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Comment Re:Wear the tin foil hat (Score 1) 303

I visited again and my fingerprint was unique again, but yes I do hate that websites get access to info that it is private, something I don't think Mozilla really cares about - they just make token gestures towards privacy.

I think the problem with the fingerprint is that it changes too much and so is not very useful, my guess is that advertisers do not rely on this kind of fingerprinting.

Having said that, I'd install a plugin to block the upload of the info in an instant, especially fonts.

Comment Re:solution (Score 1) 303

Because you can't have advertising without tracking?

I don't mind adverts, I don't like being stalked by psychopathic corporations.

Billboards, TV, radio and newspaper ads don't track people (yet) but advertisers still use them.

Comment Re:Projections (Score 1) 987

I just looked at the charts in the page you linked and it doesn't look like there's been any upwards trend since roughly 2000.

In fact I'd even say the trend over the last 14 years looks slightly downwards, but 10 years is most likely too small a time scale to be able to tell.

Personally I see no reason why we shouldn't rapidly work towards recycling everything and not using materials that poison us and life on this planet.

Comment Re:Projections (Score 1) 987

Global mean temperature (from the report)

While I'm most certainly not a climate change denier, I am an optimist and I hope the model's are wrong because otherwise we're right royally fucked.

It does look like we're about to come under the temperature rises predicted... but the recession could of been responsible for that, it looks like there is no end in sight for the burning of coal and now tar sand. Tar sands are going to be environmental destruction on a shocking scale.

Comment Re:Information is not for you (Score 1) 128

Why is secretly recording phone calls worse than recording them without your consent?

When you phone your bank or just about any other corporation you get the typical "this phone call may be recorded for training etc purposes", good luck finding a bank/big industry that doesn't do that.

So corporations record everything.

But what if you are a whistle blower, what if you merely want evidence of wrong-doing. Now you can't have it, that's hardly fair is it? Or a journalist?

Make a law to prevent very personal private calls from being broadcast, fine, but don't criminalise all un-notified recordings.

And what about the police, are you going to bar them from making secret recordings, no? - that is double standards.

And if you make it illegal to record a phone conversation... Does that include someone writing down the conversation... during the conversation... or after the conversation? What someone happens to put you on speakerphone whilst someone else is shooting video... What if you were standing in front of a store video-camera and put the conversation on speakerphone - would that make the stores recording illegal!!!!!

Comment Re:tl; read anyway (Score 1) 870

Well, if you are allergic to the portable document format then you could read the html google cache of the document:

As for acrobat, well, Adobe don't call it that anymore and you don't have to use their bloated reader, I use expertPDF and SumatraPDF.

And if you think longer paper = worse paper then this is for you:
UK Tabloid Public mental health warning, this is trash.

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