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Comment New Jersey Just FInished Removing Them (Score 1) 1173

Until the 1990's, the main route between Philadelphia and Atlantic City had at least two Roundabouts. The earliest time I remember seeing them was during the late 1950's as a passenger in my parent's car. So, this is not a new invention this side of the Pond, but an old one that has been tried and abandoned after decades of use. I had the opportunity to drive this route before they were both redesigned, and I can tell you that the design is only effective when traffic is very minimal. It's extremely hazardous with high traffic volume.

The State of New Jersey clearly knows this, as does any American driver who has experienced what I believe is a misguided attempt at a "Can't we all get along" society. If you've ever seen the original Death Race 2000 movie, or played the Carmageddon series of video games, then you know what the highways are like in the Philadelphia area.

Properly configured traffic lights are much preferred to the risk of physical harm the Roundabout represents.


Comment Re:Version numbers (Score 2) 188

Google has grabbed a bunch of open source libraries, sometimes respecting the license, hacked on them, and rolled them into Chrom*.

If you have any cases where you think that Chrome is failing to comply with the terms of a free software license, then please file a bug at - we take license compliance very seriously. (I'm a Google engineer, though not working Chrome).

Comment Re:OpenSSH is not vulnerable (Score 4, Informative) 31

No, it is not vulnerable to this attack. The Brumley/Tuveri paper describes a timing leak in a specific algorithm that is only used for elliptic curve crypto over binary/GF(2m) fields. OpenSSH uses ECC over prime fields that use different algorithms that have no known timing leaks. A result against ECC using prime fields would be more difficult because the curve point components are integers and so can use well-tested modular arithmetic code.

Comment Blu-Ray is Useless for Some (Score 1) 1162

Blu-Ray is pretty much useless for me, and not just because of the high disk cost or DRM-created issues.

First, all the televisions in my house are standard definition, the largest being 32 inches diagonal, the remainder 12 inches. Without large high-def screens, there's just no point as up-converted DVD's look fine. I suspect a lot of people are in the same boat.

Second, my son and I watch all our TV/movies on our computer screens, in a tiny window while we're doing something else. Now, what is the advantage of Blu-Ray once again?

Blu-Ray was invented by electronic companies to get us to re-purchase all of our movies, nothing more. If that works, they'll re-release them again in 3D. If it doesn't work, they'll blame piracy for the failure.

Comment The Wildwood Solution (Score 1) 531

I'm reminded of the Tram Cars that traverse the boardwalk in Wildwood, N.J.. Anyone who has ever vacationed there knows well the sound of a woman calling out (via a recording) "Watch the Tram Car, please", since they've been doing that (with the same woman's voice) for at least 50 years now. Since the woman is still alive that recorded it all those years ago, it'd be a hoot to hear her voice coming out of every Prius that passes by.

Comment Don't be fooled (Score 5, Insightful) 122

The changes announced today seem to be little more than a delaying tactic to remove the issue of mandatory Internet censorship from the agenda ahead of the election that is expected to be announced any day now. This issue has turned quite toxic for the government; the people who are for it are only weakly so, but the people who are against it are furious and are already organising campaigns against the government on various social media.

I don't think the government can be trusted not to bring it back in a essentially unmodified form after the next election. Vote accordingly.

Comment Running XP? (Score 3, Funny) 1213

I'm still on 2000, you insensitive clod! I'm planning to *upgrade* to XP in the next year or so. Provided my hardware can run it, that is. Everyone knows that XP is a resource hog. :)

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