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Comment Re:Let them choose to go commercial free (Score 1) 297

Because some people spend all day adding their commentary to the videos and they wish to be paid for that commentary. I think that's fair. They paid for the game, and the gamer videos double up as advertisements.

I don't buy games without checking out the game-play on youtube first (actual game-play, not trailers) and the commentary is a good indicator of whether the game is enjoyable.

Submission + - Last Forking Warning for Bitcoin (

ASDFnz writes: It has been just over two months since the bitcoin block chain was rocked by a near disastrous fork causing the bitcoin price to crash.

The culprit of the crash was found to be a bug that prevented pre version 7.1 bitcoin clients accepting large blocks that could be generated by version 8 clients. A temporary fix was put into place by Bitcoin Project lead developer Gavin Andresen that forced version 8 clients to generate blocks that version 7.1 could understand.

Comment Re:it should be standard (Score 1) 268

There's an increasing amount of content that you can't view without DRM support

I don't want that content if it is ruined by DRM.

and there is a movement afoot in the news world to investigate DRM for protecting online news content.

They are a bunch of twisting lying agenda driven scumbags who concentrate on crime and terrorism far too much anyway, let them destroy themselves with DRM and perhaps something better will emerge.

Comment DRM is a broken methodology, it's anti your rights (Score 1) 268

Bright argues that if HTML5 does not support DRM, then content providers will move their content away from open standards and implement it with native apps

Good, they can take their crap and stick it where I don't want it because if it's DRM'ed then I don't want it, so keep the DRM the hell away from my browser.

DRM is an insidious evil that does nothing but treat you like a thief, it stops all kinds of disability plugins from working, it stops your fair use rights, it breaks everything, you might find that because some driver doesn't work perfectly that you can't view content you paid for, or you may find that you can't legitimately copy something when you have the fair use right to. Even an action as simple as highlighting a couple of words and copying them to search about them may be removed. And the huge irony will be that this won't stop the pirates, it will only prevent paying users.

Sincerely, keep this out of HTML5, it just doesn't belong in a free web. If someone want's to write some proprietary thing to screw their customers then let them do that, but don't go forcing this stuff on everyone else so easily.

Submission + - Tool reveals iPad and iPhone user locations (

mask.of.sanity writes: A researcher has found that Apple user locations can be potentially determined by tapping into Apple Maps and he has created a Python tool to make the process easier.

iSniff GPS accesses Apple's database of wireless access points, which is collected by iPhones and iPads that have GPS and wifi location services enabled.

Apple uses this 'crowd-sourced' data to run its location services, however the location database is not meant to be public.

You can download the tool via Giuthub.

Comment Re:Great... (Score 1) 254

The only games I buy with DRM are ones that are on sale for ridiculously low prices (such as $5 or less). I refuse to pay full price for something I don't own.


And why do the online and offline shops insist on cluttering up my shelves with material rubbish anyway, since no-one else can use it, they might as well just email me a code for my rental.

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