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Comment Re:Intriguing ... (Score 1) 209

I've looked at them ... not for me, but for the sort of person that I sometimes eed to suppport. Like setting them up with a Linux laptop it takes the vast majority of the support issues away while not really removing any capabilities normally required by this sort of person. Not a bad deal, although it would be nice of they started pushing the higher res screens at better prices.

Comment Re:node.js.Extend.too ? (Score 1) 197

I think it was just Motorola when that started, but regardless; even if they're insisting on some ridiculous value to their patents or something, at least they're not making people sign an NDA to have a look at what they're being threatened with. I'm still amazed that that sort of thing is legal.

My understanding is that it's just a court decision on the F part of FRAND, but I haven't followed it closely.

Comment Re:node.js.Extend.too ? (Score 3, Insightful) 197

The developers may want to have a word with the legal/patent department if they're looking for goodwill from the developer community at large. What Microsoft is doing with the Android patents is up there with SCO. They also teamed up with Appple as 'Rockstar' for some of the worst patent abuse around, and lobbied against the current patent reforms. It's going to be a big job.

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