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Comment Re:Rubbish (Score 1) 686

It doesnt matter that they dont own it as long as it raises the cost of entry it will benefit them.

Yes, but it doesn't.

Even a nominal entrance fee is sufficient to exclude free from the party.

Entrance to what, exactly? It's not as if either company is in the business of developing video CODECs.

Comment Re:While I personally didn't use the service... (Score 0) 438

The thing is those of you that are getting your panties in a bunch over this ALL have the ability to do something about it but not a single one of you ever will the truth be know you are all so far up Jobs's arse you cant see the light for looking just STOP buying anything remotley connected with the idiot and his company he will soon get the message and get his pox infested fingers out and kep them inserted in his own ring piece .

But like i say aint one of you out there with any balls or bottle to start the ball rolling just remember YOU are the ones thatare being RIPPED OFF ! ..

Comment Re:DVD (Score 1) 376

Bought the DVD. Tried it on 3 players. On the RJTech, it dies half way into the movie. The home-brew media center plays the movie. However, I can't get scene selection to work. It plays with some minor skipping on the original XBox. I honestly just thought it was a bad encoding until I seen this story.

Comment Apple and Microsoft (Score 1) 686

One thing I've noticed of late is Apple and Microsoft appear to be in bed together these days. This supports that. I believe there are direct ties to MPEG-LA for both Microsoft and Apple. They stand to gain from H.264 being THE web standard and as Microsoft did early on and Apple is attempting to do now, snuff out the competition.

Comment Re:3 Hours A Day (Score 1) 123

I was just about to mod this "funny" when I noticed the "informative" mod. I'm still laughing so hard at that that I'm all teared up.

Really, are these health professionals truly upset or is some journalist making a story? 3 hours of games is a huge reduction for most kids, let alone ones that would go to this camp. And they've got at least 8 hours for other activities...beavers beware!

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 45

As I recall, secession happened on a state-by-state basis leading up to the civil war.

That is beside my point.

You're rather glossing over the important matters when you group states together, ignoring their sovereignty and right to make decisions on their own. After all, it was secession that brought us the state of West Virginia, wasn't it?

But if you see it not in line with your point, we can leave it at that.

I don't see any states in the North saying "yeah let's secede."

That rather depends on how you define a state saying something. There is another secession movement gaining attention in Vermont, for example. However, it is correct to say that at this time, the state of Vermont is not officially moving towards secession (even if some of the people who live there favor it).

Also, saying "state-sponsored murder" makes no sense in the context of carrying out a legal death sentence. "Murder" means "unlawful" killing, so if it is lawful -- even if you believe it's wrong -- it's by definition not murder.

I'm not sure why you brought up murder. I wasn't talking about murder. You didn't mention murder in your original post. What does murder have to do with secession?

Comment Re:Experience, yes. Loot, no. (Score 1) 178

I'm not trying to say everything is realistic, but at least there is a vauge sense of realism.

Haha, no there isn't. How realistic that spiders carry gold coins and swords, animal skins instantly turn to leather when cut from the body, you can carry 100 gold bars around and be as encumbered as if you were carrying 100 flowers, and so on. You can rationalize the behavior of the random number generator, but that's not realism. But who cares? Game mechanics before realism. When realism gets in the way of the game, realism gets out of the way. They didn't make wolves sometimes not drop a liver because it's "realistic" that your Decaptitate attack damaged its liver. They did it to stretch out how long it takes to collect N wolf livers.

Yeah, because it's great when the main incentive is for everyone to play the same character. Who is going to play a buff/support class if your benefit from going about buffing everyone is zip. Or if you get "credit", then it invalidates your statement about design below.

I take it you're talking about this statement: "so hey let's assume they'll design it so that you get nothing if you try to heal but it isn't needed!" That was about how you were assuming it would be designed, because it produced a negative outcome, rather than assume they do something smart.

Similarly, there is no reason to assume that your reward scales directly with the amount of damage you do, ergo no reason to assume anyone would only focus on maximum damage classes and ignore support classes -- any more than they already do, simply because people like doing the most damage! It is trivial to think of ways to implement this mechanic so it doesn't encourage what you fear. But you choose to assume the opposite.

What I was getting at is you will have people chain healing the tank for the sole purpose of trying to get the heal to hit as soon as they lose health so they can be getting credit for it.

Yes that was perfectly clear. What I was getting at is that you're making a number of unsupported assumptions about what constitutes "seriously contributing", like that only effective healing counts and that you need enough of it that you'll have to continuously try to snipe heals in order to reach the threshold when not much healing is needed. You forgot to mention that under these bad assumptions, there are cases where no healer would get any credit at all!

Nice assumption, too bad the article completely contradicts you.

No, as with everything else you have assumed, it is possible to interpret it that way, but not necessarily the case. "Everyone gets rewarded" does not necessarily mean "every possible piece of loot is given to everyone". It could mean that each participant gets their own loot roll and thus different equipment, or any other number of possibilities before you even get to the concept that it may not apply unchanged for all encounters.

By consistently assuming the one possibility that would create the negative results you predict, you are simply begging the question.

Comment Re:Hah (Score 1) 558

Flash drives are getting cheaper, but floppies are still cheaper for the 2MB size file. I worked in a lab one summer that I needed to copy files onto a classified machine. It was only about 1 MB of files (a program I was creating), so I'd just copy it onto a floppy, move it to the secured machine, then file the disk in the safe to be destroyed (once it's touched the classified machine, it can't be used on a non-classified machine).

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