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Comment Re:Crap (Score 1) 177

You are going for the wrong comparison, the correct comparison is:

Solar, up to 20% efficient at converting free energy (light).'s not free, it's getting more and more expensive to get it out of the ground and the higher quality stuff is starting to run out right now.

And I don't know why we keep getting articles about efficiency when it is obviously cost, ROI time and subsidies that really matter.

Comment Re:Time to just remove Java (and Silverlight)? (Score 1) 265

"All this "loading" takes large amounts of RAM so the OS starts paging"

Why on earth would you run a PC without enough memory, I've turned my paging file off for years, it never paged when I had 4GB, I've got 16GB now. The last time my computer slowed due to paging is probably over a decade ago.

Put 2GB in for ~$14 and turn that monstrosity called swap off.

Comment Re:Yeah, but we're very productive (Score 1) 1063

'I get 3 weeks of vacation, and 5 sick days. The 3 weeks of vacation, I had to work here for 10 years to get.'

UK, 1st year of job, minion work, 5 weeks holiday, I got paid in full for the 5 weeks i was sick, and 9 bank holidays on top. People expect you to take your holidays, management take long holidays.

So glad I don't live in USA.


Submission + - Futuristic Highway Will Glow in the Dark for Icy Conditions

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Will Oremus reports that a glow-in-the-dark highway will be installed in the Netherlands that will replace standard road markings with photoluminescent powder that charges in the daylight and glows through the night for up to 10 hours. But the new highway's most interesting feature is when the temperature drops below freezing, the road will automatically light up with snowflake indicators to warn drivers of icy conditions (video). “One day I was sitting in my car in the Netherlands, and I was amazed by these roads we spend millions on but no one seems to care what they look like and how they behave,” says designer Daan Roosegaarde. “I started imagining this Route 66 of the future where technology jumps out of the computer screen and becomes part of us.” The first few hundred meters of glow-in-the-dark, weather-indicating road will be installed in the province of Branbant in mid-2013, followed by priority induction lanes for electric vehicles, interactive lights that switch on as cars pass and wind-powered lights within the next five years. “Research on smart transportation systems and smart roads has existed for over 30 years — call any transportation and infrastructure specialist and you’ll find out yourself,” adds Emina Sendijarevick. “What’s lacking is the implementation of those innovations and making those innovations intuitive and valuable to the end-consumers — drivers.""
Your Rights Online

Submission + - The Pirate Bay and proxies are down ( 2

acid06 writes: The Pirate Bay is down at the moment, reports TorrentFreak: Those who wonder whether their ISP has started to block access to the site can be assured though. The site appears to be down globally. Still, every time the site goes offline for a few minutes thousands of people start to worry that something awful has happened to their beloved site. All proxies are down as well.

Comment Re:Stop "Hollywooding" the gaming industry (Score 2) 337

Stop putting crappy DRM on your software

100% agree, with the emphasis on crappy, I don't mind an initial CD check, but once the game's installed you should be given the option of check CD *or* check via internet, once at the load of the game only.

And clean up the installer: GTA-IV is a nightmare, Dotnet.x.x games for windows live, media player version x, social club, etc I don't mind these things being needed but streamline the installation FFS and make it work because it took multiple install attempts of this stuff to get the game to work, it utterly ruined the game experience.

Keyboard control: Just Cause 2 and many others ruined gameplay because some fucking moron has decided arbitrarily that you can't map one button to two different actions like Jump and Brake. The other problem is ignoring half the keyboard such as function keys, keypad keys etc, Very sloppy. Proper customisable keyboard controls should be specified as a deal-breaker to the lazy idiots who do software conversions to the PC.

Choice override: GTA-IV gets my hardware details wrong and then limits my video options. DON'T DO THIS, high-lighting a setup that may go slow is one thing, removing your ability to configure the options is really bloody annoying Rockstar-North or whoever implemented this ghastly idea.

/rant over

Comment Re:Not as silly as it sounds (Score 1) 337

Your idea is a horrible legal kludge and unfairly points the blame at the wrong people.

The regulation should be somewhat closer to how planes are regulated - The pilot is not held at fault for every incident because it is understood that the vehicle is highly complicated and engineering could be at fault.

It should be for an accident investigator to determine who is at fault and what charges should be brought. For an self-driven car, this would obviously be between the company that made the car and those responsible for maintaining the car. Perhaps there should be strict rules for who maintains self-driven cars.

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