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Submission + - Automated Spam reply with exploit. 1

tvlinux writes: I have written a small automated filter that searches spam for return email and sends a email to them. I would like to add a Windows exploit ( PDF, ... ) with the reply. ( Here are my details, open PDF ). Once Windows is under my control, analyse their computer for which spam service they are using, their identity, where they are,.... then do a disk format of the machine. I know the legality of this questionable, But who are they going to complain to?

Submission + - Dynamically store binary objects in DOM objects?

tvlinux writes: Why can HTML not store JavaScript object or another HTML element as data in a HTML element? The integration between HTML and JavaScript is a one way street. JavaScript knows about HTML using DOM, but there is now way for HTML to store a JavaScript object or another DOM object. Many times when writing interactive web page, a person would like to save some information about the state of the HTML more than what is stored in the HTML or store a reference to an other DOM object. I know a HTML element can have user defined string data connected to it using "data-NAME" attribute. But a JavaScript object or an other HTML object can not be stored. You can store an HTML id but does not work for anonymous elements.

I nm not talking about sending JavaScript code embedded in the them for the server, but run time data and objects. I am not talking about children objects.

  jQuery is an example of how to get around this problem, it creates one global object and connects the HTML to that object. Another way is to use JSON. To encode and decode every you use it (slow) and that still does not help with DOM objects.

Is it security, or the HTML does not know the JavaScript context? Or a deficiency in the spec or implementation?

Comment Red mans Stop, Green means Go, Not Piracy (Score 1) 99

Many Chinese do not even follow traffic signals! Piracy should be very low on the teaching scale. Many Chinese do not follow the rules, it is the culture, that is on reason why corruption is so bad in China. The US is just a puppet of the rich multinational corporations. So that is why it the "US" wants to enforce it law upon China. China's National government has done very good in improving the lives of many Chinese, and protecting them. The US economy is sinking fast and the US government is more worried about Wall Street than Main Street. The US should worry about the people not the large Multinational Corporations.

Comment HTML5 lay sucks (Score 1) 208

The major problem with HTML is that the layout sucks. the two methods are tables and

, both are very bad. The box method of lay out is far superior! Most of the cool features are not in the HTML5 spec but other new specs "server push, web sockets, ...." but when forced to use the bad layout you still have crap.


Submission + - David and Golith, for a Trademark (

mozapps writes: "I want to ask the Slashdot community whether they think the Mozilla Foundation not oppose me to Trademark and Register the name "MozApps", or are they going play like Microsoft and try to stifle innovation.

I have created, a company name MozApps, that creates remote XUL applications. That is why I want to Trademark and Register the name Mozapps. The Mozilla Foundation may oppose this. I have supported Mozilla since 1999-2000 when I ported Mozilla , Linux, and X into 32M of flash, using CBD (Compressed Block Device). I 2002 I registered the domains MozApps. I sponsored the Mozilla 1.0 party in Portland Oregon when it was released. I 2003 I filed for a patent that uses XUL as the database front end, that "Mozilla Storage" may infringe upon. I have a company in Oregon, USA named MozApps Ltd.

I hope I have earned the right to follow my dreams and build a community around my dreams."


Submission + - Cheney hid secret CIA plan from congress

tvlinux writes: Leon Panetta, head of the CIA, has accused former US Vice-President Dick Cheney of concealing an intelligence program from Congress, Senator Dianne Feinstein stated. The program was hidden from congress for 8 years and was discovered June 22 2009.

Comment NO JTAG OpenOCD config, bzip2 instead cpio, .... (Score 1) 346

If you look at the documentation( When I bought it the version was only 1.0), you will see everything is for MWsindow (Putty?). I tried every know ftdi configuration to get OpenOCD working(I even had to cat /proc/bus/usb to get the numbers, it was not published then), none worked. When I wrote them about it, No answer. If OpenOCD does not work, and you can not debug the system at that low level, You do not have full control, The Linux host that come with it is just a is a bzip2 of a gcc&libs and a file system (BTW: devices and sockets do not like to be zipped, use cpio). To me this is a MSwindoze programmer that does not know what they are doing. Setting up TFTP and NFS root is basic to any embedded Linux project, it is the low level debugger that makes the system.

Comment VERY BAD Support, NO linux development host (Score 1) 346

I bought one. When I tried to download the development tool there were pages and file missing from the web page. Once I got it I found out that the host development platform was MSwindows only. I contacted Globalscale Technologies but they never answered my eamils. The hardware is nice but the software development system is horrible, support in non existent,

Comment Compiling with Python on Ubuntu 8.10 fails (Score 1) 273

nsPyContext.o: In function `nsPythonContext::Deserialize(nsIObjectInputStream*, nsScriptObjectHolder&)': /home/savages/mozilla/mozilla-1.9.1/extensions/python/dom/src/nsPyContext.cpp:728: undefined reference to `PyMarshal_ReadObjectFromString' nsPyContext.o: In function `nsPythonContext::Serialize(nsIObjectOutputStream*, void*)': /home/savages/mozilla/mozilla-1.9.1/extensions/python/dom/src/nsPyContext.cpp:682: undefined reference to `PyMarshal_WriteObjectToString' /usr/bin/ld: hidden symbol `PyMarshal_WriteObjectToString' isn't defined /usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** [] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/savages/mozilla/mozilla-1.9.1/extensions/python/dom/src'

Comment I hope they become a monopoly!! (Score 1) 413

When a Open Source product becomes a monopoly, that is not really a monopoly. Because it is open source any person and change or add anything they want to it. "Monopolies are thus characterized by a lack of economic competition for the good or service that they provide and a lack of viable substitute goods" Open Source allow for a huge number of viable substitutes. Also it take "goods" out of the economic area and puts it into the technical area. For the user there is always choice with Open Source.

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