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Comment Re:Stop "Hollywooding" the gaming industry (Score 2) 337

Stop putting crappy DRM on your software

100% agree, with the emphasis on crappy, I don't mind an initial CD check, but once the game's installed you should be given the option of check CD *or* check via internet, once at the load of the game only.

And clean up the installer: GTA-IV is a nightmare, Dotnet.x.x games for windows live, media player version x, social club, etc I don't mind these things being needed but streamline the installation FFS and make it work because it took multiple install attempts of this stuff to get the game to work, it utterly ruined the game experience.

Keyboard control: Just Cause 2 and many others ruined gameplay because some fucking moron has decided arbitrarily that you can't map one button to two different actions like Jump and Brake. The other problem is ignoring half the keyboard such as function keys, keypad keys etc, Very sloppy. Proper customisable keyboard controls should be specified as a deal-breaker to the lazy idiots who do software conversions to the PC.

Choice override: GTA-IV gets my hardware details wrong and then limits my video options. DON'T DO THIS, high-lighting a setup that may go slow is one thing, removing your ability to configure the options is really bloody annoying Rockstar-North or whoever implemented this ghastly idea.

/rant over

Comment Re:Not as silly as it sounds (Score 1) 337

Your idea is a horrible legal kludge and unfairly points the blame at the wrong people.

The regulation should be somewhat closer to how planes are regulated - The pilot is not held at fault for every incident because it is understood that the vehicle is highly complicated and engineering could be at fault.

It should be for an accident investigator to determine who is at fault and what charges should be brought. For an self-driven car, this would obviously be between the company that made the car and those responsible for maintaining the car. Perhaps there should be strict rules for who maintains self-driven cars.

Comment Re:And I'm the God Damned Easter Bunny (Score 1) 338

Still pretty bad, one of Europe's most polluted cities and the Government does naff all about it.

London exceeds European pollution limits even with loop hole

Hundreds of annoying people charging £60+ for parking offences thousands of timers a day, but you never see anyone checking exhaust emissions. And Taxis and Buses are filthy polluters as are trucks, nothing substantial done.

Comment Re:Title is misleading (Score 1) 510

Just ask yourself, what if the global minimum wage was $10/hour?

Americans jobs would become securer, American companies would stop off-shoring.

I've worked at a company and seen what many hundreds of companies spend on wages relative to their turnover and profit, often wages is a small percentage of turnover.

Increasing wages a lot does not automatically lead to large increases in prices.

Funny that you should mention $10/hour because the minimum wage in the UK is currently $10.00/hour exactly (GBP6.19per) this is not causing the economy problems.

"Most of the western world has gotten away with increasing the minimum wage in a colonial fashion by shifting the cost of labor onto migrant or developing countries."

You buy a pair of Nike shoes, they're not cheap, the labourer in the 3rd world country could be paid 10x as much and it'd barely effect the cost of the shoe.

Other goods are mainly manufactured in factories by machines and robots anyway.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 146

I'd have to disagree with the legally sound bit, they can get away with going against the spirit of the constitution precisely because they are the highest judges and they know full well they won't be brought to book for going against the constitution.

The wording of the constitution is clear and easy to understand, but some of the decisions the supreme court make are often backed by twisted ideas and any decent person would see they are morally corrupt.

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