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Comment Windows 7 being equivalent to Windows Vista in ... (Score 1) 821

performance is not a bad thing. By the time Windows 7 is released, 3 years would have elapsed since Vista's release. Computers are better and cheaper. Discount brands give you at least a dual-core cpu with 2Gb of RAM. Windows 7 won't have the issue of being pre-installed on hardware that can't give it reasonable performance.

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Journal Journal: Chavez beats Bush in race to dictatorship 4

Chavez has done it, he's beat Bush* in the race to become a dictator.

The Congress of Venezuela has granted Hugo Chavez the kind of authority that liberals in American think George Bush desperately desires: the ability to rule by decree. Who wants to take bets on how many liberals denounce this action and start calling Chavez a bloody tyrant the way they do Bush?

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Submission + - Dell back as CEO

666 writes: " aves_dell/ Michael Dell ousts Rollins, back in charge. After 30 months at the helm, Kevin Rollins is leaving Dell, following years of decline that might rival the great fall of the Roman empire. The disclosure came as the company said its fourth-quarter results fell below analysts' consensus estimates. Michael Dell — the visionary who as a college student conceived the idea of selling directly to computer buyers — will resume his title as CEO while remaining chairman. Rollins, who took over the top spot in July 2004, is also leaving the company's board of directors."

Submission + - Master the Bash Shell for the Linux Exam

IdaAshley writes: In this fifth tutorial of nine in the series of Linux certification exam 102 topics, Ian Shields introduces you to scripts and programming in the Bash shell. Learn how to customize your shell environment, use shell programming structures to create functions and scripts, and use the various login scripts.

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Submission + - 10 years of pushing for Linux - and giving up. writes: "Jim Sampson at Network Performance Daily writes about his attempts to get Linux working in a business/enterprise environment, but each time, he says, something critical just didn't work, and eventually, he just gave up.

"For the next ten years, I would go off and on back to this thought: I wanted to support the Open Source community, and to use Linux, but every time, the reality was that Linux just was not ready... Over the last six years, I've tried periodically to get Linux working in the enterprise, thinking, logically, that things must have improved. But every time, something — sometimes something very basic — prevented me from doing what I needed to do in Linux."

The article caps with his attempts to use Ubuntu Edgy Eft — only to find a bug that still prevented him from doing work."

Innovative, Original Games Have No Chance 225

In interviews with game developers this week, the tone seems to be that innovative, original thought is no longer welcome in the games industry. That definitely seems to be the tone behind IGN's interview with Okami producer Atsushi Inaba, and MTV's interview with Bioshock's Ken Levine (distracting flash site). Atsushi, speaking about the art style in his critically acclaimed but poorly selling adventure game, had this to say about originality in games: "You use the word 'difficult', but I think that it is becoming almost 'impossible' for an original game to succeed financially. This can't be blamed on anyone but it's a simple fact that an original game doesn't appeal to the majority of gamers." Meanwhile Levine, talking mostly about the level of art he's trying to create with the title, had this to say about some of his fellow designers: "Most video game people have read one book and seen one movie in their life, which is 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Aliens' or variations of that. There's great things in that, but you need some variety." While most of the rest of his comments are somewhat mild, he reiterates throughout that they're trying to do something that gamers may not "give a crap" about. What do you think? Has the industry gotten to the point where retreads are all that will sell, or is there still room in the marketplace for original ideas?

Submission + - Dvorak on Vista - Nothing Solved

An anonymous reader writes: Dvorak's thoughts on Vista:

"Since the early days of DOS (and even with the Mac OS), there has been a slow shift within the operating-system concept from increased functionality to increased featurism, neither of which are needed."

"Now we have Vista. It turns out to be nothing like what was promised. What a shock. It has a few new features, but I'd question if it's actually more functional than what we've had before."

"So what happens now? We start by playing with Vista and listening to the inevitable complaints and praises. But this OS is not designed to be a good candidate for upgrading older systems. This is something of a new phenomenon. Thus, people about to phase out old machines might be a little more experimental. And that means trying Linux."

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