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Comment Re:And then? And then? (Score 0) 101

The main by-product of enrichment is depleted uranium (DU), principally the U-238 isotope, with a U-235 content of ~0.3%. It is stored, either as UF6 or as U3O8

Half-life 4.468 billion years

Comment Re:Reprocessing (Score 4, Insightful) 101

disallowed in the United States for purely political reasons.

From that which you linked:

In March 1999, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reversed its policy and signed a contract with a consortium of Duke Energy, COGEMA, and Stone & Webster (DCS) to design and operate a mixed oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication facility. Site preparation at the Savannah River Site (South Carolina) began in October 2005.[11] In 2011 the New York Times reported "...11 years after the government awarded a construction contract, the cost of the project has soared to nearly $5 billion. The vast concrete and steel structure is a half-finished hulk, and the government has yet to find a single customer, despite offers of lucrative subsidies." TVA (currently the most likely customer) said in April 2011 that it would delay a decision until it could see how MOX fuel performed in the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi.[12]

Sounds like no-one's interested because it's prohibitively expensive even with big subsidies from the Gov't.

Comment None of them. (Score 5, Insightful) 200

After all of this NSA business, why would you ask which storage provider keeps you safe when clearly none of them do.

If you want your data encrypted, why would you not do it yourself, then you don't need to pay for an encrypted storage provider because you can upload your encrypted data to any storage provider. Paying extra for something you're not guaranteed to get is not very intelligent.

This article brought to you by an anonymous reader / encrypted storage provider.

Comment Re:Universal language goes mainstream (Score 4, Funny) 663

I bet Eve knows the answer, she's always nosing in.

But anyway, the question is clearly referring to all apples, so:

There were about 69 million tonnes of apples produced in 2010, at 6,666 apples per tonne that's 460 Billion apples, but they only last for a few weeks, so 460 / 26 = 17.7 Billlion

Answer: There are roughly 17.7 billion apples.

Comment Re:Dark matter fighting dark energy (Score 1) 293

Observation: Unexplained galactic rotation
Hypothesis: WIMPs of a specific type exist
Test: Setup a detector for these WIMPs
Analysis/Results: No WIMPs detected, but if they existed the test should have caught them

Next step: Adjust Hypothesis and continue.

Hypothesis, what Hypothesis, the scientists again have nothing more than, oh crap our measurements don't meet with our current theory of physics, three-quarters of the universe appears to be missing.

Comment Re:Dark matter fighting dark energy (Score 1) 293

Physicists seem to be unwilling to accept the possibility that the theories of relativity and quantum theory don't work at the scale of galaxies, instead they are insisting that the theories are working and that what is missing is 'dark matter'.

And then we hear of all these theories about the origins of the universe which are built upon such shaky theories - theories which don't even meet, and we are supposed to seriously entertain these flaky ideas.

It looks to me that the only thing keeping dark matter going is faith.

How can the theory of relativity and quantum theory ever be used in the same place when quantum theory is small scale and would general fall within the margin of error of any quantum theory calculations. The two will never meet, Cosmological physics has gone as far as it can go with these theories.

Comment Re:Have they considiered... (Score 1) 293

[looks up super-symmetry]

From the wikipedia page summary

The failure of the Large Hadron Collider to find evidence for supersymmetry has led some physicists to suggest that the theory should be abandoned.[2] Experiments with the Large Hadron Collider also yielded an extremely rare particle decay event which casts doubt on supersymmetry.

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