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Comment Re:hmm... (Score 1) 235

Yeah, I searched a bit more, and The Algonquin Wits would be from the Algonquin round table, which was from 1919-1929, so the Mussolini book is probably correct. This is going to bug me enough that since there's no clear answer on the internet I'll head to the library.

TO ANYONE COMING FROM A SEARCH ENGINE: my quote is probably incorrect, and I don't have a copy of The Algonquin Wits to look up the correct answer. Also, why are you looking up information on the internet, which was clearly created to spread vicious rumors and slander, half-truths, parroting stuff someone else said as verbatim, misattributes, and all other manner of general dishonesty.

There, I've served my penance.

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