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Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 4, Informative) 29

They've documented 2.
3 is right fucking here -
4 is documented in their court battle
5 was documented
6 was documented
7 was documented,0,3652913.story

All are verifiable and you're full of shit.

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 5, Informative) 29

More backdoors implied they already created backdoors in the first place. Currently there is no evidence they created any in the first place.

This is what we do know:

1. Google is required by law to hand over data when they get a request, such as through a NSL.
2. Google said their process for handling this request is to FTP data over to the government. The government never gets direct access to any of their systems.
3. Google publishes a transparency report on what government requests they receive.
4. Google is fighting the US government on the NSL process and suing to make that more transparent.
5. When Bush asked for all search data on all users, Google was the only search engine to refuse.
6. Google went so far as to discuss creating off-shore datacenters to place user data outside the reach of the government.
7. They're encrypting data sent from one Google data center to another to make sure the government can't attempt to intercept it in the middle. And they anonymize user data sooner.

This is the only company we've seen actively fight to protect your data from the government. So why are people creating fiction that Google is the one that is evil here, and not the US government?

Comment Re: How? (Score 3, Insightful) 401

The reboot is an alternate timeline, so the original universe still exists separately.

You may be surprised to learn that not only did the "horseshit" reboot make more money than all the other Star Trek movies combined, it had a higher RT score than Wrath of Khan.

That Abrams guy is a real asshole. He turned a Star Trek movie into something entertaining that audiences, and critics who usually rip on blockbusters both seemed to have enjoyed.

Comment Re:Surface (Score 2) 633

Windows 7 (lost market share to Apple OS X)
Windows Server (lost market share to Linux)
SQL Server (lost market share to a variety of competitors)
Azure (new product, but not market leader)
XBox 360 (red ring of death and years of losses due to those hardware failures)
XBox Live +1 here for a legit success
Office 365 (jury is out)
Lync (New name for communicator. Not sure that this makes MS extra money or is a real success. I don't know that this has mass adoption)
SharePoint (I wouldn't remotely call this a success)

Comment Re:Well what do you know.... (Score 1) 264

I thought only the commercial, proprietary releases of Quake had punkbuster built in. The open source versions did not, because it was licensed for Quake, but they didn't own the rights to release it as open source.

The previous release of Urban Terror on the open source Quake fork did not have anti-cheat. When they got a commercial Quake license, they could use the anti-cheat.

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