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Submission + - Have OSS licenses failed to protect user's rights? 2

An anonymous reader writes: As more companies adopt OSS for their hardware products we see more cases of abusive practices such as feature lock-down (e.g. tethering) and preventing installation of custom ROMs on mobile devices. Unlocking features comes at a premium and installing a custom ROM voids your warranty. Most OSS licenses guarantee that the source code remains open, but what is the point of modifying the source if you are not given build/installation instructions or can't legitimately use it under a service provider's contract? Have companies found an exploitable loophole that defeats the freedom that the license was meant to be protecting? Or is it that the OSS licenses never meant to protect against such cases?

Comment Re:No rage, just a lost customer. (Score 1) 722

YOU got it exactly right. I haven't bought a coffee from anywhere but IHOP in over a decade, a once a quarter treat. Fine coffee in our house is a small package of the flavored grocery store brand ground and brewed on Sunday at home and only if the store had it on sale. I'm not ashamed of that, I didn't mismanage this country's balance of trade and allow the regulated financial markets to go unregulated - I'm just the guy left holding the bag of generic house brand coffee making the best of the situation. Thank's to my parents and grand parents I learned young to never live like the big bucks coming one day were going to come in every day. NetFlix needs to learn that lesson. They need to get by with less so they can learn the humiliating lesson of greed gone bad. They have on reasonable expectation that the customer in general will cough up an additional premium during hard times.

Comment Re:No rage, just a lost customer. (Score 1) 722

I'm fairly sure you don't have to be living in a mansion to buy a latte or two (per-month, not per-day).

To be fair, the demographic of most net-steaming users with a computer and network connection good enough to stream is probably in line with the "latte or two" crowd, at least around here. I'm not really sure about the DVD shipment service as I don't know anyone who uses it (not even sure it's *offered* in Canada, where I live).

Most of my friends - even those in the lower-income brackets - still stop at Starbucks every now and then for an overpriced drink. After the first two you've already passed the price of netflix in a month.

A better comparison might have been "a movie rental" though, as even one of those at many video stores hits pretty close to the monthly cost of either netflix streaming/delivery services.

You have no friends in the lower income brackets - your comment screams it.

Comment Re:No rage, just a lost customer. (Score 1) 722

Few would have screamed if it (a radical price increase) had come with a service enhancement but instead it came with a service curtailment. The outrage is just, the latte excuses and kowtowing by the ignorant are inexcusable. NetFlix as others have said is a luxury - let NetFlix now learn what that means, the hard way.

Comment Re:No rage, just a lost customer. (Score 1) 722

You will be surprised how far they can push you. In the UK petrol (gas) is £1.35/litre which I make to be just under $10/gallon. We are the worst in Europe but seem unable to do anything about it.

Get your government to subsidized the oil companies like the US does, get rid of public health, passenger rail and basic services and you too can have simply outrageous prices like the States.

Comment Re:The Thank You Economy... NOT! (Score 1) 722

You're damn right! Latte? Latte? Arrogant little shit, people (like me) are pinching pennies cancelling even basic cable in the tight economy already trying to keep a "normal" life going with a $10 spot to Netflix. I can go to Redbox, Steve Swasey, you little asshole and get almost 3 DVDs a week! Netflix was mostly to keep my CHILD entertained with kids shows, but fuck it, it's just a latte to you, right?

Sorry for the cursing, but that mother... needs to read The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk and get some goddamn manners! This is a less for how NOT to conduct business when everyone has a direct line to 500 friends on Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc! What a retard! I hope the fact that he is spokesman for Netflix will make future employers go, "Ah, so I guess I don't have to ask why you're now looking for new employment. Well, we don't find you qualified for spokesman, but we do have janitorial."

And if you go to Redbox three days a week, you're spending at LEAST $12 a month - and that's if you *never* return them late.

Well that makes sixty percent rate hike and 50% cut in services just fine doesn't it???

Comment Re:The Thank You Economy... NOT! (Score 1) 722

Who the F thinks he eats out anywhere after canceling all those services? Do you have a clue? Three buck is meaning the difference to have or not for thousands more evert day and to them if you are spending $3 on a single serving of a beverage you are indeed a "rich prick". I suggest you expand your sheltered little circle.

23 Years of Culture Hacking With Perl 99

Modern Perl writes "Larry Wall, the creator of Perl, reflects on Perl's history of hacking its culture, from subverting the reductionist culture of Unix to reinventing the ideas of programming language and culture in Perl 6 and the verbal aikido used to encourage honest detractors to become valuable contributors. Perl turned 23 years old last week, and Perl 6 is available."

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