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Comment Re:Why now? (Score 1) 102

" New cars are coming out with all kinds of distractions, like web browsing"

I sincerely hope that this isn't available whilst the car is running, otherwise if it could be proven that someone was using it whilst driving and causing accidental death, then the car manufacturer should jointly be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Comment Bull (Score 1) 251

There are times when I have looked up at the sky at what should be a clear blue sky, but the sky is covered with contrails, they've literally spread out and covered the whole sky.

You can't tell me with a straight face that filling the sky with so much pollution that that doesn't make a difference, of course it makes a difference.

Comment Re:causation versus correlation (Score 3, Informative) 220

Absolutely, the mortality risk from accidents, heart attack, stroke high blood pressure related deaths etc doubles for people who's sleep is lessened by 2 hours from 7 to 5hours. Excessive coffee drinkers group is highly likely to have a big overlap with the sleep deprived group.

(sleep deprivation causes your blood pressure to rise).

So, sort your life out! - I mean that in a nice way.

Comment Pay Rise (Score 1) 159

Great, now all the staff that work for companies that aren't contracting and are still making nice big profits thank you very much, now they can give them a proper pay rise that makes up for when they shafted them with 0% pay rises because of the 'recession'.

If you accepted a 0% pay rise then you're a mug and the directors who gave themselves another 10% are laughing at you.

Comment Network Neutrality (Score 1) 301

A better solution would be to have a clause for non-personal uses as in you can't use large amounts of bandwidth for business / charity / organisation etc uses.

And to stop this 'unlimited bandwidth' BS, make the limit something that is relevant to quality of service, such as a limit related to contention ratio, measured at peak times.

Comment Re:Ok, sure... (Score 0) 164

It's not the same, dolly the sheep had shortened lifespan. The cloning is not perfect and no-where as good as nature does it

Cloned animals should not be allowed back in to the general population until either the scientific method is fixed and perfected / or the long term effects are fully understood. To do otherwise could be disastrous and it could take decades to see the disaster unfold.

Comment Future (Score 1) 115

Toaster of 2113:

Takes 2 minutes to boot, has 16 Yottabytes of memory and 2 Xenabytes of permanent storage.

After you put your toast in it, it rejects it on the basis that you've had too much white bread this week and the company doesn't want to be held liable for serving you more unhealthy food. ...After putting some brown bread in the toaster, the toaster plays an ad for some other food you can't eat whilst analyzing the DNA of the bread and checking that the seeds that made the bread were correctly licensed from Monsanto.

Comment Re:This is why... (Score 2) 243

Actually, this is why you should have trained judges doing legal work and not some biased person that a politically motivated quango choose to head the tribunal.

"Section 144 establishes the Mediation Service. It is currently run by the Department of Labour with the mediators being employees of the Department." from Wikipedia, it couldn't be much worse.

Comment Backup (Score 1) 147

Storage is sorted as far as I'm concered, I'm pretty happy with the size of micro-SD cards, HDDs etc.

But backup has a long way to go, I'd love to see some kind of open distributed File system where you offer up say 1tb to get .5tb of peer space where you're data gets encrypted locally before being stored across a fault tolerant distributed file system, with other people using the same software and no middle men, so no NSA snooping etc.

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