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Comment Re:In the year 2199... (Score 1) 239

Every nerd should have some Star Blazers stuff. If you won't take our word for it, just watch the damn thing on Netflix.

Japanese movie release of Space Battleship Yamato, subtitled, in Netflix Instant:


Comment Re:apple - the most anti-open company (Score 2, Interesting) 600

At the very least Palm would need to strip all the USB logos from all of their products.

That's probably all they can do, actually.

And it would be a real pain in the ass for Palm to do. They'd have to re-design their packaging and promotional materials to get rid of the USB logo, they may even need to edit the copy to remove some references to USB compatibility. This costs money and takes time. Then they have to recall all their product in the sales channel and all the promotional material. This costs Palm more time and money and it also costs time and money for their channel partners.

You think Sprint is going to be happy to round up and ship out all the Pre boxes, flyers, endcaps, and other materials in every single on of their retail locations and warehouses ? No they will not, they'll probably send Palm a bill for it.

How about Verizon or any other carrier working on bringing Palm WebOS devices to market ? They have to stop, destroy or return materials and make new versions of *everything* Palm related. If there's a "will be available" clause in the contracts, the new carriers might be in a position to re-negotiate and get a better deal for themselves.

Worse even than damaging the relationship with the cell carriers who are essential to Palm's survival is the period of time in which the Pre (or Pixie or whatever else is coming) is simply unavailable to buy. Let's start with the fact that some people will simply delay replacing a Treo for a while, but people simply shopping for "a smartphone" will buy something else; be honest now, who here would think "we'll buy something next month, Palm is just doing a minor product recall".

Let's say it takes a month to repackage everything without the USB logo. That's a whole month with *no* revenue from WebOS devices. US$0.00. That probably won't put Palm out of business by itself, but it will hurt. Businesses NEED to make payroll, they need to pay their bills (every line item for "late fee" is money they just pissed away) and missing loan payments not only adds late fees but can make it harder or more expensive to obtain credit. And the stock price is usually not directly tied to line-of-business operations, but missing a month's revenue and thereby a quarterly earnings estimate will hit a lot of people in the pocketbook.

Prediction: Palm will cave, they're in too precarious a position to take on the huge load of shit removing the USB logo from their packaging would be.

Comment Re:some of those goofs are goofy (Score 1) 461

The Kelvin had a window, the captain orders it to be polarized at which point the bright light shining in is dimmed down to a viewable level. The Enterprise had a viewscreen. I conclude that because when it started to crack during the escape from the black hole at the end of the film, the air didn't start leaking out.

Comment Re:i hate stupid bad guys (Score 1) 461

You missed the line where Nero says he doesn't just want to save his planet, but to destroy the Federation to clear the path for the Romulan Empire. And to cause Spock and the Vulcans as much pain as he can.

He also isn't a genius like, oh, Khan. Just a guy doing a job who feels betrayed by those who promised to save his planet and his family. And went completely nuts. Honestly, Bana's delivery on "Hello Christopher, I'm Nero" should have been subtitled "I'm a crazy person, how are you ?" It came through, for my friends and I anyway, as a well delivered line intended to convey that Nero is nuttier than a squirrel's pantry.

And they left a few important background scenes out of the theatrical cut, which is worse than the lens flares, shaky cam and overly quick editing.

Comment Re:A Message From a Loyal Fan (Score 1) 820

Kirk was also older than most of the academy graduates, his adult life prior to entering the Academy can be summed up as "the only genius-level repeat offender in Iowa". But he'd also done SOME studying, since he was conversant with Uhura's specialty. A stretch, but not as bad as a 21-year old cadet on academic suspension taking the captain's chair.

Comment Re:Taste (Score 1) 366

The one that kills me is the Trader Joes label Macallan 12. They had that for $25 a few years ago. Twenty Five Dollars (US) for a Macallan 12. They stopped carrying it, nobody looked at the label closely enough to see what it really was and so sales were terrible. My local Costco has the 12 for $38, but I still wish I'd had the cash to lay in a couple of cases for $25/bottle. Tragic, really.

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