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Comment Re:This is why... (Score 2) 243

Actually, this is why you should have trained judges doing legal work and not some biased person that a politically motivated quango choose to head the tribunal.

"Section 144 establishes the Mediation Service. It is currently run by the Department of Labour with the mediators being employees of the Department." from Wikipedia, it couldn't be much worse.

Comment Backup (Score 1) 147

Storage is sorted as far as I'm concered, I'm pretty happy with the size of micro-SD cards, HDDs etc.

But backup has a long way to go, I'd love to see some kind of open distributed File system where you offer up say 1tb to get .5tb of peer space where you're data gets encrypted locally before being stored across a fault tolerant distributed file system, with other people using the same software and no middle men, so no NSA snooping etc.

Comment Hmmm (Score 1) 634

'What we're in the process of doing â" not fast enough â" is reducing our system administrators by about 90 percent,'

Why risk keeping 10% of them, too dangerous, fire them all.

Comment Re:cognitive science (Score 1) 418

Whilst there may be some people who can somehow do something that humans can't particularly do well - concentrate on two things at once, the point is that most people can't concentrate on two things at once. Most of the time whilst cruising a motorway, this wouldn't matter, but in the hustle and bustle of city roads, phone use is dangerous for some if not most people, and you can't legislate for a subset of people arbitrarily.

Comment Re:cognitive science (Score 1) 418

No, the compensation doesn't work, reaction times are irrelevant if you just don't see everything that you should, I've watched a phone user drive straight through a red light without slowing.

You want a comparison, compare cell phone use with micro-naps because some people just zone out and lose concentration.

The other day I watched a person cross one side of the road, a car was hurtling down the other side, they just walked straight in front of the car, luckily the driver anticipated. This person was walking, you can't get much slower than that.

Watch the Mythbusters clips, mobile phone use IS more dangerous than drink driving, the people who delude themselves about this are the people who will kill themselves and other innocent victims. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Comment NO NO NO NO NO (Score 1) 91

Oh hell no, as a cyclist I know that drivers take enough risks with MY life even when they're in the car and I can confront the idiots 50 yards down the road at the lights.

How can police see if the driver is drunk, old enough, awake, not playing tetris etc.

  No fucking way, I will **censored** if a remotely driven car comes anywhere near me.

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