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Comment Yeah but... (Score 1) 348

Didn't iPhone sales slow Q3 in anticipation of the iPhone 5?

Regardless, I don't understand why some people want their device to "kill" the competition. Must be some sort of self-identity complex that I am not smart enough to understand. Competition breeds innovation. Ideally these 2 companies will start one-upping each other and consumers on both sides will win.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 614

The approach of handling phone "spam" like email spam seems like a logical approach, minus one thing: Email spam is still rampant.

There are countless tools and email spam filters that heuristically identify spam and allow people to flag spam. In the US there exists legislation against email spam (CAN SPAM ACT) with stiff penalties.

Why would this be approach successful for telephone communication?

Comment Alternating is Best (Score 1) 347

I converted to a permanent standing desk a few months ago and I really like it. The first week was pretty tough to get through, but after that it has been great. I recommend an anti-fatigue mat to stand on and some decent insoles like PowerSteps. Some co-workers also have a high stool for when they get tired. I do admit that I look forward to sitting during lunch and after work, but I would never go back. I haven't seen a single co-worker go back to sitting, and more are converting to standing.

At my company HQ (different office) all desks are motorized and can raise or lower with a button. These are awesome and are the ideal (albeit expensive) solution. Most of the HQ employees both stand and sit for a few hours per day, as do I when visiting.

The extra calories burned while standing is pretty compelling. Also there are recent studies that advise against sitting all day.

Of course YMMV based on your physical health and body type. FWIW I am 6'4" 185lb software developer in decent for 8-9 hours / day 90% of the time at my desk.

Comment Re:Seriously. Check out this crazy: (Score 1) 291

The story you linked is supposed to be funny. It is satirical take on the media's generally terrible explanations of the Higgs Boson. The author is a known satire writer.

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

They can usually come up with something good to say about events most of us understand. But they can't understand the Higgs boson

Oh I see what you did there. You do get satire! ... Right?

Comment Re:Or... (Score 0, Troll) 530

$0 for not having an Xbox 360 at all. That's the option I'm going for.

Wow...that is a +5 insightful comment if I have ever seen one! You are truly a gifted individual that thinks outside the box. I'd like to get into your head and try to bottle some of that ingenuity. You must tell us more of your insightful personal preferences that add nothing to the conversation. Please continue, this is fascinating....

Comment shit..... (Score 1) 684

This is a job hazard and you have have to accept that, if it wasn't you wouldn't be paid as much.

Players aren't highly paid because American football is dangerous. The players are highly paid for the same reasons other elite athletes are highly paid: Their sports leagues are hugely popular and hugely profitable. This goes for tennis, basketball, baseball, real football (aka soccer), etc.

The contention is that the NFL knew about the long-term head injury risks and has downplayed them. Now players are starting to realize getting your bell rung is more than a temporary thing.

When I played US Football in high school (Mid 90's) I wasn't payed, nor was anyone else at that level. I wasn't very good, but It was just a fun sport to play. Had I known what I know now about head injuries I probably wouldn't have participated. Due to head injury awareness, parents are starting to think twice about allowing their kids to play American football.

If i have a boy that likes football, that will be a tough choice.

Comment Re:What? East Texas Jury? (Score 4, Insightful) 151

If they are so familiar with the topic, then why do they side with crazy so frequently?

One theory I've heard is this "industry" is a huge boon for the town. All the local businesses (false fronts and not) setting up shop, all the lawyers flying in and out of town...this puts big $$ into the local economy. The region knows they own this niche market, and want the customers to return.

Its no different than locals supporting regional activities that could be questionable to the big picture....such as for argument's sake, big oil, coal mining, big corn, improper fishing, etc.

Comment Re:The Joke's on Them (Score 2) 188

Your web site accepts donations via PayPal, a US company. Your site is listed in Google, a US company. You post regularly on slashdot, a US website. Odds are that if you use the Internet, you rely on US-based Internet companies, and thus SOPA / PIPA will affect you. Sorry for the bad news.

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