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Comment They wouldn't. (Score 1) 147

This just makes it too easy, too easy to turn off AdID or install a plugin which truly muddies the waters by giving back a random AdID every time it is requested.

It's much harder to turn cookies off because of all the functionality they provide. AdIDs on the other hand - no functionality for us.

Comment Re:God of the Gaps (Score 1) 1293

"God can't tolerate your presence."

God sounds rather weak to me if it can't tolerate someones presence and needs their subservience to be able to put up with them. Why would anyone want to follow such a complete arsehole? And if it's so powerful then why doesn't it deal with the devil?

And what kind of a stupid being expects to be believed in when it has shown no proof that it even exists, does it want only idiots as followers?

Seriously, how can you believe in a god when there is absolutely no proof that it exists.

And god is very poorly defined, how are you supposed to believe in something without definition?

Submission + - Client SSD Annual Failure Rates Around 1.5%, HDDs about 5% (computerworld.com)

Lucas123 writes: On the news that Linus Trovalds's SSD went belly up while he was coding the 3.12 kernel, Computerworld took a closer look at SSDs and their failure rates. While Torvalds didn't specify the SSD manufacturer in his blog, he did write in a 2008 blog that he'd purchased an 80GB Intel SSD — likely the X25, which has become something of an industry standard for SSD reliability. While they may have no mechanical parts, making them preferable for mobile use, there are many factors that go into an SSD being reliable. For example, a NAND die, the SSD controller, capacitors, or other passive components can — and do — slowly wear out or fail entirely. As an investigation into SSD reliability performed by Tom's Hardware noted: "We know that SSDs still fail.... All it takes is 10 minutes of flipping through customer reviews on Newegg's listings." Yet, according to IHS, client SSD annual failure rates under warranty tend to be around 1.5%, while HDDs are near 5%. So an SSDs not only outperforms, but on average outlast spinning disk.

Submission + - What Do the Latest NSA Leaks Mean for Bitcoin? (vice.com) 1

Daniel_Stuckey writes: Last week, we learned that the National Security Agency has led an aggressive effort to “break widely used Internet encryption technologies.” The Office of the Director of National Intelligence claims it “would not be doing its job” if it didn't try to counter the encryption used by terrorists and cyber-criminals. There is speculation that many protocols or crypto implementations have been compromised, deliberately weakened, or have had backdoors inserted. In doing so, the NSA has made the Internet less safe for us all, perhaps including those that wish to take advantage of Bitcoin's privacy benefits.

Bitcoin is an open source cryptocurrency; a peer-to-peer (decentralized) electronic cash system. It's also the most powerful distributed computing project in the world. Those two factors have already brought it under government scrutiny.

Comment Re:way overblown (Score 2) 254

1) No-one called it a disaster.

2) Its five+ bad patches not one.

3) Your post is almost identical to the last one which got modded up a lot and is also an Anonymous Coward and was posted only 2 minutes prior and was also un-informative and un-insightful.

4) The article neglects to state what the problems with all of the patches are. It appears that some of the patches don't install properly causing windows to loop round the boot process (ugly) or windows states installed patches aren't installed.

5. "There appears to be nothing wrong with the patch." Obviously not the case.

6. If automatic updates is on then why would the version be out of date?

Comment Re:This is why I have a 1 week delayed install pol (Score 2) 254

"causes the folder pane in Outlook 2013 to disappear."

That sounds like a major headache to me. And considering the article only states the ill-effects of one of the patches, how do you know that the other patch effects are minor?

The cowards post is not informative is it stupid mods, MS employees with mod points?

Comment Re:Idiots are against Golden Rice (Score 1) 400

Idiots who shop at Whole Foods

What an absolutely ironic statement, the 'Idiots who shop at Whole Foods' would never get vitamin A deficiency because they don't eat all processed crap. If all people ate all 'whole foods' this story wouldn't exist.

Monsanto's version of GM is slamming thousands of bits of DNA into the host DNA until something sticks, never mind all the unknown mutations they may have caused during this process. Some GM foods have turned out to have longer term negative health effects which the original plant didn't have, this is what scares people. GM is a dangerous game.

And if taking a farmer to court after the wind blows some of their GM seed into the farmers crop isn't evil then I don't know what is.

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