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Comment Only mainstream blockbusters? (Score 4, Insightful) 119

While the price and features of the Redbox service are similar to what's offered by Netflix, its library is smaller and focused mainly on the most popular Hollywood fare, which Strickland says are the movies that "really matter in the marketplace."

Well, that pretty much rules out my tastes, then. No thanks.

Comment Re:what they totally forgot (Score 1) 102

Superman's ship didn't travel faster than light. Otherwise, the Kryptonite would have taken a LOT longer to get here than him.

He was probably in a very long cyrosleep, traveling at some fraction of the speed of light. Either that or he was just a fictional character and some dumbass writers made the whole thing up. One of those.

Comment Re:Put the shoe on the other foot (Score 1) 477

Let's suppose that somebody at JPL was promoting atheism, complained that the Christmas party should be renamed to the Holiday party, and suggested that California allow gay marriage. Would that be offensive as well? Be careful about piling on with "serves him right" when somebody is fired for what amounts to political incorrectness in the workplace.

I'm an agnostic and I agree. Careful how you treat those who disagree with you. One day you may find the tables turned.

Comment Tesla Worship (Score 4, Insightful) 215

Personally, I think the Tesla worship among geeks has gotten WAY out of hand in recent years. Yeah, I know the Evil Rich Guy Edison vs. the Poor But Plucky Tesla makes for a great literary narrative. And I don't discount the guy's work (particularly with alternating current, which he was right to argue for over DC as a practical means of long range electrical transmission). But he wasn't a god, he wasn't 100 years ahead of his time (as some recent hyperbole would have it), he didn't invent anything which subsequent engineers haven't since replicated and improved on, and he didn't certainly didn't invent EVERYTHING (the list of claimed inventions seems to get longer every year, in spite of the fact that he remains decisively dead).

I think we do him an honor to recognize his REAL work. But we do him a dishonor to exaggerate, or even mystify, his accomplishments.

Comment Re:BSG was fun but stupid (Score 2) 409

I think the implication is BSG was that the Colonials had become sloppy and complacent in the decades following the war. They had put so much faith in their defense net system and other networked systems that it never occurred to anyone that these could be compromised. By the time they realized the Cylons had pwned all their systems, their communications systems were completely shut down too. It was only Adama's eccentricity (in not allowing networked systems on Galactica) and dumb luck (The Pegasus being in dry dock for an overhaul, with most of its systems shut down) that saved two Battlestars.

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