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Comment Educate me (Score 1) 144

I don't know much anything about neuromorphic computing and synthetic aperture radar image formation etc, but wouldn't it be cheaper to use GPU's instead? Is there something about these type of computations that make the Cell a better fit? Or maybe it's that PS3s are easier to attach to the existing infrastructure?
Someone please explain.

Comment Re:When Signed/Unsigned Strikes (Score 2, Informative) 275

It actually comes from the Latin "dictum meum pactum" meaning "My word is my bond" which is the motto of the London Stock Exchange. It was shortened to "word is bond", which means "I speak the truth". It was also used as a question ("Word is bond?"), usually indicating a feeling of disbelief. Naturally, the phrase got shortened even further to just "word". So a typical conversation went something like:
"I made $12k last week"
These days saying "word" in response to a statement means "What you said is true", which implies "I agree".
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Developing Nations Crippled by Broadband Costs (

eldavojohn writes: "If you live in the EU, you probably enjoy low broadband costs. If you live in Finland, it's even a legal right. If you live in the states, you probably pay a moderate cost. But if you live in the developing world, a UNCTAD report paints your picture pretty grim. Ridiculously high bandwidth costs are inhibiting developing nations from enjoying productive use of the internet — like online banking and market tools."

Submission + - Microsoft takes on VMware with Hyper-V R2 (

instasai writes: Competition between VMware and Microsoft got a little tighter on Thursday with the release of Windows Server 2008 R2, which includes Hyper-V R2. The update adds important capabilities that help Microsoft close the functionality gap with VMware and other rivals. Hyper-V R2 ships free with Windows Server 2008 R2, although to get some of the new features, such as Live Migration, customers will have to purchase System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Hyper-V R2 can also take advantage of up to 64 physical processors, and allows virtual machines to be migrated between two servers. VMware may not be under threat just yet, however. In a study released in September, Burton Group said Hyper-V R2 is missing two of the 27 features it considers essential for running enterprise-class applications in production: the ability to assign run priority to each virtual machine on a server and support for multiple virtual CPUs when running Linux and Windows 2000 guests.

Comment Great idea (Score 1) 167

I think this is a fantastic idea and I hope more companies start doing it (provided they let you opt out, of course). I'm not really interested in the player profile aspect of it as much as the potential for balance/tweaking though.

For fighting games like Street Fighter IV etc, it's great because companies can use the data to help rebalance the characters. For example, if they notice that one character loses disproportionately to another, they can tweak the balance slightly in the next iteration (or even patch).

The ability to upload replays to the XBL/GFWL/PSN networks is also a great idea, because if the replay files are just a bit of metadata with stored inputs, game companies should be able to easily replay these games at high speed (by disabling audio/video) and capturing the resulting data.

At the end of the day, data is still king.

Comment Re:what is needed for this to work...??? (Score 1) 181

Botnets make this procedure much simpler, and I suspect people buying these phones have access to banking data harvested by botnets. If they have the account details, they can just login themselves. No need to monitor the internet connection etc. Just spoof the number, and the code will get sent to you instead of the account holder. No flags will be raised.

Comment Re:Different story in Germany (Score 1) 774

there is a substantially large group of pricky nerds that are in favor of linux for ideological reasons (and nationalist pride, suse started here).

Interestingly enough, Ubuntu started in South Africa but I've never seen it preloaded on a system at any of the computer stores I've been to. In fact, I don't really know anyone who runs Ubuntu as their primary OS.

Comment Don't blame Microsoft...entirely (Score 2, Insightful) 1182

IMO, this is more of an indication of the narrow-mindedness of the general Xbox-Live demographic than of Microsoft. Microsoft is a business, so it's likely that this person got banned because of a huge number of complaints from their customer base. They don't want to lose business, so they appeased their customers.

If however they didn't receive all that many complaints (comparatively speaking), then I think someone needs to take serious legal action against them if possible. It may sound a bit hypocritical or contradictory to hold them responsible in this case, but this to me sounds like a problem with the mindset of the general population, and Microsoft can't really be held responsible for that.

Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 332

Windows 7 comes bundled with Interix, in the from of SUA (Subsystem for running Unix Applications). KSH and CSH come standard, but you can install bash using "pkg_update -L bash" (after installing the package installer).

And yes, you can run Unix commands from the Windows console or Unix shell.

Moonlight 1.0 Brings Silverlight Content To Linux 346

An anonymous reader writes "Novell has unveiled some of the fruits of its technical collaboration with Microsoft in the form of Moonlight 1.0, a Firefox plug-in which will allow Linux users to access Microsoft Silverlight content. Officially created by the Mono project, it is available for all Linux distributions, including openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Fedora, Red Hat and Ubuntu. Also included in Moonlight is the Windows Media pack, with support for Windows Media Video, Windows Media Audio and MP3 files."

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