop and one laptop. I use it for both home and professional (academic) purposes.
19. Vicent Martí (Altea, Spain). I use Debian Lenny on my server machine, Ubuntu Feisty in my desktop.
20. Benjamin Diele (Gent, Belgium). I use Kubuntu 7.04 because it allows me to do what i want to do with it.
21. Joseph Price (West Mids, England). I use Ubuntu 7.10 and would like to think I have made many other "converts" to free and open source software.
22. Alain Williams (Watford, England). I use CentOS 4 & 5, Fedora 6 & 7. I am a Linux consultant and have customers who run various versions of: RedHat, CentOS, SuSE, Debian & Ubuntu Linux. These customers range from small business to large law firms, from secondary colleges to city councils. I have helped various friends and relations install Linux on many different machines. I am chairman of the United Kingdom Unix User Group.
23. Ana Aparicio (London, England). I use Ubuntu for work and personal use; at work(an Internet Service Provider) we encourage people to use Firefox, Thunderbird and as much FOSS as possible. At home I use GIMP, Audacity, Nvu, OpenOffice ... I give trainings for people to use these programs on Windows too.
24. Chris Fernandez/BinaryFreedom (Boston, US). I'm the founder of binaryFreedom we are a group of FreeSoftware/Digital Freedoms activist from around the world fighting for ethical freedom on the digital age, We use gNewSense, Ututo...
25. Ringo Kamens (Centennial, CO, US). I help with BinaryFreedom. I use OpenOffice, VLC, Ubuntu, Gnewsense, Gaim, and a variety of other programs that don't infringe on your patents. I also distribute GNU/Linux to other users and like long walks on the beach. Contact info for a lawsuits available by emailing me: 2600denver@gmail.com
26. Norbert Bollow (Zurich, Switzerland). I use GNU/Linux because it's user-friendly. (Any software which doesn't come with full source code certainly isn't user-friendly.) Currently using Gentoo, although considering switching to another distro. Contact info at http://bollow.ch/
27. Sean Jensen (London, England). I use Gentoo Linux and exclusively FOSS tools (from awk to x11 and everything in between) to write experimental speech and natural language processing prototypes. And for music. And other fun stuff. No, Microsoft, you did not invent any of this. It ain't yours, it ain't mine, it ain't theirs. It's ours. All of ours.
28. Peter H. Salus (Toronto, Canada). I use RedHat and Fedora (as well as OS X). I am a computer historian and active propagendist for -X and all Unix descendants.
29. Frantisek Fecko (Slovakia). I use Arch Linux on my desktop as well as laptop. I also use quite often OpenOffice.org because it is FOSS and has OpenDocument (ODF) as the default file format.
30. Andrew Meredith (Wiltshire, England). I use mainly Fedora Core and RHEL. I help small businesses into and along with the use of Open Source. My personal laptops (a series of Dells) have been purely Linux, no dual booting, for the best part of 10 years. I use OpenOffice for all desktop productivity work. I have but one XP machine for running the accounts package and nothing else. It would make me very happy if the usual 400 pound Gorillas stopped abusing the patent system like this.
31. Richard Rothwell (Stourbridge, England) - richard at caliban dot org dot uk. I mainly use Debian, Pupppy Linux and *Ubuntu. I run a Community Interest Company (http://m6-it.org/) which provides Free Software solutions for community and voluntary organisations and the education sector. Free Software bridges all sorts of digital divides, patents would merely disadvantage these groups even further.
32. Joe Grigg (Kalamazoo MI, US) I have used Ubuntu and Vector linux since XP's security left me sickened, and Microsoft's business practices made me ashamed to own a computer. I now run a lamp server and develop professional websites on lamp servers, and am 100% MS free.
33. Travis Rose (Riverside, CA) I use MythTV on my tv at home, as well as vectorlinux on my powervault systems. SUE ME.
34. Michael Fischer (Lexington, KY US) Currently Ubuntu 7.04 is the flavor of choice on my laptop. Otherwise I use Clarkconnect for my home router, and Ubuntu 6.10 on my desktop. I use Linux because IT needs to be fun again!
35. Callum Jones (Australia) - I use openSuSE as my primary desktop, Fedora on my server and even my set-top box runs Linux! Microsoft is loosing ground to Linux businesses, they are just scared!
36. Hio Chao (Tucson, AZ) I bought a new laptop with Vista pre-installed and I have ubuntu installed on my secondary drive. I found ubuntu runs so much faster and it only take a fraction of the power of what is needed to run Vista. I was a 100% percent MS user for over 10 years and after trying Ubuntu for 1 week, now I use Lunix to perform 90% of all my tasks. SUE ME.
37. Sunil Abraham (Bangalore, India) Manager of IOSN.NET, Director of MAHITI.ORG. Ubuntu Linux user.
38. Justin Alex (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Student in RMIT Bachelor's of Computer Science of Taylor's College. Currently running on OpenSuSE 10.2, and mainly use this distro for most of my work, and somehow it performs better than Windows XP itself. So, I'm sticking to this!
39. Scott Soto (Salem, WI) zaipai@yahoo.com I use Ubuntu 7.04 and use it for work and for home, because I like freedom and dislike Microsoft's business practices!
40. Stefan Neagu (Bucharest, Romania) I use Ubuntu and Fedora Core for daily tasks. I love Unix because it's clean, secure, and has better performance on older systems. I still have a grey box with Windows Vista, mainly so I can play games in my spare time. Why don't game developers support Unix? Why can't I run Office 2007? I'm at ClaimID profile for Stefan Neagu
41. Matt Butner (San Francisco, CA) I use Ubuntu. I ran Linux before I worked for MSFT and while I worked for Microsoft. It works. Windows doesn't -- please feel free to sue me.
42. Ricardo Zamora (Mexico City, Mexico) I use Ubuntu 7.04 and Yellow Dog for work and home, installed Open Office on my relatives's grey boxes
43. Rich Simpson (Berkeley, CA) I use Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Yellow Dog, and much open source software...
44. Andrew Gibbons (Dub, Ireland) I run windows but that is going to change soon, but I only use free software (GIMP, Audacity, Python, Celtx etc.) Take your best shot Microsoft
45. (Fairbanks, AK) Ubuntu, Gentoo, Centos, Fedora, Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux, Redhat, and Debian Stable (Sarge). I currently use Ubuntu 7.04 at home and on my laptop, and Gentoo at work.
46. Alexandru Bucur (Bucharest, Romania) I use Frugalware Linux and i can do all the nifty things you can do in Vista + much more. Take that :).
47. Gabriel Anderson (Shoreline, WA) I use Gentoo Linux for everything! It does everything I could ever need!!! It's fast, reliable, and better then crappy Windows Vista!!!
48. Martin Kowalski ( Netherlands) I use Ubuntu and OpenOffice and Apache as my server.
49. Rex Hayward (esperance .australia) wonderdog@bordernet.com.au "ubuntu edgy 6.10 user & ubuntu feisty fawn 7.04. sabayon linux,zenwalk linux,open office and outher open source software installed.
50. Jezreel Gil (United States) I use a lot of open source pretty much a lot of useless games and utilities for sourceforge.net. Especially the completely free Open Office which saves me from buying some over-priced Palladium infested ware
51. Ercan Ozkaya (Turkey) I'm using Ubuntu Feisty for my daily routine tasks and for development. I love oss, I trust oss and I took my guard against M$. Sue me please, as hard as you can. :)
52. Koh Choon Lin (Singapore) gNewSense. Executive Director of the Singapore GNU Group. I invite Microsoft to come clean with their patents and stop threatening to sue users of free software.
53. Rajiv Srinivasa (UK) I use Ubuntu (Fiesty) on my laptop and OpenSUSE 10.2 on my desktop. I use nothing else. If something can't be run on Linux, it doesn't get used!
54. Craig Gilding (UK) I use Ubuntu 7.04 (Fiesty Fawn) on my laptop, and will be using it on my computer once I fix it. Microsoft can try to sue me for all I care. I spend about 20% of my free time dishing out Ubuntu CD's to friends and shouting about it on IRC getting people to switch from windoze and helping them out.
55. Pierre Poissinger (Belgium) - pierre.poissinger(at)gmail.com - I use Gentoo and Ubuntu on my laptops. Additionally, My wifi router, my wifi phone and even my GPS device are also using GNU/Linux.. So sue me...
56. I use Ubuntu 7.04. Microsoft should either put up or shut up on this issue, they are simply acting like school yard bullies. Additionally, this wiki list is a NIGHTMARE, can anyone get a better system in place?
57. Marian Laschober (Austria) I'm using Slackware 11.0 on my Laptop and 10.2 on my FTP-Server for nearly 2 years now. Microsoft can sue me as much as they like for that, I'm not going back...
58. Ryan Gentle (UK) - ryan at kanashimi.co.uk - I use various iterations of Linux, including RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian - amongst other things, and have successfully converted 4 SME's to a fully Linux based operation :). Sue me, please 59. Dr W Hunter Blair, (Nova Scotia, Canada). I have been using Ubuntu on my laptop and desktop since the Distro started. At work I use SuSe for our medical records network. It was a great thrill ripping XP off my laptop and finding that Ubuntu found and used all the hardware of my HP product. Sue me Microsft if you wish!!
60. Syamsul Anuar Abd Nasir (Malaysia). I am an IT Administrator. I run Ubuntu at my work laptop, Debian and PCLinuxOS for my home PC Desktops and Debian for my office server. I also successfully converts some of my friend to Linux from the very fragile Windows OS.
61. Jean Zundel (France). I've been using GNU/Linux systems since the 1.0 code freeze (on Slackware). It's my sole operating system now at home and at work (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SLES, OpenSuSE). So, Microsoft, you want to play the patent war game? Even in countries where software patents are still unenforceable? I say, bring it on!
62. Grant Brunner (Delaware, USA). grantbrunner at gmail.com - I use Linux on all of my aging computers. Currently, I am using Ubuntu 6.04. I also use OpenOffice on my Windows machine, and NeoOffice on my Mac.
63. Wenshu Liu (China P.R.C) I use Ubuntu feisty with my laptop, several of my colleages use Ubuntu too.
64. D. Marton (London, United Kingdom) Our entire family uses unbuntu for home and business because we were tired of the problems with windows, constantly needing reformatted, internet safety being a joke, the big-business antitrust lawsuits etc...and when I saw that installing unbuntu lead to immediate use (unlike windows requiring drivers, antivirus, and disablement of all the crap no one needs) we never looked back - and never will.
65. Jan Wedekind (Sheffield, UK). I am a software developer and it is well known that it is not possible to develop a decent piece of software without violating a couple of software patents. It's high time that the governments stop acting in the interest of large companies and put an end to this ongoing abuse of power.
66. Duane Attaway(USA) I am using Gentoo and Ubuntu, because I favor the utility of a computing device and do not find Consumer Entertainment Devices rather interesting or particularly useful. Sue me for not being a willing customer.
67. Douglas McAlpine (UK), I am using debian 4.0 (Etch) for my computing needs - its made my WindowsXPpro install redundant.
68. Larry Labre (Canada) Currently using Ubuntu(Feisty) but always investigating other distros. SOHO business owner; I empower all around me to explore alternative solutions such as those found in the various 'nix flavors. The MS "runaway train" must be de-railed to promote diversity in the computing community. More Power to Mr. Torvalds!
69. RYAN LESTER!!! (USA) I just recently stopped using Ubuntu Edgy on my laptop, because my laptop is new and doesn't work very well with Linux (tu sabes...). I am currently using OpenOffice on Windows. Also, on my desktop, I have Ubuntu Edgy and MythTV installed. The Blotch Knows... http://ryanism.co.nr
70. Earl Yoo (USA) I am using OpenOffice.org 2.0, GIMP 2, and Mozilla Firefox 2.0 for Microsoft Windows XP Student Professional. OpenOffice performs highly effectively by getting all of my data entry done. Why should I go out and pay a whole shizload of money for software because of this patent? I stopped using Internet Explorer a few years ago, after realizing all those pop-outs will never go away. It's so hard to get rid of that annoying and trashy thing off my computer forever! Sue me Microsoft for being a traitor!
71. Samuel Vanderplancke (Brussels, Belgium) I use only open source software. My main computer works on Ubuntu and my other computer runs all kind of Linux versions where I do testing with. I even create my own free software: http://kamiware.org and at my work I distribute CD's with Ubuntu to get people converted to the bright site of life
72. Alejandro Matos (Lima, Peru) amatos at gmail dot com I use Debian Lenny for...well, everything, The Gimp, OpenOffice 2.2, Wine for games (if any) and more...
73. Andrew McCollum (Washington, USA) hack124x768 at yahoo.com dot com I've been using strictly linux (Ubuntu & Slackware) for a year now. Never going back.
74. Charlie(urf) sp4mdis ampersat linuxmail fullstop organisation. Etch, ubuntu, freeBSD. I'm skint as anything, so it'll be a hilariously pointless waste of the resources that they have 'acquired' from the rest of the human race to sue me. I hope to cause them much more financial and political damage than anyone ever could merely by pirating their substandard, bloated, corporate, proprietary bloatware.
75. Nicholas Keller (Dallas, TX) I am a Fedora fan boy with some Gentoo dabbling. I like to install Linux on all sorts of hardware; from game consoles to multi core nodes in high performance clusters. 76. Kenneth Klein (Clarksville, TN) digital-adumbration.net I'm using FreeBSD 6.1 on my Laptop and Ubuntu 6.10 on my Work computer and at home on my personal desktop. Have been for years now. Microsoft can sue me as much as they like for that, I'm not going back... You can stop one, but you'll never stop us all. Sue me.
77. James Wright, Uxbridge, United Kingdom. I'm using Ubuntu Fesity Fawn (7.04), and trying to get FreeBSD 6.2 working on my IBM eSeres server. I also use Debian and OpenBSD for webservers. Sue me if you like, I'm a student and my loan is only just enough to cover living expenses; could I interest you in my large collection of assorted assignemnts I have ignored?
78. Matthew Edmondson UK I use Ubuntu and Debian Etch and a bunch of FOSS under OsX. http://www.m6-it.org. I have worked hard to become free of having to use Microsoft at all and I am very happy.
79. Matthias Kruk (Duisburg, Germany) [http://www.open-im.org open-im.org] I'm using either xubuntu edgy or debian sarge on all my machines: My desktop, my laptop, my fileserver, router and cluster. I'm also successfully encouraging others to use free software.
80. Kyle Francoeur, (South Carolina, USA) I currently use Red Hat Enterprise at work and Ubuntu Feisty at home. Sue me if you wish, you'll find the only thing I have to offer is my used copy of Windows XP in addition to my Linux disks.
81. John Williams, (London, England) I use Ubuntu 7.07 (Ubuntu Studio) for my desktop as well as regular distributions of Ubuntu (Feisty) for all laptops in my home (4 of them). Sue me if you want my huge collection of Open Source software, maybe you could use some of it? no? okay then.
82. Christopher Gilbert, (New Jersey, US). Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, on an HP 8110US Pavilion Laptop. I have been forced to purchase a Windows XP License with the purchase of my laptop. As a consumer this is unreasonable. I do not use your software. I am an IT guy and have grown tired of spending my life fixing your get-rich-quick scheme. Moving to Linux and OSS in general has been amazing, and while a little more difficult to get up and running, all and all, it has proven to be more reliable, stable, and functional. The only reason that it has been so difficult getting some of the features up and running is due to the politics and FUD that has come with your "reign" in the software sector. This is _the_ definitive piece of evidence that your tactics are not in the spirit of simple "preservation of your business", but in fact you are determined to stifle technological advance unless you are controlling the industry. I, for one, choose to beat to my own drum.
83. Urban Tepina, (Slovenia,EU) [http://knedl.keewee.si], I'm using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and Ubuntu studio, for years I wanted to get away from Windows and it's unsecure system and then I found linux with which I can almoust do everything on it without fear of crashing it, I mostly use it for regular everyday thing, apart from graphic design and video editing.
84. John Moyer, (Sarnia, ON Canada) http://www.imroot.net I use Ubuntu 7.04 on a Pentium D820 server and a AMD AthlonX2 4000 workstation. I work for one of the largest pc repair groups in the world which is windows centric. Also I run the website linked above from the linux server at home. It's much easier to run a server from home using linux then using IIS. Since changing to linux I'm refocusing my career on the lpic1 and lpic2 certs and Ubuntu certified professional. I believe that open source provides more freedom for us as users and developers then MS products. I also believe that MS is going to start pulling out all the plugs to protect their empire and we must prepare to battle MS and secure os, software and hardware freedom for the masses. As Yoda would say, "The wars of the OS begun they have!":)
85. Cláudio da Silveira Pinheiro, (Fortaleza, CE Brazil) [http://kopete.kde.org/team.php] I use Ubuntu 7.04 on two machines, an Athlon64 and a Sempron, both as desktops for my family members as personal workstations for free software development. I work as a freelancer software developer, mostly coding C, C++ and Java on Linux, and I suggest Linux and Free Software (according to FSF's definition) wherever I can, to friends, clients and business partners.
86. Adrian Van (Semenyih, Malaysia) a href="http://www.ultimatelair.com">ultimatelair.com I run at least 7 servers (both personally and at work) ranging from Fedora Core 5 and Fedora Core 6. These machines work as my web server, mail server, file server, database server & FTP server. I've also flashed a commercial SOHO router to use Linux (DD-WRT). I may have to use M$ WinXP for my games and certain office apps, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
87. Indranil Das Gupta (Kolkata, India) [http://indradg.randomink.org/blog]. I'm using Ubuntu 6.10 on my primary laptop. Rest of my systems (mostly IBM xSeries Servers) run Ubuntu 7.04, RHEL 4.0 WS, Fedora Core 4 and 6. My day job consists of running a start-up that helps non-profits, educational institutions and govt. departments to migrate to F/OSS infra-structure.
88. Denis Howe (London, UK) [http://foldoc.org/] denis dot howe at gmail - Mandriva on FOLDOC web servers, Ubuntu 6.10 on my desktop, used for web development and Perl programming.
89. Justin Brooks (Bristol, UK) Ubuntu/Kubuntu 7 on older PCs ( 90. Declan Naughton (Ireland) rPath Linux, because I'm very interested in it's package management. I look forward to switching to gNewSense, and running on ''completely'' free as in freedom software. piratepenguin at gmail dot com 91. Thomas Downing (US) Slackware by preference, RHEL for job. I am the software architect at my company, and have been instrumental in our movement to GNU/Linux as our strategic platform for all new products. thomas downing at ipc dot com
92. Sassan Panahinejad (UK) Use Kubuntu and suse on several machines, attempting to develop new distro IBLS. Develop and provide help in the form of feedback to many open source projects. Advise just about everyone I meet to switch from their windows systems (mainly pirated) to open source software. [[User:Ico2|Ico2]]
93. Josh Nobles (Moultrie, GA) My wife and I currently use Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop and DSL on several old computers. Previously, I had used Mandrake (Mandriva) since 1997 when I first heard about Linux. Wiped off my Windows and have never looked back. By the way, I run a computer repair business. I promote Linux to others, and quite successfully, too. It's funny, I never have to fix Linux computers--just the people who use Windows. My wife and I are students, and have had no problem using OpenOffice.org programs for our assignments. theformerprophet at gmail dot com or josh at alterna-tech dot com.
94. Bodo Gabor Miklos (Bucharest, Romania) I'm using Suse 10.2, for my everyday work, Gnucash, Openoffice and all the package. I have to use M$Win at my job, so I see the difference.
95. Igor Naverniouk (Toronto, Canada; shygypsy.com) I'm using Kubuntu on my desktop and my laptop. Like any self-respecting programmer, I'm avoiding the buggy, bloated idiot-oriented Winblows in favour of an actual operating system. So sue me first, Microsoft.
96. Joe Llywelyn Griffith Blakesley http://blakesley.eu/ (Wales, UK). I use a variety of distros, mainly Debian and Ubuntu, no longer use Microsoft Windows and often help convert others to using Free software.
97. Christopher Parker (Massachusetts, US). I'm a member of Binary Freedom and an associate member of the Free Software Foundation. I currently use gNewSense as my desktop/laptop distribution, vanilla Debian (minus the non-free repos) as my server distribution, and OpenWrt as my router distribution. I repair computers as a hobby (and sometimes professionally), and help people switch from proprietary software to free software whenever I can. I can be contacted via e-mail or Jabber at cparker -at- binaryfreedom -dot- info.
98. Carroll S Vance (Texas, US). Im using Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop and Gentoo with a hardened toolchain on my laptop. I first tried ubuntu 2 years ago, and have never used another OS since. I switched for the software quality, and the philosophy of the community and freedom (as in freedom ;]) I have found open source software much more robust and dependable than the proprietary counterparts. Sue me! My email is st00n3r@gmail.com, for further information on how you can locate the person to sue, email me! (However my email client(evolution) might be infringing your IP ;]. Now we wouldnt want that would we)
99. DJ Walker (Texas, US). I'm using Linux, but i've never liked microsoft for certain reasons. Lets take them down for good.
100. BE Pieters (Germany). I have used various linux distribution since 2000, currently I am using Fedora. As a scientist I value freely sharing of knowlege, as learning from other people is what gets you ahead, both personally aswell as science in general. Certainly in fast developing technologies patents tend to stall development. A fast technological development means there is much for everyone to learn, thus sharing gets us all ahead in terms of technological development. Inevidably a monopoly like MS only see more $'s as progress and therefore have no regard for the expense paid by the community as a whole in terms of the stalling of technological development.
101. Patrik Willard (Sweden). I am a happy student running Ubuntu on my laptop, which I use in my studies and for my personal stuff. In my spare/school time I enjoy helping people see the light that is GNU/Linux.
102. Mike Rea (Us/New York Age 14) I have been converted over the passed year by the fellow below me. I have switched over to entirely all open source. Firefox, Audacity, ClamWin, GAIM/Pidgin, GIMP, K-meleon, Openoffice.org Truecrypt, and countless other pieces of software. I have been trying to get rid of the monopoly ridden 15 GB beast XP off my computer and to switch to Mandriva or Ubuntu.
103. Travis Beatty (US/New York. Age 14) I have almost used everyone Linux Distro known to man including,Mandriva, Debian GNu/Linux, Fedora Core, LFS, Desktop-BSD, PC-BSD, HURD, Zenwalk, MEPIS, slampp, absolute, backtrack, Musix, INsert, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, UBCD. Also the following software,, Audacity, ClamWin,Firefox, FileZilla client/server, Apache, Foxit, GAIM/Pidgin, GIMP, K-meleon,Openoffice.org, Truecrypt. I also speak for my friend above...No one ****s with Linux users, we're all ages.
104. Jake Wasdin (Southeastern USA) - All of my systems use free operating systems including PC-BSD, MEPIS Linux, and Debian GNU/Linux, except for one system that has Windows on one partition. When I am there I use the opensource shell replacement bb4win and no propietary software except for the .NET libraries for the opensource Paint.NET. My parents refuse to switch over to Linux so they're on Windows, but I have them using the GIMP, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org, and Miranda IM. I've also converted quite a few friends to Mozilla Firefox and/or Kubunutu Linux.
105. [http://www.signedlongint.com Cody Maden] (Florida, USA) - I have been an open source developer for years and use open-source software as much as possible. Nearly 100% of the software I've written has been released under some form of OSS license, usually the GPL. In addition, I also release my music under the creative commons license.
106. Richard Seese (Ohio, USA) - I have made a social networking site from scratch using all open source development. My server is ran on Fedora, while my desktop PC's in the office are all Ubuntu. http://www.geekalize.com (Check the domain whois for my contact information).
107. Victor Fan (San Diego, CA, USA) - I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my work computer, and my Windows gaming system (Stop looking at me like that! Supreme Commander doesn't work on Linux!) uses OSS whenever it's available. I'll refrain from making any SCO cracks, but seriously, do you expect this FUD to work out?
108. César Rincón (Guadalajara, MX) - I use Debian GNU/Linux as the sole operating system in both my laptops and home servers, and as the primary operating system for software development, network and security configuration, administration and auditing, document processing, and most other tasks in my day to day work.
109. Loke Kar Seng (Malaysia) - I use OpenSuse, I have 12 machines running on it. 110. Paul Demers (CT, USA) - I use ubuntu 7.04 for everything from listening to music to surfing the web to software development.
111. Kanwar Plaha (Sydney, Australia) - I use PCLinuxOS 2007 exclusively at home for all my computing needs. My wife uses it too, for everything except where the site demands Internet Explorer (and there is no way to mask Firefox as IE). Oh, and my two and a half year old loves to spin the beryl cube with the mouse wheel. ;-)
112. Rodrigo Pereira (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) - I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my notebook, 2 desktops, my sister's notebook and my fiancée's notebook. I'm an Univeristy professor and all my teaching labs uses Ubuntu 6.10 (almost 50 machines). I work with FOSS software since 1998 and have no regrets, so sue me.
113. Ian James McCall (Chicago, IL, USA) I use Gentoo Linux on my primary desktop and I am working to convert my desktop to Ubuntu 7.04. I have been using different flavors of GNU/Linux for several years now and the only times I have had to use Microsoft Windows was when I haven't had a live CD.
114. Roland Orre (NeuroLogic Sweden AB) an R&D consultancy company also in business mgt. Developing the next generation search tools and mass innovation systems using GNU/Linux. Mainly Debian and Ubuntu on servers and work stations/laptops.
115. Charles Miller (King, NC, USA) Shadowmil@gmail.com I have used many Linux distros, ones I like the most are ubuntu because of its user friendlyness, and gentoo for more advance users. Though I also enjoy FC and SuSE desktops
116. Nathan Eckenrode (Brooklyn, New York) - I use Kubuntu 7.04 on three machines for my work at University, additionally, I have encouraged many members of my family to use GNU/Linux as well as representing the Ubuntu Community at ICT Seminars given at the United Nations.
117. Scott Smith (Hong Kong) - I use Mandriva 2007 Spring on my laptop and my wife and daughters use it on theirs as well. I have used FOSS since 1999 and consider my exit from proprietary software to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I use FOSS for all my computing needs, both personal and work related. 118. Mark Chandler (Sydney, Australia) - I use Fedora Core 6 on my desktop, FC7 (test 4) on my laptop, Debian Etch on my development systems, and Gentoo for my MythTV box. To me, Free software means never having to re-invent the wheel, pay ridiculous markups on products because a sales guy wanted a bigger car, or be scared of my own computer.
119. Gary Sparkes (Bel Air, Maryland, USA) - I use Gentoo on my iBook as a wireless bridge, SuSE as a desktop on my IBM Netfinity, debian on my file server, and gentoo on my xbox, I use other operating systems around my house but consider linux to be the most useful and flexible problem solver I have.
120. Roberto Arias Alegria (Villahermosa, Mexico | Sydney, Australia) - I've been using Fedora Linux for a long time while living in Mexico. I am currently studying and working in Australia and I'm using Ubuntu Linux 6.10 for my postgraduate degree in IT and also for my work in an internet marketing company. I'm eager to go to court and hear Microsoft case against myself. If I lose I'll stop using Linux, if I win I'll mock on them insanely.
121. Ben Dake benmail at yolt.com (Brookline, MA) - I use Debian for serving out web pages for my friends and family and providing my mom e-mail. I love to use OpenSSH for port forwarding.
122. Lucas Cardoso (Argentina) - I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop PC. I switched after XP locked me from accessing my own PC. I haven't looked an inch back since the switch--I'm happy with Ubuntu right now, but I'll probably try many other Linux distros in the future. So, come and sue me, Billy--I certainly don't fear you nor your claims.
123. Jerry Gaiser (North Plains, Oregon) - Three machines. Two with CentOS and an IPCop firewall. I've been a Linux user since sometime prior to kernel 0.12 --[[User:Jerryg|Jerryg]] 22:00, 21 May 2007 (UTC)
124. Daniel Stonier (Korea) - Gentoo on all my systems. Also help maintain a Debian web server and friends with their Ubuntu installations. Use everything from multimedia apps, programming tools and web serving applications.
125. Steve Anness (Waco, Texas) - I began my adventures with Linux and Free & Open Source Software in the year 2003 when my dad gave my a copy of Red Hat Linux. Today I am a student at Texas State Technical College majoring in the UNIX program and running Ubuntu 6.06LTS as my main distro. I hope to get involved in the development aspects as I progress in my knowledge. I don't want to be held back by a large company like Microsoft who is afraid to go down knowing that Open Source software was the key to the future of computing. So yes, Microsoft, Sue me First!
126. Matt Steinberg - I have used distros ranging from RedHat and Gentoo all the way to CentOS and Ubuntu. I use OpenOffice in Windows, and I try to get my friends to as well.
127. Chetan Kumar (Pune, India) - I have been using various distributions of GNU/Linux since 1995. Currently I use Mandriva 2007 on my Thinkpad T60p. I have also been using OpenOffice since the staroffice days in addition to many other Free Software (Firefox,thunderbird, zope etc.)
128. Shirish Agarwal (Pune, India) :- Ubuntu 7.04 . Have been using Ubuntu since dapper, interested in playing with dapper too. I simply like to tweak software, play around with it, do grid crunching, listen to music, do whatever I feel like but without having any sort of BSOD disturbing me. The comp. is up 24/7/365 days :) [[User:Shirish|Shirish]] 22:15, 21 May 2007 (UTC)
129. Tuan Nguyen The (Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam). I am using Debian 4.0 (Etch). I have been using RedHat 9/Fedora 1,2,3/Debian 3.0 (Sarge) for the last 4 years for my personal computing and course work. I am a graduate from University of Toronto, Dept. of Computer Science. I know for a fact that our department uses Sarge for all the undergrad computing courses. So, Microsoft, Sue me First!! I stand by my University and Free Software Community.
130. Eric S. Raymond. Yes, Microsoft, the guy who's been harshing your mellow since I wrote ''The Cathedral and the Bazaar'' in 1997. Linux user since 1993, so I've been violating your nonexistent patents for fourteen years. Sue me first. Please, oh please! Because I don't think I've kicked your sorry asses enough yet, and I'd love another round with you chumps.
131. Rahul Merwah (Dallas, TX). You can look me up... I am actually the named inventor on two patents (hardware and software -- long since assigned to the Big Blue Bohemoth) and I have been using GNU/Linux (this one's for you Eric!) since 1995. I currently run Fedora Core 6 on my laptop with all the bells and whistles including Open Office and I have personally installed more linux machines at my places of work in the last 10 years than I care to remember. Try picking on someone like me who actually *does* patent research... I'd like a shot at assessing the true innovation value of your so called "patent portfolio".
132. Alasdair Young, Developer at Vigilos (a long time user of Linux). I use Ubuntu at home, Red Hat at work. I'm adding my name because I feel that software patents are fundamentally immoral.
133. Ian Douglas, (Australia) - I use Trustix, various versions of SuSE, ESX, Trixbox, and other distros at work and home! Curently SuSE 10.2 is my preferred home OS, and Trustix 3 is the preferred work OS.
134. Rashed F. Al-Ajmi (Kuwait city, Kuwait) Ubuntu 7.04 been using linux for some time now and i have it installed on both my desktops and my laptop, one of my desktop shares a partition with windows XP... i use it for pretty much everything including web design on a small scale. Mental Lockup
135. Lane J. Davis (Scottsdale, AZ) I've been a user of Linux (SLS, Slackware, Yggdrasil, Redhat) since 1994. I have never installed Windows on a computer before. I went from Seattle DOS, to PC-DOS to Linux. I abhor your attempts to convert us all to your operating system and way of life. I am, and will always be an open source free software user. I have released software under the GPL and I will continue to do so.
136. Maulvi Bakar, maulvi at maulvi dot net (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Personally using Ubuntu Feisty, all servers that I administered (dozens of them) runs on CentOS, (a bunch of) customers who wants extra protection, I recommend Red Hat Enterprise Linux. On my spare time, I advocate Free (Libre) and Open Source Softwares.
137. Ashijit Pramanik (Bhilai, India) Using Ubuntu 6.06 on laptop. Will soon upgrade to 7.0 and dual-boot with Solaris 10. I challenge Microsoft for their non-existant copyright violations threats.
138. Todd Dragger, Tucson. Learning Linux on older laptop. Runs more stable & faster with Ubuntu versus W2K Pro. Sue me. Put me in jail. Take my computers. Abuse all my rights. Meanwhile, stay out of my computers. Don't prevent my access to default setting, report my Media Player usage, or install your parameters with your automatic installs (stopped years ago). In the meantime, I will continue to spread the news of software freedom and badvista.org.
139. Michael Masson (NC, USA: Age 19) molimo728 at gmail dot com, Have been using Linux(SUSE, Gentoo, Sabayon) since 2002 and shall forever more. Have converted many people to FOSS and even managed to get a few to use Linux. Go FOSS community!
140. Steven Foong (Malaysia) I am using Gentoo on my desktop. I spend my free time converting Windows users to alternate environment.
141. Johnathan Leonard Maestro (Sai Gon, Viet Nam) I use Fedora on all my systems, and am currently the software supervisor of the largest super-cluster in Southeast Asia, which runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I am a senior member of the "Spread Fedora" and "Spread Firefox" projects, and have to date converted over 300 people from Internet Explorer to Firefox. I am also a member of the Free Software Foundation, and the Bad Vista Campaign against Micro$oft's latest excuse for an operating system. I will not stop using linux products or brake if I see any Mico$oft oficials crossing the road.
142. Michael Wyant (CA, USA) kainewynd2 [at] gmail [dot] com. While I generally use Mac OS X, I consistently find myself compiling FOSS as well as using flavors of Linux, like Cent OS, for stable and effective server installations. I also wrote a wiki article for Triple Booting Intel Macs (Ubuntu, Dapper Drake) way back when.
143. Bryan Seigneur (AL, USA) Linux user since 1993. Real programmers like to know how the OS *really* works. I use it for my: home server, my laptop, my virtual machine for web development, and a general purpose server at work.
144. David Barrera (Guayaquil, Ecuador) (legithrand [at] gmail [dot] com) I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop and laptop. Member of the "Spread Firefox" project. I have GNU/Linux software for personal use. Sometimes I do some programming using MonoDevelop. Personally, I won't stop using free software at all, so M$ can sue me all they want. my article about this
145. William Bourque (Montreal (Province of Quebec), Canada. wbourque @ gmail dott comm. I am a linux users since seven years now and I don't plan to stop using it soon. I am currently using some very customized version of gentoo linux on my desktop, but I like debian or fedora as well. I appreciate how easy it is to adapt this OS to my needs or to tweak it to my dreams. Please sue me first!
146. Scott Francis (CA, USA) Linux user since 1996, OpenBSD user since 1999. Ubuntu 7.04 on the desktop, OpenBSD on desktops and severs, FreeBSD/RedHat for work. OS X (BSD under the hood!) in various places. I run *nix because I don't like restrictions in what I do with my computers, but mostly because it's Just Plain Better - better development model, better OS design, better. Neal Stephenson said it better than I ever could - see In The Beginning Was The Command Line. Patents exist to encourage innovation, not stifle it.
147. Atul Sowani (Pune, India) - I use Slackware Linux on both of my computers and I develop *nix only applications. I also help people migrate from Windows to Linux. Linux is way better than any Microsoft product and I will continue using Linux. "Live Free or Die!"
148. Steve OConnor (Adelaide, Australia) BAD ME - I am using a pirated copy of Gentoo Linux that I illegally downloaded off the internet, and have installed on a whole rack of servers that I use to make money by providing information services to the Australian Defence Forces. I skipped out on paying any licence fees by doing it this way, and I have (illegal ?) access to all the source code, so I can hack my application around however I see fit. I have also ripped off a copy of PCLinuxOS from the internet (Which is like a HaXoRed version of Vista), without giving out my credit card, and used that same single copy to install on dozens of other computers. The recipients of these PCLinuxOS machines are way happy too ...
149. Daniel Lovestad (Stockholm, Sweden) - I use Debian Linux on my embedded platform server (EPIA) running Apache, Mysql, Proftpd, Samba. There are no equivalent software from MS to support my small server. -MS, sue yourselves!
150. Will Wells (Lexington, TN, USA) GNU/Linux user since 99, Currently use Vector on my homebrew desktop and Kubuntu on the laptop. If M$ feels the need to sue me, let 'em try. I'm tired of hearing the idiots in Redmond try to marginalize and use scare tactics against the FOSS community. I don't care if some people want to use Windows. All I ask is that they leave me alone with my choices in software, vice actively trying to assault this community. I've donated countless hours on the various linux tech support channels on irc, and actively try to show people why free software is a viable alternative to proprietary garbage and bloatware. In the (paraphrased) words of an infamous bumper sticker: They can pry my Linux from my cold, dead hands. [mailto:hitmanWilly@nerdshack.com email me here]
151. Natraj (Bangalore, India) - I am using Fedora for the last 3 years, i advocate linux to people who use unlicensed copy of windows to switch over to linux. Linux is my desktop and my development environment. 152. My name is Amir E. Aharoni, i live in Israel [mailto:amir.aharoni@gmail.com and i am not afraid of spam]. I use Free Software whenever i can. On Windows i use Firefox for browsing the web (haven't touched Internet Explorer for years!), OpenOffice.org for productivity, wxDownloadFast and BitTorrent for downloading, GIMP for image editing, Notepad++ for plain text editing, TuxGuitar and Audacity for music editing and also these great software development tools: Subversion (TortoiseSVN), ActivePerl, PerlGTK, ActivePython, Ruby, many components of the Cygwin suite and EiffelStudio; i use some of them commercially, i.e. i am getting paid for it. And maybe some other apps that i am forgetting now. I also use Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu GNU/Linux at home and i helped some people installing them. Furthermore, i use OGG and FLAC for music whenever it is possible and i use WordPress for my blog. 153. Michael N. Esposito II (Houston, TX, USA) new adopted from Microsoft Windows Xp about a year ago, currently using Kubuntu 7.04 and running Microsoft Windows XP on a desktop for Adobe Photoshop and a few games. As a college student I tutor people on the inner working of computer working towards a degree in Computer Science. If M$ feel they have to sue a poor college kid, do it, I'll bit just as hard right back, Bill...
154. Kerry Warren (Lexington, KY, USA) Been running Slackware for many years, and recently achieved the holy grail for me - realtime recording with a professional-level soundcard in my own home studio. I haven't used anything by Microsoft in four years, and I defy that corporation to make me pay for something I don't use. Fear, uncertainty and doubt are terrible business methods.
155. Adam P.H Lundvall. I'm 15 years old and live in Swden. [mailto:adam@burnie.nu]. I use Ubuntu 7.04, mainly for programming and surfing. On my other playing-computer I run Gentoo.
156. Michael Combs (Jacksonville, Florida)(qpsk1half at gmail dot com)I am a dedicated Linux user. I have used Linux since Red Hat 5.0 and have not looked back. Over the years I have used Red Hat 5-9, Fedora Core 4-5, Gentoo, Slackware, Suse, Mandrake, Mandriva, DSL, DSL-N, Ubuntu (currently) just to name a few. I exclusively use Open Office for all of my publishing needs. I write my blogs on blogger which is owned by Google who uses a customized linux kernel. I am constantly and actively converting everyone I know to FOSS software. It doesn't have to be proprietary to work. Open source software, linux in particular, is more stable, more secure and just works better than any microsoft product can hope. My blogs are about freedom. You want my Open Source software and my Linux Operating systems? To quote Leonidas of Sparta, "Molon Labe". Come and Take Them!
157. Ché Kristo. I live in Sydney Australia and am a business analyst. I use a Nevada build of Solaris, mainly for desktop productivity purposes, I also use products from Microsoft (WinXP Pro 64 bit, MS Office), GNU, Sun, Apache all together. If Microsoft is going to threaten me because I use a competitors product it won't be the competitors products that I stop using and/or purchasing. Take the advice offered by Jonathon Schwartz; don't sue your customers, don't threaten your customers...perhaps even start being nice to your customers!
158. Jonas Wilson-Leedy (Moscow, ID USA). I use Mepis at home and SUSE at work.
159. Ruben Torres (Tijuana, Mexico) I'm a fairly new Linux user. I've used Slackware, RH8-9, Fedora Core 3, Suse, Gentoo(current). I just finished my CS degree, and use Linux for almost everything at the job and home...why do I use it? Secure, reliable, stable, It's just better then anything that Micro$oft has ever given us. Oh yeah and my currently emerging gnome on my new PC. :P
160. Sarath Menon (India) I've been using linux for more than 7 years now and have tried virtually every major distro. I call Microsoft's PR stunt a bluff, I'd like to see how far they go, more out of curiosity.
161. Rajiv Bakulesh Shah (TX, USA) brainix@gmail.com I've used Linux since 1997. It's enabled me to pursue a career as a software developer by making high quality tools and source code available to me. Please sue me for pursuing my passion to improve the quality of life for everyone. Also, I've developed my own open source software projects, Gray Matter (a chess engine) and Brainix (a microkernel). These projects probably infringe someone's patent somewhere, so please go ahead and sue me over that too. Thanks!
162. Juan Jose Pablos (Spain). juanjo at apertus dot es. I have been using GNU/Linux for more than 10 Years. Using Debian in several servers, using Ubuntu for my personal Laptop, and Ubuntu in client machines. OpenOffice,Firefox and Thunderbird had been installed as default Aplications for each machine based in windows 98/XP.
163. Geremy Condra. I live in Greenville, SC and am a student and Linux developer. I use Gentoo, Sabayon, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu, for desktops, embedded development, and servers. Microsoft has made billions of dollars exploiting the aegis of the Free Market, and I urge them to either fight us under those terms or not at all.
164. Joseph Inglish. I live in Oregon, USA, and currently run Ubuntu 7.04 on my main PC; switched from Windows a few months ago because I couldn't stand the horrible piece of junk that is Windows.
165. Daniel Juan (Spain) daniel.juan(at)gmail.com. I use debian GNU/Linux on all my computers, at work as my main (software) development environment, and at home to surf the net, make some music, media center...
166. Mark A. Craig (Sacramento, CA, USA) I first used Linux circa 1992, which I suppose makes me an "early adopter". I still have the 70 HD diskettes with that release of Linux 1.2 on them. I've been mired in the Windows world for many years since then, but have now installed both a very flexible boot manager (BootIt NG) and virtualization software and have collected half a dozen Linux distros... one way or another the migration back will happen. I don't want Microsoft throwing a legal monkeywrench in my plans. The entire argument in favor of "intellectual property" makes me ill, and it always has. Knowledge and ideas should not be a commodity. Please sue me, Microsoft, so that I may remind the world what the face of greed really looks like.
167. Aad-Jan Couwenhoven (The Netherlands) As we Dutch are a very law abiding people I feel compelled to confess that I stole [http://www.gentoo.org/ Gentoo] linux with all the M$ patents it violates. I've gone and installed it on my home server running several Xen domains and on my laptop. I shall have go down on my knees and ......... give M$ and Novell the bird. ;-)
168. Lachlan Musicman (Melbourne, Australia) com gmail datakid. I use Ubuntu Edgy on home workstation for work (IT Support, systems management), University homework (programming, databases), movies, music, web browsing, chat etc. I use Debian on the servers I manage. Am also using Open Office, Pidgin, and cygwin on Window's boxes I go near.
169. Jerome Hanoteau. I live in Belgium (Europe) where, according to the European patent convention, patents on ideas, mathematics, algorithms, softwares or literary works are forbidden. As long as I understand it Linux kernel, Xorg or OpenOffice are sofwares as such (maybe according to the EPO lawyers it is not, they are so "innovative" in order to bypass the european Patent convention ). So I will be very interested to know if Microsoft have valid patents on sofware as such in Europe or if OpenOffice is not a sofware as such... I am really interested to change my knowledge about what a software is. By the way I run Linux ( mainly Ubuntu and Debian) as my only OS on any of my PCs.
170. Mihail Kochanov (Bulgaria) - .NET developer and Windows user (all payed for and legal). I'm using Open Office and various smaller open source products. I really like Microsoft's products but I think software patents are complete nonsense and I suggest we developers stop giving money to lawyers and other parasites that do not create value.
171. Emrah Ünal (Turkey/Finland) As a linux user for 9 years, I believe I deserve to be sued. There's no escape from justice.
172. Kristian Nygård Jensen, Project manager/Programmer (Copenhagen, Denmark) I work for WebmindIT and we use OSS for all aspects of our work. I use Ubuntu linux as local OS, develop in Eclipse, manage projects in trac, write my documents in open office, read my mails in evolution and we host our web-applications on a debian powered server .... My first encounter with Linux was Redhat 5.5 and I have used it ever since, some times with a doal boot at times when I was playing allot. but nowadays I only use Linux both at home and on work
173. Peter McGuire (Canada - petermcg_at_telus_dot_net) I use Ubuntu 7.04, and have no need for Windows.
174. Stephen Harrison (Canada) I use Ubuntu 7.04, it is the best distro for frabbing naggily warts.
175. Christopher Stewart (Abilene, TX, USA) normuser@whyisthishere.com; I use Slackware 11 right now. I use linux to watch DVD's, play music run my personal mail and web servers, play UT2K4, watch TV, write essays, read slashdot, I could go on all day but I think you get the point ;-}
176. Jon Arild Karlsen, Norway (jonkar2_at_tele2_dot_no). I use Ubuntu 7.04, and I've found it to suit my needs (and generally work) far better than Windows ever did. Never again, Microsoft.
User Journal

Journal Journal: The home page of the DTP's "Sue me first, Microsoft" wiki

This journal entry is a copy of the home page of the Digital Tipping Point's "Sue me first, Microsoft" wiki. I'm pasting it here in case Diggers or Slashdotters crush our server again, as happened in the past.

Here's the background. On Sunday, 13 May 2007, Fortune magazine on-line released a story dated for Monday, 14 May 2007, to the effect that Free Open Source Software (FOSS) supposedly infringes 235 patents. (The Slashdot discussion is here). I doubted this claim, and I noticed that the reactions by FOSS community members in public fora such as /. and Digg were less than enthusiastic about Microsoft's announcement. (Linus Torvalds' reply to Microsoft's claim is slashdotted here.) On the late evening of Wednesday, 15 May 2007, I started the wiki pages which are represented below for the purpose providing a wiki space for those people who, like me, so greatly doubted the merits of Microsoft's claim that they wanted to invite a patent lawsuit by Microsoft. The DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" wiki was dugg and then slashdotted, crushing our server on multiple occasions. Sorry about that. On Thursday, 24 May 2007, the list hit 1000 entries. In case the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" wiki gets dugg or slashdotted again, I am posting the entire contents of the list here on my Slashdot journal. I am going to start with the home page, and then I will proceed to post all 1055 names (the current count) as they appear on pages 01 through 09. I have redacted navigational aids that appeared on the page.

Hello, and welcome to our Microsoft lawsuit invitational. This page is intended to be a place where people would like to join together to invite a Microsoft patent infringement lawsuit. If you would like to invite a visit by Brad Smith, Microsoft's head litigator, please feel free to add your name here. We are asking that people include their name, email address, version of GNU Linux disto(s) being used, and a short statement explaining why you are using that distro.

Not legal advice

Is this risky business? Probably not. I am a lawyer, and I am not impressed by Microsoft's patent infringement allegations against GNU Linux users. However, I can't offer anyone any legal advice, because I don't practice IP law, and lawyers are not supposed to offer blanket legal advice on websites. So this is not legal advice, nor even a legal opinion. This page is just my personal opinion as to why I am not scared that Microsoft is going to sue me personally. I also don't really see them suing anyone else, frankly, but again, that is not a legal opinion, just common sense.

Assessing the (non) threat

Microsoft's patent threat is another example of the truth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's saying that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Here's why: First, Microsoft has succeeded as a company because they have mostly refined the innovations that other companies pioneered. So Microsoft has some major problems with "prior art" and "obviousness" defenses to its patent claims. Second, the creators of GNU and Linux were inspired by Unix, not Windows, and Unix is much older than Windows. Again, prior art and obviousness defenses. Third, Microsoft once actually sold Unix licenses, called Xenix (which they licensed from SCO), but Microsoft later abandoned Xenix in favor of Windows NT, which would indicate (to me, at least) that the ideas for Microsoft's Windows-related patents are probably quite different technology from Xenix. Fourth, our beloved friend SCO actually owned Xenix, and you know that if they could have asserted patent claims against GNU Linux they would have done so. Maybe SCO never patented Xenix. We'll have to wait to see how this wiki page gets edited by people more knowledgeable in this area.

Fifth, and perhaps most important, Linus Torvalds emailed InformationWeek's Charlie Babcock claiming that most of the important innovations pertaining to operating system functions lost patent protection long ago, because most of the basic operating system theory was pretty much done by the 1960s. The Slashdot discussion of this last point can be found by clicking here.

Sixth, IT lawyer Andy Updegrove has said that he is not all that impressed with Microsoft's patent claims. The Slashdot discussion for that story can be found by clicking here.

Okay, reason number seven. Eben Moglen, the lawyer who wrote the GPL with Richard Stallman, says that Novell has tricked Microsoft into shooting down its own patent claims against GNU Linux users. Heh. This is really funny if it is true. Here's how it works: remember when Microsoft agreed to distribute those SuSE GNU Linux coupons? Well, those coupons have no expiration date, so if even one person uses one of those coupons to get SuSE GNU Linux distros after the GPL 3 goes into effect in July, BINGO, Microsoft is covered by the GPL 3, and its patent claims against any user of GNU Linux are dead. Pamela Jones and her Groklaw team has picked up this coupon story, as has Slashdot and Digg.

Number eight: Speaking of Eben Moglen also believes that Microsoft will not sue because suing is expensive and commits Microsoft to a course of action that is unpredictable. And so, Eben says, it is much easier to continually issue vague patent threats in the media. But those threats have strength only so long as they remain unchallenged. The light of an actual patent trial will clear away the shadows of doubt.

Number nine: Because I knew that someone like Steve O'Connor of Adelaide, Australia, would come up with a really funny reason for himself / herself to be sued. Please do scroll down to the belly laughs section to see what I mean. Why Microsoft is stepping up its threats now

Some people have asserted that Microsoft is making these threats now because Windows Vista is not selling well. Others are saying that Free Open Source Software is growing too fast and becoming too much of a threat. I personally think that Microsoft has a history of being aggressive with its customers early in the revenue cycle of its Windows operating systems' life-cycles, because rapid adoption is the key to standardizing on Windows. I'm not sure if Microsoft has offered a public explanation as to why it is rattling the chain more now. Maybe someone else can edit this wiki to offer that explanation.

Why I am offering to be sued

I believe that Microsoft is hurting competition on the desktop, which affects me directly as a consumer of desktop software. I believe it is for the good of society for Microsoft's patent claims to be tested in a court of law. If Microsoft wins, then so be it. If Microsoft loses, then the rest of us can get on with creating innovative business models for desktop software. I am not challenging Microsoft this way because I hate Microsoft. I don't admire their software, nor do I admire their business models, but I am not challenging them because I want to sink their ship or damage their business or harm their reputation. I am really only interested in seeing whether their claims have any merit, which I think is probably not the case.

The other reason that I am offering to be sued and encouraging others to offer to be sued is that we will have the chance to show the world how many people really use Free Open Source Software directly on the desktop. Of course, all of us use Free Open Source Software when we use Google or YouTube or Wikipedia or Yahoo or the Internet Archive, because all of these companies use Free Open Source Software as an important part of delivering their services. And if Microsoft's threat just hangs like a dark cloud over all that innovation, we will all be the worse off for it. But I am talking about us uniting on one list to show the world how many institutions and individuals use Free Open Source Software.

Maybe this list will never go anywhere. On the other hand, it will be fun to try!

So c'mon, Microsoft. If I infringed your patents, show me. After all, I am one of the members of a distributed team of film makers who is trying to document the real world digital tipping point that is probably pushing you to rattle the litigation saber anyway, and I am attempting to use all Free Open Source Software tools to do so. If you can shut me up, all the better for you!

For Free Open Source Software users outside the US

Please feel free to add your name to the list, even if you are outside the US. One of the points of this list is that the world is bigger than the US patent laws that Microsoft is misusing to slow innovation in desktop software. If we get lots of people outside the US signing up, that will encourage people inside the US to sign up, and maybe it will also encourage more people who are on the fence about using Free Open Source Software. If people are unsure about whether Microsoft is right about Free Open Source Software violating its patents,, maybe they will not use Free Open Source Software. That is obviously what Microsoft is trying to do. There is strength in numbers, and one goal for our list is to just show the world how many people are using Free Open Source Software. Maybe this exercise will flop, or maybe someone else has a better list somewhere else. I don't care if the DTP list is the biggest list in the world. This is just one little step forward to stop Microsoft's misuse of US law.

And now for the belly laughs section

There are a number of really funny entries on the "Sue me first" list. But to me, the funniest of them all (so far, and we are at 153) is Steve O'Connor of Adelaide, Australia. Here, straightaway from number 148, is his post:

Steve O'Connor (Adelaide, Australia) BAD ME - I am using a pirated copy of Gentoo Linux that I illegally downloaded off the internet, and have installed on a whole rack of servers that I use to make money by providing information services to the Australian Defence Forces. I skipped out on paying any licence fees by doing it this way, and I have (illegal ?) access to all the source code, so I can hack my application around however I see fit. I have also ripped off a copy of PCLinuxOS from the internet (Which is like a HaXoRed version of Vista), without giving out my credit card, and used that same single copy to install on dozens of other computers. The recipients of these PCLinuxOS machines are way happy too ...

My warmest regards to Steve O'Connor for making it all so very worthwhile! The Sue me first names list

And so, without further ado, we now offer the Sue me first Microsoft list of people who are willing to challenge Microsoft's questionable patent claims.

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