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Comment Robotics Engineers: "We Don't Want To Replace H... (Score 2) 124

Engineers are not calling the shots, corporations will happily replace humans so long as it does not affect profits (McDonald's will be wary of replacing the customer service aspect of their living staff).

Driverless cabs? I'd use one.

And it mostly won't be about replacing staff but getting 1 staff to do the job of 2 or 3.

Comment Re:Why not the death sentence while You're at it? (Score 1) 216

Precisely, and the national security aspect just sounds like a way of jailing any hacker they don't like (think Edward Snowden, Julian Assange) for a long time.

We already have manslaughter and murder laws, I hate laws that double up on the same crime, they lead to abuse by the justice system.

Comment Re:Some thing are not worth aiding (Score 1) 129

"Thats what the ballot box is for."

Ok, so you have a first-past-the-post system which means if you don't vote for one of the 2 leading parties then your vote means nothing.

So, who is going to bring about sweeping reforms and restore the constitution to it's former glory, Democrats or Republicans?

First-past-the-post is an anathema to democracy, it is the reason why two thirds of the population don't vote.

Comment Re:Google's not stupid (Score 1) 583


With these cars the insurance would be cheaper and obviously the manufacturer would be liable for any crashes due to 'defects' unless the car was sabotaged. I wonder how long it will be until someone works out how to chip one of these cars. Maybe google should make the AI open-source.

Comment Re: No steering wheel? No deal. (Score 1) 583

Google's test vehicles have done 700,000+ miles on cherry-picked quiet roads that have been 3d digitally mapped extensively. They say they are about to test their cars on 'busy' roads now. So reset that "nearly half a million mile" counter to near zero.

You seem to be more confident than Google - they will be trialling their cars at 25mph, so much for the quick reaction times everyone is going on about.

It seems to me that a lot of people have jumped to the fallacious conclusion that hi-quality imaging and fast computer processing = good quality recognition and response time, it doesn't - as shown by the fact that the drivers have had to take control of the cars on occasion. I'd love to hear why the drivers had to take control and how often... and what would have happened if they didn't take control?

Comment Re:No steering wheel? No deal. (Score 1) 583

When's the last time you were in an airplane that had to dodge to avoid hitting a deer/dog/cat etc? /Not comparable

Google's driverless cars have already racked up 700,000 accident free miles in autonomous mode (albeit with a human ready to take over).

That 700,000 miles is on some very specific quiet roads, their latest literature says they will now test the cars on 'busy' roads.

I'm not against autonomous cars, I think they would be great for car pooling and (hopefully electric) taxi-cabs that cost > 50% less.

Comment Re:Ubisoft and PCs... (Score 1) 123

I don't mind paying rental prices, I just 'bought' Far Cry 3 for only GBP3 ($5.04) at that price I can put up with the game not lasting forever. (GBP16.25 on steam!!)

Same attitude with steam - steam is odd because the prices on Amazon for the DVD version are typically much much cheaper - there are many excellent PC games selling for a fiver - games that have been thoroughly patched and often have the DLCs thrown in too.

I couldn't but help notice that I had a momentary uplay connection error last night, now I know why.

Comment Re:Republicans Attack the Economy (Score 1) 226

"Finally something is being done to put these rich capitalist evil men in their place and to raise the wages and living conditions of the poor."

Eh? The (completely off-topic) points mandate total stagnation and mandate that the poor stay poor. No politician would ever go ahead with it as it is completely unworkable and senseless, no-one at any level of society would like it.

Are the points pulled from some Sci-Fi dystopia story?

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