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Comment Re:Bike helmet? (Score 1) 317

No, avoid the doorzone, don't cycle in it at all, I could well be dead right now if I cycled in the door zone - I had some driver fling his door open whilst a bus was coming the other direction up the road, the door just missed my handlebars.

Watch this and tell me you have any time to react when someone opens the door at the last moment.
Skip to 1:05

Why endanger your life? - stay out of the doorzone and show this video to anyone who cycles because I'm sick of people cycling in the door zone and confusing drivers as to the correct place a cyclist should be cycling - I end up getting harassed for staying safe because of them.

Comment Re:Bike helmet? (Score 2) 317

"Assumptions are: drivers don't suddenly start being dickheads around you because you're wearing a helmet,"
Your assumption is incorrect, study has shown that drivers drive worse around cyclists that wear helmets, so much so that it could well be safer not to wear one. The theory is that the safer you look, the more risk drivers take around you.

Comment Upgrade-mania (Score 1) 432

I am so sick of everything wanting to upgrade all of the time.

FFS my phone wants to constantly update a ton of crap that I'm not even interested in using, Occasionally I let it upgrade and it asks me to agree to some BS user agreement at which point I say no, fuck Samsung, why the fuck should I agree to some BS to use my phone?

Comment Re:Ends of Moore's Law in software ? (Score 1) 275

1. Is hello world easier to code now? When I had an a bit the program was

print "Hello world" (hit enter)

That didn't seem hard, now - what steps to you have to go through on a modern PC you've just bought. Not as easy is it.

2. Agree with other poster, why are compilers throwing 99.999% of redundant code in to the software? Pathetic.

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