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Comment Re:Buy crap tools! (Score 5, Interesting) 416

Actually, buy the cheapest set of tools that you can find that copntains the bulk of what you will be needing. You will have a little of everything. Then as a tool is used it will wear out. Replace the worn one with a quality item, since you obviously use it. In five years when you need another tool that you have never used, you will have a brand new one still in its box. Carolyn

Comment Re:Stalking vs Surveillance (Score 1) 387

I am just curious about the recording audio comment. If you are referring to his recording peoples speach, then any camera pointing at someone's face does the same for lip readers. Granted they won't be able to read your lips when you are facing away from the camera, but in some places there are enough cameras that there is no 'looking away'.

Comment Re:What about teh gayz?! (Score 1) 206

You are wrong in stating that only a lactating woman can breastfeed. First of all, Male breasts are just undeveloped female breasts... a few hormones, and they can develop and start lactating. It does occur naturally, and I am sure it can be stimulated with hormone injections. Next, my wife had lactation issues with our first child. Our daughter would feed for maybe 15 minutes, and then due to slow supply, she would give up. Mamma would then switch to a breast pump, and I would take the previous 'harvest' and with a finger tube, our daughter would feed from my fingers. I had not been pregnant, so my breasts did not have the hormones to instigate lactation. So, our daughter got the benefit of breast milk, she bonded with Mamma on her breast, and she bonded with me, Mom, on a finger.

Comment Re:Nuclear Waste Storage facility (Score 2) 217

You are right, I should have read the article. Now that I have, I would have to modify my earlier statement to say, that I hope they have put enough funds aside. I know here in Canada, the government makes it very easy for businesses to get away with minimal coverage, and if anything goes wrong, well we tax payers get stuck with it in the end.

Comment Nuclear Waste Storage facility (Score 2, Insightful) 217

Now comes the fun part, explaining to the tax payers and anyone else involved, why it stops producing electricity today, but they still pay for the cleanup and stoarage of the radiated materials for the next hundred or so years. Was that cost factored in to all the 'cheap energy prices' the electricity was sold for?

Comment Re:Good fix (Score 1) 295

I thought it was IBM PC-AT vs Apple Mac vs Atari, and the Amiga was what they all tried to do, but could not, since it was 4096 colours when Macs were B/W, PCs were 16 colour CGA with a sprinkling of EGA, they beeped when the Amiga could produce robotic sounding speach synthesis, and the Amiga could even do basic 3d rendering with shadows, while formatting a floppy, and synthesizing speech, with a spreadsheet in the foreground calculating your invoices, and a video program editing your movies. The thing Amiga lacked was a great marketing department. They made a great product, but could not sell it.

Comment Re:Conservative Hit-piece (Score 1) 230

With terrorists going to blow up the HSR, and all the other reasons not to do anything, maybe we can just save them the trouble and not wake up tomorrow. Sleep through life, and just stop living. Now that will really piss off those terrorists, when there is no one left for them to terrorize, they won't know what to do either!

Comment Next we welcome China, Prime Minister of Canada (Score 1) 230

China may not be the president of the US, but the Prime minister of Canada is currently setting up special trade deals with China, so that Chineese corporations will have more legal clout in Canada than our provinces and municipalities. If they say our eco-friendly, decomcratically chosen laws are harming their revenues and profits, they can sue us, and at that is is not even public. The new laws state that it has to be kept from the people.

Comment Re:Conservative Hit-piece (Score 3, Interesting) 230

I can't comment about California, but the Chineese goal is quite good. HSR to connect South East Asia to the Middle East and Europe. There is lots of trade between those regions, that right now goes over the sea. Slow and limited. HSR that could traverse the continents in 2 ro 3 days, would be great for trade, and much more economical. The goal is a lofty one. How it is being carried out may be a different situation.

Comment One step closer... (Score 0) 115

... to the removal of the non essential inhabitants of Earth. Enough robots, machines, computers, to do everything that we humans, and other life forms, dogs in this case, and we are no longer needed. Might be a good thing if our civilization can continue beyond the species, in fact beyond all earth life, since we are slowly, or not so slowly destroying our home planet.

Comment Re:That panicked sound you hear from the left (Score 5, Insightful) 319

is the sound of people wanting to know what the outcome is, to know that we are not doing more harm than good, before we do something like this. Don't f*ck the world by accident or by ignorance. Preferably don't f*ck it at all. I do not mind experimenting and learning, but something on this scale that has such huge potential ramifications, all on someone's belief rather than proven science, backed with long term studies - Nahh, that I do not like. Too much of it already in the world we live in. Let's learn from humanity's mistakes, please!

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