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Comment Re:12 year old product compares to iPad, and couri (Score 1) 293

How is 1024x768 resolution a "game changer"? It's horribly low resolution. Tablets with better have been out for years. You can't even watch 720p video native on that res (despite one of the iPad's top selling points being watching "high def video" which is impossible with it's decidedly low def screen res).

Comment Re:Comparison (Score 2, Insightful) 509

WinMo requires you to pay $0. Palm requires you to pay $0. Xbox 360 development requires you to pay the price of the device (MUCH MUCH MUCH less than an iPhone and Mac to dev with) and $50 (and nothing for development tools). You're full of shit. Apple has one of the worst developer programs out there, and most serious developers don't even consider writing apps for the iPhone because of how shit Apple's tools and fees really are. It's not worth having Apple arbitrarily reject your app if you're a developer that actually makes a living off his/her work, which most people making "iFart" for the iPhone aren't.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2, Insightful) 509

WTF are you talking about? No other players in the portable media device market when iPod was introduced? You've got to be fucking kidding me. You must be one of those kids that just bought an iPod when they started getting popular, and doesn't seem to recall the vast stretch of time when Apple had NO presence in MP3 players, despite their ubiquity. All iPod did was make having an MP3 player into a fad for little kids and celebrities, there were PLENTY of MP3 players on the market before the iPod, even if fanboys and small children like yourself can't remember them.

Comment Re:Sorry, No. (Score 1) 799

You're right, in a way. It's really giving far too much credit to religion, to even compare it with science at all, when one is a method for understanding nature, where the other is a method to gain social/political/financial power over others. It's quite demeaning to science to even suggest it's on such a scummy level.

Comment Re:"Cheap"??? (Score 1) 77

Well, for the purpose of something like a game interface, that's actually fairly acceptable, because one can use the inverse kinematics algorithms to reproduce a decent representation of the angles of the joints, simply from the end points of the fingers, that this particular glove *does* track. I've wanted one of these things for certain game prototypes for ages, but no way I'm going to spend $2k+ to get one.

Comment Re:You're Missing the Point (Score 1) 874

Sure, that's all fine and well. A carbon tax market isn't the answer. The only thing that will come of the cap and trade laws is massive profits for those that have set themselves up as speculators for the carbon tax market. In turn, we're all going to have to buy goods that are based on speculation (ala gas prices) rather than supply and demand. I hope you like paying $10+ for a gallon of milk, because that's what this is going to do, all so that fucking scumbags can make obscene profits, until it all goes bust, then they'll turn around and ask for a bailout, and you'll probably be the first in line clamoring to give it to them. You'd think after they've pulled this scam, what, like, 3 times in the past couple of years, people would start to get wise to it.

Comment Re:This will shift the use of coal downward for su (Score 1) 874

Too bad we don't live in an ideal fantasy world, where the supposed goal of such legislation is in fact what will happen, and instead live in the real world, where it NEVER works out as planned. Most likely the end result of this will be a carbon tax market clusterfuck that the assholes who came up with it in the first place will use as an excuse for more bailouts, this time of the carbon tax market. The fact that so few people are able to identify this obviously transparent ploy is fucking SAD.

Comment Re:Creating Chaos for Profit (Score 1) 874

Bingo! The first time I ever heard the phrase "carbon tax market" or whatever, I immediately hazarded a guess that it would all end up being a scheme to game said market, while fucking everyone that *isn't* in on it over. Yay, we get to fork over more of our money to asshole investment banker scumbags, all in the name of "saving the environment" this time! Fucking great.

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