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Comment Re:Trade-offs (Score 1) 384

Look again, on amazon.com now for $29.99 and that's not a promotion.

Funny that in the UK we can buy it on DVD for just $20.30 inc tax and shipping, or $33.38 on steam promo 1/2 price.

Do you think it's worth buying if you've already played borderlands 1?

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 245

Meanwhile, back in the real world privacy means you can go clubbing on the weekend, get shitfaced and then go back to your boring office admin job on Monday and not get fired for something you didn't do at work because your boss looked up you personal life on the internet and the company you work for has decided how you should live your personal life.

Comment Re:consoles loseing dominance to mobiles (Score 1) 284

No, the submitter sees where it's going, look at Nvidia's Tegra 4 and with MS and Sony going for a surprisingly underpowered chip (1.6Ghz rather than the 3.6Ghz that the chip can run at) whilst mobile phones which cost as much as a console and can be plugged into a TV and have far less draconian DRM systems, and are a lot more open than PS or Xbox and can now play back HD1080 and are fully portable etc, and have you even looked at the 3d games available for android - that's now, mobile phones are getting more powerful on an almost monthly basis.

So yes, mobiles are a far bigger market than consoles and the 3d game aspect has barely started.

Couple of examples of Tegra3 / android games:

Comment Re:Crap (Score 1) 177

You are going for the wrong comparison, the correct comparison is:

Solar, up to 20% efficient at converting free energy (light).
Gasoline..it's not free, it's getting more and more expensive to get it out of the ground and the higher quality stuff is starting to run out right now.

And I don't know why we keep getting articles about efficiency when it is obviously cost, ROI time and subsidies that really matter.

Comment Re:Time to just remove Java (and Silverlight)? (Score 1) 265

"All this "loading" takes large amounts of RAM so the OS starts paging"

Why on earth would you run a PC without enough memory, I've turned my paging file off for years, it never paged when I had 4GB, I've got 16GB now. The last time my computer slowed due to paging is probably over a decade ago.

Put 2GB in for ~$14 and turn that monstrosity called swap off.

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