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Comment Re:Good thread with an Airbus pilot and some exper (Score 1) 449

This is probably a very stupid question, but I'd still be grateful if an expert could chime in.

It's not hard to detect big storms, either from land-based radar or aircraft-based radar. If we can do that, then why can't we just fly around them? Sure, it'll mean a long delay, but modern airliners are bound to have enough fuel to cope with it, and being late but safe is probably a good tradeoff for most people. After all, 50 years ago, flights were regularly delayed due to bad weather -- I mean by days -- so why can't we tolerate, say, a 6-hour delay in a transatlantic flight to evade a storm?

Comment Re:Following Google to Stupidity (Score 1) 591

Just as an anecdote: I'm really touchy about interfaces and them staying exactly the same so I can keep productive (that's mostly why I use GNU screen all the time), and I thought I'd hate the removal of the status bar, but it's actually fine. When I need to check a link URL and hover over it, my eyes automatically pop to the lower left-hand corner of the browser and the URL is there. I never cared about the progress bar, and I just put my addon buttons at the top, to the right of the URL bar. (The first row in my browser is menu items, URL bar, and addon buttons; the next row are bookmark bar icons/folders).

Comment Re:EU turning into US? (Score 1) 191

Very insightful sounding, but astounding BS. When government doesn't restrict people's choices in life, other people do, much more so. It's generally called the "state of nature", and the guy that first described it as such also noted how people's lives in it were solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 694

You're not a foreigner to this, your country has a financial sector too. (I'm not American, nor does my country have a big financial sector, but I am from a Western country.)

I don't want anybody to suffer. I think a fast route to suffering would be for the West to destroy its financial sector, because some of that money (not nearly enough, by the way), to use Reagan's words, trickles down, and some if it is taxed, so they are an important prop to Western economies.

Nor does a financial sector that profits from selling to foreigners mean suffering for the same foreigners, so please don't be melodramatic. Most of the time you enjoy buying its services. I grant you that when it crashes, it's bad, but the fix to that is better regulation, not destruction.

By the way, in the case of any big Western country -- say the G7 -- if the financial sector were destroyed, it wouldn't be just that country that would be crippled; the knock-on effects would cause a major depression in the world economy.

Comment Re:Ronald Reagan (Score 1) 2288

I'm not American, but wow, your kind of comment makes me ashamed of being European. American engineering in its heyday was really good. All right, a good chunk of it was boostrapped from the British, and a lot of it from imported German scientists, but the British used their own non-metric measurement systems too. Units do not make good or bad engineering. The best engineers in the world are the British, the Russians, the Germans and the Americans. Of those, two used to use non-metric systems, and two use metric. Your argument is ridiculous, arrogant and patronising.

Comment Re:Not so bad to have different systems. (Score 1) 2288

Disagree, imperial measurements (and the "traditional" measurements of most countries) have the undisputable advantage of actually being useful in day-to-day conversions. It's very easy to divide a yard into three, a foot or a dozen into three or four or two or six, etc. On the other hand, with a system based on how many fingers most of us have on two hands, you get ugly repeating decimals.

Comment Re:I Play Dumb (Score 1) 638

Amen to that. I always tell them I use Linux these days (not that they understand) instead of Windows so I have no idea how to fix their system. That grain of truth is there, because if they've seen me with a computer it sure wasn't running Windows.

Family and pretty girls still get their machines cleaned, of course.

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