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Comment NO NO NO NO NO (Score 1) 91

Oh hell no, as a cyclist I know that drivers take enough risks with MY life even when they're in the car and I can confront the idiots 50 yards down the road at the lights.

How can police see if the driver is drunk, old enough, awake, not playing tetris etc.

  No fucking way, I will **censored** if a remotely driven car comes anywhere near me.

Comment Re:xbone (Score 1) 149

Yep, I have a bad habit of going blabber mouth without reading summary properly (I don't read the article of course!),. ..and "but noted that the state court's ruling was based upon the text of the state's constitution, not that of the federal constitution." So this 5th Court can ignore the constitution? Doesn't sound right.

Comment And then.. (Score 1) 311

Hate speech next, not what you'd consider to be hate speech, but what the gov't drones or worse, some company the hired to do the list, considers to be hate speech.

Don't like the way the Israeli's are treating the Palestinians? There's a good chance that many websites discussing Palestine will be flagged as anti-Semite and blocked (never mind that Palestinians are also Semites).

Won't happen? It's already happening, GiffGaff, a mobile phone + data service blocked sites ( and wikipedia psilocybin desktop site!!!) and said I have to prove I'm 18 to access them. They say they have a legal requirement to do this?!?!

Comment Re:Fuck bluray (Score 2) 106

Keys for discs can be revoked if I'm reading the last line of this section correctly:

Software players get revoked from time to time as their keys get discovered.

Hardware players can be revoked just by putting a newer disc in the player, the player updates its firmware from the disc and effectively commits suicide.

Comment Fuck bluray (Score 4, Insightful) 106

I'm glad not to have a Bluray drive or any bluray discs. Every disc and drive bought supports software patents many which are of course of dubious validity. And that money supports further draconian DRM and more bribes to the congresses of the world. Not to mention both drives and discs can be bricked by new discs, firmware updates, internet checks etc. Part of the reason I never bought into this junk is because you can never be sure the 'content protection path' is going to work with your hardware. It's just not worth it.

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