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Comment Re:Go Canada (Score 1) 152

I completely agree. As a person who has nothing but contempt for most lawyers, Michael Geist is one I have a vast amount of respect for. He's one of the few people that actually has the interests of Canadians (now and in the future) in mind with his writings and opinions. I wish our 'leaders' and policy makers would take his opinions to heart.

Comment Re:All or nothing approach is silly (Score 1) 131

As a solution to the 'barely managed marketplace', you could use another marketplace, like Amazon, or F-Droid mentrioned above. I wonder if anyone is working on a more tightly curated market for Android. I would think that there's money to be made from the more security-conscious.

Comment Re:F-Droid, FTW (Score 4, Interesting) 131

Many of us don't need FaceBook or NetFlix. F-Droid is great, and there's actually a lot of stuff that's actually on both. Wonder if some of the Play versions are included in some of the adware-added nstuff they're talking about ...

Anyway, it's damn nice to have options. I realize Google bashing is the funded topic these days, but I wonder if anyone's done an analysys of the Amazon app store for the same sort of thing.

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