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Comment Re:One flaw (Score 1) 316

My landlord has keys to my apartment. Does that mean I have no expectation of privacy in my own apartment, just because a third party theoretically has access to it? Even if I haven't given permission for my landlord to enter my apartment?

In Tennessee a landlord can override your 2nd Amendment rights, so what you suggest may not be that far fetched.

Comment Re:GUI Code Only (Score 1) 175

It wouldn't work at all. Nearly all voip, and I'm sure Skype is no exception, uses lossy compression for the audio. If you stuff encrypted data in, you'll just get garbage out.

How would that be any different than unencrypted Skype for Linux?

Ever since upgrading to the recent Linux client, all I get is garbage out.

Media (Apple)

Why Won't Apple Sell Your iTunes LPs? 306

jfruhlinger writes "Over the weekend there's been a bit of controversy over the fact that Apple has effectively shut indie artists out of the iTunes LP market by charging $10,000 in design fees. But the real question is why Apple is in charge of designing the new iTunes LP at all, since the format is based on open Web design technologies. There's at least one iTunes LP already available outside the iTunes store. Why won't Apple sell it?"
Social Networks

Facebook User Arrested For a Poke 394

nk497 writes "A woman in Tennessee has been arrested for poking someone over Facebook. Sharon Jackson had been banned by courts from 'telephoning, contacting or otherwise communicating' with the apparent poke recipient, but just couldn't hold back from clicking the 'poke' button. She now faces a sentence of up to a year in prison."

Comment Re:Windows Mobile (Score 1) 332

Back in the "good old days" of palm before the pre, there WAS NO over the air app store installed on the treo. You had to google for someplace to find apps for your treo, you had to go there, you had to down load them, and you had to install them using the hot sync program.

You certainly did not have install over a hot sync. PRC files have been installable via HTTP download for years.

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