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Comment Re:Free speech (Score 1) 432

You most certainly do notice a serious infestation. you don't notice at first, when there are only a few bugs. When there are thousands of them, swarming at once it is unmistakable.

Many people don't feel their bites or show marks, but many others have a rapid and severe allergic reaction. An allergic person would wake up with itchy burning swollen lumps and then see bugs, even if there weren't very many.

As far as your googling, try en francais. A search for Jacques Robataille punaise shows many relevant hits.

Comment Re:haha!! (Score 1) 1233

Most of the Muslims I've met have been observant enough that it is obvious to people who know them. They pray and eat halal and so forth. Not all Muslims are this observant, but if you spend much time with an observant Muslim you will know it.

Lots of people talk about religion all the time. My mom knows what religion everyone is because that is her favorite topic. I'm guessing the AC is like that, and would call the cops if someone admitted to being Muslim.

Comment Re:On a related note (Score 1) 184

It is tough to draw a comparison. If you want to live like people did in 1939 you have roughly the same rights.

Things weren't great if you weren't a typical person. I wouldn't want to try being gay, looking weird, or having unusual hobbies back then. Most places you'd have a lot of trouble finding certain books, especially anything considered erotic.

I'm no fan of the surveillance state we're drifting into but the truth is complicated. There has been no other time in our history when anybody could read the Satanic bible, Anarchists cookbook, and 34 kinds of porn.

Comment Re:WEP WEP WEP (Score 1) 438

I still have devices that don't support anything newer than WEP. I also don't have access to all the devices that know the WEP key - friends and neighbors I've given it to. It would cause a lot of disruption and force some equipment into obsolescence, and in the 10 years I've been doing it haven't had any problem.

My next door neighbors weed my garden in exchange for using my network, and when their wireless adapter failed I gave them an ancient USB adapter that only supports WEP. They have a modest income and were grateful for a no cost repair.

Comment Re:Do you know what a middle class job is? (Score 1) 435

Middle class means different things in different places. In the bay area, you nearly need a 6 figure income to be middle class. In rural Arkansas, the median wage might be $20k a year, which makes these very much middle class jobs. In Mexico, these wages would be considered very generous.

Comment Re:lack of unions and workers rights (Score 1) 541

The article is about how the 2nd largest employer is a temp agency, which largely exist to make it easy for companies to hire and fire people quickly.

At the manufacturing plants that I have worked at they all use temp agencies such as Kelly to handle peaks and dips in activity. The smart plant managers try to keep core people as employees to reduce turnover.

Comment Re:Over expose and/or damage the image sensor (Score 1) 276

Cops around here have a dash cam that can show the image in the cabin. This is useful at night with low light or to verify the framing of the video. Your glaring plate is going to be a cop magnet, causing a lot of law enforcement attention. If enough people do it, or you are a big enough dick about it you can bet the law will be updated.

I think a better approach is to fight the routine collection of data instead of trying to figure out a stopgap workaround.

Comment Re:One of my earliest memories (Score 3, Interesting) 79

Waves have some complex behavior. There are ocean swells coming from various directions which can interact with each other, giving constructive and destructive interference. There are also locally generated wind wave effects which interact with the swells. All of this is interacting with previous waves backward motion. On a particular day at a particular area you might be getting 5' breakers on average, but they will vary from nearly nothing to occasional 8' waves. It wasn't uncommon to see the occasional monster wave, double or more the average.

Comment Re:Ah, yes! (Score 1) 315

"Less evolved" is complicated. What do you measure? Physical complexity of the specimen? length of known family tree? Number of genes? Number of generations? Plus, everything is furiously exchanging DNA all the time with bacteria and viruses.

I suspect bacteria or fungi are highly evolved if you count number of generations. They evolve more in a day than long lived creatures do in years, although you couldn't possibly separate their genes.

Comment Re:You insensitive clod! (Score 1) 397

It isn't hard to think of examples. Imagine a system that at the click of a button would create a porn website, fill it with stolen content, set up offshore banking, send millions of spam emails, blog posts, etc. Very good user experience, very bad rest of society experience.

It's a scary and exciting time. It's becoming easy to do all sorts of complex stuff automatically and this is an ethical debate that is going to come up. I don't think we can dodge the issue, if a particular person doesn't build this thing somebody else will.

What's going to happen when your optical implant gives a complete dossier on everybody you see on the street?

Comment Re:While you are at it (Score 1) 306

You're looking at it too narrowly. Ads are valuable because they drive sales. If there are secret uncounted viewers it makes the ads work better. The advertiser would then be willing to pay more. It's further complicated by the fact that many ads are local, viewers in texas are no use to a car dealership in NY.

Comment Re:They needed research for this? (Score 1) 288

I agree that throwing bourbon on someone isn't a great way to set them on fire, but I wanted to clarify on the flammability of ethanol.

EtOH / H2O mixtures have a flash point well within normal temperatures. You can set table wine on fire if you leave it in the sun for an hour to warm it up. Regular vodka burns at 79F which is not a pleasant temperature to drink vodka at, but you won't need a skillet. Conversely, ice cold everclear won't burn until it warms up to 63F.

Fascinating stuff! I love how it needs to be warmer to burn at 12.5% than 10% concentration.

10% — 49 C (120 F)
12.5% — about 52 C (126 F)
20% — 36 C (97 F)
30% — 29 C (84 F)
40% — 26 C (79 F)
50% — 24 C (75 F)
60% — 22 C (72 F)
70% — 21 C (70 F)
80% — 20 C (68 F)
90% — 17 C (63 F)
96% — 17 C (63 F)

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