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Comment Re:Bad idea (Score 1) 149

Anchovies and sardines aren't as susceptible to overfishing as larger fish. Their fast reproductive cycle allows them to recover quite fast if conditions are right. Their populations are linked to ocean temperature, which is also something humans have an effect on. You can learn more about it here

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 745

I think nondischargeable loans are a much bigger problem in tuition bloat. Schools have no incentive to ensure students do well in society, or even graduate. The student is saddled with debt that is inescapable, and in many cases will follow them to their grave. Imagine if debt was forgiven after 10 years if the student wasn't earning above a certain level, it would force schools to be more selective, driving tuition down.

Comment Re:Taxes aren't giving. (Score 1) 330

Where I live the council members are all pretty polarized and from safe districts. You might be able to sway them on trivial issues such as getting a traffic light put in or having a school zone enforced but for the most part they have their positions decided by what flavor of kool-aid their party tells them is delicious.

I think it'll be interesting to see how things shake out. Will shootings go up or down in places where any lunatic can get a concealed carry permit? Will cities that allow legal pot stores have better or worse economies than cities that ban them outright? I don't think anyone knows for sure, but it's pretty cool that we get to see for ourselves and move if we like the deal better in the other part of the city.

Comment Re:Taxes aren't giving. (Score 1) 330

You can speak with your wallet. Move!

The area I live has different cities in a metro area. Some of the cities are law-and-order types that have banned pot dispensaries and give concealed carry permits without many rules, others are hippie free-for-all zones. You can decide where to live based on what you like, and write letters to your sheriff or city council etc. to try to influence them.

I think it is exciting, maybe one approach will turn out to be more popular and at a minimum you can be in an area that you like best.

Comment Re:"End war"? (Score 1) 143

Reality is quite different from what you propose. Human populations become markedly less fertile when they become more wealthy. You can chart fertility rate vs inverse wealth and find very few outliers.

The poorest countries have the highest fertility rates. You really should think about things before you post.

Comment Re:"End war"? (Score 2) 143

Humans have been faced with life threatening scarcity for all of history up to present day. I don't think anyone knows what will happen when literally everyone can trivially have plenty of food, clean water, and energy very cheaply. If and when it happens, there is no doubt that it will change many things.

Comment Re:Another strategy (Score 1) 110

I have the opposite impression. 90% of ERs are staffed with idiots who treat pneumonia or an infection with strong antibiotics picked at random or by bribery without doing a culture first. They're causing resistance and feeding the misconception that everyone should get strong antibiotics immediately whenever they're sick.

Comment Re:Simply put: (Score 1) 455

It's way more than $3B. Figure all the costs pushed onto others such as court, prison, police, lost productivity, etc.

It's staggering to think how much a single life ruined costs. Instead of somebody paying taxes and contributing their whole life they rot in jail, vastly increasing the chances their offspring does the same.

Comment Re:Red light / green light (Score 1) 1440

I see this at left turn signals. The sensor doesn't detect any motion so it only stays green for a second or two. If cars keep moving it'll stay green for 30 seconds, but one texter causes everyone behind them to miss the light. I've considered pre-emtive honking 1-2 seconds before the light changes, although texters often hit the gas without looking when they hear a horn.

Comment Re:Race to the Bottom (Score 1) 192

You've just described pretty much any economic transaction. Just price your rideshare above the amortized cost of maintaining a vehicle and you're good. IRS calls that fifty-some cents a mile, but my cars cost a lot less to operate. Price the rented room above the cost of maintaining it and increased utilities and ka-ching!

Just like starbuckses has to price their latte above the cost of ingredients, labor, property costs, advertising, etc.

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