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Comment Arecibo ain't pretty (Score 1) 185

Just a bit of a warning for those of you who want to see the actual Arecibo location for yourself: the giant radio telescope dish is not the gleaming, shiny, spotless disc we've seen in photos (and the movie Contact). It's actually dirty, stained and tarnished, and littered with debris from the surrounding landscape. This in no way subtracts from its importance or the fact that its funding is needed...but don't get your hopes up too high if you actually go to visit the place yourselves.

Submission + - LiveJournal expands their secret cookie policy (

modemac writes: "LiveJournal is going to be applying cookies to random blogs on its system. The cookies will be completely random, which means no one is supposed to know who has a cookie on his blog. This is being done on an opt-out basis, which means you can choose not to have it...if you know about it in the first place. This announcement was posted today to LiveJournal's "LJ-Biz" community. This is where LiveJournal offers explanations for its business decisions, after those decisions have taken place. Apparently this hasn't been released to the general public yet, because it has only appeared on this LJ community and not in a public announcement yet. LiveJournal's users are acting in the expected manner: they're going bat-guano over it. Check out the comments and see for yourself."

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