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Comment Re:Personal Responsibility? (Score 1) 578

I'm in favour of you not having guns

Yet another Brit puts his two pence in. Guess what? You guys are the reason we have the Second Amendment.

Do you mean because our second amendment is derived from their own bill of rights? Most people forget that this country was largely made up of Englishmen, and many of our ideas are based on ones that existed already, and this is one of them. The right to bear arms was considered a natural right, not even a written law until after a King had attempted to disarm his subjects. And now, even though the right to bear arms is also made clear in their bill of rights, firearms are still heavily regulated in England without infringing on peoples' rights. How is this possible? Easy, they understand the right to bear arms doesn't mean anyone and everyone should be allowed to own assault weapons. There are guns in England, despite what many Americans seem to think, they're just regulated. And it would make sense for us to follow suit, given that the main argument against gun control is really just a reference to England's own laws.

You are obviously not aware that England is also trying to ban large knives. Grow the fuck up.

Comment Re:A lot of this BS is just Daniel Berg's fiction (Score 1) 266

Ghandi was an asshole, Churchill was good for a quote, and for blindly trusting stalin and fucking up WWII, and Kennedy was, well a catholic that in and of itself is bad enough. SO I guess you have a point Assange kind fits in with those fuckers none of the above, you just don't realize what kind of abuses someone could get away with in assanges position with no transparency or oversight, he's already a money grubbing whore, it's only going to get worse

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