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Comment Re:IOU != Money (Score 1) 396

Look up the history of money, the first notes where in fact IOUs for various things including gold, those IOUs then got traded and became money.

Some of those IOUs could have actually been for pigs.

Read from here onwards:

Money IS IOUs, it has no other value.

Comment Re:Didn't need to be the NSA (Score 1) 442

you know, I'm really upset and concerned about spying on me because I feel it violates my 4th amendment rights

You only just noticed?

Slippery slope, this is not on a slippery slope, this has hit the bottom.

but I'm relatively indifferent to spying on foreigners

YOU are a foreigner to the rest of the world, fool.

Well hey, how about the British spy of you and the Americans spy on the British and then we're only spying on foreigners.

See how that works. Look up echelon. In fact, here: ECHELON

Comment Re:I have some better ideas: (Score 1) 161

Perhaps the mandate should be that this feature is clearly labelled on the product as a product warning.

Why should anyone pay for this if they don't want it, a clear example of a feature all TVs have that doesn't benefit the consumer is HDCP, they pay for the chips to decode encrypted signals, they pay for the relevant patents and research, but this is a technology which reduces the functionality of TVs and audio-visual equipment in general.

(a) buy a TV that doesn't have a camera in it?

1) Cameras in TVs could become ubiquitous - can you find a new laptop without a camera?

2) The camera might not be advertised, the feature might not be mentioned.

(b) Don't connect the upstream connection?

This wouldn't necessarily be possible to stop if a network like BT openzone is nearby and BT did a deal with the TV makers to carry the data via WiFi.

(c) put a piece of tape or a conveniently placed object in front of the camera?

And what if you can't see it, do you rip your TV open to find it. Or it could be so close to the IR-sensor that if you block it then your remote also stops working?

Comment Re:I have some better ideas: (Score 1) 161

Why do you think there are so many people with Facebook privacy settings wide open?

Mostly because they are too lazy / don't know how to go through a bunch of settings which Facebook made very complicated.

What if some customers want to be watched?

Why should the 95% that don't want to be watched have invasive technology added to their TVs just to appease the 5% that do want to be watched.

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