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Comment Re:Copyrigt was created because of greedy publishe (Score 2) 309

Are you saying that I as a professional composer should let companies use my older music for free in commercial contexts, to benefit society?

Well, depending on HOW OLD that work is, that answer varies from no, to maybe, to a definitive YES - something that was very much true of copyright laws back when the term was considerably shorter.

Comment Re:Next in the series: (Score 1) 232

Can we cut the false contradiction crap? It's unoriginal, not at all clever, and really makes you look like an idiot. Slashdot is not a hive mind, not one giant entity of one thought, but instead made up of many people with many varying opinions. IF you can't even get that right, including anyone who makes similar statements to that I've replied to, it will be hard to take said posters seriously.

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