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Submission + - Utah Legislature moves to shutdown NSA Datacenter (benswann.com)

Tora writes: Utah Legislature is discussing a bill which would prohibit the state from supporting any entity which violates constitutional rights, such as the fourth amendment. Because of this, the water required to run the NSA datacenter would be prohibited until the NSA complied with constitutional laws for citizens.

Comment Re:ogahdno (Score 2) 303

They'll be able to bully Netflix and Google/YouTube right out of business. With that much power, who's going to stop them? It's sure not going to be Washington (from the CNN article):

Analysts also point out that Comcast is remarkably well connected in Washington. In fact, its chief lobbyist, David Cohen, was a guest at the White House state dinner for the French president on Tuesday night.

Submission + - Statue of Apollo Discovered in Palestine

nightcats writes: A 2,500 year old statue of the Greek god Apollo has been discovered by Palestinian fishermen.While Trekkies may object that this is all merely a trick, an energy projection of the being from Pollux IV (see season 2, Who Mourns for Adonais), it does appear an actual creation of those Greeks who worshiped that alien life form.

Submission + - Julian Assange's Lawyers: Follow Swedish Law, Interrogate Him in the UK (ibtimes.co.uk)

concertina226 writes: "Prosecutor Marianne Ny must ... start treating him as everybody else who is under suspicion," the lawyers wrote.

The lawyers' op-ed piece is in response to another piece published on 6 February in SvD entitled "Why should an exception be made for Assange?", in which the lawyer representing the younger of the two women, Elisabeth Massi Fritz, criticised the media for naming Assange, since suspects and accusers are rarely named in the Swedish press.

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