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Comment FUCK MY LIFE (Score 1) 193

I just tried to change my password on paypal, it's the usual where you can't see the password your typing and you have to type it twice.

Now, normally this wouldn't bother me because I use a random password generator to come up with something like 9rf3-3f0g6#p6ebIn!Hg.

Except paypal says I can't paste the password in, I have to motherfukking type that long complicated shit in TWICE. FFS.

So, I didn't change my password, well done Paypal you stupid fucking idiots.

Thank fuck eBay doesn't do this.

Comment Re:I propose a test ... (Score 1) 167

It may be able to look in every direction at once, the problem is that it barely has a clue about what it is looking at. My understanding is that to test the cars in mountain view, Google made a finely detailed 3d digital map of the whole area, why - because the algorithms are not very good at recognising things. So, will they make a similar digital map of every other road in the world they the cars might travel and how will cars deal with off-road.

Motorways are pretty simple, unlike the streets of some old cities - this is where I would expect autonomous cars to have difficulties.

Comment Re:And Everything Just Get's More Inconvenient (Score 1) 193

D.O.B. should never be used for security as it is public record.

My bank uses it as a security question!! Fucking idiots.

Normally I make up a D.O.B. and stick it in passwordsafe with other info, my pet dog 86igwsv3fmyqeu agrees that this is a good idea, so does my girlfriend who I met in Antares!

Submission + - Uk to end net neutrality (

An anonymous reader writes: The uk government is planning on vetoing the EU legislation that enforces net neutrality under the guise of "won't anyone think of the child pornography blocking?" again.

Submission + - Radioactivity Cleanup at Hanford, 25 Years On

Rambo Tribble writes: The cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington was supposed to be entering its final stages by now. The reality is far from that. The cleanup was to be managed under the 'Tri-Party Agreement', signed on May 15, 1989, which was supposed to facilitate cooperation between the agencies involved. Today, underfunded and overwhelmed by technical problems, the effort is decades behind schedule. Adding to the frustrations for stakeholders and watchdogs is a bureaucratic slipperiness on the part of the Federal Department of Energy. As one watchdog put it, 'We are constantly frustrated by how easily the Department of Energy slips out of agreements in the Tri-Party Agreement.'

Comment Re:It's not just flash (Score 1) 403

Will this 'lesser evil' have a unique ID?.. Based on your hardware?

If so, goodbye privacy, it'd be the super-cookie to end all super-cookies. Websites could demand you run ads and use the DRM to make damn sure you don't disable them. All privacy tools would go down the toilet as useless.

That is the danger of DRM, along with the potential loss of all fair (re)use, anonymous speech and even free speech.

More, better DRM is never a good thing. Long copyright terms need to die and DRM needs to die with it.

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