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Comment Re:American Guns!! Yay NRA!! (Score 1) 518

Please define "sensible" civilian gun control in the US and explian how it will prevent criminal gun use in Mexico? Fact - Civilians in the US cannot leagally own M-16s or any other fully automatic weapon without a FFA licence.

Sweet! I am a country boy cum suburbanite and I have a couple of pygmy goats as pets. That ought to get me an FFA license, no?

Kidding aside, you are spot on. Without passing a lengthy background check and other steps, including a federal tax, one cannot easily purchase automatic weapons in the US. Furthermore, thanks to the unconstitutional Hughes Amendment to FOPA, the prices for transferable automatic weapons are artificially hyper-inflated. Mexican drug gangs can buy automatic weapons far cheaper from every source but the heavily regulated US.

Comment Re:American Guns!! Yay NRA!! (Score 4, Interesting) 518

Most of them are being shipped south across the border. They need something to haul back after they sell all the drugs up here, after all.

You would make a great truck broker (booking loads for the return trip), but the weapons that the cartels are using are not readily available in the US. They are far easier to acquire from the Mexican army deserters and the southern border.

Comment Re:American Guns!! Yay NRA!! (Score 1) 518

First off, the weapons don't fuel the drug war. The excessively high black market profits of drug prohibition fuel the drug war. Firearms just happen to be among the tools used to wage the war. Any automatic weapons being used by Mexican drug cartels are not coming from the legal civilian firearms market in either the US or Mexico. Even the lying sad pandas over at the Brady Bunch & VPC know that. They just have no problem lying and exploiting the situation for their political and personal financial gain, however small it may be.

You aren't Paul Helmke, Dennis Henigan, or Josh Sugarmann, are you, Mr. Anonymous Coward? Because if you aren't any of the aforementioned Joyce Foundation sock puppets, I would expect you could manage to cease with the baseless accusations, and the flying off the handle, and the demonizing of an inanimate object, for just long enough to read some of the results of a simple Google search.

Then again, maybe you don't care about the truth. Maybe you just enjoy being part of the problem. Keep on agitating and lying. Thankfully most Americans are wise to your subterfuge.

Linux Business

Hemisphere Games Reveals Osmos Linux Sales Numbers 131

An anonymous reader writes "Hemisphere Games analyzes the sales numbers for their Linux port of Osmos and ask themselves, 'Is it worth porting games to Linux?' The short, simple answer is 'yes.' Breakdown and details in the post." A few other interesting details: the port took them about two man-months of work, the day they released for Linux was their single best sales day ever, and they got a surprising amount of interest from Russia and Eastern Europe. Their data only reflects sales through their website, and they make the point that "the lack of a strong Linux portal makes it a much less 'competitive' OS for commercial development." Hopefully someday the rumored Steam Linux client will help to solve that.
The Almighty Buck

Virtual Currency Becomes Real In South Korea 203

garylian writes "Massively is reporting that the South Korean Supreme Court has stated that virtual currency is the equivalent of real-world money. For those of you who might not be drawing the link, the core there is that selling in-game currency for real money is essentially just an exchange of currency and perfectly legal in South Korea. This could have sweeping implications for RMT operations the world over, not to mention free-to-play games and... well, online games in general. The official story is available online from JoongAng Daily."

Comment Re:One flaw (Score 1) 316

My landlord has keys to my apartment. Does that mean I have no expectation of privacy in my own apartment, just because a third party theoretically has access to it? Even if I haven't given permission for my landlord to enter my apartment?

In Tennessee a landlord can override your 2nd Amendment rights, so what you suggest may not be that far fetched.

Comment Re:GUI Code Only (Score 1) 175

It wouldn't work at all. Nearly all voip, and I'm sure Skype is no exception, uses lossy compression for the audio. If you stuff encrypted data in, you'll just get garbage out.

How would that be any different than unencrypted Skype for Linux?

Ever since upgrading to the recent Linux client, all I get is garbage out.

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